28 October 2015

This kid

The stickers Calvin chose after going pee in the potty.

No glow in the dark zombies or googly eye pumpkins.

Leftover garage sale stickers. He insisted.

Ok, kid.

27 October 2015

Awkward thing

You know what's awkward?

Today I was driving home. Tootin through the neighborhood like normal.

There was a lady jogging on the sidewalk. No big deal. Except as I approached my driveway... so did she.

She was at a distance where I had to make a choice. Either pull into my driveway before she got to it, or wait for her to cross the driveway and then pull in.

Rather than cut her off and screech into the driveway right in front of her (haha could you imagine??), I chose to pull over at the curb and idle while she passed.

It was only a wait of about 5 seconds, but time seemed to slowww down. Of course, she looked over her shoulder to see who was creeping behind her, and all I could do was give her the wave. Which I'm not sure she saw.

Too bad I didn't have "Eye of the Tiger" ready to blast.

Then I waited an additional appropriate amount of time so she could cross the driveway before I pulled in, so she didn't think I was being rude or impatient.

And she looked behind her shoulder again as she jogged away. I felt like such an awkward creeper. I should have driven around the block to avoid the whole situation haha.

Only I over think these random ass scenarios.

26 October 2015


I made big ass salads for dinner. Too bad they're sitting in the fridge bc there's wine and caramel brownies in the house.

25 October 2015


It's finally sufficiently cold enough outside that the windows are open and the cool air is beginning to course through the house.

Fresh clean sheets are drying as we speak. I love when those two things coincide.

My toenails are painted, gold and green sparkles. Didn't quite turn out the way I expected but oh, well.

In other news:

2 year old logic

Solid Auntie status going on right now.

24 October 2015

rainy day

The plumber was right on time.

The doorbell rang, I jumped out of bed half-asleep and remembered to grab a tshirt and some shorts. Opened the door and EEE OOOOH EEEEE OOOOH. Oops, forgot to turn off the alarm. Hang on.

Through the house, out the back door, "Hey guy, watch out there might be poop." Duck under the overgrown (and moldy-- eew I had no idea plants could mold?) bushes to the back side of the house.

I said to the guy, "Here's the problem. We tried to fix it. Sorry about that."

Guy ran to get parts and came back just in time for it to start raining. Fortunately 30 minutes and $160 later, he was soaked, it was fixed, and we had water again! Yay!

Did I mention the stop/street sign out on the corner rusted through and fell down? Our corner of the neighborhood is looking pretty classy right now. Remind me to call the city on Monday.

Did the grocery shopping for the week, returned Chris's dad's truck, grabbed lunch at the local bbq place, and now I'm ready to hunker down on the couch and watch ParaNorman.

It can go ahead and rain now.

23 October 2015

no water

because this house is cursed and when a simple leak should be a simple fix, but it's not, you end up having to turn all the water to the house off or else let the equivalent of the hose run all night. I'm (sub)consciously not drinking water because the darn toilets don't flush right now and ew. I'm also glad I figured out the hand sanitizer stinky armpit solution because a shower won't happen tonight.

Home ownership bites sometimes.

This is soo ironic because the strongest hurricane ever is literally over Mexico right now and our forecast includes tons of rain and flash floods. Water, water everywhere-- except for out of our faucets.

The neighborhood plumber (thanks, neighborhood facebook page!) should be coming by tomorrow morning to fix our fix, and I'm hoping it won't cost too much. But it probably will because plumbers are expensive.

Oh also today was madness, especially in the morning when it was crazy hectic and everybody needed blood and then a tube exploded, just vaporized, in the cell washer. The noise was actually cool- only a noise that exploding glass tube could make. Aerosol-ed glass and blood. It sure was fun to clean up.

Le sigh. It could be worse. I should count my blessings, and I am. But I'm going to bitch about things too.

Also, after a glass of wine I probably won't care so much!

13 October 2015

adjusting life

It's 5:30 in the afternoon and I've gotten home from work and had time to unload/load the dishwasher, do some yoga/get a light workout, drink some green tea and eat a snack while playing scrabble on my phone, and catch up on some blogs.

This is lovely.

I don't feel like I have much direction lately.
Well, not that.
I don't feel like my life can be compartmentalized in order to place it into a blog post. My thoughts are not organized.

I'm trying to settle into a groove.

I keep comparing this job to my last bench job and noticing the similarities and differences and making subconscious adjustments to accommodate my old habits.

It's still hard to get up in the morning, but if doesn't matter if wake up at 4am or 6am or 8am. It's still hard to get out of bed.

Started training in blood bank today. This is something I haven't touched since school. One of the problems is, I knew it so well back in school that I don't have many notes on it. So when I tried to study, it was hard to refresh my memory. It started to come back once I actually did a few type & screens.

I feel so much smarter lately. Like I'm using my advanced clinical skills instead of creating excel spreadsheets and wagging my finger at nurses. (Not that I don't love those things.)

06 October 2015


My boxes weren't included in the recall, but the canker sores in my mouth are screaming "hidden gluten."

So for now, I've switched back to Chex. Bummer.