31 August 2008

plusses and minuses

+ UH financial aid office rocks this semester. $ is here!

+ Went shopping and got 2 new tops, went to a new Kroger that has an enormous GF section and also got a VENUS FLY TRAP! (how cool) I hope I don't kill it. I don't have a name for it yet.

- Mouth HURTS. Must have eaten gluten and now I have an ulcer on my gum way in the back that's making the whole side of my face hurt.

+, - Pumpkin decided she likes to scratch at the shower caulk I re-did a while back, so I had to re-caulk in that corner because I saw more wormy things. But it's done now and I'm getting pretty efficient at that. Grr to the cat.

+ Chris updated my computer's defense systems and replaced my outdated ones, and these are supposed to be much better. He put in Firefox, too, and there are a couple things I don't like about it but I'm sure I'll adjust. I'm glad he knows something about computers kuz I sure don't.

- My ghetto phone is all rigged up and taped together because I have to wait until October for a free upgrade. One month, gotta hang in there.

+ I got my analytical chemistry book for $1 online. Sweeeeettttt

I'm going to go lay around now. Hope everyone has a fun Labor Day.
We all work hard at something, so enjoy your day off!

29 August 2008

Fri to the day

This morning while I was eating breakfast I accidentally inhaled a bit of potato into back by my sinuses. I don't know how it happened. That kind of thing just happens without warning. Kind of like sharting. But it's very bothersome and I'm making all kinds of strange noises in an attempt to get it out. Ugh.

I, for one, am very ecstatic that it is Friday. This week has been SO LONG. I am most excited about sleeping in tomorrow.

I went to work yesterday and was pretty surprised that my bosses brought me back a gift from NY. I am now the proud ower of a cute blue tote bag with matching makeup bag (perfect size for a book bag, beach bag, you name it). They also threw in some flip flops and an "I <3 NY" T shirt.


28 August 2008


I'm still beat from the extra burst of activity this week, and sore from trekking all over campus. The weekend can not get here fast enough.

My cell bio lab seems simple enough, but there is a lot of work involved for a simple 2-credit lab. Formal lab reports, two papers, 5 quizzes, yadda yadda. I can tell it will be annoying.

I wrote the president of UH an email asking about my financial aid, and to my surprise, I received two emails yesterday in response. One was from a lady telling me that things are just a little clogged up but to expect something, by the latest, at the end of the week. She gave me her number to call if I had any more questions.
Then I got another email from her co-worker, saying that he wasn't sure if she had replied, but had left for the afternoon and he wanted to make sure my issue had been addressed.


This is the first time EVER that I have not had to sit on hold for 30 minutes, only to talk to someone rude who didn't want to help me. I did not have to wait in the line that snaked around the corner only for them to tell me there was nothing they could do. I got an actual response... which I didn't even expect. From two separate people making sure I knew what was going on?

I am liking this new president- a lot!

26 August 2008

frickin' tired dude

Today was a good day. Long and REALLY HOT walking around campus, but good. Seriously though, it's hot out there.

My profs seem to have upgraded. They all seem like they give a crap about the course they're teaching instead of posting lecture notes online and reading them lifelessly during lecture. I'm pretty excited about that. My Polish analytical chem professor even told corny jokes and stories and metaphors to illustrate his points. And involved the class by asking questions and actually expecting answers. Finally.

Today during my psych lecture the new president of the university came and spoke to our class. She's going to do good things and I get good vibes off of her. She was talking about her goal of making our school one of the top tier schools, and how no other school in Texas is even close to us. We've already got two top schools in Texas: UT Austin and A&M. So, get ready for UH to be #3. Woo! A pretty official stamp on my diploma if it happens before I graduate.

My analytical chem lab is awesome. My TA speaks very good english (always a major plus) and seems really laid-back, but also very knowledgeable about the subject. I think he can teach us a lot besides the "do this and do that and this should happen." The class is only 12 students, compared to the usual 20-something, so we'll get a lot of extra 1-on-1 time. AND... *drum roll please* There are 3 other Med Tech majors in that lab. I've only met one other one in my whole college career! And this one chick is applying at the same time as me, so we kinda bonded over that. The only drawback is that we have to have lab partners, but mine's a cute boy [for the record, the boyfriend's cuter ;o)], and he seems pretty cool. I hope the three of us can form some kind of study group or something.

Serenity's in my cell bio class, which is awesome because we have always studied really well together, and we always motivate each other to get A's. I think this is my 3rd class with her. (genetics, biochem, and this.)

The drawbacks: my financial aid was scheduled to disburse the 25th, and it's not in my account yet, meaning I don't get $ to buy books. I guess I can use mom's credit card, but sometimes they give me crap for that and don't let me use it because our last names are different. And there was some sort of financial aid department fiasco and a bunch of people got fired so I dunno what's up with that. I hope they do some major changes because I've experienced nothing but rude people and no answers and all kinds of trouble with our financial aid office.

The only thing left to discover is cell bio lab. I hope that's good.

I need to sleep.

25 August 2008

monday morning

Every time I pour a cup of coffee I look for coffee grounds floating in the bottom of the pot. When I don't see them, I consider it a small victory over the day. Sometimes they're there, sometimes they're not. Some days there are just a few and every once in a while there are a lot. I wonder if you can read coffee grounds the way they read tea leaves? I wonder what mine would say?

"This girl sucks at making coffee."

Haha, no matter, I drink it anyway. But it's just something that I do. Today was one of those days where all the coffee grounds stayed in the filter.

I couldn't sleep last night. Several things were on my mind. Trivial things, but when added up they formed into a very nice anti-sleep cyclone. I'm not in a very good mood today because of that. I'll see what happens today before I officially bitch.

I can't figure out what to eat for breakfast. I'm hungry but nothing sounds good. After a couple weeks of eating everything, it's back to the ole wandering appetite. My first class isn't until noon so I have a while to figure something out.

In the meantime this week I'll be stalking my student financials online to see when my financial aid is deposited into my account, because we have to manually go and request a refund before they'll mail us the difference check. I'll be all over that like white on rice.

23 August 2008

life's good and boring

I have noticed that my blog entries are only insightful and thought-provoking when I go through a rough patch or something's bothering me. I haven't felt the need to write about something like that in quite a while.

Maybe I just went through another phase of self-reflection and learning the ways of the world and now is just the calm period between that phase and another one.

Because, to be honest, life has been pretty good and mellow lately. Nothing earth-shattering to ponder, no big life decisions, no massive amounts of stress. I got rid of the stressful job that I hated and traded it in for one that's a lot more laid-back. I'm on my last semester of required courses before med tech school, and I have most of the applications filled out and am just waiting on recommendation letters. I got more money for school which takes a huge load off of my mind. My entire summer has been full of relaxation and I'm ready for a new semester. Those medical bills are paid off, finally. Somehow the stars have aligned just right and things in the romantical area are way better than they've ever been. I finally feel like that pool of potential is being dipped into and it's every bit as great as I thought it'd be.

I mean, there are things that I have been thinking about and ideas that I've been toying around with, but only half-heartedly and I'm not really ready to discuss them. Although, I'm sure it will change soon. Life will take another turn that I didn't expect. Then I'll have stuff to deliberate and write about, haha.

But for now, I guess there's nothing else to do but enjoy the calm in the storm.
And I am most certainly enjoying it.

22 August 2008

it's friday night?

Things have been pretty chill the last few days. My mom and I have done a lot of shopping since I still don't have to work till next week.

We got stuff to bring to school for lunches. Still looking for a way to streamline the "bringing food to school" thing.

Went to Office Max and got school supplies. I love me some brand-new spirals and pretty folders. And a new black ink cartridge for my printer so I can stop bumming off Luke's.

Victoria's Secret sends me tons of "free panty" coupons since I've gotten a credit card there. They've upgraded me to the next level of card, and they gave me a $10 gift card with it. So I gave the free panty to my mom and purchased her '5 for $25' undies, and I got my own '5 for $25' deal too. Except I had a coupon for a free ($24) makeup bag. Along with my gift card, I ended up getting a pretty awesome deal.

We left the mall in a great mood :o)

Anyways, like I said, things have been pretty chill. I think everyone's laying low because school's about to start. Chris is out having his man race weekend and everyone else either is sick, with their significant other, has other plans, or is just plain busy.

So it's me and my glass of boxed wine left over from Dayna's wedding, sex & the city reruns and illegally downloading music. [shhhhh]

Oh, and I've been watching My Name is Earl re-runs. That show cracks me up so much. It's so white trash and hilarious.

Probably my last care-free weekend for a while. Cheers!

21 August 2008

moms and gay bars

Last night I'm hanging out over at Dayna's and I get a call from Ashley.

"I'm at a gay bar and you'll never guess who's with me."

"umm, I don't know."


"um, Mitchell?"

"NO... MOM!"

Ashley and Oscar took my mom out to a gay bar last night. And I just heard mom's story about how it was and it is HILARIOUS! Just her take on things and her opinions were so funny.

She thought the shots we take now are huge compared to the size of shots she used to take.
"No wonder people are dropping dead from drinking!"

She thought the bowl of condoms by the door was such a great idea and went up to the bartender and told him that. I'm sure he thought she was just adorable.

She wondered why everyone was half-naked and loved the drag queens.
"There was one that was ugly but the other one was really pretty. She/he had a nice perky ass." and "There was one half-naked stripper that seemed to be at all the bars, but maybe I was just that drunk."

Ahh, I love my mom.

18 August 2008

CA Trip!

Well, I'm back from CA! And things look a little different here at blogger. No matter.

CA was FUN! The days were fun-filled. I think mostly because of the time change, I crashed into bed exhausted every night but woke up ready for more fun the next day.

When we flew in we had lunch at Pizza Fusion, right in the heart of the gay area of San Diego. What luck!! Our waiter was 'fabulous' and got excited right along with me about the gluten free pizza they served. They also had GF brownies, which I got 'to go' because I was stuffed on pizza. It was super nice to go out to a restaurant and get pizza without having to cook it myself. It was pricey, but well worth it. And, of course, I loved the atomosphere. We then headed out to the Oceanside pier that night and got to watch the people fishing. I wanted to fish but that's one thing we never got around to doing, since we were there such a short time.

the view from the pier

Friday we slept in, ran some errands and headed to the beach. We spent the evening BBQing at the beach with some of my dad's friends.

my feet on the beach!

Saturday we headed straight for the beach, after a 711 authentic slurpee detour of course, and spent the day swimming and boogie boarding. The weather was perfect, the waves were great and the water was cool but not freezing. Then we took the train to San Diego and had dinner in the gaslamp district at this place called Rock Bottom. It was pretty neat taking the train.

neat building downtown

Then Sunday we got up and had breakfast at the historic 101 Cafe and headed back to San Diego to spend some time at Seaport Village. We wanted to tour this aircraft carrier but got there 2 minutes after they stopped selling tickets. Bullocks. Instead we toured a couple of ships on the harbor; The Star of India, some old Russian submarine, and a couple smaller boats. It was pretty neat. Then we had dinner (which was good but glutened me. not getting into that right now) and headed back to the hotel for SLEEP and a heating pad to the tummy.

cute sculpture thingy next to the aircraft carrier

This morning we woke up at 4 to head to the airport. Booo. We got there within reasonable time but the security line was so long we were one of the last people to board the plane. I'm so glad I ran to the McDonald's to get a parfait because all I had to eat was an apple. I was pretty hungry when we landed, so when we were driving back we grabbed Dairy Queen and that made me pretty darn happy.

So that's that. I'm glad to be home but I wish we could have stayed longer.

12 August 2008

appetite... for destruction!

My appetite has been huge like whoa the past couple of days. I'm not even hungry. Like I pay attn to my stomach and it's not hungry. But I still want to snack and munch and graze. How strange that I go days not having any appetite at all and then all of a sudden whaBAM there it is! Back in full force. I bet it's kuz I finally pooped.

Packing for Californiaaaa. Yes, I know it's a day or two before I leave. But I'm still excited and things like my bathing suits and clothes can be packed. I'm also making a grocery list and packing foods that are ok to eat so I don't starve.

The only thing is, there's no way I can cram everything into my smaller suitcase, but the larger one's wheel is effed up. Somehow on some flight the wheel got melted and now it doesn't roll. I think I can ghetto-rig it though. Or just make Chris carry it, haha. Either way I think it'll be checked and I won't have to drag it through the airport.


Time to paint my toes hot pink.

Oh-- and I have a sweet potato and I don't know what to do with it. Suggestions?

oh-- and I have a scratch on my glasses RIGHT in my line of vision and it's bugging me. Garr.

11 August 2008

six words and airplanes

I saw an article today about if people should be allowed to talk on their cell phones on airplanes. My thoughts: Hell No. I don't want to be stuck next to someone yapping about drama, business, or anything. Can you imagine 50 separate conversations in the confined space of an airplane cabin? I don't think so. Nothing is so important that you can't wait until you land.

In other blogging-ness, I'm a fan of postsecret and they now have a myspace blog. This one featured Six-Word Life Stories. Mine? I've thought of a few. Stemming from my experiences, personality, life mottos, etc. Here goes:

loved, lost, happy as a clam.

there is never enough ice cream

perpetual optimist seeks sales at Ross.

Dont' talk to me; I'm grouchy.

best things in life are gluten-free

pour me a glass of wine

hungry girl requests some cheese please

learn how to drive you bum!

i'm too poor! let's stay in

come snuggle me and watch tv

it can get worse, you know

karma is a bitch; be kind

And that is all for now. <--- hey that happens to be six words too!

09 August 2008


This is my 2ooth post! *shakes booty*

I'm sitting here eating my breakfast. Banana bread and coffee that I blew on a lot before I drank.

Last night/ early this morning was interesting. I get home from Jen's at around 130, take a shower and go to sleep around 2. At about 230 (AM!), Frank comes and wakes me up telling me everyone's awake and mom's making pancakes. He's doing the last of his packing and I guess rather than wake up everyone decided to stay awake to say goodbye when he leaves. So, not to be the only one left out, and because Frank's about to be LEAVING us, I went to the kitchen to hang out.

Frankie says goodbye, mom cries, which makes Frank cry, which makes Ashley me and Suzy tear up. Luke was asleep, haha. Then he and dad took off with his car full of his stuff to go to college. I got a text message showing me the "Welcome to Mississippi" sign a little bit ago. He's going to have a freaking BLAST.

Next on the agenda: Dayna's new apartment, yayy! Oh, and I'd also like to poop today. It's been a couple days and it sucks.

08 August 2008

hot coffee

I just burned my mouth from coffee. I think my coffeemaker made it extra-hot this morning. It's never so hot that I can't just swallow it down real quick. This time I had to spit it out into my cup which is always pretty gross.

I started sucking on ice cubes to avoid that "burned mouth feeling" all day.
Horray it's Friday you guys. I have a feeling this day is going to drag by. I need my coffee!

07 August 2008

food & other stuff

When my tummy feels crummy I reach for white rice, with a little butter and salt & pepper sprinkled on top. I used to eat this ALL the time when I was a kid; sometimes it'd be the only thing I ate for days just because I loved it so much and it was the only thing I felt like eating.

When me & Ash spent the summers at my dad's house and he'd be gone all day working and we'd have to make our own lunches, every day there'd be a big pot of rice on the stove. This strange love for rice makes sense now because, come to find out, it's completely GF. I guess subliminally my body realized that it was ok to eat? I'm still amazed that I've gravitated towards foods that are naturally GF, and never really loved foods that contained it. With the exception of a random craving every now and again. And cake.

It's been a crummy-feeling past couple of days. Don't know if it's food-related or not. I plan on making banana bread for my little bro Frank who is [SOB] LEAVING us for Mississippi State early Saturday morning. Then, a shower and BED.

I have one more day of work (which, by the way, is still full of rockage) before they leave for NY for two weeks. I cat-sit for a few days, and then..... CA! Oh my wordddd I cannot wait. Ca Dad called me a couple days ago going, "Yeah I'm on the beach catchin' some waves on my boogie board and just thought I'd call you." Then he said he was passing by the hotel we're going to be staying at. Gah! Excitement! But at the same time I'm hesitant to be excited because it seems that a lot of things I get excited about fall through at the last minute. *knock on wood man*

I will leave you with the tune that my brother sings when I make banana bread. It goes to the tune of that song that goes, "doo doo doo doo doo PHE-NOM-E-NON."

doo doo doo doo doo BANANA BREAD. It will stay in your head for days. You're welcome!

05 August 2008


I had another two vivid dreams last night. Which is interesting because I rarely remember my dreams.

The common theme throughout each dream was the idea that the people that I count on the most were not there for me and didn't back me up when I needed them to.

In one dream I was some sort of olympic athlete and my family refused to help me put sunscreen on my back. Everyone was there to watch, but I remember getting really upset that no one was helping me.

In the next dream I was getting married and it was a hastily planned wedding and everything was going wrong. Then I was about to go in and get married and the dress I had was a tacky BLUE, poorly made, ill-fitting moo moo type of thing. My mom and I got in an argument because she wouldn't even safety pin the back of it so it wasn't so frumpy. Then she huffed into the bridal store that was next door and shoved some dresses at me like I was being so selfish and inconsiderate to not wear the moo moo. Then we got into a big white-trash argument in front of everyone and I ran out crying.

Really strange dreams. No doubt the wedding one probably stemmed from Dayna's. Even though it wasn't bad like that I guess the basic ideas are put in your head and work their way into dreams. If I delved really deeply into them I'm sure I could get some moral or lesson about my psyche.

But, contrary to Freud, sometimes dreams are just dreams.

04 August 2008


I dreampt about ghosts last night. I was, of course, in a really old house with lots of stories and rooms and hallways and staircases and secret passageways. I've dreampt about really old huge houses like that a lot, especially when I dream about ghosts. It's my "ghost dream" house template. I would LOVE to go explore a house like that. Ever since I was a kid I've wanted a house with a secret passageway. Maybe when I'm old and rich and can afford to design my own home (I've already got an architect lined up!) I'll have him stick one in there. Straight from my room to the kitchen!

All right, I have to go fill up my gas tank in case the hurricane hits. Sheesh. People always freak out so much. I guess better safe than sorry.

02 August 2008


Today's post is brought to you by the word "shart" and the number 3.
No, really. If you're extra-squeamish today's post is about poop and offers wayyyy too much information. But that's the beauty of my blog. I can write about whatever I want.

Moving right along, today marks the day in my life when I actually sharted. I had always thought that it was a juvenile, fictitious comical term and no one actually did it. Because, come on, as adults we can usually distinguish the urge to fart from the urge to poop.


I was lying in bed this morning half-awake when I farted. Then I rolled over and I thought, "Hm, that feels wet." Then, "Could I have possibly just shit myself??"

I got up, went to the bathroom, and sure enough. For some reason I thought it was hilarious that I actually just sharted. It makes sense, I guess. The mexican food that I had yesterday was bothering me last night. And the result: sharting.

So, a word to the wise. Sharting CAN happen, when you least expect it. It could happen to you. So think twice before the next time you let one rip. Especially after mexican food.

Ashley, I know you're busting a gut over this one.

01 August 2008

bump in the night

I have a routine. Every morning when the cat wakes me up to let her out, I turn off my AC. This ensures that the room is nice and uncomfortable and warm when it's time for me to wake up. Otherwise I stay curled up comfy in my bed.

So around 330 this morning I climb back into bed and as I'm falling back to sleep I hear a voice. Not like a creepy Jacob Marley voice, but a regular, conversational voice. I couldn't make out words, just noise. Think a muted Charlie Brown teacher. As I laid there listening to it, I wonder who could possibly be talking. My dad gets up pretty early for work, but this was way too early. Pretty soon I realized that it was my younger brother Luke, whose bedroom is directly above mine. I bet he left his TV on or something. That boy will sleep through anything, including his alarm going off for hours.

The noise wasn't especially loud, but I knew my ears would unconsciously strain to hear it and I wouldn't get any sleep. So I climbed out of bed, put on some PJ pants, and opened the door to the house. I heard my dad snoring, haha. I go upstairs and I see the bright outline of light behind the door down the hall to Luke's room. I knock on the door.

"Enter." (yes, he said "enter.")

He's talking on his cell phone. "Hey Luke. I can hear you talking. Can you talk quieter or something?"

He laughs and says sure. I go back downstairs. In a few minutes he hangs up the phone and I don't hear noise anymore.

I never realized during the daily noises and AC running that the floor/ceiling is so poorly insulated!

Oh yeah, the toe I stubbed last night is kinda throbbing and swollen. I don't think it's broken or anything, just bruised REALLY badly. I can walk on it but I have to kinda shift my weight. It even hurt to drive today! Goooo Jen... yay for being a klutz.