17 June 2019

halfway point

Day 15 of this Whole 30 and I'm currently wishing I was sipping on a glass of good red wine.

The craving for sweets has died down, but I think it's been harder to dismiss the wine habit because it's so good at winding me down at the end of the day, but also because I miss the act of sipping. You know how smokers find it hard to break the habit of wanting a cigarette between their fingers? I think it's harder to break the physical habit of sipping something than it is to give up alcohol. So I've been trying herbal tea, and it kinda helps.

Another thing, WHY did I decide to do a Whole 30 during a month where I'm traveling every week? It's hard enough to do one of these when you have a full kitchen, much less a hotel mini fridge and microwave. There have been lots of salads.

One thing I've noticed, and I completely did not expect it... my skin is looking a lot better. Like, a LOT better. The breakouts have basically stopped. It could be coincidence, or the fact that I've been eating really healthy lately, but I'm thinking something I cut out of my diet might have been contributing to the acne. When it's over, I think I'll slowly start introducing things to see how my skin reacts. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy my healing skin.

P.S. I love going to Walmart in tiny little towns. The people are nice, there are enough cashiers, and it's actually fun to shop.

13 June 2019

quiet moment

Finally taking a moment to blog. I've tried but I've been so busy. Literally.

I spent about a month driving back and forth to Laredo every week. Not too terrible, but I got tired of staring at the same hotel walls and nothing got done at home. Now I get a little bit of time at home, then I do the same thing on the opposite side of the state for about 6 weeks. At least it's in a larger town and there's more to do there.

Pumpkin is on steroids for three weeks to see if her appetite will improve. CBD helped, but not much. I have to squirt the medicine into her mouth with a syringe, and now every time she sees me with something in my hand, she hides under the bed.

Decided to do another Whole30-ish this month. Mostly because my sugar cravings have gotten out of control and I need to stop drinking alcohol to see if my stomach behaves. I'm not super strict with all those Whole30 rules, since I know what food habits I need to break. (Peanut butter and beans can stay for now.) I'm mostly sticking with whole foods and avoiding junk, dairy, and grains. I've noticed that this time around the cravings are harder to dismiss. I'm apparently very used to eating a bunch of chocolate while drinking wine in the evenings. But, I am feeling a little better so there's that.

I'm tired, my sleep schedule has been all jacked up. g'nite.

02 June 2019

light up the room

Remember how I said I had a ton of house projects that I wanted to complete?
Well, I mentioned them to FG and the next thing I know, he's showing up at my house with a toolbelt and a roll of wire.

Which is why I can now see in my shower.

Ooooh, Ahhhhh, woo!

Now I can also see how dirty it is, but never matter. What matters is that now I can see what I'm shaving, plus I can get a real shower curtain.

In addition, I also finally went up into my attic and apparently there are some fishing poles up there, I have really good insulation, and I learned how to install a new light fixture because he patiently taught me as we did everything.
(He just keeps getting hotter, y'all.)

P.S. Plain White T's came to Houston this weekend and the show was absolutely FANTASTIC.

20 May 2019


Time has gone by so fast. I don't feel the need to make a big deal out of it, because certain kinds of shmoop are unnecessary, but I would like to acknowledge that it's officially been a year since I texted FG and asked if he wanted to have dinner. Towards the end of our date, he leaned back in his chair and said, "I like you."

An early indicator of his superb communication skills, haha.

Turns out, cute older dudes (who turn out to be grandpas) are my jam. Well, at least this one is. He really is sunshine and happiness, in the form of a foxy, sweet man who brings me a lot of flowers and I'm digging it.

I fully believe the universe placed him into my life for a reason and I'm immensely grateful for all of the small but wonderful things that I've experienced as a result of him being around. I've had a lot of fun this past year, and I do not mind if he sticks around for a while.

P.S. I don't care if I have dated him for a year, I'm still not calling him my boyfriend. I absolutely hate that term but I can't figure out another appropriate word. I think it's so weird for a grown-ass woman to call a grown-ass man her boyfriend. Ugh. Not doing it.

P.P.S. Also on a completely unrelated note, I saw a roadrunner today. I was driving to Laredo in the middle of nowhere and he (appropriately), was running across the road. I'm glad I didn't hit him.

11 May 2019

cbd bandwagon

To continue my cyclic, lowkey personal crusade that involves my digestive system, I've decided to take a new approach... ish.

I'm still over this whole, "take a bunch of medicine to help your symptoms and in the meantime we don't know what's going on so how about you avoid coffee, alcohol, chocolate, spicy foods, etc." type of approach. I mean yes, it does help to avoid certain foods that I know don't agree with me, and yes, cutting back on alcohol is a good thing. Duh. I've also added more organic foods and try to avoid genetically modified "food" [don't even get me started on that].

 And, not surprisingly, I have seen some improvement.

However, there are those few times when my stomach is just not happy, for whatever reason. I can still function, but feeling crummy and blegh ruins my damn day. I hate taking drugs to help, because they have their own side effects and I wind up trading one issue for another.

Looking for more holistic options past ginger and all that, I've considered smoking a little weed, but that's not really a long-term solution because I hate the way smoking hurts my throat and, you know, what if I have to pass a drug test.

But what about CBD? It seems to be taking off right along with the legal weed industry and the hype has to come from somewhere. I've heard a lot about it and know folks who swear by it. I looked it up, and the compound has been shown to have a similar calming effect on the digestive system as THC.

So I figured, why not give it a shot? It's certainly on the more holistic side of things when compared to proton pump inhibitors, and worst case scenario is that it doesn't work for me.

Surprisingly, in my research I learned that CBD actually interacts with many other drugs... "natural" doesn't always mean "safe!"

So anyway, for maximum benefit, I decided to try a full spectrum oil that contains below the legal amount of THC. Because it's there, even in a tiny dose, it can possibly make you fail a drug test, depending on your metabolism and how often you take it. So I bought a bunch of drug tests (on amazon!). I figure if it ever shows up positive, I'll stop taking it.

Also, on a crazy cat lady related note, I'm going to give some to Pumpkin and see if it will boost her appetite/ help her sore bones.

03 May 2019

adventures of everydayness

I logged on to my computer to do some online shopping, and then remembered that it has been a while since I blogged.

Work has been busy and it seems it's all I have the time and energy for. I like installing instruments. Yes they're long days, but I like that the instruments are fresh and new and they usually cooperate.

A couple local trips, including one to Austin/Wimberley with the raddest vacation rental house that was on a creek with a hot tub and a fire pit. Life goals, right there. Went to reggae fest for FG's birthday, which was kinda meh for me since I don't smoke weed on the regular and that's all everyone did. The highlight of that trip was hanging out with Suze and Kenzie.

Then I turned right back around and went back to Austin for work, then the next week I started an install at a hospital where, in a fun twist of fate, creepy customer is now the lab manager. I expected it to be awkward but it turns out he's getting married, but also he dropped another bomb on me and said that they're in an open relationship until they're married and the offer to fool around is still on the table. I keep reminding him that I'm in a committed relationship... and am also loyal. Besides that, we are getting along pretty well haha.

After I finish this install, I'm headed to Laredo for 6 weeks-ish to install one of our big new products at a new site. Oy, that will be a lot. Trying to take that project one day at a time and not get overwhelmed. Job security. I already feel bad for the lack of attention that Pumpkin will have...

Still have a ton of house projects that I can never seem to complete. Painting stalled and half of the living room is still waiting for a refresh. Also, at the top of the list, there's some rotted eaves that my neighbor pointed out on the other side of the house.

Oh, and a giant bird ate one of the fish! Security cameras caught him, or else I would have never known where the fish went. In addition, it seems that spring is frog-mating season because the back yard erupts in asynchronous madness every night. They better eat all the bugs.

It's hard to believe that next month marks 1 year of living in this house. This time last year was SO different than it is now. I have to say, I'm so very thankful for all of it.

02 April 2019


Y'all know I'm not big on planning things. Turns out, FG is not a big planner either. We have all these grand ideas of places we want to go but no desire to plan them... that's not going to work haha.

So I came up with a solution. I basically looked up other people's itineraries on Pinterest. If you search for any city you'll get a bunch of 2 or 3-day trips all planned out for you.

I took the things that sounded cool and made a list, then I mapped the things we wanted to do and chose a hotel in a central location (after googling the area to make sure it was in a safe part of town). It actually worked out pretty well.

A few of the things we did:

Saturday afternoon- Cascade Springs Nature Preserve- great hiking spot with a pretty waterfall and some historic significance. I'm all about hiking in every new place I go now. It felt good to move and get some fresh air after being in an airport/airplane, it occupied an entire afternoon, and it was free.


Nourished festival- Complete coincidence that this was in town the same weekend as us. FG couldn't care less about a gluten free festival, so he took his bag around and got a ton of samples. Good man.

Walking Dead Zombie tour- This was about an hour south of Atlanta, in the cute little town of Senoia. Got to see where they film the show, pretty cool.

Northside Tavern- Seriously laid back vibes, strong drinks, and great live music. 


Chattahoochee coffee company- Gorgeous view of the river and they randomly had GF brownies.

Beltline- We lingered around the Piedmont park area but the beltline is huge. They have these bikes that you can rent in the Uber app and we had a blast riding them around. The weather was gorgeous and since it was on a weekday, there were no crowds. 

In addition to using points for air, hotel, and rental car, we kept costs down by packing lunches and snacks (which also eliminated the restaurant-gluten-contamination factor). Neither of us are a "3 meals a day" type of person, so we ended up eating late lunches and snacking at night. I think we ate one meal at a restaurant.

Our bar tab is usually one of the highest expenses when we travel, but I think we each had 2 drinks the whole trip. I'm not drinking much alcohol lately because of the belly issues and I guess since I'm not drinking, FG didn't feel much like it either. We actually left half a bottle of wine in the hotel room, which NEVER happens, and didn't even grab a drink at the airport. Just weren't feeling it.

We didn't plan to, but we also happened to choose activities that were not very expensive, so it all worked out to be a very budget-friendly trip. Sweet.

I have to say, I had a blast. We were talking about our favorite parts and it was hard to choose because it was all really fun. It was the perfect time of year for all of the outdoor activities, and thankfully the weather cooperated. Atlanta is a cool city and I'd definitely go back.