30 December 2008


ok. so.

Yesterday was my interview. It was very cool touring all of the labs and hearing more about the program.

The thing is... They only accept 4 people. When I heard that my heart kinda fell.
I interviewed with two different people, and one person sounded more enthusiastic than the other one... so, I dunno. We'll see. I say no hopes are up, but I really like the sound of their program. I have an interview for Hospital A next week, and their program is a little different than the other hospital's.

When I was being interviewed, I realized that I really do need a backup plan. If I don't get accepted then I'll just keep taking classes towards a bio degree, then try again next year. Cal 2 and Genetics Lab are classes I SEVERELY don't want to take, but if it comes down to it, what choice do I have? I have to meet with my advisor and see what's going on with that- a JOY in itself...

Which brings up another point: I have to get my taxes done in order to fill out the federal form for financial aid. But I've been sub-contracted this whole year and this is a whole new ballpark as far as what that means tax-wise. I may be screwed.

On the plus side, pizza fusion (the GF pizza place) opened in Houston and Chris and I are going there tonight to stuff our faces.

25 December 2008

bummin' around

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas. (I think "fab" is my new word.)

My day was good. I am bummed that it's quite humid and balmy outside instead of cold and fresh. Frank woke us all up at 6am, as usual, despite my pleadings to wait until 7 o'clock. Then we opened gifts. I always love watching people open the gifts I got them.

I got some great stuff as well. It was weird this year. I felt greedy expecting gifts, and a little bit guilty. I don't know why, as I over-spent on everyone's gifts as it was. *shrug*
The one "big gift" I did want this year was a CHI hair straightener. My mom even got me a pink sparkle one. Can I get a what what...

But after the morning greed was all done and over with, it was still way earlier than I'd normally even be awake. That's the thing about Christmas Day. Once the activities are over, there's really nothing to do but lay around because everything's closed. And A Christmas Story gets really old after the 3rd time around.

Looking at my calendar, I realized that Monday is my interview for the other hospital. Eek!

AND, I just checked my grades. Three As and 2 Bs.
Bitchin! I do believe that is Dean's List!

Going to go find something to do besides eat.

21 December 2008

tick tock

Seren's graduation party was a blast. Everyone dressed up and looked FAB. She really knows how to throw a party.

The only glitch in my evening was the fact that Chris failed to show up. I was really looking forward to it, and I told him I'd like it if he went but wasn't going to force him to go. The last thing I wanted was to bring a sulking boyfriend to the party.

Before I left for the party, all dressed up, my mom took a picture and my dad asked me if Chris was picking me up. You know, like what a normal boyfriend would do. It made me sad, because he bails a lot on special occasions and I can't really count on him, time and time again.

Nevertheless, I have learned not to let his absences and inconsiderations spoil my evenings, and I did have a great time. I am just letting it sink in slowly that I do deserve much better from a relationship. Whether he steps up or someone else provides it, only time will tell.

19 December 2008

skinny wiener

It's 4-something on a Friday afternoon and I'm sitting here drinking a glass of wine and eating deviled eggs. Life is good.

I spent the last couple of days at work helping Jackie prepare for Christmas. She got back in town less than a week ago and is trying to decorate and get stuff ready for the family she has coming in today. We put up trees, decorated them, wrapped and shipped gifts, etc. It was a nice change from sitting at the computer.

A while back my mom won 5 free personal trainer sessions and a 1-month free gym membership but she didn't want them and gave them to me. Today I went in and met my trainer, and he seems like a really cool guy. I got measured, weighed, and pinched, then we did a few exercises to determine my "range of motion." Basically that consisted of me getting on the treadmill, and then doing some machines that made me focus on muscles I'd never even thought about, much less worked out. He was really good, though, and I actually learned a lot today.

For instance, did you know that it's safe to lose 1-2 pounds a week? Any more than that and you're losing muscle weight, which is BAD because muscle raises metabolism. Low metabolism is not good for losing weight. And, you can lose up to .5 % of body fat a week. My "goal" he set is to do just that, but I seriously doubt that's going to happen... My goals don't really focus on percentages or pounds. I just want to get toned up and fit again. Maybe lose that tummy roll in the process.

I have my first "real" training session Monday so we'll see how much my ass hurts after that.

SKINNY WIENERS comes from this: Heavyweights, possibly the best movie ever.
(start it at around 3 minutes)

15 December 2008


Just because someone says "No offense, but..." doesn't make whatever follows okay to say.

Especially when it's how it's said that makes it particulary offensive. It wasn't what was actually said, but what was obviously implied.

I hate it when ignorant people make judgements and then follow through with an off-hand insult.

I'm not usually offended, but this remark struck me the wrong way and I had to bite my tongue and shake it off. It's probably because I don't particularly like this person. I have no reason not to like her, she just gives off shitty vibes to me.

I wish I could shed my non-confrontational habits and tell more people to fuck off.

10 December 2008


I am bummed to report that my brother's attempt at installing the new router has left me internet-less. I have to jack my mom's computer to check my email the old fashioned way, logging into gmail instead of having my emails pop happily onto my desktop in Outlook. And the only person I know who can fix it is in College Station because he can't tow his trailer safely in this kind of weather. Besides being internet-less, I am running dangerously low on snuggles!

Right now I'm watching it snow. It's not much, but it's always exciting to get snow here in Houston. One year it snowed on Christmas Eve, and that was really cool.

I've decided not to take my cell biology final. I have a B in the course right now. The only way to make an A in the class is to totally ace the final, and I honestly don't see myself doing that. So, I am donesky for this semester.

I got an invite for an interview at the other hospital's CLS program, but the people who schedule their interviews before Dec 19 are picked first. My interview is Dec 29. BALLS. I told the receptionist to call me if someone cancels, but I feel bummed out about that.

I also won a free month at the gym by my house, and 5 free personal trainer sessions. Sweeet. It's good, too, because I've been getting a little chub around my middle.

Well, CA dad's calling so I'll talk to him for a while.


04 December 2008


Tired but still wound up.
I hate that post-test combination.

I -think- I did well enough on my tests to skip final exams in all of my classes. We shall see!
I had some luck today. To study for analytical, our prof posts previous tests and we study from those. My study group also had a copy of a different test from someone who took it a while back. After going through both of them, I felt like I had a pretty good grasp of the material.

Imagine my GLEE when the test we were given was EXACTLY the same one we'd been studying. Not the one he posted, but the one from the friend. Same questions, same answers, everything.

As I breezed through it, I started to feel guilty.
But there was no way we could have known he'd use the previous year's test again, and we had studied the concepts and actually knew how to do the problems. It's not like we just memorized the answers.

I figured this would only happen once in a lifetime and it was a bit of good karma.

If I did well on cell bio, this means that my semester is over, except for a lame-ass lab report due Wednesday.

I would love to skip work tomorrow and lay around but, gotta do it!

*a bit of a bummer- the lady from the other hospital called me today and said she needs my rec letters from my profs. They haven't sent them in yet! They were supposed to... so now I have to deal with that. GR!

01 December 2008

twenty four

So, another birthday has come and gone. It was actually a great day. The weather was great, and I had a great hair day.

I woke up, ate some cereal and had some coffee, then got ready to head to the mall.
Yes, the mall. But it was Sunday and it was right when it opened and everyone was still at church. We even would up leaving right as it was gettin busy, so we missed it all. It was a breeze.

We went to Dillard's and Macy's and my mom, me, Ash and Suzy went on a bra-shopping bonanza. I found my size in a "designer" section, -but- I found my size and I bought two bras: One beige and one black.

I did some research to double-check my size, and I read that the support is supposed to come from the band, not the straps. So you get the smallest band you can (and it's comfortable), and hook it on the last size so as they get old and stretch you can still make it smaller. Makes sense to me.

These bras feel amazing. I noticed when I took it off after wearing it all day that there were no red strap marks on my shoulders. I'm never buying the wrong size again!

After the mall we went home and I made my birthday cheesecake and took a nap.

I had a few close friends over for pizza and cake, and it was real laid-back and nice.

The only thing about it is, Chris didn't come. About an hour before, he called me. He was in one of his "moods" and didn't feel like socializing, and it really hurt my feelings. I was super disappointed and got mad instead of being understanding, because I'd mentioned it several times beforehand how much I wanted him there. It seems like he bails at the last minute a lot when it's important to me that he be there.

Nevertheless, it was fun having a few close friends there. I felt loved and special. :o)

Chris and I ended up talking last night for a couple hours, and I just don't know what's going to happen with that. Kinda puts a damper on things.
One day at a time, I guess.

This week I have three tests, one quiz and a lab report. I already turned in a paper today. So, it will be busy, but if I do well enough to skip finals this will be my last week of school.