31 January 2015

boulder part 1

The anxieties are for real right now. Like I can't just sit and be content because I feel the anxiety weight on my chest.

We went and got our taxes done this morning. I was really glad to check that off my list.
Unfortunately, they're only halfway done because we're still waiting to receive a couple of the documents. Nothing worse than a half-completed task on a habitual list-maker's list!

It turns out, in a big moment of learning earlier this week, a windfall we got last year was considered taxable income and we didn't pay taxes on it, and didn't think to set some money aside to pay those taxes. D'oh. Which means that now we have to pay the IRS pretty much the amount we were expecting to get back. And I don't exactly understand why, which makes it like 10 times worse. Cue disappointment.

Not to mention we have to pay $200 for the actual tax return preparation (Holy crap I did not expect it to be that much)!

AND for the cherry (hopefully this will be it-- they come in 3's!) our property taxes were underestimated for last year so we owe some cash there. Not our fault; the bank's fault, but still our responsibility and at least we were aware that this might happen.

Of course, we have options, including financing & payment plans... Screw that mess. I think we will opt to pay everything in full, get them out of the way, avoid interest, and be really poor with no savings for a few months. And to think I was really proud that I was able to transfer a bit of cash into savings this month which will ironically turn out to be a drop in the bucket once we pay all these darn taxes.

Either way, not exactly what we were hoping for, and like I said, a large learning moment that will definitely not be repeated. Ever. Next year's taxes should be less tumultuous. Should.

So that's one thing that's been weighing heavy on my mind lately.

27 January 2015

tuesday tidbit

Today I fell asleep on the bus. Like, mouth hanging open asleep. It was great.

I tried making these meat and cheese roll up things with the pillsbury GF pizza dough Ash got for me, but they did NOT turn out. Come to think of it, the dough may have been a little old. Maybe that's why. Hm. They were tasty so I'll definitely try it with a dough recipe that I already know is good.

This may be gross, but I've started not showering every day. Now wait. Let me explain. I still shower on a daily basis. Not showering is the exception, not the rule.
But, this winter my skin has been getting itchy and I think it's from my long, hot showers. There's no way in hell I'm taking anything but a hot shower, so on days when I've been pretty inactive and my pits don't stink, I brush a little baby powder in my hair and skip the shower. I've only done it a handful of times, when conditions are just right, and so far I've seen an improvement in my skin. 
God, I feel gross just having typed that but it's not so bad. I mostly do it on the weekends when I'm just hanging out in my pajamas or will be working out in the yard, so it's not a big issue. Tip: If you see me with a high ponytail, you know my ass skipped the shower. :o)

I feel like I need to end with something besides, "I don't shower" but I've ran out of things to say. Whatevs.

Updates that are less crabby

-Library books on Kindle are amazing. I've already read a few. THANK YOU for the tip!

-Haven't taken the stomach meds in a week. So far, so good-ish. I've been drinking warm lemon water when I start to feel icky (fortunately I have the flexibility to do that at work on a whim). I did have to take something (activated charcoal) a couple of times when I felt really gross. But that's it.

-Also I've been doing yoga for digestion a few nights a week. One night Chris did it with me, but I think that's because he thinks Adriene is hot, haha. Definitely feeling a renewed yoga bug. And I like this Adriene chick so I may just start going her youtube yoga.

-Coconut oil on my face. I do not see myself going back to the olive oil/castor oil combo. Coconut oil is just too easy. I keep a glob in a small dish on my vanity, and grab a little bit every night after my shower. No mess, no refilling bottles with the right ratio, no special trips to the store for castor oil, no residue.

-The new fence is WONDERFUL. Not only is it functional, it makes everything look neater, tidier, and well-maintained. In progress pic:

It's hard to believe that when we moved in, it looked like this: (Which actually kinda looks better because it's all nice and green and not in the middle of winter...)

-The dog got a lot of walks this weekend. Which tuckered out not only her, but myself. Exercise on a beautiful day? I need more of that.

-Jeans. The old ones, along with all my old pants, just don't fit anymore. I hate, hate jeans shopping. I've been putting it off, wearing leggings or pj pants or yoga pants or even work pants on the weekends. But jeans are just so convenient and I don't know if I can really get away with not owning a pair of jeans that fits.

25 January 2015

Spiralize everything!

Let's talk about vegetables. I'm forever trying to figure out ways to eat more. I even have a never-referenced vegetable cookbook. (BTW Cauliflower is on sale this week and I need ideas!)

Suzy got one of those vegetable spiralizers for Christmas and since she reported back that it worked well, I made a special trip to the 'As Seen on TV' section of CVS to get my own. She's right- it's like a giant pencil sharpener but instead of a pencil you use a phallic-shaped veggie! It basically creates vegetable noodles.
Which is highly intriguing to me because
1. Traditional noodles are annoying to make. Who has time to wait for water to boil?
2. I'm trying to eat more vegetables
3. How cool is the whole idea?

With zucchini noodles, you literally just sautee for a minute and they're done. I think I'm going to try a carrot and see what that's like. Make no mistake; every vegetable possible will get spiralized here.

On a related note, I started thinking about this year's garden. I might try my hand at zucchini again. Different yard, different sun patterns, different soil... I might be successful!
Definitely doing the standard herbs like basil and thyme- My basil from last year finally bit the dust last week. It was alive for a long stretch; I'm very proud. What else I grow will depend 100% on what kind of seeds I see at the store.

24 January 2015

updates that are kinda crabby

Oatmeal with granola on top is bomb. There. I used it correctly, although I still have the urge to say "bomb-ass oatmeal." I am my mother's daughter.

The fence was torn down Wednesday in preparation for replacement, but then it rained for two days so we have been sitting here, fenceless and exposed. Which really sucks for dog world because we can't just let her out in the backyard to run around and release some of that puppy energy. It's currently not raining, the sun is shining, and the fence people are nowhere to be found. Let's get it on, already. Both pup and people (and kitty) will be happy when the fence is back up. Plus, I'm sure the fence people want to get paid. [Fences are freaking EXPENSIVE, for the record.]

Haven't been sleeping well, and have been fighting this thing that kinda wants to turn into a cold but I won't let it. It's probably not helping that I have all these things running around in my head that I'm trying to decide/ adjust to/ decide. I know the stress is for real when I start having dreams about my teeth falling out, which happened I think Monday night.

Started my period which is completely and totally MERP and I really want to go back to not having one. I have a dr's appt in a week or so, so hopefully that will be remedied. Still mostly digging the NuvaRing, except for 1. Periods and 2. It's very easy for me to lose track of when it should be inserted and replaced and that bothers me, even with a notification on my phone.

Ok, bills need to be paid now.

21 January 2015

Becoming a dog person*

I have a dog. I never wanted a dog. My husband, however, did.

I figured I'd share some things that have helped me adjust, because I sure wish someone had written A Comprehensive Guide to Reluctant Dog Ownership-- it might as well be me!

My main issue with having a dog is/was the cleanliness. My home is my sanctuary-- a clean, fresh sanctuary. A smelly dog running through the house, leaving slobbery toys everywhere, jumping up on me, and pooping in my backyard sounded like a nightmare. I was also apprehensive about the dog's behavior- nobody likes a shithead ill-behaved dog that destroys their fresh, clean sanctuary.

Fortunately for everyone, our dog happens to be pretty well-behaved. A few bad habits here and there, but for the most part she's pretty chill.

After reluctantly living with a dog for a little while, I've found some tips that are making it easier for this non-dog-person to adjust to having a dog.

1. Accept the fact that you have a dog.
-The day she came home, I accepted it and didn't try to fight it. She's part of the family now. End of story. I didn't even entertain the idea of giving her back, because that option would only drive both my husband and myself crazy and create tons of fights.

2. Give the dog attention.
-Play with the dog, give her a pet or a brush, greet her when you come home, talk to her, feed her. Make an effort to connect with the dog and like the dog. Remember, she's part of the family and shouldn't be ignored-- especially if you expect her to obey your commands and treat you like you're her owner.

3. Understand that there is an adjustment period.
-Give everyone time to find their groove. The dog will most likely test and learn household rules and boundaries. Some things will stick right away. For Andy, she immediately learned that the master bedroom and the furniture were off-limits. She learned to stop on the rug when coming indoors on rainy days so her paws can be dried. She is still learning that digging holes in the back yard and eating cat food are no-nos. More on that later.

4. Control odors.
If it bothers you that your house smells like dog, you have to keep things clean. The dog, the bedding, and the floors. Constant vigilance!

To control odors on the dog itself:
-Baths, wipes, sprays. Use in the combination that works for you. Caution: don't overdo the bath part, as the pup may develop skin issues. Wipes and sprays and brushings in-between will help and are gentler on our dog's skin.
-I found that brushing/wiping the dog helped us sort of bond- she got some direct attention, it reinforced that I was the owner taking care of the dog, and also it made me happy to have a clean dog. Win-Win. Chris still handles the baths because that's way more involved and messy than I want to get.
-Get chews that claim to freshen breath and clean the teeth. Can't hurt.

To control odors on the dog bed(s):
-Place a designated doggie blanket on the bed itself. It's easier to wash the blanket than the cover.
-At least weekly, wash the blanket and vacuum the surface of the bed. Spray with vinegar or febreeze to freshen.
-When that stops working, remove the cover from the bed (most of them zip off) and wash with warm water (and of course, bleach!)
-Sniff the stuffing. If that reeks, air it out, spray with vinegar or febreeze, or give up and get a new one.

To control odors in the house:
-If the above two are controlled well, it will go a long way to keeping the house itself from smelling like dog.
-Sweep and vacuum. Get that dog hair off of the floor. On a daily basis. The Roomba has been a game-changer. I empty a disgusting amount of dog hair and dirt from the basin every day. Not only has it helped with my sanity, the house doesn't stink. At all.
-We are lucky enough to have hardwood and tile in the main living area, and the dog doesn't venture onto the carpet. For rugs, a sprinkle of baking soda and a vacuum will work wonders when they get funky.

Overlook what you can:
-It would be absurd of me to expect zero evidence of a dog in the house. Some things will have to change.
-Nose prints on the windows, a dog toy here and there, a splash of water on the floor from the water bowl... not so important to me. I focus more on the odor and dog hair, since it bothers me the most, and I let the rest go. For everyone's sanity. Although the turds in the yard that my husband doesn't clean up are starting to make my eye twitch...

Above all, remember:
-Deodorize the source, don't mask the smell. Air fresheners make your house smell like hawaiian breeze dog funk. At this point, by keeping things clean I don't need or use air fresheners.
-Like I said before, the trifecta works: wash the dog, wash the bedding, sweep the floors. If they're maintained, it won't get out of hand.

5. Training:
-Google the crap out of dog training techniques, and if possible hire a trainer. In my opinion, a dog can never be too trained. From what I read they enjoy mastering "new tricks," pleasing their owners, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment. Again, a well-behaved dog is a win-win for everyone.
-Consider the dog's age, intelligence, and temperament.We were frustrated with Andy's progress, until we reminded ourselves that she is still a puppy, and she is incredibly timid. Consistent reinforcement and time will eventually work things out. She's not going to turn into a perfectly trained dog in a day.
-Try different things. We were having problems with Andy 'getting into trouble' when we left the house. It occurred to us that she might get lonely and bored and that's why she finds stuff to destroy. So we tried leaving the TV and lights on, and giving her something to chew on to keep her occupied when we leave. So far, so good. The chew toy thing has worked when we leave her both inside and outside. I doubt it will be a perfect solution but we are seeing small differences on a daily basis.

I will surely have more to say about dog ownership later, but that is all I have for now!

Evidence of dog: Exhibit A

19 January 2015

pH and meds

So this weekend, at some point, I started to develop a stomach ache. Surprise there.

Before reaching for the tums, I thought that maybe my stomach was overcompensating and producing more acid- a rebound effect from the antacids, if you will. I've read about it but for the most part rejected it. The thought of adding something caustic to my already irritated stomach was inconceivable.

I figured, though, what have I got to lose? I was already headed down the road to upset stomachville and rather than perpetuate the cycle, instead I ate the most acidic thing in the house- a piece of grapefruit. What happened was potentially groundbreaking. While there was not an immediate settling of the stomach, there was also no progression of that stomach ache. I just stayed in that state of mildly upset until it eventually passed.

I tried it again the next day when I started to feel icky. Same response.

Yesterday I forgot to take my morning dose of meds. I felt not great during the day, but ok.

This morning I also forgot to take them. When I started to feel that churny acidic feeling developing, I made some hot water and added lemon with honey (also because my throat is sore). While I don't feel fantastic, I also do not feel the need to lay down in bed with a bottle of tums and a heating pad. I don't feel like my stomach is about ready to jump out of my body. Nothing feels angry; only mildly irritated.

Instead I kinda feel like going for a walk or doing some yoga, NOT taking more pills. I know I might find immediate relief and some days I might need it to function, but in the long run they are not going to do anything for me. I've been down that road before and I'm not interested. Why repeat history?

I'm still all about finding the cause. I'll try more dietary changes. I'll try acupuncture. I'm dead serious about rejecting conventional medicine when it comes to treating these symptoms with whatever medication the doctor is getting paid to prescribe. I've made a follow up appointment with my gastroenterologist to discuss this, and if he still insists on treating the symptoms, I'll find another one. And another one. Until I feel better.

18 January 2015


So the crafting thing happened last night. Behold: BOX!

Then I got into a super motivated organizational mode and I sorted all of our spending from 2014 into categories. Nothing new; I do that every year.

What took it over the top was when I scanned and logged every single purchase receipt we've kept for large purchases and various home improvements. In May 2014, we installed new dryer hookups. It cost $21.63. Stuff like that. Better to over-document than under-document, I always say. It's all been organized and compiled onto a flash drive that will go into the box of dooooom.

We are going to have our taxes done this year instead of doing them ourselves, since we're not sure how this "We bought a house" thing will change how it's done. Which means I better show up super organized and prepared.

After that, I was pretty much done and was in bed by 930.

17 January 2015

Free time

Evening to myself = Wine + Friends on Netflix + a craft*

*Could possibly be one of the following:

1. Continue kiltzing the bathroom. I can't figure out a color so I've gotten two more testers. Who knew such subtle differences on paper could be so dramatic on the actual wall?

Feather Grey- too light
Vintage Taupe- too dark
Still to try:
Memories and Cloud Nine

I don't know if I feel like changing clothes and painting, though.

Also considering:

2. Doing this to an old moving box to hold Andy's blankets/toys.

2.5 Plus fashioning some sort of crate cover because dayum, that thing is UGLY.

3. I have a various amount of small things in my "To-Do" pile, including gluing a magnet onto a picture frame, painting a clear coat over a decorative metal wine glass so it can be hung outside on the porch, making a bow for Andy's collar, etc.

4. Hanging that very large picture above the couch. I may have had just enough wine for that.

5. Making a handle-holder for the cast iron pan. Because it's cute and uses up scraps and I'm forever accidentally grabbing that hot-ass handle.

6. Going through my closet and making up outfits. Because I still have to stand there and stare at my clothes and try really hard to think of something different besides the combination that I've already worn 10 times.

7. I may have had too much wine for any of that = sitting on the couch watching desperate housewives?

16 January 2015


Decided to try that bulletproof coffee nonsense. So I mixed up a cup, thought it tasted like there was cream in it, and gave it to Chris. Then I mixed up a cup with just coconut oil and since it tastes just like my normal coffee- just frothier thanks to the blender- I'll go ahead and drink it. Miracles can go ahead and happen now.

Yesterday was a lovely day.
I made a kickass breakfast. Today will be nothing special- probably oatmeal or rice krispies with banana, since the belly woke up cranky.

We got some homestead tax paperwork done, got a costco membership, took Andy for a walk in the glorious sunshine, installed a really pretty new light on the back porch, got a couple of quotes for a new fence, and grilled some sausage for dinner. Spent the evening snuggled up on the couch with a fire going.

Requisite light pictures:
Before- This one is on the front porch but they were the same style- old and grody.

Now- pretty, pretty.  The crackled glass makes pretty patterns on the walls when it's lit at night. The LED lights are super bright, too.

Today we might go back to get another light for the front porch, seal the new dog house, and get our cars washed. It's another beautiful morning and after several days with no sun, I want to take full advantage of it. For now I'm going to enjoy my coffee. Which has un-blended and now there's an oily layer on top. Plegh.

13 January 2015

coconut oil turned makeup

I don't have a lot of time to write a blog post.
Wow as soon as I typed that, Chris asked if I would be busy for the next 10-15 minutes because he's going to call his grandpa.

So. More leisurely written blog post.

We bought a jar of coconut oil. Partly because I've been really intrigued by everything I've seen about it, from baking to skin care. Partly because I saw a jar at mom's house, no doubt courtesy of Suzy. And if mom can buy one, so can I. Partly because Chris wanted to try that bulletproof coffee and he gave it the final approval. Even though it was hella expensive for such a small jar.

Now I have only a slight interest in a cup of coffee involving butter & coconut oil (hello heart attack?), and a mild interest in baking with it, but I mostly have this urge to put it on my skin. For some reason I imagine coconut oil doing so much more than my usual blend of olive oil and castor oil. Yeah I still do that, but mostly as a makeup remover/ nighttime moisturizing routine. I've switched to generic acne cleanser + clarisonic and so far, combined with a birth control method that doesn't make me crazy or break out, my skin is looking okay. Actually, the best that it's been in years. Still far from perfect, but manageable with just a bit of tinted BB cream on a daily basis.

Speaking of BB cream, I've never worn anything more than a moisturizer and spot concealer except for when I was really breaking out and then I went straight to a foundation, but as I've gotten older I've noticed that my skin tone is a little more uneven than it used to be, and a tinted moisturizer/BB cream (What's the difference, really?) really helps even things out and make me feel like I look fresh. That was a long-ass sentence. But we're having a wine date here in blog-land and there's no need to go back and refine. I've never really seen how my skin looks in bright natural sunlight when I wear the tinted BB cream, so I could look really ridiculous and like I'm wearing a lot of makeup, but from what I've seen I look like my skin tone is evened out and I look fresh.

Also I read something the other day from a chick whose blog I read, and she said that she wanted to focus less on makeup and more on preventing skin issues through skincare and diet, etc. She's got a good point.

So anyway I'm out of the castor oil and rather than go to the drugstore to find more, I'm going to try this coconut oil on my skin and see what happens.

P.S. Much like my parallel life-living friend, I started to unfollow a bunch of pinterest boards and stuff that I have absolutely no interest in (elementary school curriculum? No thanks. Another damn Frozen pin? I want to punch Frozen.), and I also found there wasn't much to look at! But then I started to notice "recommended pins" from pinterest that were kind of annoying as well but you can't remove those so anyway.

Gunna run.

11 January 2015


pissy rain
moving furniture for friends
inhaling 5Guys burgers and cajun fries
afternoon nap
dog training
nightime trip to home depot*
dog house building
choco-chip waffles
lazy coffee on the couch
more indigestion
getting the rug to stay put
loving roomba
fresh clean bedsheets
dog and cat interactions*
bleachy shower
considering more paint colors for guest bath
black bean & sweet potato taco noms

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow.


Fire hazard broken outlet repair turned into a recessed outlet when we found them at Home Depot. Genius. I'm so glad Chris knows how to do these things because I'm not sure I have the nerve.

A trail of cat treats coerced Pumpkin this close to the dog. Shortly after this picture the scene turned into a hissing swat and a blur of puffy tail. Andy got to enjoy the cat treat. 

09 January 2015

I made it

It occurred to me that once the cat chills out about the dog again, we will be able to feed them at the same time, eliminating the "leftover food being eaten by the wrong animal" problem.

I declined a last minute dinner/ movie invitation with our friends because this week/ this day has just been rough. The first week back after a "vacation" is always rough, especially when it's everyone else coming back from vacation and frantically trying to catch up on the stuff that got neglected. I need a bath and a neck rub. I will probably get neither but that's ok because I don't have to go to work tomorrow.

Gunna go try and practice the new commands with the dog. It's incredible how timid she gets when you're working with her; she acts like you're yelling at her even when you're just telling her to sit. Practice will no doubt loosen her up a bit.

It's supposed to be a cold, rainy, miserable weekend. Perfect for staying in your pjs. Supposed to help a friend move tomorrow but I'm not sure how that will all work out.

07 January 2015

the pup is home

Kitty is not adjusting well to the reappearance of the dog. She's even more pissed off. Currently she's pouting on top of Chris's desk.

I'm expecting to find pee in a very inconvenient spot any day now. I really, really don't want to deal with that.

I, surprisingly, am pretty chill about the dog. Roomba helps. As well as my attempt to accept that she will smell like a dog. That and she seems to be a little more attentive when we speak. We'll continue to reinforce the commands that she learned at school.

I think maybe she knows she's home? She's been shuffled about from place to place her whole life, so a return to this place might help her understand that she's home. At any rate, she sure appreciates the nice comfy dog bed.

We left for a very short time this evening and decided to leave her free to roam about and see what happened. She ate the cat food and flung the bowl across the room. Hm. I'm not sure how to eliminate that behavior. I mean, we can put a lid on the trash can if she returns to that, but the cat food? We can put it up, yes, but rather than modify our daily life, and worry about having to go through a checklist each time we leave the house, I'd rather teach her that it's not okay to do that. I've been looking up a lot about how to train dogs. My normal methods of chili powder and sticky tape might work but would also deter the cat. Suggestions?

04 January 2015

oh snap today was great

I am good and tipsy right now. By the time I hit publish it will be Sunday.

What a busy day. I expected to nap after my early rise, but I just kept on chuggin.

The events of the day include:
  • Massive cleaning/declutter/putting stuff away, and prepping the guest bath for painting/ aka priming.
  • Busted out the picture hanging box and hung up a ton of things that have been put off, including some Christmas gifts. Feels good to check those off the list.
  • Going shopping in Julie's closet. She shops almost exclusively at Banana Republic and we (used to be) the same size. I snagged a ton of cute stuff (most of which will fit beautifully if I gained 5-10 pounds) plus some home decor items which came almost exclusively from Pottery Barn. I love her taste. Got a few of James's hand me downs for Chris, too. Jury's still out on whether or now he'll wear them.
  • Helping Julie & James pack for a move with Akhtar. Shenanigans! 
  • Can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that the other day at a gathering, someone commented again on my weight, and Julie asked if it was due to an illness? I could have kissed her. She has a few issues, too, so she gets it.
  • Spending time with mom. Window shopping mostly. She needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Turns out, I did too.
  • Priming the guest bath. Ran out of Kilz so I suppose that will be on the list tomorrow. Tried a test swatch of the color I thought I'd love so I didn't bother getting two different shades of the test sample, but I think I want the darker shade that I didn't get made. It always ends up that way. Excited to be putting a dent in the project nevertheless.
  • Organizing/cleaning up craft room. The best way to describe it since we moved in is... utter chaos. It became gift wrapping central for Christmas amongst the already present disarray, and I was actually embarrassed when Chris's sister came to visit and wrap some gifts. We couldn't even let Roomba in to clean because he'd no doubt suck something up and get jammed. It looks so much better now. And Roomba definitely needs to make a visit.

Actually, I think it's time for updated house pics. Especially since I tidied up and once Chris and Andy come home I doubt I will see it this way for a while.


Craft room, picked up:
Pillows, waiting for coordinating re-covers, plus wrapping paper storage

Hung up hooks, finally.

 Craft closet organization.
 I even labeled the drawers. Love.
Dining room: I think I want to hang sheer curtains over the blinds to make them softer. They look so... blind-y but I love letting in all the natural light.

 Living room:

 Friends on Netflix! Plus Christmas boxed and ready to be put away.

Kitchen. Loving the layout, dreaming of new countertops.

 Does anyone else stop the microwave timer on like 2 seconds? Or does that drive you batty?

 The coffee station that still works out beautifully.

 Bar, stocked.
 Laundry. I still love how this room turned out, plus new plush hangers courtesy of Julie.

Even though I've had enough wine and bed would be pretty nice, still wanting to maximize my Free Will time and start a project. Possibly this, because I got some Jute today.  [News flash to me, it's not called twine.] Plus this AOL pop radio station is totally jammin.

Chris doesn't get cell service where he is, and I hope he's having a really good time. It will be nice to have him home to squeeze and banish away imaginary nighttime monsters that inevitably lurk around every shadowy corner.

03 January 2015

up early

I'm up early. Really early. A bout of thunder and heavy rain woke me up. (A downspout right next to the master bedroom window? Really? Another one of the genius decisions someone made when they were building/working on this house)

Rather than switch positions, snuggle up with the cat, and go back to sleep, my brain started thinking of all the activities I could be doing. Taking advantage of the fact that no one will tell me to stop making noise or go back to bed, I got up, flicked some lights on, and started my day. On like 5 hours of sleep. Because it's dark and rainy and scary out and for some reason being up seems better than laying in bed wondering if there are monsters just outside my bedroom door. And because I always compulsively want to maximize these rare opportunities to do whatever I want and come up with a billion projects when in reality none of them ever get done.

I dug out one of the last pods of Pumpkin Spice coffee, and am enjoying it with these fantastic coconut almond shortbread God cookies. Yes, they've reached God status.

I used my credit card points to get an Amazon gift card for the sole purpose of boosting my Kindle balance. The problem is, even with a renewed balance, I'm reluctant to buy anything! Even though my list of stuff to read is up to like 30 books. I do not know why I hoard my Kindle book funds.

Anyway, I'm off to go turn on Friends and hang some pictures. Or organize my craft room. Or start working on the guest bathroom. Or rearrange some furniture. Or snuggle up back in bed.

02 January 2015

blog evolution

I read a lot of blogs. Well, not as many as I used to. There is something about taking that little peek into someone else's life that is so fascinating. Even when they're like, "Here's a picture of my morning coffee and here's what I did last night and I bought this at the store the other day." I love it.

Naturally, in this day and age, a few of them have succeeded into turning it into something that I can only describe as a professional blog. As in they blog to earn money. Which inevitably leads to ads and sponsored posts. Which inevitably leads to people making comments about how the blogger is a sellout, how they've changed, etc. 
Or, on the other side of things, someone's personal blog becomes really popular. My point is, a lot of people read it and a lot of people begin to voice their opinions about the direction the blog is heading.

Honestly, I don't really mind it when bloggers make changes in order to facilitate an income or increased readership. Good for you. (Not to say that I've never stopped reading blogs that started trying way too hard to increase blog hits. I stop reading when it gets annoying. Simple as that.)

What really irritates me is the comments about change. And it's not even the comments themselves, which can be pretty nasty. It's when a blogger feels the need to defend their shift in ideas. Lately I've been reading a lot of those type of posts.
Especially in a non-professional, popular personal blog. If you don't like it, people, move on and stop reading. Don't attack the blogger for posting about their baby in a blog that used to be primarily about fashion but now includes a few shots of a cute kid. People have babies, even fashion bloggers. And they post shit about them. That's natural. It would be weird if they didn't.
Don't compel them to post a long rambling entry defending the content of their recent posts. That, in itself, is annoying. Which might be completely ironic because this is a long rambling post, but I digress.

In the grand scheme of things, of course people change! People's lives change, and that is reflected in a blog, which is the whole freaking point! Continuous posts about one single topic-- how boring would that be? I'm happy to see evolution and change in themes, especially in blogs I've read for a long time.

I'm happy to see evolution and change everywhere, including this little corner of the internet which houses my own bloggery therapy. One theme rolls for a while, then life changes and I'm posting about paint and then suddenly I'm posting about adjusting to having a dog. Then I'll move on to something else. (I'm obviously not interested in the number of blog hits, because then I'd have to worry about using the word Fuck whenever I think it appropriately conveys the mood. Not that I don't love sharing my genius.)

I know there are haters everywhere and everyone has an opinion about everything, but this is my opinion about that. Do what rocks your socks and don't give a damn about the haters. *drops mic*

P.S. I don't use a blog reading feed after blogger shut theirs down so I've kinda forgotten about a bunch until randomly one will pop into my head and then I will go back and binge-read. I follow a lot of blogs I used to read on pinterest in case something interesting pops up.

P.P.S. Here are a couple of blogs that I've dug for a while:
A CUP OF JO- Always something interesting.
Heart of Light- Apparently she works in a lab and makes a lot of cocktails.
Reading my Tea Leaves- I read this for a while and then it got boring with all the baby stuff and lack of color so I stopped reading, but then started checking it out again. Makes me think of Suzy sometimes.

P.P.P.S. Blogs I used to read:
Oh She Glows- I pop in every now and again.
...love Maegan- Started loading really slow so I stopped reading, haha.
The Daybook- cute girl who writes beautifully. I also pop in every so often.
Young House Love- Sniff. They stopped posting.

01 January 2015

Resolutions: 2015

I feel like this should be a little bit true every year:

In review, last year at this time Chris and I were both going through some major adjustments; including Chris integrating into civilian life with a job, then starting school, and my own adjustments to all that. (P.S. He ended with a 4.0 GPA Baby!) Combine that with the adventures involved with buying a house, hormonal imbalances, health issues, and getting a dog, and I feel like the year got better as it moved on. So considering the place I'm in now, here's what I'd like to accomplish in the nearish future.

Personal goals:
1. First and most important, I hope that 2015 will be the year of fixing the tummy. 2014 was a rough tummy year. It's getting old.
2. Exercise. While my ass is still not fat, my heart health should start being more important. After all, I'm now 30. Youtube yoga? Anyone? Yeah, that always happens.
3. This. I want to keep this in the back of my mind. Make it my 2015 mantra.

House projects:
1. Replace the fence.
2. Paint and fix up the guest bathroom. I picked out a color and then life got in the way. Walking into that room right now makes my eye twitch.
3. Depending on how much cash is left over, replace the siding and windows.

That's about it for now.