13 December 2018

catch up

I have about 5 half-written blog posts sitting in my queue. Lots of travel and work and social activities lately. Long drives through East Texas offer plenty of time for reflection, but I've had hardly any time to document my thoughts.

So, rather than go back and try to finish each post, here is a bullet list of all the major points.

The past few months have been expensive. I had a goal to pad my savings account but instead, travel, home repairs and a new phone have me actually feeling broke. Time to reign it in for a little while.

Arizona: Thanksgiving in Sedona was a brilliant idea. I may never go back to regular Thanksgiving. Suzy suggested a few hikes and to my surprise, I really enjoyed them. Could that be a new cold-weather hobby?

Foxy Grandpa* threw me a surprise birthday party! I was very touched. Seeing my friends and family in his house was a huge deal. Those two worlds should be connected and he's happily facilitating that connection. It's such a stark difference from what I had gotten used to. He's a genuinely nice, happy, friendly person and I consider myself lucky.
*Ashley graciously 'helped'... obviously. No party is thrown without Ashley's expert guidance.

Pumpkin got a checkup at the vet and she's got some arthritis in her hips and the early stages of kidney disease. Nothing major; she's a 15-year old cat. At this point she gets as many treats as she wants and still prefers to sit on my lap and get pets while I drink wine and watch tv.

Work is still hella awesome and I'm digging it.

I started practicing juggling again lately and I'm getting pretty decent. I drop the limes WAY less. Fun party trick: accomplished.

06 December 2018


So, I got some parts of my body waxed. Yep, waxed.

Tired of shaving, and the resulting irritation, then being able to see the dark hairs underneath my pale, pale skin even after I shaved, I decided to try it.

I didn't even start small. I went straight for the Brazilian. I read the FAQs on the European Wax Center website, so I stopped shaving for two weeks and Ugh, that was the worst part!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but sure enough, the waxer lady is alllll up close and personal with your nether regions. There's no modesty. You're literally spread out on the table and she gets in and does her job. She even waxed either site of my butt hole, which was weird and maybe unnecessary but the end result was awesome. Literally no hairs remained in the area between my legs. Super smooth. And the best part was, someone else took care of it, and they can see better than I can in those hard-to-reach areas. No shower gymnastics necessary. Plus it stayed that way for a couple of weeks.

Overall, not as painful as I expected. Of course I've done a little at-home waxing before, so I'm not a total stranger to the pain. I flinched a few times. Post-wax, my skin was a little red but not painful.

I really enjoyed not having to shave. No ingrown hairs, no irritation, no accidental cuts. Continued exfoliation and moisturization was key while it slowly grew back out.

Six weeks later, the hair had grown back in all patchy and I went in again. This time, I got my armpits waxed too. Again, growing it out was the worst part. The underarms actually hurt worse than the undercarriage, but the pain is fleeting and it is so, SO worth it. No dark shadow and no irritation from shaving every day. I love my armpits now.

Strange thing to say, but I'll happily give money to a stranger to rip out my body hair, even in very intimate areas.

16 November 2018

cozy and okay

This house is slowly coming along... I haven't really documented it like the last house.

I kinda bought the house, moved my stuff in, unpacked it, and went about my job and my life.

A lot of stuff has sat where I unpacked it, months ago. Some things I have plans for, some I haven't figured out yet. I'm just kinda going with it.

After what seems like a long time, I'm starting to do some of the things I want to do to make this space feel like mine.

I finished painting the formal dining room (aka craft/ game room) and every time I walk by I think, "Oh, it's so pretty!" It was a perfectly fine shade of olive green but it was way too dark for the room. You know I like my rooms to feel light and airy.

The living room looks majorly better after replacing the strange window treatments with pretty (on clearance!) curtains. Still haven't figured out the ideal tv/couch arrangement, but Christmas is coming so I'll figure out a place for the tree and then figure it out next year.

The bedroom really is peaceful. The headboard is exactly what I wanted, and the sun shines through those curtains every morning and it's so dang pretty out there.

...just don't get me started on the pond maintenance that's costing me an arm and a leg.

26 October 2018

coffee break

I finally got to sit on my back porch in the cool weather!

Ever since I moved in, I've been looking forward to the cooler temperatures. Because sitting on the back porch is MUCH more enjoyable in 70-degree weather than it is in 95-degree weather.

The temperature changed while I was traveling, and I watched my friends' instagram stories from out of state and thought of my lonely back porch.

I haven't been home in 3 weeks, so yesterday I wrapped up my testing in San Antonio early and headed back down I-10.

It's weird, after being gone for so long, walking into my house doesn't fully feel like home. I know it's my house with my stuff in it, and my cat is there, but it doesn't 100% feel like home yet. It's still a welcome sight after a series of hotel rooms.

This morning, in this 60-degree paradise, I've got the doors and windows wide open to replace the stale, recirculated air in the house with cool, fresh air. Taking deep, centering breaths and enjoying the calm.

The window situation in his house is interesting. In the last house, every room had a window, on all sides. Here, one whole side of the house has no windows. Which is good from a home security perspective, but odd from an airflow and light perspective.

The headboard arrived several weeks early, but has been sitting in the box in my living room for those several weeks. Maybe today I'll have a minute to bust it open...

13 October 2018

how lucky am i

Sigh. I'm homesick.

6 days of being away and I'm missing my cat, my family, and my man.

The weekdays aren't so hard. I think it's the free time and loneliness of the weekend that is hard. Plus I feel guilty that Pumpkin has been left alone for so long. My neighbor has fed her a few times and says that she cries the whole time she's there. SO MUCH GUILT.

I went to a wine festival in Raleigh today. It was super crowded so it was mostly standing in long lines with a wine glass. The weather was nice, though, so I people-watched until I got tired of it.

Jammed some gangster rap on the satellite radio while cruising down the freeway with the sunroof open. 

Yeah, I know I'm lucky. 
That I get to travel, that I get to experience new things and meet new people. The people in my class are perfectly nice, but I haven't exactly bonded with any of them.

So damn, all I want right now is a glass of wine on my back porch with my cat.
Maybe with foxy grandpa sitting next to me smoking a cigarette.
With plans to go see my sister & nephews tomorrow.

Ah, but I'll soon find a way to appreciate the lovely 65-degree evening listening to the crickets softly chirp in the woods.

I also found a yoga studio nearby that I think I'll check out tomorrow.

22 September 2018


Omggg you guys. I just bought a headboard ONLINE. I don't know why that fills me with anxiety!

Maybe because I've been casually searching for headboards literally since I bought this bed in 2010. 
(Shit, 8 years... does that mean it's time to buy another mattress?)

I don't know why it was so hard to commit to buying a headboard. But I finally got one. *excited*

20 September 2018

better now

It was several weeks ago, when I was taking a yoga class, that I happened to notice every woman in the class had a ring on her left hand.

I suddenly became very self-conscious of my ring-less hand, and a wave of some complicated emotion washed over me. I was the only single woman in the class. What a strange, new distinction.

It was a rare moment, feeling sorry for myself. As strong as that feeling was, I forced myself to think positive thoughts, change my perspective. I started to wonder how many of those women were happy, how many were angry, how many different paths their lives had taken.

I started to think about the path my life has taken.

And I felt overwhelmingly grateful.

I'm thankful that I'm not struggling every day to figure someone else out. I only have to figure myself out, and it turns out, it's not hard at all.

I love the freedom I've got, and I love how strong I feel. I love that I'm back to being that happy person I used to be.

As for the perspective change, I know that the future can be just as unpredictable as the past, so it's been that much easier to appreciate the moment I'm in.