30 May 2009

fuck sick!

WHY do I never get sick on Monday? Why do I always get sick on a Friday, so that there are no doctors to go to until Monday? Then by the time Monday rolls around I've suffered all weekend and am starting to feel better and don't need to see the doctor anymore. WHY??

Last night was horrible. I was so miserable I even started crying. I kept getting to that point in feverish-ness where I would wake up shivering and be unable to sleep. At one point I gave up on sleep, hobbled my shivering self to the couch, and was watching vacuum and penis pump infomercials at 4am. Only 4 easy payments of 24.95!

Then, the ibprofen wore off. I can't even begin to describe the pain that comes with an infected tonsil. Every swallow is met with a flinch. I didn't want to take any more meds on an empty stomach because the last thing I needed was nausea on top of everything else. I finally got up and made some rice, took some pills, and now the meds are starting to kick in.

I thought a good night's sleep would bring my fever down and I could do some of the fun things I had planned for today, but I didn't get a good night's sleep and I woke up with a 102 fever. Even a miserable lukewarm shower didn't help. Don't you remember taking lukewarm baths when you were sick as a kid and how much they sucked? They don't get better as you get older, haha.

Now I feel slightly better. The aches aren't as bad, but there's still that fever and the pain. My mom looked in my mouth with a flash light and said there's pus on my tonsil. Ewww. I kinda wanna go play but it will probably make me feel worse, and I don't want to infect anyone. Boo. I'm feeling good enough to be bored, but not good enough to do something.

I am so SICK of being SICK!!

29 May 2009

sluggish and jersey

Man, I hurt. You know that feeling when you're about to get the flu and you just kinda have a dull hurt all over, you're dragging yourself around, have no energy, your head kinda aches and your arms feel all heavy? I feel like that, but with no fever or sniffles. I did wake up with one of my random swollen tonsils, so maybe that has something to do with it. I dunno dude. Suckage.

After working with my mom for a few weeks, I discovered that she has a ritual. Every Friday morning, she goes shopping. Even though I felt kinda tired, I "mustered up" enough energy to shopping for a little bit this morning. Good thing too, I snagged this cute dress for $4.

I love that jersey fabric. Even my bedsheets are jersey. I have some jersey fabric to make pj pants, but I haven't been able to get started on them.

Oy, ok time to go veg in front of the tv.
Maybe I need a multivitamin.


Okay, so I started shivering so I took my temperature. Nix what I said about not having a fever. Ughhh.

28 May 2009

salty romance

Three guesses who these are from. I bet you only need one, though.
Yup, Chris.

Was it a lovely gesture?

Am I taking that gesture with an enormous grain of salt?
You bet I am. I'd be an idiot not to.

I would get into how I've gotten used to not having him around, how I'm not sure I want to get attached again, how I bet you that things will be great at first but slowly go back downhill, but let's just leave it up in the air for now. Keep this balance between optimism and skepticism; it's a good place right now.

Let him take me out on a few dates, buy me some dinner, do a little redeeming. I honestly don't know where I stand, or where I will end up standing.

Besides, I'm super tired and want to get some sleep. Nite!

24 May 2009

smelly woes

Arg I'm peeved. I worked really hard to get that nightstand completely done and in use again by the end of tonight, but there is a problem. My dad pulled some stuff out of the shed to seal and waterproof the top, and I used it but it smells so bad like chemicals that I can't bring it in or it will for sure give me a headache. It's dry, but still smelly. I wish I would have used other stuff. I don't know how long it will take to de-smell. I want my nightstand back!

I tried to get my pasty pale butt out in the sun today, so I put on my bikini and laid out in the backyard. Except, after a little while I got bored so I went inside. Just as well, with my luck I would have burned anyway.

Breaking Bad is coming on- deuce!

23 May 2009

crafty pogs

I didn't know what to do today, and my horoscope said to be crafty. Okay, crafty it is. It's not like I don't have a list of things I want to accomplish this summer, full of random crafty things. I've been feeling very martha lately. I think working on projects like this gives me time to think and self-reflect a little.

The varnish on the old table that I use as a nightstand started flaking off, so today I started sanding it down to paint it. For the paint, I'm going the white route this time, to streamline the process and avoid unwanted random colors that don't turn out right.

I totally spaced on the "before" picture and didn't take one.
We've had this table for a really long time. I think we brought it from California. It's made really well, with solid wood and screws. As I was sanding, I found a pog stuck underneath it. It was a Christmas one. Remember pogs? They were popular for only a few years, but I had a ton of them. And I guess one of us decided to stick one up under there, and it's been there for years.

Well, now I have an hour to kill while the paint dries before the second coat. I am totally nasty, covered in dust from sanding, paint, and sweat. If I shower, I'll just get nasty all over again. Maybe I'll take a nap in the middle of the floor, haha.

19 May 2009


I don't see myself this way anymore.

It's summer again, so I joined a photo challenge website. This week's challenge: Self-portrait.

This photo was taken by my old roomie and good friend Tillye for her photo class a couple years ago. It's been my favorite picture of me because for some reason I felt it captured "me." I probably saw something in it that no one else did. I felt like it was familiar, like how I picture myself.

If I look at it one way, I look sad with a forced smile. If I look at it another way, I look wistful and happy. It perfectly captured my state of mind when the picture was taken. Maybe that's just the skill of a great photographer.

In all the pictures I tried to take of myself today, I looked like a stranger. Do you ever have those mornings where you get up and look in the mirror and not fully recognize yourself? It's like those changes that occur so slowly over time that you don't notice them, but to someone you haven't seen in years it's immediately perceptible.

Maybe I just don't have the right emotions flowing through me. Maybe the camera is capturing something that I don't see in myself but is nevertheless there.

17 May 2009


Now that I'm feeling like a human again, I wanted to post my before & after bookshelf makeover.

Except... the paint color I picked looked a lot different than what I actually got. I wanted orange, and the color I chose had a lot more red to it, so it was darker and warmer, almost like a sunset orange.

When they mixed it, I ended up with a brighter sherbert orange, which is not bad, but not what I was expecting. I would have re-painted it but I just wanted to get it done with. Now I have a half-gallon left of orange paint that I don't know what to do with. Suggestions?

I didn't take a before picture of the bookshelves overflowing with towels and random stuff, but it was messy.



Oh, and I got the little baskets at the dollar store for, yes, a dollar each. The little wastebasket on the bottom fits perfectly and holds all my bathing suits. Yay for cute organization!

14 May 2009

business time

No, not that business time.

Order of non-sexual business number 1: My arms feel like they've been hit by a baseball bat. Every time I tried to roll over last night, I was woken up by PAIN.

2. I could eat Honey Nut Chex straight out of the box for the rest of my life.

3. I just burned my mouth on hot coffee. When will I learn?

4. I planted some pea plants a few days ago, and they're growing insanely fast. Way faster than my peppers. They've popped out of the ground and have grown an inch since I looked at them yesterday. They look so cool. I wanted to take a picture but the sun isn't hitting them yet. The squash is also growing fast. Something's going on with that soil or something.

13 May 2009

human pincushion

Today I spent two hours at the doctor's office to get:

1 meningitis shot
1 tetanus shot
1 hepatitis A shot
1 tuberculosis skin test

and to give:

3 vials of blood to determine varicella (chicken pox) immunity and test for anemia.

This was all prompted by the vaccinations that I have to prove before I can begin at Hospital A. All I *needed* was the tetanus, skin test and chicken pox.

My doctor recommended the meningitis and hep A, and I figured I'd rather pay for the vaccination now than accidentally contract it later. The anemia is just to see if the gluten free diet has worked and to make sure I'm actually absorbing nutrients now.

So now I'm all bandaid-ed and damn that tetanus made my arm sore!
And the nurse apologized while she was giving me the shots. She said, "I bet you didn't wake up this morning thinking we were going to poke you this much!"

I have to go back Friday to get the skin test evaluted. I get my chicken pox results sometime next week, and if I have immunity (even though I never actually got them), then I can check that off my list of things to do. I wonder what happens if I'm not immune? A vaccination? I dunno, but I hope it's quick because I have to send my paperwork in by June 1st.

Oh, and I also had to pay for my own background check. Lame.

I'm still super excited to start, though. :o)

12 May 2009

insomnia and grades

Man, I feel like crap. Why? Well let's go over my night.

I studied to about 10, then I started to feel... just crappy, so I watched a little bit of tv and then went to bed.

... And tossed and turned for 2 hours. Finally I got up and ate some ice cream while watching Futurama. Then I realized I was hungry but the ice cream made me cold so I wanted something hot. I opened a can of soup that was really gross, threw that out, and resorted to rice cakes because I didn't want to start a cooking production in the middle of the night. I got to sleep at about 130, and slept in a strange position on the couch until I woke up at about 4.

I crawled back into bed, and laid there awake until I heard Pumpkin whining to be let in at about 530. I think I fell asleep somewhere in the 6 o'clock hour, slept intermittently, and woke up at 830.

What the hell man? I was tired but I couldn't sleep, and I really wanted to get a good night's sleep before this Cal test today. I wasn't thinking about anything that should have kept me up, I wasn't worrying about anything. For some reason I couldn't get comfortable, like my pillows weren't quite right. The best sleep I got all night was 2 1/2 hours lopsided on my couch.

I got an email from my biodiversity prof and I think I made an A or a high B in that class, depending on how the curve goes. I got a 90 on my paper and got above average on the exams, but I didn't do so well on the participation grade.

And I just found out I got a 5o on the evolutionary final I took yesterday. What the hell? I knew that material, but I have found that I make stupid mistakes with this guy's tests. He just words things funny and tries to trick you. Well, I fell for them. WhatthefuckEVER man, I never have to worry about that crappy class again. That class has done nothing but piss me off all semester.

I do, on the other hand, want to do well in Cal. I started off hating this class, but I've found that I'm not too terrible at it! I feel like I have a shot at getting a B in this class- something I never imagined. Let's hope my mental and energy levels don't crash until AFTER the final.

Then, Thursday is my psych final, but that's maybe 3 hours of studying max and I'll get an A.

I'm so close to freedom I can taste it!

... it tastes like coffee.

10 May 2009

09 May 2009

saturday night

I am slightly comforted by the idea that this will be the last Saturday that I will be obligated to sit at this desk and study material that I don't give a crap about, at least for a few months. I know you're tired of reading it, and I'm tired of typing it: I'm tired!

On a happier note, tonight was Luke's ROTC awards banquet and it was nice. We cheered super loud when he got his award, and were able to sneak away once it started to drag on. Some of the alumni were there, and we sat near two of them who said that they have seen me around the UH campus. I felt bad because I sort of recognized one guy who graduated with me, but I had no idea who the other girl was. I'm so bad at recognizing faces.

Okay, let's buckle down...

08 May 2009


It was hard to get up today. Usually the sun pours in through my curtain and coaxes me out of bed. This morning was a cloudy, stay-in-bed type of day.

I had originally planned a study group for this afternoon, but I was feeling sluggish and I really didn't want to drive to and from school. I was going to drag myself there anyway, but then mom read my horoscope and it said today was a day to take a chill pill.
Since I was feeling it anyway, I went with the stars' advice.

I'm glad I did. I wouldn't have been able to focus on schoolwork today. I am getting so burnt out. I worked on the new format for my parents' website for a while. It's coming along nicely. I just need to figure out how to plug all the html into the web host... can anyone help me with that? The Go Daddy website is not very user-friendly.

Anyways, as of now I'm trying a dairy-free crockpot rice pudding recipe. No idea how that will turn out. If it's good, it will be on my kitchen adventures blog.

I was going to go to the Astro's game tonight, since it's college night and all, but I don't want to make the effort to get everyone together. Anyway I think a friend of mine is graduating tonight. I'm not sure if I even want to go to that; I'm feeling very hermit-y.

Maybe tonight I'll lay around and be a sloth, so tomorrow I can buckle down and study. This last week draagggeeedddd by so hopefully this next one will be quick. And hopefully I won't go nuts, haha.

04 May 2009

rants and retail therapy

Well I just took the most RIDICULOUS exam ever.

See, normally the format is multiple choice, 4 or 5, maybe 6 possible answers. Pretty standard for every other class I've taken that gives multiple choice exams.

...For some reason for this exam my prof decided to use 10-15 multiple choice answers, with most of them being along the lines of: B, A, and E, or: D, F, and G, etc. Think about it- 10 to 15 is a LOT of possible answers to weed through.
Now, I knew enough to get maybe a high B on the exam. But he got really specific- and with 10-15 possible choices, he pretty much had every option up there. That way it was harder to rule out answer choices if you weren't sure of one of the options.
Then, by the time I was trying to figure it out and there was a cluster fuck in my head, I forgot what the question was even asking.
I was so pissed, especially because a lot of the questions were 2-part. If you knew the first part but got the second part wrong, there was only one answer for the question and you got no credit.

And this was AFTER he made a big speech about how he was in college once and hated when professors made exams really hard at the end of the semester when you've got a lot going on. I don't know what posessed him to make it harder, because the class average on exams is in the 40's to begin with. What a dick.

So after I got home, me and Frankish bonded a little and went to Walmart for some retail therapy and McFlurries. I got two new dresses, but it's okay because I got some unprecedented child support money this week. I think I'm good on buying dresses for a while now.

Look! This one has pockets!!
(But almost no boob room. It might have to go back.)
But it has pockets!!

This one is more conservative. I'm thinking it will be great for a wedding I'm going to in June.
(It's brown, not black, and I'm thinking of pairing it with really bright accessories like a necklace or bag or shoes or something.)

Oh, and I also finished my biodiversity paper on the endangered seahorse- from research to finish- in one day. Now I have to study for my biodiversity exam tomorrow. Ay- at least I have cute dresses.


There is a public blog for the course and it was full of comments about the last-minute trickery. Someone posted a "sample question" from the test, and I had to laugh so hard because that's not a huge exaggeration of what it was like:

"Did you know there is direct positive correlation between high IQ scores and mentally retarded Autistic people.

Create a freaking hypothesis for that and choose a correct answer

a) Every Autistic child is smart.
b) Every smart child is Autistic.
c) Autistic trait is favored by natural selection because it increases there fitness by being smart
d) Autistic trait is NOT favored by natural selection because it decrease their fitness by not securing a mate
e) Autism and High IQ has no direct correlation
f) Autism and High IQ has a trade off. Making them smart at the same time clumpsy
g) Autism and High IQ has a physical constraint relation. Autistic children have a low frequency of having friends; which in turn forces them to stay at home(physical constraint) and study.
h) E,G
i) A,B
j) A,B,E
k) C,D,E
l) B,C,G
m) D,E,G
n) B,F,G
o) D,E,F
p) None of the above
q) All of the above
r) The answer can not be determined by the lack of information. (This last one is really like a kicker in your nuts. After reading the darn question and thinking about the answers from a-q for freaking 10 minus on one question; you now have to worry if this last one could be the correct answer or not...)"

HAHAHA I love it.

That being said, I somehow manage to get a C+/ B- with the 45 I got... I'll be so glad when this all over.

01 May 2009

summer's coming

Wow, it's May already.

I have been on a big sundress kick lately. I just think they're a super easy thing to throw on when it gets to be a bajillion degrees and humid. They're cool and cute and girly, without even trying. They come in fun, bright colors. That, and you can usually get them for under $15 a piece. You can dress them up or down. Sundress + flip flops = instant cute summer outfit that's appropriate for a multitude of occasions. Is there any downside to a sundress??

-btw, the pictures look better when you click on them. I should have thought more before I put them against such a busy background-

I got this one at JC Penney for $14 on sale. I had to alter it a bit to keep the girls in place. I like the way it crosses in the back. I'm also thinking this would be a great swimsuit coverup.

I got these two at Walmart, for $10 each. I especially like that I can wear a bra with both of them without it showing. The Walmart by my house has an awesome selection of sundresses. I wanted to buy so many more!

The pink one is reversible. Hot pink and orange stripes- I love it. The fabric is really soft and flowy, like jersey. I'll probably go back and get one in another color.

The blue one is adorable. I like the pattern and the tie in the back. I also like that it covers my shoulders because they get burned most often.

On an unrelated note: What is everyone thinking of getting their mom for Mother's Day? I kinda have an idea but I want to see if I can steal someone else's, haha.