17 June 2018

hello from the other side

I had a quiet moment to myself this afternoon, so of course it's time for a brain dump.

Packing and moving was chaotic and insane and I am becoming pretty adept at rolling with the punches. I called in a LOT of favors. I could not have survived this on my own. I'm so grateful for the good people in my life.

Looking back, it's actually bewildering how much stuff happened in such a short period of time. 

I can't believe somebody actually bought our house. There's another car in the driveway and someone else is walking into that house every night. It's a little weird to wrap my head around.

I can't believe that I made an offer and closed on a house in 10 business days.

I can't believe that a few of my friends and I packed up my house over the course of an evening. 

I can't believe that my movers cancelled the day I closed on my new house, and I can't believe that we rallied and unloaded everything in mere hours. 
(Really, where was that time warp?)

I can't believe my new surroundings. It's unreal how pretty this house is.
I'm typing this in bed with Pumpkin, computer atop a shrink-wrapped nightstand.
The view outside my bedroom is serene.
Last night I soaked in a huge, deep tub full of hot water and epsom salts and felt at peace.
Earlier today I sat on the back porch and listened to the rain while I watched the fish pop out of the water and planned what kinds of flowers would go in the empty spaces in the garden.

There's a lot to adjust to, but the immediate chaos has passed. It's been replaced with lots of little projects and unpacking.

I spent 20 minutes today looking in the garage for the box that contained my undies. Plus I've been living with no fridge and I'm so tired of eating out.
I'm SO HAPPY it is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, along with the washer and dryer. 

Which is awesome because in addition to the undies situation, I have no clean pants. I'm totally going to be rocking a dress in the lab tomorrow and I don't really have a choice, but it'll be just fine.

07 June 2018

a wonderful shitshow

I can't remember a time when my day wasn't filled with resolving one small crisis after another. Adaptation has played a key role in maintaining my relative sanity.

To be fair, the amount of things that have been accomplished in the last week or so is freaking remarkable. I've got a good team of people on my side, for sure.

To date, after a small amount of drama, there are finally two PODS outside my house. One eventually bound for Lubbock, one headed a few blocks down the road. His and Hers PODS. That makes me chuckle in a macabre way.

The PODS are empty right now, but at least they're there. One small crisis after another. Calling on some reinforcements to fill them both. Thankfully I've helped enough people move in the past that I don't feel guilty about that.

I'm so tired. Work is busy but things are progressing well on this install. I'm so thankful for colleagues who step in to help out. I've done that before, so karma is killing it right now.

My emotionals are a little wonky. Again, I'm exhausted and overwhelmed so I expect that. But overall the wonkiness is working itself out and I kinda feel at peace in the midst of all this tumult... and that makes no sense but I'm getting really good at rolling with things.

Less than a week from now, (I hope) I will have the keys to a different house on my keychain.

Life will have shifted again and dumped me out in a different mindset.

And oh, isn't that a crazy thing?

02 June 2018

on track

In case you were wondering, all of the inspections are done on the new house (not without drama, of course). It was a ridiculously busy week with all kinds of hurriedness, plus a flat tire on Friday that completely screwed up all my plans.

Today Helen and I looked at each other and nodded our heads, agreeing that it was a good idea that I move forward with the purchase. Yes, it is an old house so of course it needs some work, but I knew that. But I'm happy because I know exactly what work needs to happen. So, let's rock and roll!

Focusing on packing. It doesn't seem like a lot but it kind of is. I opted against a packing party this weekend because there are still 11 days until closing and I still need to live here. Perhaps next weekend? I talked to my boss and I can take a couple days off work because now I have some backup.

Trying to get on Chris to get his pod delivered sooner than later so I can get his stuff out of here and only worry about myself.

Because the plan is to wake up in my new house in less than 2 weeks. GAH! So much to do.

P.S. I have a hot date with foxy grandpa tomorrow. We're going to an axe throwing range (different, right?) and then to dinner. He planned it all. He wasn't sure about the restaurant so he called to make sure they could do gluten free food. THEN an hour later he called again to talk to a different person just to make sure their answers matched.

If that's not swoon-worthy, I don't know what is.

31 May 2018

big stuff

It's been a big couple of days.

Yesterday the judge granted our divorce. In the span of less than 5 minutes, I swore to give the whole truth so help me God, my lawyer asked me a few questions, and it was done. I spent a couple hours on the phone with HR and need to change the beneficiaries on a few things, but it's done.
No tears. I spent some time thinking about regrets, but overall I managed to keep it together. Because, honestly, I WAS together. This was something I've feared for a long time but was also a long time coming. I feel like overall it was a good decision, although still an emotional adjustment.

Also my "rich auntie" status is forever solidified because my nephews will get a big chunk of money if I suddenly die.

Today, the house appraised. FINALLY!  The sale is going through and holy crap shit got real. I spent the whole day on my feet, training some new customers, answering phone calls from both title companies and the mortgage company, and trying to figure out how I'm going to make my customers happy, steal a kiss or two from foxy grandpa (who I'm really digging), sell my house, move Chris's stuff out, and move myself into a new house in the span of 13 days.

I needed to call in reinforcements. I have a ton of badasses on my team. So far everyone I've called on has come in clutch.

Mom has been there for the inspection of my new house, Frank found me an HVAC guy, Akhtar and Chris have agreed to a power of attorney for the sale of the old house, Chris will get a pod here ASAP, and I've signed a whole bunch of papers and emailed them back to the title companies and mortgage company who are also hustling to get things done in a ridiculously short time. I have to admit I barely read the paperwork and am relying on my team of badasses. I'm so overwhelmed I'm just trying to check things off my list.

Next up I have to call my mentor and my boss and see if anyone can help with my customers because I have too much on my plate even IF I wasn't dealing with several major life changes. Job security, yo.

I'm a little nervous at the new mortgage payment. The new house is about 40k more than what we paid for this house, and the interest rates are higher, so the mortgage payment is about $500 more than what I've been paying. I can completely afford it, because the payments on this house were really cheap, but I'm nervous about losing that chunk of disposable income. On the flip side, I'm not paying for Chris's health insurance anymore and most of my disposable income went into savings anyway, so maybe it'll even out.

I think it will all be worth it when I'm sipping wine in my beautiful garden in my new backyard, listening to the soothing waterfall and hoping I don't kill the fish.

In the meantime, I'll be secretly treading emotional waters but overall hustling like a badass. Whew.

27 May 2018

silver fox

Another dating update.

That cute older dude from the party a few weeks ago turned out to be... really cool.

We didn't hang out right away because dad was visiting, but we eventually grabbed dinner. We talked for 2 hours before we even ordered food and lingered afterwards. Really good vibes.

Then we had lunch. Again, conversation was flowing.

He seems like an open dude, is still cute upon close inspection, and is actually making an effort to get to know me as a person. Lots of chemistry. His style is really different. Maybe that comes from all the extra life experience?

On our third date, I was extremely pleased with the... extracurricular activities. I definitely benefited from that particular area of life experience.

Speaking of life experience, he's got 3 grown daughters, has been married twice, and after Ashley friended him on facebook we found out last night that he's a grandpa. Funny... he forgot to mention that!

Now everyone is highly amused that I got it on with a grandpa. That sounds so weird.

His nickname went from blonde fox (a play off of silver fox but his hair's not grey) to Foxy Grandpa very quickly. It's kind of hilarious and also very odd.

Oh, he sent me flowers on Friday, which was great, but then I questioned how he got my address. ESPECIALLY after the incident later that night. I was really creeped out by the combination of events and took a step back to re-evaluate.

He got my address in a non-creepy way, so that was okay. But the whole thing just left me unsettled.
Definitely getting a really good security system with cameras put into the new house.

psycho behavior

As if selling and buying a house wasn't enough activity right now, the universe threw in some more.

Let's start with the cute customer incident.

A while ago I decided that cute customer and I want very different things. I tried to naturally let things cool off when I was super busy, but it turns out he was sweet and understanding about me being too busy to hang out.

Hm. Crap. I had planned to have an adult conversation and explain that it just wasn't working for me, but... then he did something that made the conversation very different than I expected.

Friday evening I was pretty pooped. I was hanging out in bed in the early evening and fell asleep. I woke up to my doorbell ringing. Not a single ring. I woke up to someone repeatedly pushing the button at a fast pace. Followed by pounding on the door.

In a half-awake state, that is jarring and scary. I laid in bed for a minute, heard the person try the door handle, then the commotion at the front door stopped. I grabbed my phone and saw that cute customer had called several times and left text messages.

It was him at my door.
...the calls and texts had started an hour and a half earlier.

The next thing I know, he's in my backyard knocking at my bedroom window. I know the gate was locked so he must have had to jump the fence. Terrified, I decided to call the cops. But before I could, Helen called to discuss house stuff. I told her what was going on and she immediately headed over.

While I was still on the phone with her, I opened the door and told him to leave. To my surprise, he was holding a bottle of wine. He looked surprised and hurt when I told him to leave.

He didn't leave. He hung out on the front porch until Helen arrived. Then he got into his car but still didn't leave. So she turned her brights on and moved her car closer to his. Only then did he drive away.

I got into Helen's car and spent the night with her.

I did talk to him, and it turns out, he was trying to be sweet and surprise me with a bottle of wine because he knew I'd been stressed out. He wasn't trying to murder me, I guess.

He apologized but that was an absolute backfire, dude.

First of all, he came over uninvited and violated some big personal boundaries. That's a big NO. If I wanted company, I would have invited him over.

Second of all, once he knocked and I didn't answer, he should have left. In what scenario is it okay to pound on my door for 90 minutes and go into my backyard?? SO CREEPY! I really thought he'd lost his mind and that I was in danger.

The icing on the cake- when I told him to leave, he didn't leave.

I felt disrespected, like my privacy was violated. I felt unsafe in my own home. I was so freaked out that I spent that next night at Ashley's.

This is the exact reason why I decided not to let anyone I date know where I live. But I made an exception because I knew I'd be moving soon.


Home on the range

It has been an eventful couple of days. I had planned to do one post outlining some large developments, but now so much has happened that I feel like the topics need to be split.

First up. House:

Appraisal finally got scheduled. Helen seems confident that we're in the clear so I started my house hunt.

We started by looking at a couple smaller houses, but they just weren't right. Then she suggested we look at a house in my neighborhood. I rejected it right away based on the square footage (too big) and the fact that it's on a busy corner. Still, Helen insisted and I trust her so we looked at it.

I didn't like it immediately, but it grew on me as I walked around. It had a really good vibe. It is a lot more square footage, but the way it's laid out, it doesn't seem like it. Overall, it felt right. Plus, the master bath and gorgeous backyard sold me.

Helen basically negotiated on my behalf and the next thing I know I'm signing a contract. We're making the option period short and we're going to try to close on the same day as this house closes so that I'm not homeless. You know, the little things.

Work is busy this week so it's going to be a wonderful shitshow but at this point I'm rolling with everything and nothing's a big deal. Really trying to stay zen, listen to my gut, and let the universe work things out.

We shall see what happens.