28 February 2012


Yesterday. Though the doctor gave me drugs, he commented that the spot in my mouth didn't look very infected. But I knew better. I know how it feels when it's infected. Turns out, not only was it infected, there was an abscess. How do I know? Well, this is your warning.

Do not keep reading if you don't want to read something gross. You have been warned.

I started taking the antibiotics this morning. At about 10:00, it was pretty sore so I went to check it out before I ate my second breakfast. It was still very swollen, and of course I was going to mess with it. I gently pushed on the affected area with my finger. And a bunch of pus came out all at once. It was like, a pocket of pus underneath my gum. So I kept pushing and wiping it away with a paper towel, until no more would come out. It was so gross, and I was fighting the urge to gag- come on, it's in my MOUTH.  But at the same time it was oddly satisfying. I swished with some warm salt water, and it was a little less painful after that.

At lunch time, it was still a little swollen and sore, but I was able to eat without much difficulty. By the time I went home at 2, the swelling was down by 90%. It's drastically different. I'm still going to take the rest of the antibiotics, but I think I'll be feeling much better soon. And hopefully that's the last of the pus. Kuz, gross.

Oh, and by the way, don't go thinking I never brush my teeth and have a nasty mouth. In fact, I have really good oral hygiene. The infection is all due to this cranky wisdom tooth. The teeth itself are not decayed; it's the gums. Every time the wisdom tooth comes in a little more, it irritates the gums and they get infected with normal mouth flora and there's not much you can do about it. Which is why they NEED to come out.

And also, learn from my mistakes. When the dentist tells you that you need your wisdom teeth out, even if they're not coming in yet, listen to them. They know what they're talking about. I'd rather have gotten them out years ago than deal with this recurring pain and infection.

So I'll take my drugs and sit in front of the tv and damn I wish my man was here.

27 February 2012

let's get better

My doctor is AWESOME. Since my dental insurance doesn't kick in until Thursday I went to see if he could do something for me in the meantime so that I don't end up with an infected head. And, you know, it hurts like a bitch.

He is never stingy with his prescription pad. I got drugs, and then he asked if I I wanted a painkiller. When I declined, he asked if I was sure, and said to call him if I changed my mind. I've still got the Tylenol 3 stuff from the dentist that I never took. I'm too scared to take anything more than over the counter painkillers. No idea why.

Anyway, here's to another round of (stronger) antibiotics. Hello, yogurt.
I think a sore mouth is a great excuse to make rice pudding.

Also, after the first, let's get this dental party started. Don't let me procrastinate!!


Well, tooth is infected again. I can make an appointment at my new, insurance-approved dentist on March first. Really? You couldn't wait three days to get re-infected there, tooth?? Why am I not surprised. I love to get sick at the most inconvenient times.

26 February 2012

wet food whores

This morning I got up, fed the cat, and opened the door. It's glorious outside, and also I've been cooking a pot of soup in the crock pot on low for about 20 hours now and the beans are STILL not cooked. The last time I cooked beans in the crock pot, they were done after 8 hours on low. Don't get it. Cranked it up to high, and it really smells like soup in here. Pumpkin ate and went outside to bug the squirrels.

I went inside the house to get a cup of coffee, and when I came back I startled a cat eating the rest of Pumpkin's breakfast. But it wasn't Sheetrock, as usual. It was a completely new cat that I've never seen. No idea which neighbor it belongs to. Random cats waltzing inside. Nice.

25 February 2012

money and food and a cute old man

This morning's plans included going to the farmer's market to get some fresh produce. Try and get this healthy-eating and cooking thing kick-started again.

Then I paid some bills. I spent a lot of freaking money this month! There's none left!

So it will be pantry meals and freezer veggies this week. And what I mean by that, is I'll eat the bread in my fridge and make some strange meals with canned beans and the sad celery in my fridge.
I seriously need to get the hang of this cooking thing already. It's bothering me that it's been 5 years since I declared it's time to learn, and I still cook very little. And a lot of things still turn out weird. Hm.

Also, I have another patient encounter: The other morning at work I was leaving the lab to get some breakfast, and I encountered an old man in the hallway. I said good morning, and he said that he had come to see his wife, but she had fallen asleep so he was wandering around until she woke back up. So we chatted for a minute and he was just SO DARN CUTE. Whenever I run into these cute old people I wish I had the time to just sit for a few minutes and talk to them. It's also interesting to put faces and situations with the patients' names that I see on the tubes morning after morning.

22 February 2012

out with the old

'Tis the headache season. Every year when spring starts to hit I get the damn headache from hell that does not go away for several months. Magic pills take it down to a dull, manageable pain, but then it's back again.

At work, we are trading in this tired old dinosaur

for a comparatively newer model. OoOoO shiny.
We've had both sitting in the tiny lab for months now, the new one taunting us in its shrink-wrapped glory, right next to the old one. We're finally starting to get it up and running. I'm sure much stress will occur before they're switched out completely, but it's exciting to be getting a "new to us" instrument.

The analyzer we currently use is over 20 years old... in laboratory technology that's insanely old. Literally, the computer monitor that accompanies it does not have a mouse. It's a tiny step up from the black screen with green writing. It has a floppy drive. It prints to a dot matrix printer. The paper that feeds into it is one long perforated sheet with the little strips that you tear off on the sides. When is the last time that you've seen that in any modern workplace?? But, it's functional on most days.

The problem we have lately is, our lab is inside of an old hospital. That does not have central air in the rooms. We have large window unit air conditioners- two of them on the back wall that is composed of windows. It's glorious to have a work area with a view. I've mentioned it before; most labs do not have windows. We have an entire wall of windows. On the 3rd floor. On nice days it's such a mood booster.

However, windows do not provide much insulation. On cold days, it doesn't matter. But we don't get many of those. Our window units would sufficiently cool the room, if we didn't have them blocked by two large chemistry analyzers, both of which are running and producing their own heat.

So it's about 80 degrees in there. Moving around in a lab coat easily makes you sweat. It's gross. And it's murder for these headaches. I've stopped wearing my lab coat except when I'm processing specimens; it's just too darn hot.

It's also not good for the old analyzer, which throws temper tantrums when the temperature fluctuates too much. When I calibrate at 5am, it's much cooler than when the sun comes up and things get up and running for the day. Meaning we have to deal with temper tantrums. It's so fun.

BUT I'm excited. This is something that we've all been looking forward to for a while. It's a little strange learning how to use the new instrument, but I think things will be a lot smoother once we get the hang of it.

19 February 2012


I've always wanted a handheld vacuum.

This thing is SO MUCH FUN! Bought it on a whim, it was only 15 bucks! I've already vacuumed the floors of my car. I had to shampoo my driver's side floor mat this morning because it was getting stinky. Not to mention I track in all kinds of germs from the lab on my shoes every day. Gross.

Yesterday I ordered 80 dollars worth of bread from that amazing place in San Antonio. Eighty dollars would probably buy you about 35 loaves of regular bread. Gluten free bread... not so much.
I was only going to order a loaf of bread and some rolls, but shipping was 17 bucks. However, shipping was a mere 5 bucks on a 75 dollar order. I figured I might as well spend my money on something *tangible rather than shipping costs. I have the freezer space, and I love that bread.
Sigh. I wish I was back at Sunday brunch with Chris again. Good times.

I also bought 4 cases of cat food because it was on super sale at Petco. Again, free shipping on a larger order means I don't have to buy cat food for a while.

That means I'll be getting packages in the mail this week. I love getting packages in the mail. 

*Ash I used your word!

18 February 2012


Recipe for a bad night's sleep:

1 Cat, trippin balls coming out of anesthesia, who is afraid of thunderstorms on a normal, non-trippy day.

1 Thunderstorm

All night, she was either glued to me or wobbling around freaking out. Poor drunk kitty.

Hunger drove us both from our beds. She seems to have calmed a little this morning, and is a little more sure-footed.

One tooth was pulled, which makes me feel terrible that it got so bad. I'm sure it was painful while it was sitting there rotting in her mouth. There's still a little dried blood around her mouth, but she doesn't look quite so pitiful anymore. Two hundred thirty dollars and ten days of antibiotics, and I no longer have to worry about it.

And I'm going back to bed kuz my fricken head hurts. Again.

17 February 2012

random bangs

I've really wanted to try bangs for a while now.

The problem is, this curly hair.

I'd have to straighten them every day, and then if it's humid or rains, they will morph into curly bangs. Eew. All I can think of is Pauly Shore, lol.

I've had bangs before, in middle school. Because, you know, middle school isn't awkward enough. And I know they don't work for me.

And my job, I can't have bangs hanging in my face.
Basically there are no checks in the "Yes" column for bangs.

But I still want them. I guess because it's the current style and I see the long swoopy bangs everywhere.

13 February 2012

book me

I finally got through Pride and Prejudice. It was on the list of free Kindle books, and I figured it wouldn't hurt me to read a classic. Plus, so many people love it.

I thought it was terrible. I had to force myself to keep reading it, and I was so bored I skimmed through some of the especially drawn-out parts. Glad that's over with.

On to the next classic, Jane Eyre. No, I didn't read it in school. Yes, it was also on the free Kindle book list.

I also want to read Les Miserables before I see the Broadway show.

What are you reading?

11 February 2012


I'm in one of those "Want to go shopping and spend some money" moods.

Decided to get a 5-pack of Broadway tickets with a few people. Pretty excited about that! We were inspired last night by a poster we walked by after leaving a show by the Dominic Walsh Dance Theater. the choreography was a bit twitchy for me, but still entertaining, and a dash of much-needed culture. I'm most excited to see Beauty and the Beast, and Wicked. Yay for being an adult and being able to drop some cash on fun things!

So let's touch on a few of the topics I've been talking about lately:

Chris. This squad leader's course is kicking his ass. It's really hardcore. Of course he can handle it; he's hardcore as well. It's just intense and exhausting.

He told me about this girl who works in one of the stores on base that looks just like me. (You know, the generic white girl look.) Anyway, he said he does a double-take every time. I told him not to get any funny ideas.

Work. Remember? We're not talking about that.

Cat. Two days of wet food and I swear she's a different cat. She's so... happy.

Wedding: Decided to go ahead and get a band. I'd LOVE a diamondy custom band, but I'm leaning towards one of the simple, unadorned skinny ones. For one major reason: so that I can wear it at work under my gloves without a problem, and also so it will be easy to disinfect. No cracks and crevices for funky stuff to live in. I'm thinking we could get a fancier one when we do the "second wedding" or maybe as an anniversary thing. That's what I've decided today.

Also, my mom decided that we need to get back on the wedding dress hunt.

I finally got a chance to wear this dress last night. And it looked way better on me than it does on the model. I texted Chris last night that he 'would love the dress I was wearing,' and he replied with, "Is it white?" I guess he's got the dress on his mind, too.

So I guess we'll be doing that this week. Wish me luck!

09 February 2012

Oh, kitten

Today I took Pumpkin in for another appointment regarding her funk breath.

Actually, the two issues I keep having with her are funk breath and her weight. It's been increasing over the past few years, when it was first mentioned that she was getting a little heavy. I stopped giving her table scraps and wet food and stuck to the dry food that the vet put her on years ago for bladder health. Much to Pumpkin's dismay. She loves her some wet food.

Frustratingly enough, she still gained weight, almost a pound a year-- which is kind of a lot when you only weigh 10 pounds. Well, 11 now. More on that later.

Last time I went to the vet, this past summer, the doctor suggested antibiotics and didn't think she needed a cleaning. It worked, but eventually the funk came back.

This time, a different doctor gave her a thorough checkup, then checked her teeth. She said there was gum disease and lots of tartar buildup. She even scraped some tartar off of a tooth with her fingernail. And I privately gagged a little bit, kuz... gross. I was kinda irked that the last doctor didn't notice or said everything was fine. Can it get that bad in a few months? I could have skipped all that antibiotic mess and went straight to the source.

Anyway, then I brought up her weight. Turns out, dry food is the worst thing I could have given her. She said cats need low carb diets, and wet food is best. So I was doing the opposite of what I needed to do. D'oh. So I have a list of low-carb canned cat food, and Pumpkin is about to get the best news of her little cat life. Wet food and ONLY wet food.

Maybe it will soften the blow of having to go back to the vet and be sedated for her teeth cleaning. Sorry, Punk. Looks like we'll both be getting our dental work done this year.

At least she will be happy she gets wet food again! I only hope the bladder issues don't return once she stops eating the special stuff. *cross your fingers*

**Update. I gave Pumpkin some wet food and she dug into it like a little piglet. She was even snorting and everything. LOL

07 February 2012

twirly whirly

Trying this tonight.

(OMG she's adorable)

Maybe I'll wake up with "princess curls" instead of ragamuffin curls.

Even though I'll have to pull it back when I get to work anyway, it's worth a shot.

Latest wedding-related dilemna: finding a wedding band. I don't want something that will hide or rub against or damage the pretty scrollwork and diamonds on the side. Can you get a ring that's 2/3 of a circle? Even if I could, it would look funny as it stops abruptly.

Chris mentioned that the lady who made the ring could design a band to go with it... but then that brings custom jeweler prices into the mix.

Thinking of getting a teeny tiny band that just fulfills the purpose. A simple one to use for the ceremony.

I'm seriously considering not getting one at all; I don't really want one, nor do I necessarily need one. But everybody else (including Chris) thinks I do.
Thoughts/ feedback?

06 February 2012

go dog go

Today is the first day I've exercised since December 5th. I know because I blogged about it, haha.

I came home as usual, took off my funky scrubs as usual, but instead of putting on pj pants and a tshirt, I got into workout clothes. Drank my green tea, and headed outside to the park. It's a glorious day. Slightly chilly and sunny, but not windy. Walked, ran about 4.5 minutes, then walked again.

I had the pleasure of watching a dog. I couldn't see an owner anywhere, so I figured he'd escaped from his backyard and was having a grand old time enjoying freedom. He ran through the park at full speed, splashed right into the pond, and started trying to catch the ducks. Then he gave up and took a few minutes to dig out a waterlogged stick and started throwing it around and chomping on it.

He was a really happy friendly dog, tail wagging and playing. But he wasn't one of those that will run up to you all wet & funky and get on your nerves. He just did his thing, having his one-dog dog party. I'd walk by and he would just look up from his fun and smile at me. Cutest thing ever. You just couldn't watch him and not smile. If I had a dog I'd want one like that.

As I was finishing up my workout and leaving the park, the kids were getting out of school and riding their bikes through the park. One kid rode past me and asked, "Have you seen a big yellow dog?" I replied, "Yeah, he's in the pond." He looked annoyed, but I couldn't help but laugh and say, "He's having a great time!"

I don't envy that kid; catching dogs that have escaped for some fun is no easy task.

01 February 2012


How to piss your cat off in 2 easy steps:

1. Make a tuna melt.
2. Don't give her any.

Dental stuff:

My goal is to get all my basic dental (cleaning, fillings re-done, any new cavities filled) finished by April. Just an arbitrary date. The wisdom teeth have to be out before I get married. I can just see an infection flaring up the day before the wedding. Can't you?

I've decided that shitface at work is not worth it. He does not decide to ruin my day; I let him ruin my day. From now on, I'm simply not going to let him.
I'm going to try to be as nice as I can to him, with that positive "I would like to maintain a good coworker relationship" goal in mind. I figure walking around with an "I fricken can't stand you" attitude is not helping things.

I'm also going to stop discussing him. He is not worth the wasted breath, and I also feel like constantly re-hashing his ignorance only fuels the fire. I'm going to have to find a nice way to tell my other coworkers that I don't want to talk about him, even to sympathize in their own issues with him.

Day one went well. Today he was unusually not in my bubble. He kept his distance, finished his own work, and was actually- mostly- pleasant. I don't know if it was my new attitude or if he just happened to not be annoying. Whatever it was, this will be the last that I talk about him as I focus on trying to enjoy my days.

Speaking of coworkers (more awesome ones), Andrea walked into the lab today and said, "Stop everything, I've found your wedding dress. Now don't get too emotional when you see it, because it's perfect."

And then... she showed me this.

And we laughed for about an hour. I can't believe that anyone would even make a dress like that, much less wear it.

You are welcome for that image, Akhtar. Haha.