24 March 2017

bits and pieces

My mind still has not grasped the massive difference between last week and this week. I'm kinda going through the motions, soaking up the experience and absorbing every learning moment I can. So far, I'm loving all the things. I'm feeling this for the long haul. It's all so good. Pinch me.

Work wardrobe is still abysmal. I must go shopping. Forcing myself to go and try on pants after pants and drop some cash on clothing.

I have developed a massive zit on the bridge of my nose, right where my glasses sit. Oy.

Speaking of glasses, this tiny little family of two has spent ridiculous amounts of money on vision correction lately (about a grand). We've both gotten contacts (daily disposables FTW) and I got a new pair of glasses that I don't love so I'm about to order these or these, and toot got two new pairs, which he desperately needed.

Speaking of toot, while I normally look forward to having the house to myself, this time to my surprise I find I'm missing the companionship that comes in toot form. I haven't felt this way in a long time. It's nice.
We've been getting along really great lately; almost as if something has turned a corner. Things feel different. Of course they do.

20 March 2017

life, revisited.

I've sat down to write this post several different times, but I would get up and walk away after only a few words; I couldn't find the right ones.

Somehow, describing the facts of this new chapter in my life don't capture the "pinch me I'm dreaming" effect. I can't spell out how huge this is. The sky's the limit?  No, no. This opportunity can catapult me over the moon and back twice around venus.

I could list the tangible items.
I could describe the daily changes.
I could talk about the difference in personal presence.
I could elaborate on the networking opportunities and perks- like hotel, rental car, and airline rewards.
I could say how much more I'll be learning, how much more I'll be earning, how I get MY VERY OWN SET OF PIPETTES.

-pause for effect, applause, and prosperity-

I'm suddenly in a league of incredibly intelligent people who are just as ambitious as I am, who are willing to teach me everything they know and help me succeed. I'm part of a collective of people who can make amazing things happen. I'm poised on a realm of possibility that I always thought I'd be lucky to achieve.

Here I am. This is actually it. The girl from the trailer park gets a company car and an American Express, bitches!

Jokes aside, I've worked hard for this and I deserve to be here. I'm going to use this opportunity full of new challenges to grow into something even better; to make my loftiest career goals happen. To make the world a little bit better from a different perspective. I'm a strong woman and I'm ready to keep roaring.

But all the same, I've got stars in my eyes.
I'm so thankful for them.

19 March 2017

ace in the hole

Ah-ha! She got an egg in the nest. I'm so proud.

one small change

A few months ago I made one small change that has affected my life in a big way: I started taking a benadryl at bedtime.

After years of denying it, I finally admitted to myself that I have allergies.

I develop a sinus infection every November, and last time when I went to the Walgreens clinic the nurse practitioner mentioned that it's probably due to seasonal allergies and I should start taking an antihistamine to prevent it. Oh yeah. That makes sense, huh?

A few weeks after that I developed some more sinus issues and I took a benadryl at bedtime to help with the symptoms. It helped tremendously, so I continued to take about a half a dose each night at bedtime.

What I didn't expect was how much it would improve my quality of life.
First I started sleeping better, thanks to benadryl's sleepy side effect.
Then I noticed a few weeks ago that I have had way more energy. I'm not as cranky and I generally feel better.

I think it's because I haven't woken up with one of those massive, debilitating headaches since I started taking it. I might have a slight headache every once in a while, but I'm still functional.
I don't have that constant sinus pressure that fogs everything up and causes me to schlup through the day.

I never noticed how much those issues affected me, until I didn't have them anymore. I feel a LOT different, and a LOT better.

Yay, man.

18 March 2017

bird update

I've been waking up every morning to chirpy commotion at the front door.

Upon closer inspection, it seems that my little friend missed the mark a bit. The egg didn't exactly make it into the nest. Rather, it's balanced off to the side.

The nest hasn't been abandoned, so I'm assuming it's still okay? I guess I'll find out.

16 March 2017

hey, birdie

Some bird decided to build a nest on the wreath hanging on my front door.

What first caught my attention was a bird singing one Saturday morning. When I discovered the bird's motive, I tried to discourage it and cleared away the beginnings of a nest. But the bird persevered and I decided that if the bird wanted to build a nest on my front door, he/she could go right ahead.

Turns out, now I get a clear view of the nest and hopefully the babies. Despite the fact that it's on my front door and we use it sometimes, which might make for some disruptive moments, maybe I can make up for last year's fiasco.

Stay tuned.