30 September 2009

hump day update

-My newest creation:

I have made other ones besides white, I just haven't taken any pictures. Now if only I had an opportunity to wear it.

-The toilet is fixed. Now I don't have to put on pants and trip over laundry baskets to go pee.

-I just realized that I don't get to sleep in for 2 Saturdays in a row because this weekend is the breast cancer walk. Friday we have a practical and there is a morning and afternoon group. Most people want to get the morning group so they can finish early, but I'd love to sleep in and take the practical in the afternoon. I think I can ask to be in the afternoon group. I miss sleep dearly.

-We got news today that they were going to start enforcing the "no food or drinks" policy in classrooms. GAY. I totally count on lecture time as time I can snack so I'm not starving during the day, or if I'm running late I can eat my dry cereal and drink my coffee during lecture. Even our teacher doesn't like the change. She likes her coffee just as much as everyone else.

-Holy crap, tomorrow is the first day of October already. I hope it cools down soon because this heat blows.

-At some point here soon, I'm going to try and make my own hard candy. I'll let you know how that goes...

28 September 2009

say what?

This is too good to not post.

My brother started to google something about Henry Ford. He didn't get very far before he ran into my room laughing hysterically and took over the mouse.

(click on the picture to make it bigger)

What the hell? LOL random...

Try it!

26 September 2009

let me see your veins

I got up early this morning- my day to sleep in- to head to the clinic and get some sticks in. I knew what I was doing, but my heart would pound every time I did a stick. Most of the patients were super nice, and they're used to being stuck daily. I only missed 3 people's veins, and they said they were hard to begin with. One man came in saying he was a difficult one and he'd give me three tries, and I got him right away. One lady had such bad bruises that I felt bad even poking her again. Two people said they didn't even realize I'd stuck them until they heard me popping tubes. Hellz yeah.

Overall, I'm glad I finally got in to break the ice, and now I just have to pop in whenever I can to finish them up. Now it won't be in the back of my mind all the time. One less thing!

Gotta study- hoping I can catch some of the coogs game tnite.

Oh yeah:

Photo Challenge: Plants

Super awesome? I think so.

23 September 2009

wacky wednesday

I can't believe it's only Wednesday. I am seriously going to have to lower my standards if I want to keep myself sane. Do I really have to make A's? Hm...

Today I saw another body. I was waiting for the elevator with a few of my classmates to go get lunch. It was after an early exam and a particularly dry lecture on automated instrumentation, and I was in a really burnt-out slap-happy mood.

The elevator doors opened, and we were greeted with a human form inside a red velvet bag. Try to imagine the trail my eyes took: from the doors to the edge of the stretcher, to the velvet-covered feet, up the lumps and forms of the body, to the man standing at the head of the stretcher.

The man was the cutest little old man you ever saw. Not frail, but not huge either. White hair, round friendly face. He looked like he should have been working behind a soda counter way back in the day instead of rolling a body around.

Anyway, he looked up at us, and I'm sure our faces were priceless. He smiled and and said, "There's room for more!" I'm sure you're thinking he probably said it in a slightly mocking way, but he sounded as genuine as a guy that's standing in the elevator all by himself. If this was a movie and the body wasn't in the shot, you'd think you were being invited to sit at the soda counter to have a treat.

Well, there were quite a few of us and if we all squeezed in, we'd most definitely be squished up against the body. Kinda smiling awkwardly, we declined and said we'd wait for the next elevator.

Once inside the next elevator we all kinda laughed, and just as the doors were opening at the next floor I said rather loudly, "Since when do they put bodies in red velvet bags??" Of course, the cute old man was wheeling by just as I said that, and I hope he didn't think I was being rude. Doesn't matter now! Either way I'm guessing the bodies are going to be a regular occurence.

I also fell into a giggling fit in the middle of lecture today when my instructor accidentally said "little bitty tit cell" instead of "little bitty red cell." I whispered to Kathy, who was sitting next to me, "Did she just say little bitty TIT cell?!"
She started laughing, which set me off, and we both sat there trying not to laugh, which made us laugh harder. I felt like a little kid again goofing off in class. Of course the instructor called us out and asked what was so funny, and when we told her no one else laughed. Wow, I felt like a dorkus and quickly sobered up and tried to focus on the lecture. I was partially successful, and my eyes glazed over a few times.

Like I said, I was super slap-happy today.

Oh yeah, remember how I said the plumber was coming "tomorrow?" Well, I think we all knew in reality that wasn't happening. It's an enormous pain in the ass to not have a working toilet and I really hope it's not one of those home projects that sits there unfinished for months...

22 September 2009

chill out

Today I went to grab my cell phone, but I couldn't find it. I looked around for a bit, in the couch cushions and my pockets, then decided that it was probably on my car seat or dropped on the ground next to the car.

Except, I couldn't find my keys. I looked in the door to see if I forgot to take them out when I came in, and they weren't there. They weren't in the bathroom, my purse, my desk drawers, etc.

I looked around for a good fifteen minutes wondering where on earth I could have lost both my cell phone and my keys, since I have to have my keys to get in the door and I remember taking my cell phone off of the cigarette lighter charger.

Where did I eventually find them? The fridge, all nice and cold. I probably put them there, but I don't remember that at all.

I think I'm cracking up ya'll, haha.

21 September 2009

my life.

Study. Sleep. Wake up, take a test.
Talk about the test with classmates.
Start studying for the next test.
Sleep. Wake up, go to lab all day.
Study, go to sleep. Wake up, take a test.
Talk about the test with classmates.
Start studying for the next test.

repeat for the next three months.

Oh, by the way, my dad tried to fix my toilet yesterday.

A ton of curse words, a few toilet-water-soaked towels, some banging around, and a ton of lysol, bleach, and paper towels later, I have a dry toilet sitting in my bathroom and the sewer hole blocked up with a towel. Apparently the "filange" is broken. Whatever that is. The plumber comes tomorrow. In the meantime when I got up in the middle of the night to pee I banged straight into the door face-first trying to use my parents' bathroom. Nice.

19 September 2009

studying & shoes

I am having a really hard time studying at home today. I kept getting distracted, so I headed to the public library.

I couldn't find a table with a working plug near it, so I stretched the cord to the nearest outlet. I knew someone would eventually tell me it was a safety hazard, but I got a really good hour of studying in before I got caught. Then the battery was dying, so I came home. I get into a great study mode at the library, but when I come home there are so many distractions.

I need different surroundings. I might even drive up to school just to get some uninterrupted, un-distracted studying done.

Speaking of not studying, this morning my mom took us shopping. I got some dangly earrings, a cute shirt, and some socks and shoes. All on sale. Kohl's rocks.

Now, I don't wear tennis shoes very often. I pretty much wear them only when I exercise.
I have two pairs: one pair I stole from Ashley many years ago, and another pair that I got as a birthday gift a couple years ago. That means I have not actually shopped for a pair of tennis shoes in many, many years.

Today I decided that I need a new pair since I wear them every day with scrubs. I sat there for a while trying on shoes. Comparing brands, prices, comfort, sizes, color, etc. I never put so much thought into a pair of tennis shoes, but I wanted some that fit me really well.
I finally decided on these:

I think I'm going to like them!

I really need to get back to studying, and I'm going to regret not studying tomorrow when I get into panic mode.

18 September 2009


Getting some progress regarding financial aid. One small step...

Made a lunch bag similar to this one. I'm diggin' it.

Oh, by the way, Glade Plug-ins Clean Linen scent sucks. You can't even smell it. I have a very sensitive sense of smell, so if I can't smell it you know it's not working. I don't know if any of the other scents smell stronger, but if you want a noticeable smell, don't buy Clean Linen.

School is absolutely nuts. I'm doing pretty well so far, but keeping up is a constant uphill battle. Studying every night. Waking up super early. Three exams next week. Four assignments due. Sticks on Saturday. I can't believe it is only going to get busier as the semester wears on.

Wearing scrubs every day makes getting ready super easy, but I'm starting to get tired of wearing the same blah thing. I'm trying to jazz things up with hair accessories and big dangly earrings, but any other jewelry is impractical and looks funny. Any ideas to combat scrubs burnout is appreciated!

Time to start crackin' on the chem exam Monday.

16 September 2009

financial PAIN-in-my-ass

So, I'm kinda worried.

I have tried to be very patient. It is about a month into school and I still do not have any financial aid. I don't even know how much I'm getting.

I have called the financial aid office many times. Sometimes I am able to talk to the lady handling my account, and sometimes I have to leave a voicemail which she never returns. Same goes for emails. It's like my messages go into a black hole.

When she's not in the office, sometimes I can talk to someone else. About half the time I get, "Your award letter is ready to be mailed. You should get it in the mail some time this week." The other half I get, "It's still under review."

Um, okay. Because that makes sense.

I was able to max out my credit card paying the first tuition installment, but the next payment is due next week and I keep getting dicked around.
I honestly don't know what I'm going to do if I don't get the money by then. I'm not working and I don't have any more room on my credit card. I'm not spending any extra money at all, and my meager savings will only cover my car/cell payment for so long.

I don't understand why this is taking so long and why I'm being told two different things. I sent an email to one of the people that is a little higher on the food chain than the lady I've been talking to, and hopefully soon I can get some answers.

Cross your fingers, send good vibes, prayers, etc, because this effing blows. I don't need to worry about this AND my mountians of schoolwork.

15 September 2009

my head hurts.

What a horribly busy week. So tired, not enough time in the day to get everything done. As soon as one thing gets done, two more are piled on top. It's only Tuesday and I'm soooo overwhelmed! 'Overwhelmed' seems to be the theme of this semester.

I'm not in a bad mood, I'm just soo tired and my mind is going over 50 billion things all at once.

Tears are imminent. Then, I will probably feel better.

13 September 2009

Sunday & links

Oh, the bittersweet Sunday. Still a free day, but you know you know you gotta get your shit together for the week.

I saw Extract last night. It was pretty good; about what you'd expect. After the movie we got some dessert at 59 diner. It was fun, and it was really nice to get away from the books for a while.

Some links to things I like:

-The Edge Brownie Pan. For the edge-brownie lovers like me. It even comes with a free spatula. It's not really a new product anymore, but it's still really cool.

-Quizlet. I just discovered this website because my classmates use it to share study notes. At first I was skeptical, but I really love it. Basically you make flash cards, and then you can test yourself a few different ways.
My favorite is to use the "learn" method. It gives you a term, and you have to type in the answer. If you get it wrong, it re-tests you on those terms until you get it right. It's basically like writing these things over and over until they're in your head really well. I find it better than using regular flash cards, because I learn better when I write/type things than when I just try to arbitrarily remember them.
It's also really cool because you can share flash cards. I can use any set that my classmates post, and sometimes they think of things that I forgot, or they have a different perspective that's easier to remember.
It's a very cool new study technique. I did pretty well on our first exam and that's the only thing I used to study.

-My sister Suzy has a new project: 365 Days of Suzy. A photo every day for a year. It's a great idea and I hope she keeps it up. Check it out.

-A reusable lunch bag tutorial. I bring my lunch every day for two reasons. 1: the obvious fear of being glutened and the hassle of asking questions in the busy hospital cafeteria. 2: it's cheap!
My lunch is usually more than can fit in a normal brown bag-sized bag, and this little tote bag looks so easy and cute. I am very paranoid about leaks, though, so I think I'd use oilcloth, a plastic-lined tablecloth, or make the inner layer a cheap shower curtain liner. Hm, should I do this today? Or should I resume studying? We shall see...

-Another cute idea I found at that same blog.

Okay, time to get a move on. Happy Sunday.

12 September 2009

sleep, hobbies

After that baking soda post, I thought, "Wow. I'm a loser. I'm writing about baking soda." It doesn't make me love baking soda any less, but it does remind me that I kinda have no life right now. These past few weeks my life has consisted of school, sleep, and occasionally hanging out with my friends. Mostly going to school, coming home, and trying to study before I get too tired to retain anything.

Although I'm loving school, it's super tiring and we get a TON of information every day. Like I said, it's overwhelming. But I love it. Strange dynamic. So, I have a feeling my blog posts are going to consist of: Today I learned how to perform a saline replacement for lipemic or icteric specimens. Or: Today I learned how to determine hematocrit and red blood cell indices. Super cool for me, not so interesting for you normal non-dorky, non-lab-loving folks. I apologize.

This type of lifestyle, as practical as it is, is going to get old and I'm going to burn out real quick. Once I get used to this new "getting up before dawn" sleep schedule, I need a cheap, interesting hobby that doesn't take up too much time.

I'm also thinking that I'm going to make myself take a break from studying one night a week. Make it my designated "fuck schoolwork" time. Obviously, I can't plan this the night before an exam, and we have exams every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm thinking Saturday night would work. I just need to get away from my desk, away from my computer, away from my books, and actually spend time with my friends.

I think the biggest problem is that I'm NOT used to getting up at 5am. I'm the type of girl who needs her full 8 hours, so that means getting to bed at 9. It's been getting easier to go to sleep at 9, because I'm so exhausted I hit the pillow and sleep hard till my alarm goes off.

Then on the weekends I stay up late like normal, and sleep in until noon. That can't be helping, and I need to keep my weekend schedule closer to my weekday schedule. Last night I went to bed at 11 and I woke up this morning at 8. I'm still so tired that I did some laundry and forgot to put soap in it. Oops, haha.

I think things will start to get easier soon.

11 September 2009

baking soda love

Time for a domestic post.

I love baking soda. It's cheap, and if you google it, you can find a bajillion things to do with it. Some things sound a little, "ehhh," but here are some things I actually use it for.

-Obviously, in baking. Use it when there is an acidic ingredient, such as cocoa, molasses, brown sugar, or applesauce. Use 1/8 t. baking soda for every 1 c. flour.
You can also use it to create rise in vegan recipes. Use 1 t. baking soda and 1 T. vinegar to replace the egg. I've tried it and it really works.

-Anything smelly gets a dose of baking soda.

I've used it in the kitty litter box, but don't really have that problem anymore since she goes outside.

Sometimes after I store something really garlicky in a food container it will still smell after washing. Stick some baking soda in there and let it sit for a couple days.

Smelly shoes? Fill an old sock with baking soda and shove it in there when they're not being worn. Or better yet, buy new shoes!

If a drain is smelling funky or gets sluggish, pour some baking soda down the drain and follow up with some vinegar. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then flush with water.

Also, there have been plenty of times when food has become baked on to a pan or dish, and baking soda really makes cleaning easier.

I keep a small dish full of baking soda in the freezer, and I have a cute little penguin that you can fill with baking soda for the fridge. There are little holes in his back that let the air flow through. I think I got it at a garage sale for 25 cents years ago. Go me!

-I keep a small container in my bathroom and I use it to:

Polish my teeth and freshen my breath- just sprinkle a little on the toothbrush/toothpaste and brush as usual. Don't do this every day because it might irritate your gums.

Exfoliate my face. A lot of exfoliators are too grainy and harsh for the face, but a paste of baking soda and water works great. It's a fine grain and isn't irritating.

Sometimes during the summer I'll dust a little on my underarms after applying antiperspirant. Let's be honest, no amount of deoderant/antiperspirant can keep you from sweating in the middle of July. Extra smell protection is always good.

I clean my combs and hairbrushes by soaking them in a baking soda/ warm water combo. I just fill the sink before I leave in the morning and come home to clean brushes. Easy peasy.

Okay, that's enough baking soda love. Do you use it for something that I forgot to mention?

08 September 2009

diggin' it, cats in boxes

This morning, I made blood smears and stained them. This afternoon I kicked some ass at a Jeopardy-type exam review and got to pick a prize: a pack of hiliters. Woo! Then I spent the rest of the day trying to identify abnormal red blood cell morphology in case studies.

Be still, my heart.

This is not to say that I'm not really tired, or that I don't have a shit-ton to study before the first exam friday, but at least my days are spent in a happy place.

Another thing.

Dayna sent me this link for a "Kitt-In Box" a long time ago:

Then, a few days ago Missy mentioned it and we laughed at how our bad cats would never sit in it; they'd just use it as a launching pad and lay all over the desk anyway.

Well, the cheap-o Amazon box from this post somehow ended up on my desk, and when I started studying tonight here's what happened:

My very own ghetto kitt-in box. She just sits there and licks herself, watches me, or naps. I bet you if I had bought something like a kitt-in box, she would ignore it. But, since it's the Amazon box, it's her favorite spot.

07 September 2009


Look! Something is growing besides leaves! *jumps up and down and claps*

Sure took it damn long enough. This is the pepper plant that hung in there all summer.

After the zucchini died, I planted some more seeds in a different spot. That plant also has something similar growing on it.
I replanted some peas and they're growing too, but they're not doing so great. Either way, my hopes have been restored that maybe I'll grow something!

I ate some really good meals and slept a lot this weekend. I feel so refreshed and ready to take on this sure-to-be overwhelming week.

I am -still- waiting for the financial aid office to get their shit together (don't even get me started), so I'm low on groceries. I've been eating quick breakfasts, packing really random lunches, and grabbing what I can for dinner. I will have no problem shedding that little extra weight I put on this summer, but a hungry belly does not lead to a happy jacobi.

Friday I indulged in nachos at the football game. They made my stomach hurt, but man they hit the spot.

Saturday I had oatmeal with flax and cinnamon sugar for breakfast, some soup for lunch, and Eduardo's for dinner. We go there a lot and tip really well, and I always order the same thing. Our waiter knew my order by heart: crispy chicken taco with rice & beans. SO satisfying.

Sunday I woke up and lazed around till about 1, then cooked a really yummy pancake and breakfast taco breakfast. I let that digest, then went to Missy's for her mom's famous enchiladas, beans, and rice. I also had a great appetizer of blue corn chips, avocado, and salsa, and a yummy dessert of [GF!] yellow cake with fresh berries & whipped cream. I had a food baby for sure, and I even got a take-home meal! I <3 Missy's mom.

This morning I whipped up some cinnamon vanilla waffles and topped them with lite whipped cream and fresh strawberries. I think I will resist the urge to eat the enchilada feast for dinner, and bring them for a decent lunch tomorrow. Besides, I think my dad will grill tonight and my mom will make a huge awesome salad.

Even though I ate a lot this weekend, none of it was super un-healthy. Except for the nachos, everything was freshly prepared or home-cooked. Eduardo's was full of veggies and protein, Missy's mom cooks with that healthy oil, the oatmeal and flax were full of fiber and whole grains, and when I made the waffles and pancakes I used whole grain flour and didn't add any sugar. It could have been worse for sure.

Then, I will make these and totally indulge. They're so freaking good, the first batch out of the oven never has time to cool before they're gobbled up.

Well, I now have a very happy belly and I hope I've made you hungry.
Happy Labor Day and bring on the week! *rawr*

04 September 2009

friday mayun

What a week. Most days I felt overwhelmed and exhausted, but I'm also learning a lot too. Yesterday we spent the whole day at microscopes, trying to tell the difference between cells. Some are pretty easy, but some are... not so easy. They kinda all look the same and there are subtle differences between them. The instructor -promises- that it will become second nature. I can't wait for that.

Even though I am so tired I'm not discouraged becuse I'm actually doing what I want to be doing, instead of learning bullshit I don't care about. Yay! I even got to look at my own blood, which was really cool.

A strange little thing:
Yesterday we were leaving and we took the elevator to the student lounge. When we got off, I glanced in the elevator next to us, and there was a stretcher in there. I tried to subtly crane my neck to get a better look, and out of the corner of my eye I swear it looked like a body under the covers.

Then, when we were walking across the street, a hearse came out of the loading dock that is right next to the school of health professions, and the guy driving was the same guy in the elevator with the stretcher. It was a body. I forget we use the staff/ service elevators and never even thought about bodies being transported through there. Not something you see every day...

We finished class earlier than scheduled today, and I'm not sure what to do with my evening. Study? Go see that movie? Make a headband? Cheer on the coogs, go see Sue be the mascot and Luke run the flag at the football game? Lay around and watch tv? Get some sleep? Don't know yet.