24 February 2008

sunday morning and hair stuff

I'm sitting here in my comfiest pj pants drinking coffee and munching on homemade cinnamon graham crackers. They taste just like the real thing, yay for a successful recipe!

It's the earliest I've gotten up on a Sunday in a long time. The sun is shining and it's slightly warm outside with a nice breeze. After being woken up abruptly, inducing a major case of temporary grouchiness, I'm pretty content.

I've got one lecture to watch, one very long chapter to read and one prelab writeup. I've got to make a trip over to the mall to pick up a piece of jewelry and then I get to shop around for a small belated birthday gift for my mom.

I think it's time to retire my trusty Revlon hair straightner. I've had the thing since high school and it's been dropped so many times the outside has gotten cracked and the metal plates sometimes come out. When I use it sometimes my hair gets stuck and gets pulled out. No wonder it's so damaged... I guess I should upgrade while I'm at the mall today, but I don't think I'm ready to shell out over $100 for a chi.

My new hair stylist (whom I love- aka she listens to what I have to say instead of hacking away and giving me mullet-like layers) also said she likes the Biosilk protecting spray stuff, and I'll try it because the stuff I use now, ironically the chi brand, doesn't seem to be doing much. Do any of ya'll use something like that that you'd recommend?

Anyway when I was getting my hair cut yesterday there were a lot of ladies there talking and getting their hair done. It was kind of like a scene from a movie. One of the ladies started talking about how she goes to Whole Foods on Saturday to try all the great samples they put out, and then she was talking about how she tried the gluten free bread. She said it was terrible (word) and that if she couldn't eat stuff like that she just wouldn't eat bread at all. (double word) I kinda wanted to pipe up and contribute to the conversation, but she was on a roll and was actually pretty amusing to listen to.

Because here's the thing: I hate it when people try the bread or other gluten free item and go, "it's not that bad!" It IS that bad when you're craving a peanut butter sandwich and have to eat it off hard, dry, dense bread. And it IS that bad when you have no choice and are forced to choke it down or, more often than not, go without. So anyway. Some non-celiacs feel our pain, tell it like it is and admit that some of the products are downright nasty, and it made me feel kinda good.

Back to my graham crackers :o)

22 February 2008

love that kid

My little brother Luke is so awesome, so thoughtful and so underappreciated.
That kid will take his shirt off his back for you. No questions asked.
I came home today to some gluten free cookie & cake mixes with the most adorable high school boy chicken scratch note.
And this is not the first time he's ever done something thoughtful like that, and not just to me.

Of course I love all of my brothers and sisters but I just wanted to sing his praises a little bit.

21 February 2008

50 things!

Today's entry is inspired by Random Brain Syndrome. She wrote about a list of 50 things she wanted to do and it made me think of my own that I had written up a few years ago. I'm sure there were some really cool things in there I'd thought up, but it was all lost in the Great Computer Crash of 2006, along with the 50-page Microbiology lab notebook that I slaved over and had to re-type frantically in two days...

But anyway. I now know the importance of backing up important files AND I want to try and re-construct/ update that list.

Here's what I remember from the list, and what I want do to!
Over time I've removed some as I don't really care anymore. As I figure out what I want to do instead, they'll get filled back in.

1. Walk on stilts
2. Get my bikini area professionally waxed
(x) 3. Decide on a major
(x) 4. Fall in love
(x) 5. Take a cake decorating class
6. Learn how to play the piano
7. Be more outgoing
(x) 8. Feel confident in a bathing suit
(x) 9. Figure out what's wrong with me!
(x) 10. Climb a rock wall
(x) 11. Give blood
(x) 12. Get a tattoo
13. Learn how to change oil and a tire
(x) 14. Learn how to cook
16. Milk a cow
(x) 17. Not wear jeans, a tshirt and tennis shoes every day
(x) 18. Buy a little black dress
19. Become knowledgeable in politics
(x) 20. Learn how to put contacts in
(x) 21. Own diamond jewelry
(x) 22. Get drunk.
(x) 23. Try some sort of illegal drug
(x) 24. Have sex in a car
(x) 25. Learn how to knit
(x) 26. Plan a potluck picnic during the spring
(x) 27. Watch the sunrise
28. Live in CA again
(x) 30. Plan a wedding
31. Pose nude for art
(x) 32. Learn how to take a compliment
(x) 34. Floss
(x) 35. Make my parents proud
36. Spend more time with my siblings
(x) 37. Make a 4.0... from now on
(x) 38. Build a custom home or re-do a fixer upper
39. Go fishing and catch something
(x) 40. Learn how to surf
41. Be able to communicate in sign language and spanish
43. Buy my mom a car
(x) 44. Wear lipstick without looking like a whore
45. Learn how to dance with a partner
46. Be "the tooth fairy"
(x) 48. Collect enough wine corks to cover a bulletin board
(x) 49. Buy and actually use a crock pot
50. Get published.
51. Visit a ghost town
52. Own a chicken that lays eggs
53. Participate in a demolition derby

19 February 2008


I got a 74/75 on that psych paper I BS'd my way through. The TA even put "good job!" on it. I rock. In other grades news, I got a 57 on my ochem exam, but the class average was a 54 so that's not AS bad, right? Right. I would have made in the lower 60's but I completely stupidly bombed this one question that I realized after I got my test back that I knew how to do. Grr, I hate that.

Now I gotta do a scientific paper on Vitamin C, which there is no way to BS through and it is actually my kind of writing. The only thing is, the research and analysis takes a long time. Other than that, I can totally crank out a badass scientific paper. Although I did take an hour to figure out how to put the symbol for statisical mean, "X-bar" in a formula in Word, because I don't have that equations program uploaded. Thank God for Google!

I've also been on a fruit kick. I want to go to Fiesta (where it's cheapest) and get a whole shitload of fruit just to snack on. Today in biochemistry, the class where I get SO STARVING, I was eating an apple that was so delicious. I guess it was kind making noise kuz my friend turned around to look at me, LOL.

All right, happy writing to me...

18 February 2008


I've been spending a lot of time over at C's lately, and today I had a blessed short ochem lab, so I hightailed it home before traffic started sucking. It's another "California day" and it feels so good to be home! I've missed my bed and my cat (yes, the little pissing machine, I missed her), and my own coffeemaker, and all the little comforts of home. Yesterday we BBQ'd for my mom's birthday instead of going to church because she partied Saturday night, lol. C brought some of this deer sausage from this deer he killed. Boy it was good. But anyway I was like, wow I haven't been home in a while. So yeah, it's nice.

If I feel like writing I don't get to make blog entries over at his place b/c I have not told him about this. He may know anyway, but I'd rather not advertise it.

Since becoming gluten-free, I've had to find something to satisfy my cake cravings. Lately it's been ice cream. My new obsession: the dryers snickers ice cream. It tastes JUST like the snickers ice cream bars. It's so delicious! I make myself scoop it into a bowl or I'll sit there and eat the whole damn carton.

Well let me take advantage of this extra time to get my post labs done. Chiao!

16 February 2008


So I spent most of my day cleaning. Cat Pee.
There is a spot that she "likes" to pee and I swear I've scrubbed it so many times but it still stinks. Effing cats man. When she kicks it I'm totally not getting another cat. This is ridiculous.

I woke up early (because of my sister's cat, which I'm TOTALLY not getting into now) and tried my hand at donuts. Since C has been on this donut kick I've really been wanting them. I've never really liked donuts, but I figured that maybe if they were gluten free I'd like them. Nah. I still don't like them. There's something about fried dough covered in glaze that doesn't appeal to me.

I had goals to watch at least one of the psych lectures today but it doesn't look like I'm going to buckle down and get to it. Meh.

T is having an apartment warming party tonight. I was going to bring her a plant but I forgot to go to that part of Walmart. I'm bringing her some TP instead. It may seem lame, but you always need TP.

Mom wants us all to go to church and breakfast tomorrow for her birthday. Hrm. I don't like going to church since they made the services all contemporary.

I'm kinda hungry and spaghetti sounds good.

13 February 2008

life n stuff

Aww poop. I hate it when the blogs I like to read are put on "by invite only."

Anyway today is -for real- my first day of work. I'm kinda nervous but at the same time kinda whatever. I have to ask to leave early on Friday because of my ochem exam (which, by the way, I am completely unprepared for). I always feel bad about asking for time off because I'm so used to getting shit for it. If I do, though, at least I know right away that this job isn't going to work out.

Things with the boyfriend are back to normal so I'm pretty happy about that.

My insurance SUCKS and I keep getting bills for labwork and random crap that happened in December. The thing is, though, I called about one of them and the lady was like, "Oh yeah, you weren't supposed to be billed for that." Glad I didn't just pay it... sheesh.

Happy Hump Day Ya'll.

09 February 2008

an open book

I am aware that this is a public blog and anyone can read it, stumble up on it, etc. If you google "jacobithegreat" my old xanga, youtube, deviantart, blogger, etc shows up. Even the comments I've made on other people's blogs show up. Nothing is hidden.

The thing is, though, I don't care if people know what I think, what I write, yadda yadda. I mean, if you go looking for it, you gotta be prepared for what's coming up. I got so sick of censoring myself because I knew that certain people would be reading up on me. Now, I haven't come right out and told anyone (except a few special ppl) about my new "venting spot," but it's not THAT hard to find it if you go looking.

I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anyone near and dear to me, but I'm going to write what I want to write and I don't give a shit if you don't like it, or even if you judge me based on a few words typed on a computer screen. Enough censoring. The truth is sometimes hard to know and I think that there should be more of it.

And you know, most of the shit I write is just that: Shit. Venting. Putting my thoughts and worries outside of my head. Not everything has a hidden meaning, just like not every song I put on my myspace page has lyrics explaining how I feel. What if I just happen to like the song??

But, in the interest of preserving others' anonymity, I will no longer use names. Maybe I'll come up with code names, OOh!

All right, enough of that.

P.S. I totally got an A on that biochem exam. Peeooww!

08 February 2008

kitty prozac

Just call me productive.

Got all the crap taken care of except for the car. My paper's done except for a conclusion and proofreading. I forget how rediculously easy psychology is. It's all the same thing, just re-packaged and applied according to the class. And I managed to do it all with a horrible headache. I probably OD'd on meds trying to get it to go away and now I feel a little wierd, haha.

Got some different antibiotics for the kitty, and they told me about this medicine. Sometimes cats think they have a bladder infection when they don't and they pee all over. This medicine makes them think they don't and supresses the urge to pee. So all I gotta do is break open a capsule and put it in her food every day. Supposedly it tastes like chicken. Right now she's curled up asleep with a kitty smile on her face. So hopefully there will be a lot less writing about kitty.

Oh, and it's an absolutely gorgeous day. I can hear the kids playing in the park.

07 February 2008


Yeah so I felt like a big dork when I showed up for work on Wednesday and no one was there... Apparently "I'll see you Wednesday" means not this week, but next. I was in the neighborhood and I knew it'd make his day, so I surprised C with donuts for breakfast before heading up to school to study.

I don't think we're going to end up going out of town this weekend. I was kinda starting to look forward to it, too. Poo. Oh, well. more time to study/ sleep. Although my list of crap to do tomorrow is long and annoying. I'm STILL trying to get medical bills from the car accident paid by my insurance company. And C pointed out that one of my tires is blistered and needs to be replaced so I gotta go to the dealership.

That, and I have to call the vet AGAIN because I'm getting REALLY sick of the cat piss everywhere. Grrr. I'm so sick of cats right now. My sister's cat moved back in with her and he likes to tear open cat food. The dry food, those little bowls of wet food that have a plastic pull-back top opened and strewn everywhere... For some reason he feels the need to come into my room and wreak havoc. Every day I've come home to either a huge food mess or the smell of pee and a needy cat. It's enough to make me want to pop open a beer and throw them out with much force, see if they really always land on their feet.

I'm already grouchy thinking about it. Being an adult is annoying sometimes.

06 February 2008

coffee = poo?

does coffee make anyone else have to poo?
maybe that's why people poo in the morning.

off to my first day of work!
i got hired for a medical marketing company owned by this couple who run it out of their home. that equals jeans to work every day, horray.
they want me to do the normal office stuff, plus they want to teach me how to do some webmastering and a little bit of medical writing. kinda cool, huh?
plusses: the guy is not at all creepy and reminds me of my dad. they have three children in college and two cats. :o)
major plus: they are extremely flexible with the schedule and don't care if i take off to study and whatnot. as of now, my hours are 10-4 so i can skip most traffic.
the funny part? these are the people that rescheduled the interview like 4 times and then i didn't hear from them for a while. things always work out...
cross your fingers i don't screw this up.

05 February 2008

officially in session

I haven't had much time to sit around at the computer.

I got a job. Will elaborate more later but I think it's bueno.

Mon I got up early (grrump) to meet with Biochem prof to go over some hw I didn't get. Spent the next 9 hours in crazy hard Ochem lab and writing up report. Can we say brain drain?

Biochem exam Thursday. Been studying like mad and I still don't feel prepared.

Trying to figure out whether or not formal lab report on Vitamin C is due for Biochem lab on Thursday. No one is sure. Either way, the prelab (for what lab? no clue yet) is due Thurs and that will take a couple hours.

Friday, gotta write a 6-page paper for psych. It's due Monday but C wants me to [possibly] accompany him to the boonies where his grandpa lives because it's his birthday party and wants to meet me. Kinda anxious b/c it's a big deal and it's a long drive and I hate car rides. That and I will spend the weekend with his family, AND I have those special dietary requirements and I don't want to be a pain in the ass.

If I do go, I still have to write up the Ochem prelab for Monday when I come back Sunday night. Minus a couple hours right there. Add up the hours for Vit C lab (whenever it's due) and next week's post and pre-labs for Biochem, and there's another chunk of time right there.

THEN the first Ochem exam is Friday night, and with my schedule no longer free on Wed and Fri because of work, I will have to find time to study.

Not to mention the psych lectures I haven't been watching...

School is officially back in session people.

01 February 2008

tootin' around

The first thing I did when I came home this morning was clean up another spot of cat pee. There's a big foamy spot of carpet cleaner on top of it. Oh, well I needed to vacuum anyway. I have a feeling that, like last time, she will need a stronger round of antiobiotics. She hasn't really been eating (her old food or her new food), and when she did eat a tiny bit this morning she barfed it right back up. I wonder if that's because of the antibiotics? At any rate she barfed up the last dose I gave her. On my mom's favorite rug. Oy. I hear her hurling again... that poor sick cat's gunna have to go outside man.

Yesterday after pipetting and titrating for three hours straight and wishing I had a graduated cylinder (try pipetting 40 ml over and over with just a 5 ml pipet!), I joined the gang for karaoke. It was a small crowd, which is understandable considering it's the beginning of the semester. C had mentioned going to Kemah and riding the rollercoaster or seeing a movie, but I was so beat, I didn't really want to do anything but be a schlub. Maybe tonight I can make myself all cute and do something with him.

It's a gloriously sunny day and my sister Ashley gets off work at noon so I think maybe I'll do something with her. I haven't chilled with her in a while. She's been having trouble breathing lately so she went to the doctor and did some tests. She was telling me how it went and in the midst of everything somehow she managed to see her 6th grade math teacher naked. HAHA Awkward!