27 April 2014


Thursday morning we woke up and went to the title company.

Then, we signed about a million papers.
When we walked out, we were homeowners. Ah!

Our wonderful realtor came bearing gifts of wine, and insisted on a group photo, haha.

Immediately, it was overwhelming. We had a house. And a mortgage. And a million things to do.

That night we went over there and on the way realized that the power might be turned off. Sure enough, it was pitch black. So, we drank our champagne and painted a few spots of test paint by flashlight.

Once I made phone calls to get water, gas, and electricity connected, the overwhelm-ness got better. There is still a lot to do in the house, but the biggest thing we really have to do before moving in is get it painted. Like, the entire house. Which we will not attempt to do ourselves. We hope to have that scheduled this week so we can start moving in next week.

Also, I think we may have a ghost. I was there last night by myself, and I heard a noise so I went into the master bathroom to check it out. I noticed the closet door was open, but when I was in there a few minutes earlier I could have SWORN the closet door was closed. Will keep you posted on the potential ghost-ness, or the potential someone-was-in-my-house-ness. Not sure which idea creeps me out more...

And yes, we are already in the process of changing the locks. And getting the alarm system activated.

18 April 2014

17 April 2014

mind dump

So. Close. To the end.

As it turns out, our relator that was a bit spacey at first has totally and completely pulled through in all the crucial moments. She's great and I love her and I want to buy her a plant or something.

I officially just got away with eating chips & ice cream for dinner, right in front of Chris. He's distracted.

Speaking of that guy who lives with me and is kinda cute, he's officially employed! My little bro's influence got him a job at the company he works for. What a blessing.

Also, wine is delicious.

14 April 2014

sick germs peh.

Fuck, man.
That damn throat/sinus pain that attacks every once in a while has just shown up.. just as I get over one sickness, another takes hold.
I'm not okay with being miserable again, man.

13 April 2014


Weekends are too short.

Not to mention weekdays. Since I come home late, after dinner there's not much time for anything else before it's time for bed again. We have been managing to squeeze in workouts, and inevitably on those days I'm in bed late.

Seriously though, after factoring in obligations like laundry and grocery shopping and sleeping in, it leaves a limited amount of time for relaxation, socializing, projects, and other things like washing the car or cleaning the toilets. Sometimes, it feels like the weekend just started and I haven't even sat down and it's time to get ready for Monday again.

I see people doing all kinds of stuff nearly every weekend, like camping and bike riding and festivals and I wonder how on earth they do it?? Do they just have empty refrigerators & no clean underwear?

Maybe they do all their toilet scrubbing and grocery shopping on weekdays after work, so that weekends are free to party. There's a thought.

Anyway, I have to figure out dinner and change the laundry and pick out my clothes for tomorrow. It's supposed to be warm & rainy. Egh. Hel-lo ponytail.

12 April 2014

Painty paint

Last night Chris and I headed over to Ashley's to help paint Calvin's bathroom. Well, Ashley and I painted and Chris watched a movie with Collin.

We severely overestimated the need and bought a huge can of green paint back when we did the grass on his bedroom walls.

Since then, Ashley has been trying to use it up. So, she decided to paint his bathroom this bright kelly green. At first, it looked like it was going to be a bit much. But then, it started to look really cool!


I think it's going to look so fun and bright when it's complete.

We finally entered the final stages of the house-buying process yesterday. Painting over at Ashley's has made me so excited to start painting over there! The possibilities are so endless. I keep going to the listing online and looking at the pictures and imagining what it would look like once we move in. I really love that house.

06 April 2014


You know how I said last week we were going to start our workout routine?
Well, the stomach bug had other plans. We joked that I got sick just to avoid working out.

Still feeling pretty meh. The tummy is not back on track. Random bouts of I can't even think about food, and stomach pains. I've eaten maybe the equivalent of two full meals in 6 days, which is probably why I still feel so tired & worn out.

In other, better news, kitty figured out how to use the cat door! ...Halfway. The other day Chris left her outside to run an errand, and when he came home she was inside. Then he actually witnessed her do it the next day. So she can come inside on her own, but I think she has yet to figure out that it goes both ways. Hey, I'll take the baby steps! I really want her to figure it out before we move and throw her world out of whack again.

We found a hydrangea plant at the grocery store today for 6 bucks. So I now have a hydrangea plant. I LOVE it. I can't wait to plant it at our new house. The house process has taken a tiny baby step, but is essentially still in the same part of the process that it was almost 3 weeks ago. Trying. To. Remain. Patient.

Anyway, it's Sunday and I'm worn out and it's rainy outside and I think it's nap time.

05 April 2014

10 Home Decor Trends I Love

10 Home Decor Trends I Love

To balance the 10 Home Decor Trends I Really Don't Like post, here's some stuff I've obviously been digging:

1. Chandeliers. Everywhere. Almost-- Because there is no way that I'd sacrifice a ceiling fan for a chandelier, so I'd only use them on non-fan situations. In random places like the laundry room.

Love the tiny big of glam sparkle where there would just be a boring light. Just, YES. [Don't give me your woes about how hard they are to clean. When is the list time you cleaned any light fixture? Or your ceiling fan, for that matter? I rest my case.]

2. While we're on the subject, Badass laundry rooms. It may seem fickle, but darn they're cute.

I especially love the idea of the tabletop that goes over the washer & dryer.

 No more random socks & lint balls falling in-between and behind them.

3. Using tablecloths as curtains. Genius. I prefer curtains to blinds or those awful sliding glass door vertical blinds. Curtains are far more durable, easier to clean, and easy to change when you want a new look. I've seen some pretty nice shower curtains that could do the trick as well.

4. Open, airy, light kitchens.

With vertical plate storage. I've always hated stacking plates. Just seems... heavy. I don't know.

5. Pretty cold air return vents. Especially if it's in a prominent place in the home.
Mine is in the middle of the hallway and very visible... and very ugly.

6. Doorways made to look like bookshelves/ secret rooms.

This is an oldie. I've always wanted a secret passageway.

7. Camouflaging unsightly, but necessary items outside. We did something like this with our A/C,

and I love how they painted their utility boxes on Young House Love.

8. Colored doors. Kind of like an accent wall, but I like it maybe because it's functional?

9. Displaying things in unique ways that would otherwise sit in a closet.

Like vacation sand.

Or foreign coins.

10. Epic closets. This is less of a trend and more like on everyone's wish list.

02 April 2014


This stomach bug is no joke. I've never been so sick in my life.

Phenergan is also no joke. Had me knocked out for an entire day.

Got to go into work tomorrow, even though I haven't eaten in 2 days. If I call in for another day I'm afraid I'll lose my job man.