13 January 2018

mini goals update

Today was the first day of this "Blissful Beginners" yoga series that I signed up for. The owner of the studio taught the class, and she was really good. I liked her style. Good class and good vibes. Supporting a passionate small business owner while benefiting personally? I'm down for that.

I signed up for 10 classes. They have to be used within 6 months and I figure that's enough to see if it's something I'll do long-term. Then I can re-evaluate.

So, mini goal #2 has evolved.

Stitch meh.

I recently got another stitch fix. I have to say, I was immediately disappointed when I opened the box.

Mostly because in my note to the stylist, I said I needed pants, badly. And that's all I said. I was really looking forward to getting a few pairs of pants and maybe 1 blouse. Instead, I only got 1 pair of pants, and 4 blouses.
And of course the pants didn't fit right.

The blouses were really cute, despite the fact that they are not pants.
Here's what I kept:

Cute white polka dot blouse. It's not see-through like most white blouses. It is a thicker fabric and has kind of a texture. The polka dots are raised, there's a subtle ruffle around the neck, and the buttons are tiny gold squares. This is my favorite because it's feminine but still professional and it fits really well.

Fun patterned blouse. It buttons up, and hits my hips at the right spot. A little too casual for work, but perfect to throw on with skinny jeans when I want to look effortlessly cute on the weekend.

This last one is really much cuter than it photographs. It's a maroon color. I like the pleats and the tulip sleeve is longer. It's really cute tucked in on one side, as pinterest taught me how to do.

I loved the pattern on this fabric but the cut of the blouse was boxy and unflattering so I returned it. Bummer.

The three blouses I kept were $50- $60 each, so my total was around $170. Feeling a little disenchanted, mostly because at this point I would be completely happy to have spent $170 on pants and THESE ARE NOT PANTS.

12 January 2018

What a week

I got to meet my boss yesterday.

He texted me in the afternoon asking if I could be in Austin the following morning to validate some methods on a couple instruments. Heck yeah! I basically got paid to go see Suzy in the middle of the week. Always down for that. I love the spontaneity of this job.

So yeah. My boss is a nice guy. Genuine and approachable. I like him. I told him I'd volunteer for any task in Austin (or anywhere), and I guess he's got a few projects in mind. Sweet, usefulness AND sister time!

I'm over my travel weariness and ready for another round of adventure. Got trips to Louisiana and Chicago coming up.

So far I'm completely digging the way this job works. The cycles of routine and excitement are working well for me. I'm certainly not bored or unchallenged, as I'd be in any other job right now.

Plus, now that I'm a Hilton Honors gold member, I get snacks when I check into the hotel. I'm all about free snacks.

08 January 2018

say what?

Hm. So today my boss scheduled a last-minute conference call to discuss a "reorganization." Otherwise known as: A bunch of people were laid off in our division today.




That's not unsettling. At all.
Honestly my boss sounded shook. He didn't expect it.

It would not have surprised me if they laid me off. You ever hear of the phrase, "Last to hire, first to fire?" Because that's all that was going through my mind.

The move itself is not super surprising because the company has been trying to trim the fat for about 6 months now, and we just went public with an IPO. I figure we'll eventually be sold to some other company but I don't really care about the politics.

I just care about continuing to live indoors. My cat and I have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

Since it would be incredibly naive of me to not anticipate another round of layoffs at some point, it's time for ME to start trimming some fat. Spending less, saving more. Coming up with a contingency plan.

Oy. Hey, new year. I adapt!

07 January 2018

Honest Multi Surface

Can we talk for a second about cleaning and cleansers? I have to share something. (Not that this is one of my top 5 favorite topics of conversation, or anything.)

You know the two great loves in my life.
Bleach, for its ultimate germ-killing properties, and vinegar, for its ability to dissolve hard water deposits and freshen up funky fabrics. (Comet comes in third if I need an abrasive.)
That's the way things have been for many years and I'm happy with it.


Recently I picked up a bottle of the Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner because I saw that it was recommended in an issue of Good Housekeeping. I don't really care what makes it 'Honest,' I was mostly intrigued that it won above all other cleaners tested.

I started by using it for cleaning the kitchen counters. For everyday use, not when I'm cleaning raw meat juices or anything. I'm still all about bleach for that.

My immediate favorite thing about it? The smell. I got the grapefruit one and OH MY. It smells so freaking good. It's all citrusy and incredibly pleasant.

I used it to clean up a small spill during a party, because not everyone loves the smell of bleach... or vinegar. Then Suzy mentioned how good it smelled. The bottom line? It smells good, y'all.

Then I started using it for tabletops and such. Once I used it to clean up an orange-smashing incident on the floor when Mississippi State wasn't having a good football game.
Then I wiped the bathroom counters with it.

Basically I used it as much as I could, to see what the fuss was about.

I became legitimately impressed when I used it to clean the bathtub. Abrasive cleaners are not recommended on a refinished tub, but they are my favorite thing for getting rid of that bathtub ring. So to further my personal experiment, I sprayed this cleaner on the tub and used a sponge to wipe it off.

I couldn't believe the grime that came off, so easily. Several layers of LUSH bath bombs came off immediately. With a simple sponge. No scrubbing. Whoa. Nice.

Basically it cleans well on everyday surfaces. I've never noticed a residue, and nothing has been damaged, even Chris's grandma's table that's probably older than all of us.

I'll buy it again for those reasons, but mostly because of that sexy tub action, and that delightful smell.
Heck, I'd even give it as a hostess gift because the packaging is really pretty.

Oh, I should mention that I have not tried to clean glass or mirrors with it yet. I don't know if it's recommended but I figure a product with a "multi-surface" claim should be able to clean glass and mirrors.

Double-oh. I should try it on the master bathroom shower. Because that's the biggest pain to clean. Stay tuned for that.

04 January 2018


I crossed a few things off the house to-do list recently.

The to-do list consists of mostly big projects, like new gutters and front door, but there are a few items that have been hanging out for a LONG time, like patching the holes in the wall in the master bathroom. (I'm talking about the ones that have been there for years, since we changed the light fixtures just after moving in. They have been there so long that I don't notice them anymore.)

Some of the projects are fairly new. One night last week, I came home to a fallen tree branch near the driveway. Fortunately, my cousin and her husband were in town for the wedding and staying with me, and he pulled it out of the tree for me. On our way back in to the house, he stepped on the rotted board on the deck (that's rotted because the gutters need to be fixed). Anyway his foot went completely through it! Thankfully, he wasn't hurt. That same morning, the kitchen sink started dripping. The joys of an old house.

Anyway it was immediately hectic with wedding stuff and the holidays, so those things stayed that way for a little while.

Then I felt strangely motivated and headed to the hardware store. I made friends with the lady there, and then headed home with some wood, nails, a crowbar, paint, and spackling compound. And I got stuff done.

Stuff I crossed off the list:

-Repaired the deck board. No more liabilities there.
-Sawed the tree branch down to smaller pieces so that the trash men will take it.
-Patched the holes in the master bathroom. The patches are not exactly pretty, but the holes are no longer there, yeah!
-Finished the last touchups on the guest bathroom tub that was refinished a few months ago.
-Started patching some small damage on the siding, since there's no way the whole project will happen any time soon.

The list is still long and growing, but it felt good today to take care of a few things. Also I felt super strong and kickass using a crowbar and TWO different kinds of power tools. Rawr.

mini goals

2018 mini goal #2:

I signed up for a free 'Blissful Beginners' yoga series at this local place I've been considering joining.

I've dabbled in yoga for years, but for all I know, I could be doing the poses all wrong.

I figured it's a good way to check out the vibes at this place and see if I'll be interested enough to pay for it.