29 September 2007

Go Houston Cougars!!

I totally love our football team.
Even though we lost tonight. And blew our last chance to win in the last 8 seconds.
And it was raining. I'm no fair weather fan! There were a decent amount of people there too and the rain let off early, resulting in a beautiful sunset over Robertson Stadium.

There were both amazing and disappointing plays. Avery running 100 yards after a kickoff for a touchdown?? Eat 'em up coogs!

Now I'm hoarse and smelly and unpleasantly moist and my arms are tired from holding up the 'shockm' sign.
I love it!

(photo props to Adam Barrera)

It was just what I needed to break up the mind-numbing week of school.

26 September 2007


I smell like Christmas.
Cloves, actually.

Everything smells like it! We distilled them and extracted the oil today in the most disastrous ochem lab ever. I accidentally added NaOH instead of NaCl to the distillate... oops. So then I had to add copious amounts of ether to even get the layers to separate. Even then they did not separate satisfactorily and my % recovery is going to suck balls. Again. It took the entire 6 hours stuck in the clov-ey smelling basement and I was already crabby from the results of my midterm... no bueno.
I made stupid mistakes; Come ON, I accidentally mixed up polar and nonpolar! Six points right there. That is what results from lack of sleep and too much caffeine. Garg it's so frustrating. Especially because I'm putting so much effort into this course.

I mean, everybody wants bragging rights to say they're doing well in the most notoriously hard course known to natural science majors... you definitely get some respect.
But I am really trying to bring my GPA back up. And in the midst of focusing on ochem, I'm unavoidably neglecting the other courses I'm taking. I managed to pull B's on the first midterms in those courses.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Cougar Football, here we come!! Then sleep, lots of it.

22 September 2007


I am worried about Mitch.
Tonight he got very drunk and ended up getting sick all over the steps outside the apartment. When I left he was still sitting there, looking miserable. I knew when he took that first drink that it was a bad idea. You don't join AA and stay sober for two years if you can stop at a nice buzz. I felt a little bad leaving, but my heart wasn't in this party and he was done for the night anyway. My sister was doing a really great job taking care of him; I was surprised.

I hope he wakes up tomorrow and realizes that he should probably not drink anymore. Unfortunately I know it will get much worse before he decides to stop again. I just hope it stays related to alcohol and he doesn't start in on the drugs again. I know if he does my sister will not leave him and I don't want to see her dragged into that. I don't want to have to hate him for hurting her.

cupcakes and snuggles

I woke up this morning thinking the wrong thing.
Not that I'm surprised, but I keep trying to remember that I'm the only one who thinks this way.

I am so glad the first round of midterms are over. It was a brutal week. I left my Ochem exam last night a combination of brain dead and exhilirated. And after a night of much-needed snuggles, I feel a lot better.

Made Mitchell's birthday cupcakes: funfetti cake with vanilla pudding in the middle. Yum.
I also made him a small cake for himself, but it got a little... toasty around the edges so I'm going to cut it off and make a parfait in a margarita glass that I have to give back to Ash anyway. He'll love it. Here's the requisite picture:

Looking forward to next weekend, going to organize a tailgating party before the football game. Go COOGS.

10 September 2007


Oh my gosh.
Today my immunology professor mentioned that yesterday, Watson was on campus giving a talk.

WATSON. As in Watson and Crick, the two Nobel Peace Prize winning scientists who determined DNA's double helix structure using x-ray chrystallography! [Of course, they gave no credit to the woman who inspired them to use it in the first place...]

But ANYWAY... How could I have not heard about this??
What an amazing opportunity, to hear what his brilliant mind had to say??
And I missed an opportunity to actually meet him. What an incredible honor it would be to shake his hand.

I can't believe I missed it.

02 September 2007

warm and fuzzy

Sometimes, I get loves just when I need them.

Like when I've driven 100 miles today and it seems like every song on the radio was one that I'd like to avoid because of the connotations, but I couldn't change it soon enough to block out the thoughts they provoke.

And any hopes I'd had for the day did not come true.

And I keep flip-flopping back and forth trying to figure out how I feel about who. Why do I feel like I have to define my feelings, why can't I just go with the flow? I guess I'm just that type of person.

So thank you, love, for making me feel like there's someone out there who feels enough of a connection with me to tell me they love me randomly. I love you too. Really.