24 November 2015


If anyone wants a headache, body aches, and massive sinus congestion,  come and get it. I don't want it. This sucks.

12 November 2015

Anti dull

I walked into the lab this morning to find plastic sheets covering the instruments and blankets on the floor. Apparently a pipe had burst in the ceiling overnight directly over the chemistry analyzers.

That's what happens in old buildings I guess. Apparently this situation happens a lot because who has large plastic sheets on hand like that?

So a renovation has been proposed where we will literally relocate to a different part of the building for a few months. Millions of dollars of highly specialized equipment just hanging out in a random area of the hospital.

The law of the lab means there is never a dull day!

06 November 2015

another rung

I originally applied for the Lead Tech position at my new job. However, they were concerned about my lack of experience. The fact that I'd been off the bench for so long was not in my favor, even though I'd been essentially performing duties on a manager level (yet not getting paid for them) at MDA.

So they offered me a floater position instead.
Which is basically a regular tech but knowledgeable in every area of the lab so you can cover any bench. Which was actually ideal since my goal has always been to be trained as a generalist. Generalists are more marketable. Combined with all the other perks of this new job, I took the position even though I really wanted my next move to be a step up. It would still boost my resume more than my previous position.

Fast forward to yesterday when my boss called me into her office and asked if I was still interested in the Lead Tech position, which they have not filled. Of course I said yes, then she said HR would be contacting me about my increased salary and I'd sign a new job description and it would be effective the next pay period. Done.

Now I'm the Lead Chemistry and *Point of Care tech!!

*It was supposed to be just chemistry, but because I have Point of Care experience and they realized they don't have a Lead POC tech, they asked if I would feel comfortable doing it and of course I'd be paid more money. Um, Yes. They offered me more money for something I could basically perform in my sleep. I guess working in point of care for the last couple of years wasn't useless after all!

I didn't say anything to my coworkers because 1. It's not official and 2. It's weird being the new girl younger than everyone else, and everyone trained me and now I'm suddenly their Lead Tech and I don't want to get a big head and overstep my unwritten social boundaries. Tact, y'all. I'm still feeling this bunch out.

I did get some excited "congratulations" from a few of them who must have heard the news, including the chick who trained me in chemistry, and my fellow Lead Tech who covers Hematology and Blood Bank. And my manager gave me a side hug and told me she was excited. Probably because we're just about to switch to a new chemistry analyzer next month and it's going to be HELLA crazy and they just want someone to take the responsibilities, haha. I'm okay with that. I'm used to stress. Now I'm getting paid for it.

There's only one way to move up and this is it! Yeah!

02 November 2015

Odd things in the fridge

I had to switch pharmacies because CVS isn't a "participating pharmacy" in our new insurance plan.

So I switched it to the local Randalls, since it's the next closest pharmacy. When I picked up the package it was larger than normal. I questioned that they had filled the correct prescription. They looked at me weird and said yes.

When I opened the package, I found they gave me a 3 month supply. Baller! Especially bc I'm technically out of refills so I expected a hassle. Definitely cool, man.

So that's the story of why there is a box of Nuva Ring sitting on the door of my fridge next to the pickles and bbq sauce.

More about convenience

I'm a huge fan of those little tabs that you plunk in the toilet tank and leave there until they dissolve.

Bleach with every flush? Um, yes, please.
I forget what brand I used, but there was one kind that gave you a fresh whiff of bleach alll the time. My kind of toilet. Especially because our older fixtures need all the help they can get. Nothing skeeves me out like a dirty dingy toilet.

Not only did it keep things smelling fresh in between weekly (ish) scrubs and wipedowns, it kept that dreaded toilet ring at bay and underneath the rim from getting mildewy.
Because I'm the kind of crazy that will take an old toothbrush and scrub that stuff off.

I'd rather not scrub underneath the rim of the toilet with an old toothbrush, though, so yeah. I like toilet tabs.

The only problem was, it was hard to tell they had run out until it was too late and funk had taken over.

I will start this next sentence by saying that yes, I do have an opinion about blue toilet water. I don't like it. I think it's tacky. I know, I'm weird. That's been long established.

However, chris talked me it trying them and I have to say, it is super awesome being able to tell exactly when the bleach tab is running out. Tacky blue water is a small price to pay for continuing bleach goodness.

This concludes my ode to toilet tank bleach tabs and how much I dig them. Blue or not.

01 November 2015

But first

It's hard to hear the tv because my washing machine, dryer, and robot vacuum cleaner are too loud.

Then it occurred to me that I'm sitting on the couch relaxing while machines clean my house.

I'm playing scrabble with my sister miles away, and I have all of the information in the world at my fingertips.

The crock pot cooked dinner for me last night.

But my robot vacuum is too loud.