29 July 2010

cooking woes

I can't figure out why I suck at cooking.

Nine times out of ten, if I try to throw something together it turns out funky-tasting. Even if I follow a recipe, it's never really good. I recently tried a fettuccine alfredo recipe that I found on one of those well-known recipe websites, and it sucked! It had a strange bitter aftertaste, and I followed the recipe exactly.

I can bake like it's nobody's business, but I can not figure out WHY I suck at cooking. I need to find a very simple, beginner's cookbook to cook my way through and gain some confidence.

I mean, I'm not completely clueless. I can boil an egg or make mashed potatoes, and spaghetti is a good standby, but I don't have the slightest idea how to check out the ingredients in my fridge and say, "Hey, these flavors would be awesome together."

One problem I have with the 10 cookbooks that I do own and the eleventy billion recipes on the internet is that they're full of crazy recipes that I wouldn't normally make. Really? Apple Fennel soup? Deviled Crab?? Sounds delicious, but that's a far cry from chicken noodle soup from a can and spaghetti.

And I really want to get away from using pre-made, pre-packaged stuff because we all know it's full of crap. If I'm going to learn how to cook, I'm going to do it the right way.

I need a cookbook full of down-home, standard recipes. Like pot roast. Everybody likes pot roast.

Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe the library has some good cookbooks...

28 July 2010

♥ ness

I'm in a ♥ kind of mood.
and no, I'm not drinking.

I wanted to, but it turned into a mellow kind of night and my belly feels kind of strange anyway.

The clogged left ear keeps threatening to pop clear with every massive sneeze, and the right foot is free from sharp pain as long as I keep off of it. I'm okay with that.

Got rid of some major clutter around here, and there's a faint smell of bleach wafting from the bathroom. Mmm, clean.

I kinda don't know what to do with myself now that I don't have to constantly study-- besides clean this majorly neglected living space. I want some good books to read! And new recipes to try! And friends to see! And movies to watch! And kittens to pet! ...and so on and so forth.

It's a good feeling. I can't completely look forward to this new life since I don't have a job yet, but I'm not stressing -too- hard. Whatever will be, will be.

I called Chris tonight:

*ring ring*

Chris: Hey toot.

Me: Hey, what are you doing?

Chris: Nothing.

Me: No really.

Chris: Screwing around looking at Marine websites.

Me: Oh, cool. Well I actually didn't call to see what you were doing. I called because I have to do some grocery shopping but wanted to see if you wanted me to wait till tomorrow so you could come too. I wasn't sure if you'd want to come but I know you like to go grocery shopping so I thought I'd ask.

[Yeah, it sounded just like that.]

Chris: Of course I want to go grocery shopping. Wait for me to come!

Reason # 253 why I like him- he likes grocery shopping as much as I do.

Today my CLS BFF Kathy brought me a sweet little graduation gift: some of the gum that I chew, a brand new planner (because I mentioned that my current one only goes to August 1), and a brand new super cute umbrella with an owl pattern (because my other umbrella smells mildew-y and every time it rains I bitch about it, and she got tired of it, haha).

It was such a nice gesture and I'm really going to miss hanging out with her. She lives all the way in Huntsville but I really hope we keep in touch- and not in the way that people always say, "Keep in touch!" but for real. She's been a good friend. We're going to Wizarding World some time in the future. OMGOSH I'm so excited for that!!!

Well, that's about all I had to say.

27 July 2010

Ah, yeah.

Almost as soon as I stepped off the plane, I noticed sinus pressure. Now I feel like I'm either sick with a cold or have allergies. Bah.

Finals went surprisingly well. I hardly studied the weekend before- of course I was busy walking ALL OVER MCRD and San Diego, ogling handsome men in uniform, staying up late at bars and having a grand time.

So Monday morning I took 6 finals in 2 hours. FYI: No one passes all of the final exams the first time. If you fail any, you have to re-take them until you pass. I only failed one- and it's an exam that everyone failed. Some of my classmates failed 3 or more finals. Mine weren't pretty passes, but they were passes. So I felt pretty good.

But now I have to study for immunology/ serology. The problem is, I did study for that exam. I actually studied the hardest for that exam.
If everyone fails, there's a flaw; either the exam is too hard or we simply weren't taught the information. I'm going with the latter, as are most of my classmates. So, it's kinda hard to figure out what to study. I'm hoping the make up exam is a little more on our level.

In the meantime we're pretty much done with school except for the one make up exam and certification exams. So things are pretty chill.

I'm thinking some lemon tea in bed with magazines and a cat are what I need right now. I do NOT want to be sick.

24 July 2010


Second Battalion, Hotel Company, Platoon 2173

"...and may you always remain Semper Fidelis."

Very, very cool trip. Definitely an experience I won't soon forget.

18 July 2010

19 days

I have officially hit a study wall. Oh, God, don't make me do it anymore! Nooooo.
I need to get back to it though because I won't have time to study before finals-- because I'll be in SAN DIEGO. And I need to pass finals the first time because make up exams are during the time that Chris is on leave and I want to be able to spend as much time with him as I can... ie NOT taking make up exams. Motivation.

Cool whip is so delicious. I can still eat it by the spoonful.

I think I need to take a nap or work out or watch tv or something besides sit at this desk and study.

Oh, Pumpkin has officially snubbed me. She will have nothing to do with me today. I think she's somewhere upstairs right now. I think she's had enough of the studying too.

and I've saved the best for last

17 July 2010


The last free weekend to study before finals.

Been getting a decent amount done. I'm doing the thing where I set a timer for 20 minutes and I can't do anything but study uninterrupted. Then I force myself to take a 5-10 minute break to go to the bathroom, grab a snack, check facebook, whatever. Then it's back at it for 20 minutes.

However, the cat does not approve. Her box might as well not exist; she is only interested in getting some attention.

I know, cat, I'm just as tired of me studying as you are.

20 days.

15 July 2010

bad day

Shitty day.

I don't know why, but my experiments in both molecular and HLA have not been working. First I didn't get DNA last week, then today my gels didn't run. And I'm always rocking in labs and it's definitely not the first time I've done PCR.
She tried to tell me that I didn't put Taq in there, but I know I did. But she was all, "Oh it happens, people think they put it in there but it's so small you can't really tell." I saw the tiny drop go in there. I just wanted to be like, bitch I know how to freaking pipet.

Then today two of my classmates got job offers from Hospital A and it's not like my heart was set on that particular job but it's like, wtf why am I not getting any offers for jobs that I actually want? I'm only getting offers for shitty jobs. I'm kinda running out of options as far as jobs go, and there really aren't any openings in Sugar Land, as least that I've heard of.

Just feeling very frustrated, tired, and I have a damn headache that hurts so bad I just want to sit down and cry. Which will only make my headache worse.

I wish Chris was here :o/

14 July 2010

normal night

Today was such a meh day.

Started the HLA course, which was okay until a giant clusterfuck, which I've come to expect. 23 days.

Then after class Kathy and I worked on our paper for our project. Actually got some decent progress.

Got home tired and cranky with a headache, at the same time as Frank got home tired and cranky from work, so we decided to go to PF Chang's for dinner. I got some noodles that were AMAZING. He even paid. <3

Then we went to Target to pick out Ashley's birthday gift, which was actually really fun. Ashleyyy I wonder what we GOTTT YOUUUU Muahaha

It just felt nice to be a normal person and not come straight home, eat leftovers, and study.

Of course, that's what I'm about to do now until bedtime, but still.

Oh! I never thought this would happen, but I completely depleted my huge stock of note cards. I guess I've written a lot of letters to Chris! I found some supercute ones in the dollar section at Target. Here's my favorite:

Is that not adorable??

13 July 2010


Just so you know, I'd be annoyed with her even if you weren't.

Someone is a little obsessed with themselves.

Don't sweat it girl, she's got nothing on you.

12 July 2010

jobs & chris

Interviews for Hospital A were today. I think they went well- excited!
Also got a call to set up an interview for a hospital in Katy. Don't even know when I'll have time to schedule it.
Busy... Tired... it's been a long day.

Chris' mom sent me this link. Hotel Company. Click on 2173, Chris is the 5th one in the back row, blinking a lot, haha.

I think the video would look less awkward if they were actually doing the yelling instead of just standing there. It's cute anyway. And I thought they had to wear BC glasses but he isn't. I've watched it a few times and it's like, GAH, can't wait to see him!

Need to find something to eat and study for this dumb molecular exam tomorrow.

I just scheduled my certification exam! August 4th, 5pm. The very last exam I have to take. The MOST IMPORTANT EXAM OF MY LIFE YOU GUYS!

Pray/ send vibes/ cross the fingers for the Hospital A offers!

So many good things are about to happen that it's a little overwhelming.

11 July 2010


As focused as I was Friday and Saturday, that's how unfocused I am now.

I took a break last night and drove up to Huntsville to visit my classmate. She's like my CLS BFF, and probably will be one of the very few people that I will actually keep in touch with after we graduate.

I needed to get out of the house and do something besides sit around and try to study. It was so nice, and I had a lot of fun.

But now it's time to study again, and I'm distracted.

Interviews tomorrow!

P.S. I almost forgot- I got a call from Chris last night! He got a 100 on a test and got a 5 minute phone call as a reward. I knew it was him when I answered because of the area code, but he didn't sound familiar. I guess it's just been that long since I heard his voice. I bet I sounded weird to him too. Anyway, 5 minutes flew by, but it was so good to talk to him.

Ok, for real. Study time.

10 July 2010

study weekend

My mom made a plate of sandwiches.

ROFL I just love her.

I've been in serious "holy crap I only have a few weeks" study mode this weekend. I had to take a break because I've been writing so much that my hand is cramping. Too bad I can't write with both hands. Legibly, anyway.

08 July 2010

CA dreamin'

You know how I always talked about moving to California right after college?

Just for fun I looked up job openings around San Diego and Oceanside. There are SO MANY! Including one in the hospital where I was born.

I'm SOOO tempted to apply and see where it takes me. There are a few reasons why I shouldn't, including the fact that I'd have to take a separate certification exam for the state of California. Apparently Texas' exam isn't good enough.

But, oh, how the ideas are floating around right now.

Got our graduation announcements today.
I sent one to Chris. His graduation is in two weeks! Looking forward to it.
It's all getting closer!

04 July 2010

studying on the 4th

I love this wine.

I don't love that I'm drinking this wine alone while studying on a 4th of July that I promised myself I wouldn't study on.

Meh, the information for the certification exam isn't going to stuff itself into my brain.

33 days. Well, now it's more like 32. I can't figure out if I want time to speed up or slow down.

Good weekend despite the alone-drinking and studying.
Enchiladas, card-making and fireworks last night, and swimming and bbq today.

If you weren't present, a shot of the cards we all made to send to Chris:

They look so festive!
I miss that kid.

Well, actually he's not really a kid, especially in a few weeks when he can officially be called a Marine.

Marines aren't kids. They're the manliest of men.

It just sounds weird to say I'm dating a MAN. That means I'd have to call myself a WOMAN and I just don't feel like a WOMAN. That just sounds old. And like I should have more hips than I do. Does anyone else picture a woman having awesome womanly hips? Until you've got hips you're just a girl.

My strange labels aside, I've got a blood bank review chunk calling my name.

Or maybe that's just the wine.

02 July 2010

yes, that happened

Tonight I was chillin on the couch with my notes, and Punk came to hang out. We were snuggling on the couch (the only snuggles I've gotten since April are from my cat and my friends' babies) and I was petting her, when I thought of this one time.

And honestly I can't remember if I've already blogged about this, so if it's a repeat let's just chalk it up to stress, tired, and headache.

When she was a little kitten and I first brought her home, she was a stray and was COVERED in fleas. You could see them run across her eye and jump off and it was awful. When we gave her a bath, she didn't even try to fight. I think it felt so good to get some of those bugs off of her that she just sat there and let us wash her. Can you imagine how awful it must be to be in a constant state of itchy, biting-ness?

Anyway, so after her bath we spent a while picking the remaining bugs off her because we couldn't wait until the flea medicine kicked in. After a while the majority seemed to die, and we were satisfied.

A few nights later I was petting her and noticed that I felt a bump on her stomach. Scared it might be a tick or some other kind of nasty bug, I investigated a little closer and began to gently pick at the spot.

After a minute or so, I found a few more and suddenly realized that it was her nipple! I was trying to pick at her nipple, thinking it was a bug burrowed in there! The fact that kittens had nipples just never occurred to me. I was horribly embarrassed for the both of us.

Do boy kittens have nipples? Like how boy humans have non-lactating nipples?

Missy! Feel Jedi up and tell me!

How yesterday went

Wake up, get things packed and ready in preparation for interview at 4pm.

Rotations happen. Fairly uneventful.

I was smart and started saying goodbye 10 minutes early. People talked for 10 minutes before I was able to leave. I'm going to miss those people!

Ran to the bathroom, ignored the germi-ness and very quickly washed my face, applied some mascara, combed my hair, and got changed. Ran out to my car. I paid $12 to park in the garage closest to the hospital so I could save time there.

Realized I forgot my lunch in the break room, which included water and an emergency snack to eat on the way to the interview. Immediately felt hungry and thirsty.

Sat in traffic on the 1-mile drive. Realized directions were WRONG. Had to U-turn. Called the HR number. Got a recording. Became very frustrated and was trying not to cry. Did I mention it was raining? Called a few more times and finally got a person who directed me to the automated directions which did not help. Finally got ahold of the person I was interviewing with, and she eventually got me situated. She wasn't understanding me and I seriously thought I would cry on the phone. I didn't.

I arrived in the HR office only about 4 minutes late. They had me fill out this thing on the computer which was basically my resume. Again. Don't you hate it when job applications ask for your resume, then ask you to fill in pretty much your resume again on the application, and then they ask you AGAIN once you get to the interview? Ugh redundancy.

Finish that, wait around. The lady comes to interview me. That went fine. Then she asked if I had time to meet with the lab manager. I said sure. Silly me...

Two hours later, the lab manager finishes the interview. WTF. The whole time she just talked and talked and I tried my best not to think about how hungry I was or look at the clock. At one point I asked to use the restroom so I could get a drink of water and maybe my stomach would quit rumbling. When I went to get a drink of water from the water fountain, it wasn't working. UGH.
To sum it up, I know I don't want the job and I kinda knew before I walked in there. I knew for sure about 10 minutes into the interview. Then I had to sit there and listen to her talk FORREEEVVVEERRRR about crap I didn't care about while I watched the clock creep closer to 6:00, then past 6:00.

When I finally was set free, it was 30 minutes after my blood pressure party had started. I paid another $8 for parking, then got home where a bunch of people had been waiting for an hour for me to get home. That's friendship- they just all waited for me to get home to my own party that I arranged for THEM to help ME. LOVES!!! Missy's mom even came and she was just cute as all get out. I got all my blood pressures done, finally ate something, took a shower, and crashed way beyond my bed time.

Today is another blood bank lab practical. I haven't thought about blood bank for a month, but I think it will be fine.

Thank GOD it's Friday.