08 February 2017

jumbled but not really

Trying not to focus on how much I blew it last week during the digital interview. Let me clarify: this was NOT a skype interview. This "interview" consisted of questions on a screen and videotaped answers.

Which, apparently for me, equals temporary retardation and jibberish answers while trying to stare at the webcam instead of myself or anything else. It didn't go well. Even after I asked my reporter sister-in-law for tips. I'm the chick that got booted from the hospital's commercial because while I'm sweet and awesome in person, on video I turn into an awkward creep.

I'm torn with this whole idea because I really am happy at my current workplace. I would not be concerned with changing jobs if it weren't for this opportunity. I love my coworkers, their curious personalities and lighthearted ways, and the sense of community we have. Yes, I'm bored and unchallenged, but at the same time my heart really is calm and connected to this place. It would truly hurt to leave. Plus I LOVE the insanely short commute.

Then there's also the idea that I might move with Chris when he goes to grad school. I'm not sure our marriage can handle another long-term long-distance trek, but if I get this new job I'm definitely staying in Houston. Everything is so gloriously up in the air.

At the end of every day, I'm not really stressed at all about it. I'm convinced it all will work out the way it should.

23 January 2017

dress up

I had a really fun experience today.

I walked into White House Black Market and told the salesman that I needed to look like a professional grown-up and didn't know where to start.

I swear I saw a twinkle in his eye as he tossed me into a dressing room and started throwing clothes at me. I loved every single thing I tried on, but in the end I left with one fabulous outfit (plus a gorgeous pair of shoes that I can actually walk in and my sister petted for a bit).
I may have a new favorite store.

Even better? When I got home I realized that I have a blazer in my closet that looks exactly like the one I just bought, so I get to return it and get this other jacket that I really loved. (It looks lame on the computer screen but it's super cute on)

I've talked about this before, but it's really hard to look nice wearing cheap, old clothing. Especially as I get older and (hopefully) work my way up the career ladder.

So today I stepped it up. Like a girl boss should.

17 January 2017


I've heard this tip many times: Put a tennis ball in the dryer to help fluff things.

Dude, but have you ever tried it?

Chris used a couple to help dry his sleeping bag, and they were around so I tossed one in with some towels.

It's amazing! Fluff city!
It's literally my new favorite thing.

My sheets and comforter used to roll up like burritos in the dryer and not get dry. The addition of a tennis ball or two prevents that from happening. Like magic!

I fluff my pillows each week and if I add a tennis ball, holey moley they're twice as fluffed. I'm so happy about this little life hack!

Try it.

16 January 2017

Recovery entertainment

I woke up feeling good so of course I did some laundry, tidied the house up a bit, and now... ouch. It's really hard to not use abdominal muscles. Mom scolded me when she found out I did things.

I am not good at resting.

Especially not for the 4th day in a row. Even on painkillers. I can't drink, I'm not supposed to drive, and I'm bored. It's also been weird asking for favors or having Chris do things for me. I'm independent, darn it! But I know I need to take it easy in order to heal, and I definitely want to get back to work next week.

SO I decided to park it in bed, pull up the laptop, and compile a list of things I can do to keep myself sane while not moving. Plus when my sister comes over I'll ask her to unload the dishwasher and get the mail (♥).


-Read a book. I've got a $50 Amazon gift card and a whole wish list of kindle books.
-Clean up Pinterest boards. THAT will kill some time.
-Color. Seriously. Mom got me one of those adult coloring books and my skeptical self was not having a bad time coloring last night.
-Bullet journal. Oh, which reminds me I need to make a follow up appointment.
-Netflix. Watch all those shows I've heard about but haven't had the time to get sucked into a Netflix series. Now, I have all the time. (P.S. Stranger Things did not suck me in. A little suspense is fine, but I like having answers!)
-Cross stitch/embroider. I have all the supplies, I just need to download a quick pattern from Etsy.
-Magazines. I'd have to ask someone to bring them to me, but I love me some magazines.
-Catch an Uber to Target and shop around with a motorized cart. This is my favorite and I'm saving it for when I'm super bored.
-Organize/clean out drawers. This might be ok if I sit in a chair. I have SO much time and it would be great to declutter.
-Play with the lazy cat.
-Puzzles! My sister is bringing me one.
-Nap. The best thing ever.

I'm all out of things. Suggestions?

14 January 2017

don't move

Ok so recovering from surgery kinda hurts.

I woke up post-op and the first words out of my mouth were "pain" followed by "nausea." Both were addressed immediately and I was feeling much better within a few minutes. The rest of the day was spent in bed with little of that pain and nausea sprinkled in. Nothing major; I felt ok as long as I laid still and did nothing.

Woke up the next day feeling great. Of course that means I overdid it, moved around too much, and today I'm hurting.

There are 3 incisions, 2 above my hip bones, and one in my belly button, each about an inch long. No stitches, just glue. The two side wounds don't hurt at all; it's the belly button one that's really sore.

Laughing, coughing, sneezing... pretty much all movement causes pain. So again, I feel ok as long as I lay still and do nothing.

So I'll raise my glass of water and pop another painkiller to that idea. Cheers!

11 January 2017


Today when I walked through our pathologist's office, I took a peek at tomorrow's surgery schedule.

Sure enough, I'm on it.

After struggling with birth control and its various side effects for my entire adult life, I've finally decided to do it. The official phrase used on my FMLA paperwork was "desires sterilization." You bet I do.

I've never had the deep desire to become a parent. Realistically, I assumed I would marry someone who wanted kids and I'd go along with it. I figured my clock would eventually start ticking and one day I might want a kid, but I was never excited about it.

Then I got older, married someone who also does not want children, and no child-bearing urges have hit. At 32, I know that I do not want children. It's not a realistic idea for me.

My former gynecologist did not like the idea, due to my age and lack of children.
But my current gynecologist is more understanding.

The thought brings me relief.
My aunt's contraceptive-induced stroke a few years ago really freaked me out. Because basically I was headed down the same path.
Then I started worrying about the long-term effects of pumping all of these hormones into my body. Which combined with the anxiety brought on every month by the small chance that I could have conceived.

I might struggle with the transition of stopping birth control, and the recovery period might suck, but I welcome it.

10 January 2017

shifting focus

Focus. I've shifted it a bit.

It's still pointed pointed towards health, self care, and simplification, but I've got to meet mini goals in order to actually make anything happen.

Rather than expect to make a bunch of changes all at once (like lowering my carb intake and an exercise commitment), I figured I could focus on a few of these mini goals at a time.

[And in the meantime I'm going to attempt to live more in the now instead of the future where all of my goals are met.]

Mini goal #1: Cut back to 1 daily glass of wine, with dinner. 
So far, achieved. Easily. Surprisingly.
There's really no good reason to have several drinks every night, and the empty calories are crazy. Plus it's easier to wake up in the morning.

Mini goal #2: Meatless Monday.

I've done this in the past, mostly because we were poor and meat is expensive. No worries here; I do enjoy a nice bean-ful meal.Variety will be the biggest challenge.

Mini goal #3: De-clutter.
This is ongoing. The strategy is to designate a box and toss things in as I notice they're no longer needed, or when I clean something out. The box sits there for a while, long enough that we can take something out if we realize we need it. So far, nothing that's been in a box has come back out.

Side note- Exercise:
I still haven't figured out how to motivate myself to work out. It's definitely a mental thing because I've never regretted a workout, but I'm so damn lazy. And tired. But mostly lazy. Most days I hit the recommended number of steps, according to the fit bit, so that counts for something, right?

Anyway three things seems like a good enough number for the moment.