31 March 2008

large spider(s)

The scenario:

Jen is in the kitchen, returning to her desk from locking the door. She sees the large spider from a few entries ago sitting in the corner.

"Hello large spider."

She turns around,

"Oh shit! Another one!"

Two very large spiders sitting in my kitchen.

It's so weird, a couple summers ago there was a rather large spider that lived in my kitchen. I saw him a couple times late at night. It can't be the same one, so is there some sort of large spider breed that happens to live in my kitchen? Or is there something mutating them? lol. It's certainly an odd coincidence.

As long as they don't eat me, and as long as Pumpkin doesn't find one and decide it's snack time, they get to live.

I kept peeking over at the spiders to see what they were doing, and noticed some movement so I went and investigated. The one big spider was still there in the same spot, and the other one had moved to a spiderweb and was messing with something stuck in it.

We're having a nature moment here. I whipped out my camera and started taping it in case it did something cool, but in the midst of videotaping I realized that the spider in the web was NOT the missing large spider, but in fact an entirely different spider, a smaller wimpier one. I kind of freaked for a second because I didn't know where the other large spider went and I didn't want it ON me.

[Ignore the messy floor and the profanity. You can see one of the original spiders in the top right corner.]

THEN the even more bizarre part was that one of the big spiders crawled and got caught in the wimpier spider's web, and at this point the sheister batteries in my camera died so I tore into my parents' office in a frenzy to where the batteries were kept, and managed to film some of the two spiders in the web. It was kinda nuts, the wimpier spider attacked the large spider! It kept stinging the big one... or something. I couldn't tell. Now the big spider is all curled up like it's dead and hoisted up into the web, and the little spider I think is wrapping it up. Spider cannibalism, nuts!

[I couldn't get the camera to focus very well... ]

While I was on the floor I noticed a "big spider" carcass under the baker's rack, so this little guy's been busy. I also noticed another "wimpy-type spider" in the corner. I dunno where the other big spider went, but I'm sure it's going to stay hidden for a while.

I normally don't mind the spiders because they eat other bugs but I think it's time for my dad to spray... because I'm witnessing spider gladiators instead of studying.

In the end I had to kill the other big spider via the patented "windex on stream" method because it came out of hiding and was crawling around the kitchen, and I couldn't study because I kept checking to make sure it wasn't headed toward me. I felt bad but it had to be done.

How's that for procrastination?

organic food and gum chewing

I gave a bum a granola bar today. I always pack a lunch to snack on during ochem lab, and today I didn't get very hungry so I had extras left over. So when I saw her with the sign at the stoplight I dug in my bag and found a granola bar. I felt kinda good, even though it's not the tastiest granola bar.

Another thing. I've tried a lot of "organic" products lately because a lot of gluten free items are made with organic ingredients. Now, maybe it's just me, but organic usually does not taste better. Maybe it's only this way with the gluten free items, but I'm not impressed with the organic-ness of most of the things I've tried. Just sayin'.

I was reflecting today: I have this habit. I chew gum a LOT, but there's a specific way I always chew it, and I only chew one type of gum.

It all started back in high school when my stomach started going berserk. Before I knew about the godsend of pepto bismol pills and lived on rolaids.

Well, the peppermint in the gum would sort of soothe my stomach, so I chewed it whenever it was upset, which was pretty much constant. It turns out that it's kind of an old wive's remedy. I picked this type of gum because I read in a magazine that it contained the most amount of peppermint than any other gum. And because I chewed it so much, I started chewing half-pieces to make a pack last longer. That, and a whole piece of gum just felt like it was taking up all the space in my smallish mouth. So I developed a habit of chewing my half pieces of gum pretty much constantly.

Even when my stomach isn't upset, I still chew a lot of gum. Especially when I'm studying or thinking hard about something. I can go through a whole pack of gum in a few hours of studying. It's such a habit that I actually get anxious when I run out of gum and I stockpile it when it's on sale or I'm at Sam's.

I've been reading about addictions and stuff for psychology, and I wonder if this qualifies? I mean, I have no desire to stop but I wonder if I could if I had to.

Meh. I'll let myself keep my gum. No one's perfect.

30 March 2008

roaches and rodents

All the roach business reminded me of this story:

Yesterday I was talking to my sister while sitting at my desk, and in the midst of a conversation her eyes focused on something behind me and she got the look of horror that happens when there is some unwanted animal crawling on the floor.

I asked her what it was and her reply was screaming and pointing. So I freak, scream, jump up on top of my desk and look down, and see... a spider. Yeah it was a rather LARGE spider, but whoop de doo. I freaked out thinking it was a roach or something was ON me and she's freaking out over a spider. I scolded her for scaring me like that, climbed down from my desk, and the spider moved on. So did Ashley, haha.

I tried to take a video of my brother's mouse running on his wheel and when he stops, it keeps spinning so he just goes along with it. It's the funniest thing but he wouldn't do it for me this morning. Poop. *update* I got it!

More studying today... but hopefully C will be home tonight!

Oh yeah, and I'm becoming addicted to Dr. Pepper... and refried beans. But not together.

28 March 2008


I was sort of thrust into a state of melancholy tonight.
I tried a new recipe for bread that looked gorgeous in the pan but sank terribly when it cooled, and had this wierd gummy/ rubbery-like layer at the bottom. There was potential for taste, though. I still tried to make grilled cheese with the oblong sunken slices. LOL

Anyway I was sitting here at El computadora listening to my psych professor drone on about some psychological abnormality and I got really lonely. Because the house was dark and quiet because everyone had gone out, which it almost NEVER is and it creeps me out, and because I don't want to be sitting here all by myself studying on a Friday night. I haven't gotten snuggles from my hot man since Tuesday, and even then they were very limited. I'm used to spending my Friday nights vegging out with a glass of wine watching tv in my hot man clutches. Poop. I guess I'm pouting.

I've just been really tired lately which I'm mostly contributing to the looming list of things due very soon and the lack of time in which to do them. That, and allergies. This shit is nuts. Pollen everywhere.

27 March 2008


My lab got out at the very tail end of "no traffic yet" so I quick drove home and stopped over at Jess's on the way. I met Catherine and boy she's a cute little one. It's been so long since I've held a baby, much less a week-old one! It was good to see Jess. We went for a walk so she could get out of the house and it was a gorgeous evening. It's hard to imagine it was that long ago we were having sleepovers at each others houses and doing each others nails. What do you know... we do grow up fast!

The other day I was at the post office mailing some stuff and the lady gave me stamps with chemists on them. On one there was a glucose molecule in the chair conformation and I totally had a nerd moment and was really proud because I knew what it was. I didn't get to share it with anyone though, because I doubt the guy next to me cared... but I felt all smart.

I've got tons of schoolwork to do... only one more month left, I can do it. This weekend shall be very productive, and I'm not even going to Frontier Fiesta if I can't get a good chunk done.

I miss my sweetie. At least I have my cat!

24 March 2008

celiac related triumph

I was so excited to find Celiac Disease groups on Facebook. Like really excited. There was a list of "you know you're celiac when..." and some just made me go, YES! I know!!

For instance, bringing food with you on an overnight trip, reading the ingredient label on tea, that's right. Plain tea. Just in case. How about wanting to kill the family member who put a crumb-and-gluten-filled knife in your peanut butter? This one was my favorite and made me laugh so hard: "your friend invites you over for your birthday and wants to make you a gluten free birthday cake, but you plead with them not to, because although you're trying to seem like you don't want to put them through the hassle, you're secretly terrified of cross contamination..." LOL.

And there's like, a bunch of people in these groups. Because, although they say that there are lots of people who suffer from this, I don't really know that many and can't really relate to anyone. It's been 4 months now and it's smoother, but still difficult sometimes. This just kinda lifted my spirits.

23 March 2008

Spring "break"

Well. This break didn't really feel like much of a break. I worked and didn't study like I said I would.

I just got back from a weekend with C and his family. Yes, the "meet the family" weekend. It was overall good, with a few tense moments. I don't know if they liked me, but I had no issues with anyone. I think we'd all need to spend more time together to form any real opinions. My dietary issues weren't as bad as I thought they would be, but I still felt like a pain in the ass when it came to meals. Meh.

I know this weekend was a big deal with C because he didn't let me meet anyone for a long time. I guess this means we're doing okay. I do feel more comfortable opening up to him. Yay for becoming closer to the guy I've been crazy about for... a long ass time! And pray that I don't fuck it up. After this weekend I've got a lot swimming around in the ole head right now that needs time to settle.

A good friend of mine had a baby girl Thursday, so major congrats go out to her and her husband! I can't wait to see the cutie pie. I've talked to her about the issues mentioned above, and we kind of had a mutual "listen to me bitch and tell me what to do!" session last week, and that helped a lot. Thank goodness for friends.

Speaking of friends... DLD, miss MIA, we need to hang out this week while I'm not swamped with tests.

16 March 2008

horray spring break

Yayness, it's here!
I slept most of the day yesterday, then had to deal with some bitch's kid hitting my car door at Whole Foods and then she made a big stink and tried to deny that it was her fault. People. Looks like I have to get that estimate done sometime this week. Car dealerships are so boring.

Woke up with a migraine this morning around 3 and thought I was going to die. I broke out into a cold sweat at one point. All very odd.

Today I have a list of errands to run, and it seems like it's going to be a sunny day. This week I want to get a pedicure, to kick off the warm season right. Maybe I'll buy a cute cheap pair of shoes, too. I went through my stash and had to throw a couple pairs out that had gotten too funky. It's sad, but they can be replaced, which is too much fun!

I've got to work on Monday (BOO), but at least that's some extra money. This weekend I think the trip to see C's grandpa is finally going down, which means I get to go fishing!

La la la la laaa
or maybe I'll just sleep the whole time :o)

13 March 2008

bummer man

I am totally bummed that I don't get to party with my boyfriend on his 21st birthday because I have an organic exam tomorrow. A lot of his friends and some mutual friends that I haven't seen in a long time will be there, too. I'm soooo tempted to say screw studying and drive up to rice village and go have some fun.

*humongous sigh*

Oh, and I have a bad habit of emotional blogging, then realizing after the fact that I overreacted. I broke myself of that habit a while back but every once in a while I do it.

Spring break starts at 830 pm tomorrow...

Guess I'll get to it.

Oh yeah, I got some of the best news I've gotten in a long time tonight. It made me really really happy.

09 March 2008

procrastination and green chairs

I wasn't feeling too great this weekend so I stayed in. I should have used that time to effectively study but, ya know...

I have discovered the wonderfulness of Craigslist. I mean, besides the fact that I found my super cool job via Craigslist, I have found some awesome buys. There's this brand new couch for 50 bucks that's in great shape that I'm debating buying. You guys want to sit on a sweet couch or that futon that digs into your ass after a while? I met up w/ a lady today and bought two baskets for 8 bucks, ones that easily sell for 15 bucks at the store. There are a few other things I've been browsing, and it's also a great procrastination tool.

Speaking of, I've got my ochem lab midterm tomorrow and should be studying but I'm hardcore procrastinating. Everything is clean...

One more little tidbit about the super cool job. I mentioned the other day to my lady boss (who is just adorable) that I was looking for a new desk/office chair because the one I have is incredibly uncomfortable and the seat kept falling off while I was trying to study. I janked my dad's sweet "executive" chair for a while, but he needed it, obviously. So anyway at the end of the day my man boss goes, "I have a bonus for you." So I'm like, "ummm?" and he brings out this chair, a typical office chair, pretty comfy and get this: it's bright green. I love it!
Check it out:

In other news, since I wrote the "list of things to do before I die," I've been flossing. Yay for personal hygiene!

Anyway I can't wait till spring break. This week will be kinda nutso.

I caught Pumpkin in her new hideout:

06 March 2008


SChevy90 (10:38:26 PM): doodle!
SChevy90 (10:38:32 PM): are u gonna get donuttssss?

03 March 2008


Ok ladies.
So I dunno about you all, but the way I normally wash my panties is stick them in a lingerie bag and throw them in the washer.

Well lately I've been noticing that somehow there have been "unwashed" panties in my drawer, and I thought that it was odd but maybe they just slipped in there.

Today I was fishing through the drawer and I realized that the panties I just washed were definitely not clean. So I dumped my entire drawer in the washing machine (minus lingerie bag) and washed away.

But anyway I've been washing my panties the same way for years and I just now realized that it is not an effective method.

I don't just want to throw them in the wash with all the other clothes because they tend to get destroyed. That's what made me start using a lingerie bag in the first place. I pay too much money for a few strips of cloth just to have them wrecked.

How do you all wash your panties? I need suggestions!

02 March 2008


It seems like I've been doing a lot of apologizing lately for getting annoyed and snipping at people. Then, as usual style, I get over it fairly quickly, apologize if necessary and life goes on. Of course there are legitimate excuses for the reactions, but I've just noticed that lately there have been more... annoyances. I dunno.

I'm not especially stressed or tired. I haven't been staying up until the wee hours of the morning doing schoolwork or experiencing bouts of insomnia, like I had before. I'm not totally on top of my schoolwork, but I'm not overwhelmed with it. I don't feel physically ill or have major worries.

I think what's happening is that I have fallen into a routine. I came to the conclusion a while back that for me, routine leads to disinterest, boredom and laziness. Although I am pretty laid back and am able to roll with the punches, when things are redundant or repetitive I get annoyed. I thrive on efficiency and productiveness, so long as I'm not overwhelmed and get my down time.

It's a delicate balance, I suppose. I have become bored with my weekly routine, no matter how necessary it might be to retain sanity and make sure everything gets done. I need to shake things up somehow but first I have to find real motivation, haha.

01 March 2008

just like mcdonalds

I'm really enjoying my job. And, more importantly, the people that I work for. They give me good vibes.

I loved seeing some of my girls tonight. I wish I had more time to spend with them but school's gotta come first!

I am pretty exhausted after this crazy week. It was like Murphy's law in action, man. Although I can't complain too much because life is generally good to me.

On the agenda this weekend:
Barbara's baby shower.
Biochem homework and study group.
Organic prelab.

This week:
Organic postlab.
Biochem exam.
Two Biochem postlabs and one prelab.

Oh, and I love my new straightner. I spent about an hour in Ulta comparing their huge selection and got a decent one for about 30 bucks. It's red. <3
The only thing was, I couldn't locate the Biosilk protecting spray stuff; all I found were shampoos. Lame.

I like that Fergie song about being clumsy.