24 December 2016



As I type this I'm sitting at my dining room table, next to my not-installed double oven that we partially unpacked to see how pretty it is. I'm sitting in a room cluttered with boxes and there are leaves and muddy dog footprints on the floor. It was a painfully long day at work after a bad night's sleep and the remains of multiple projects are scattered around the house. Re: the house is filthy chaos and I'm tired. Plus I just paid the first bills that are due in 2017.
 2017. Already. But let's not get head of ourselves.

Let's talk about tonight- despite all of the factors trying to induce stress- in this house, with the smells of two different scentsy warmers melding nicely, a glass of wine to my left, cookies and ham packed away for a nice work holiday lunch, I feel at peace.

I suppose all of the puzzle pieces have fallen into place, for a moment, so that I get this bit of peace.

Any minute now I expect the anxiety and inner monologue to re-question everything, but for now I'm going to relish the peace.

Merry Christmas Eve.

22 December 2016

12 Days 2016

12 days of christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas for Hubs is back! A few years ago I saw a neat idea that I thought I'd try for Christmas.

The idea is to give your hubs a gift on the 12 days leading up to Christmas, following the number theme. It was a huge hit, so it has become a tradition.

Here's what's in the boxes:
Day 1: A bottle of whiskey- single barrel. From the local family-owned liquor store
Day 2: A pair of can openers, perfect for backpacking and camping. We used to use these camping with my dad.
Day 3: Little bottles of Baileys. It's not Christmas without booze in your coffee.
Day 4: These neato twisty ties.
Day 5: A 5-piece dice game
Day 6: A 6-pack of beer
Day 7: 7 oz of candies
Day 8: A bluetooth magnetic speaker that will play for 8 hours
Day 9: Whiskey stones- 9 little squares of granite. For the rock enthusiast side of him.
Day 10: A $10 scratch off lottery ticket
Day 11: Some dark chocolate covered espresso beans, 11 oz
Day 12: A subscription to Guns and Ammo magazine

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14 December 2016

Hey there

Researching things about which I have NO earthly idea. May have to make this gift a non-surprise and get some input.

Another stellar performance review this week. It's a little embarrassing how much gushing goes on. Give me some constructive criticism? It's okay, I make my own goals. Thankfully I have a coworker who doesn't mind sharing insight, or books.

This year's Litmas invitations? I'm dying. My brother and the spirit of Litmas, everybody.

No babies born this year... I think?
You never know at Litmas.

11 December 2016

fresh rosemary wreaths diy

Need a quick, easy holiday craft/ decor/ gift?

Rosemary wreaths are darling, easy, fragrant, and simple.

rosemary wreath diy craft

rosemary wreath diy craft

I happen to have a rosemary bush that desperately needs trimming, so I hacked off a bunch and strung them all into wreaths. A bunch of rosemary purchased at the grocery store would also do the trick.

Most stems needed a simple tie-up with baker's string, but a few of the larger (older) stems needed coaxing with floral wire. Soaking in water does help make them more pliable.

I plan to take these to work as coworker gifts, and a few will make their way to neighbor's houses.

One or two will stay here to spruce up the kitchen decor until I need them for a soup.