24 June 2007

weekend fun

Man, it's funny how my attitude can change in just a few days. [I am so over it.]

This weekend was another fun one. Lots of drinking and dancing and general merry-making.

Barbara had a party, I always love her parties because she and I have a lot of mutual friends, and it's just cool to party with most of your best friends.

Saturday was Jessica and John's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and a really fun reception. People were having a ball.
Now it's time to plan Dayna's!

And I think it's time to take a step back and not date for a while. No relationship drama, no awkward dates, no wondering what the other person is thinking, etc etc. I deserve to feel like I'm wanted. I'm really sick of it all and I just need a break.

So on that note, I'm going to find something to do.

17 June 2007

great weekend

This weekend was the funnest weekend I've had in a LONG time.

Friday I had off work so I went in to get some blood drawn which took all of two minutes. Then my mom and my sister and I did a little shopping.

I met D in downtown and got a mini tour of some of the buildings around town. Houston has some awesome architecture. So anyway we me up with A and her friend Da and saw the Astros game. I get pretty sweet seats from work, right on the 3rd base line. This was kinda bizarre: we're right in foul ball territory, and at one point one was hit RIGHT to us. Even with everyone trying to grab at it, it missed all the hands and dropped stright onto the head of this little girl in the row in front of us. What are the odds man? Besides that it was a really good game, we all had fun and were pretty happy that we won. They even set off fireworks kuz it was Friday.

Afterwords Da wasn't feeling well so he and A left and D took me to Late Night Pie, which I've been wanting to try for a while. The piece of pizza was HUGE and I ate it all, it was so yummy. D is such a gentleman. It's really nice. This cracked me up: he sent me a text message saying that my simplicity makes me beautiful. LOL does that mean I'm boring?? I didn't get it but I figured the intention was good so I'm not gunna try and decipher that.

So Saturday I woke up and decided to clean. My little apartment needed it. FYI: Scrubbing bubbles is the shit man.

Then I decided to make biscotti for my dad for Father's Day. It took forever with a few mishaps but eventually I ended up with a huge ziplock bag of pecan almond chocolate-dipped biscotti. Delicious. (And he ate like 10 of them this morning. I guess it was a good call.)

After baking, I got ready for J's bachlorette party. I did my hair, didn't skimp on the cleavage and even put on eye makeup. I was looking pretty hot. And WHAT A BLAST. I haven't gone dancing in at least a year.

We met up at Joe's Crabshack and made a few spectacles. The briday party was all decked out in sashes and J wore a veil. She even got serenaded by one of the waiters singing that song from Top Gun. It was a hoot. Yes I said hoot.

After that we headed downtown to Main St. with the intention of going to the Grasshopper but while we were walking up, this guy offered to get us in free to this club. Then while we were following him, another guy from another club walked up offering us no cover, VIP and a free bottle of champagne. So we turned our asses around and went to this place called Heat. It was kinda lame but we danced for a while and drank our champagne.

J wanted to go try another place so we walked outside and someone offered us free shots. We said hell yeah and went into this pub that had a small dance floor upstairs. We ended up staying there the rest of the night and having a complete BLAST. We met some guys out for a bachelor party and we all danced together and hit it off. They were all very good looking and very willing to dance with such gorgeous creatures as ourselves. They were all very friendly but still gentlemen...ie no dancing that included groping. I did get a very nice lap dance though. That's a good memory to tuck away...

It was hiliarious watching J try to get condoms from guys, which was one of the things on this list of things she had to do. We all pitched in to try and get one. We got a lot of kisses but NO condoms! Apparently every guy in the club either practices unsafe sex or was really confident they were gunna get laid.

But it was overall a great night, all the girls in our group got along great and I think J had a really good time, which was the most important thing.

Now I gotta find a date for J's wedding. I asked C but he said he hates weddings so I dunno. [BTW I have no idea what's going on between us. He still acts like we're dating but I'm pretty sure he broke up with me. I've learned not to ask questions and just go with the flow when it comes to him. *shrug*]
Maybe I'll just take a gay friend.

16 June 2007

a short eulogy of sorts

Rest In Peace Ford Goss (Known to me as Gino).

We have fond memories of your snoring reverberating throughout the house.
Of you BBQing those amazing bacon-wrapped pieces of heaven at the crawfish boil.
Of you and Debbie dancing, even though I'm sure recently the thought of her tore you to pieces.
Of your unmistakeable voice in the backyard when you came to visit.
Pictures of you smiling, holding a beer, another thing that tore you to pieces.
That forgiven memory of the superbowl party.
Of your hugs when one of us accomplished something to be proud of.
You were family. You ARE family.

Yours is such a sad story.
I don't want to read your obituary or go to your funeral, only because I can't believe you're dead. Going will make it real.

You were a special man and we love you.

11 June 2007


So today I went to see my gyno for my yearly tests and everything.
Normally it's no big deal. (although I never get used to that feeling...)

But anyways I met a new doctor today and she brought in an intern, that usually happens. After the "nice to meet yous" I looked at the interns face.

...And it was familiar.

My doctor proceeded to ask all the necessary questions, and I snuck a peek at the intern's name tag. Yep. I went to high school with her. We made eye contact and I could tell she recognized me too. So I'm in this vulnerable position in my flimsy gown and she's standing there in her lab coat and stethoscope. Lovely.

I figured I wouldn't say anything and just go along, I mean, it's just a vagina and she does have to learn.

Without going into detail, it was about how you'd expect it would be. As I walked out of the office, I cracked up laughing, thinking, "Hi, I went to high school with you and you've just seen the entire extent of my vagina!"

I bet I'll run into her at the grocery store...

09 June 2007

buy me some peanuts and cracker jack

A few pics I took at my brother's baseball game.

04 June 2007

baked goods and driving lessons

I made biscotti today.

There's this recipe that I made a few years ago in my "recipe-trying-out" stage. At the time, I decided I didn't like the taste so I threw the recipe out. But today for some reason I found myself craving them. Something about the combination of chocolate and cinnamon.

So I browsed some recipes online and found one that looked decent. I made it, got flour all over in the process, and they turned out good but not the same. Man I wish I still had that recipe.

My mom and I went over to the thrift store that benefits the Fort Bend women's shelter. I got a couple of plates. I don't want matching dishes, I want a nice random combination of neat pieces. Then I finally donated that huge bag of clothes I cleaned out of my closet a while back. Yay for renewed trunk space! (not that I ever use that much anyway but it's the principle.)

I met a friend for coffee, which was really nice. Then I came back and offered to take Suzy driving. She's still getting used to the mechanics of driving that come second nature to all of us that have been driving for a while. We went over to the Kempner parking lot, then she drove around the neighborhood for a while. She's getting a lot better. I'm not gripping my seatbelt and smashing the imaginary brake as much. I taught her a neat trick to keep the car in the lane and not too close to the curb, it worked for me when I started driving.

I tried a new workout tape today. It wiped me out! And that's a good thing.

Ash brought her new puppy over tonight. It's cute. Pumpkin, who is feeling much better, seemed very curious towards her. They just stared at each other, kind of like kids do in a grocery store when their carts pass in the aisle.

Then I made myself dinner. The classic 'chicken, vegetable, starch' meal that I love so much. It's comfort food.

It was a nice, beautiful, relaxing day. And it couldn't have come at a better time.