28 February 2014

quick stuffs


Hair cut- lost 6 inches of fried ends. Feels fabulous!

Race weekend- vroom vroom let's go!

24 February 2014


This is how I feel about the homebuying process:

I have money. You have house. Let's trade! Why do we have to complicate things?

22 February 2014


Around these parts lately, things are one big giant bowl of WHELM.
After the pre-approval stress (which was not really that bad, it just took the guy a long time) this house-hunting thing has taken my stress level to higher heights. Especially because it's compounded with my daily work stress because we are still short-staffed. Stress on stress on stress is not cool man.

The biggest source of stress for us is that the houses are not staying on the market long enough for us to look at them and place an offer. Sounds similar to our problems renting, right? Our theory is that it's all these people that buy houses and flip them, which is incredibly frustrating because we just want to LIVE in them!

So trying to find a house in a nice neighborhood that is big enough and within our price range is completely doable, but they're being snatched up right from under us.

Earlier this week, Chris went with the realtor to check out some houses. My mom and sister went with, as my substitute since I was at work. They liked this great house in a really great neighborhood, so after work I went with them to check it out.

Turns out, it needs some work. The house was built nearly 30 years ago, without many upgrades.

Regardless, we like it and have decided we want to put in an offer, contingent upon a few things.
We shall see what happens!

In the meantime it's a pretty glorious day and we're going to go get a few things done.

16 February 2014


Call me old, but I really hate when the music in a bar is too loud for you to talk to the person next to you.

A dance club, yeah I can understand. But a bar, where the sole purpose of your visit is to sit at a table with your group, have a few drinks, and debate the intricacies of paper airplane building? I don't need to scream over techno music to communicate with the the person 2 feet away from me.

Even so, we really had fun last night.

That's all.

Wait. Also, If you're not into this song, something is wrong with you.

08 February 2014


Between being -2 people at work and the homebuying process, I am stressed the freak out. It's like constant tingling in the back of my mind and I just can't wait until this process has passed and we can move on and settle in.

Please send me good vibes while I dream of big master bathtubs, pretty laundry rooms, and open, airy kitchens.


Or, you know, a roof over my head.

06 February 2014


Somebody told me I was bossy when I was in 4th grade.

I have never forgotten it, and it's ultimately made me a better leader. As a result of that single comment, I've continually made sure that I don't come across as bossy; no one wants to be led by someone who's perceived that way.

Natural leadership still has to be cultivated to encourage respect and cooperation.

03 February 2014


So today we came home from grocery shopping and the neighbors were out in the driveway and I was really excited because I could finally go introduce myself without knocking on their door & being creepy.

They're really nice, normal looking people (that are probably just as weird as we are behind closed doors.) I guess they're about our age. They have a cat and a dog and I'm still pretty sure they have a kid but I didn't see it.

I really want to make friends with them but I also don't want to be creepy or awkward or too enthusiastic, so I'll probably default to the anti-social side of things. Merp. Where is Collin to go make friends with my neighbors for me.

I hope they're drinkers; that would make things sooo much easier.

P.S. I'm the weird person who wrote a whole post about over-analyzing how to make friends with her new neighbors.

02 February 2014

Serendipity dishes

A few years ago at a garage sale I spotted these two plates, and bought them because I thought they were beautiful. They've actually been my favorite pieces. After a quick internet search from the stamp on the back, I found out the pattern is Gibson Roseland and it has been discontinued. (And, omg they made matching teapots and canisters!)

Last week, Chris brought home a few things from his Grandpa's house. This morning I started poking through the boxes and pulled out these:

His grandma had the entire matching set and Chris thought I'd like them so he brought them home. I'm not sure that he knew I already had a few dishes just like it.

They're not the fanciest or most expensive dishes, but I love them and I'm thrilled to have the whole set.
I think his grandma and I would have shared taste in a lot of things.

I've never had a matching set of dishes, ever. I think it's time to throw out some of my cheap, chipped, thrift store dishes and fully enjoy these.