31 July 2009

granola stealer and bangs

Scene: My dad is talking on the phone. As he's listening, I watch him look into my purse that's sitting on the desk, dig out a half-eaten granola bar, and start eating it. After he hung up the phone, I humorously asked him why he did that, and he looked surprised, and replied that he didn't even think about what he was doing. I laughed.

In other news, I have bangs (ish). I've had the same hairstyle since my freshman year of high school. I felt like I needed a change, so I asked Lori (my hair lady) for some of those "long, sideswept bangs." Nothing too drastic; I still wanted them to blend with my layers, but I wanted something noticeably different. Besides, if I hated them, my hair would always grow back.

After she cut and styled my hair and I had my glasses back on, I looked in the mirror and was unsure of what I saw. My hair doesn't exactly sweep over gracefully; The bangs were more like in a clump on the side of my head. I freaked internally for a second, then flipped and fluffed my hair a little bit and they fell a little more naturally.

Lori always gets my hair unbelievably straight. A little too straight, actually. I like a little more body. So, I can't tell what these new bangs will look like when I style my hair by myself.

I think I will like them, though.

29 July 2009

frayed fabric flower: tutorial

I saw some fabric flowers in someone's hair on the fashion blogs I was looking at yesterday. They looked pretty easy to make so I tried it while I was bored at work. They came out cool!

*Note: For the tutorial I only used 2 each of the large and medium squares, so the pink flower is less full than the white one. I used 3 for the white, and sewed in some individual lace petals to give it a vintage, fluffier look.

Step 1:
Get a scrap strip of fabric 1 1/2 to 2 feet long and about 4 inches wide. If it's wrinkled, don't bother ironing it.

Step 2:
Make a square by folding the edge of the fabric and cut it out. Do this 3 times to make 3 large squares.

Step 3:
Make the strip of fabric skinnier by about 1 inch.

Repeat step 2 on the skinnier fabric to make 3 medium squares.

Step 4:
Make the strip of fabric skinnier again by about 1 inch, and cut out 2 small squares the same way as before.

You will end up with 3 piles: 3 large squares, 3 medium squares, and 2 small squares.

Step 5:
Stack the large squares on top of each other, and fold them in half. Fold them again to form a smaller square.

Cut a petal shape from the square, leaving the folded point intact. Try to make the petals as fat as you can. Do this for the medium and small squares too.

They will look like this when unfolded:

Step 6:
Layer the petals alternatively, so that the petal on top is covering the previous layer's gaps. The largest should be on the bottom, and the smallest on top.

Step 7:
Sew the layers together. Make an "X" in the middle to prevent the petals from shifting positions.

Step 8:
Sew a button in the middle of the flower.

Step 9:
Crumple the flower in your hand to fluff and fray the edges.

Step 10:
Wear it! Sew a bobby pin to the back and wear it in your hair, or use a safety pin to attach it to clothing or a purse.


28 July 2009

fashion standstill

Another quiet morning in the office. Not that I'm complaining.

I've spend the last couple hours looking at fashion blogs and wishing I wasn't afraid to look more unique and stand out.
I love the look of ruffles, patterns, big jewelry, unique shoes, and carefree hair. Oh, and we mustn't forget bags.
My fashion sytle is, however... subdued. I tend to wear clean lines and simple, classic clothing. With the exception of a few pieces that I hardly wear anyway, my wardrobe is engineered to make me look nice, but blend in. Nothing is attention-grabbing or makes a statement. But, if I wear something like that, people will look at me.

I need to get over it, suck up some confidence, and embrace the hottness that comes with being in my 20's.

Maybe I'll just forward the phones and check out the thrift stores in Montrose this afternoon, or see if there are any sales at the mall.

On one of the blogs I was reading, ...love Maegan, she had posted about how they made trailers to make happy movies look scary, and scary movies look happy. Loved it.

27 July 2009

random crap

I am craving chocolate chip cookies. I never crave chocolate chip cookies. I don't even like them.

Today I've been sitting here in this quiet empty house. Correction: empty except for my brother's two friends who are sleeping in the living room.

The phones aren't ringing and there's not much going on in the office. I've spent most of the day surfing the net. Here are some neat things I found.

Best. Website. Ever. http://www.runpee.com/.
Well, if you have "the bladder of a field mouse" anyway.

Look at how cute these are!

I want to make these:

and these!

And perhaps the most exciting thing I found. You know how I'm always talking about how when I'm old I'm going to build a house with a secret passageway? This is totally how I was imagining hiding the doorway.


I am developing a bad headache from staring at this computer.

Oh, and today I was running too late for the gym, so I decided to run/ walk for 30 minutes around the neighborbood instead. Holy crap dude. I can not run for a very long time. I was glad it was early and no one was outside because I was covered in sweat and gasping for air. I'm guessing maybe that needs work. I'm considering participating in the turkey trot this year. I need some kind of motivation.

26 July 2009

Things I like right now

- Cover Girl's Outlast Lip Stain. I love that it doesn't come off like lipstick. Missy even gave it the beach test. It smells really good, too.

- Chai tea. Okay, I like this all the time. It's sooo flavorful. Iced or hot, it's always good. I've been craving it a lot lately.

- Sorbet. It's like a scoopable popsicle.

- Dresses. Duh. I'm loving some of the one-of-a-kind styles I'm seeing on Etsy. Some that caught my eye: (pictures link to product info)

It's an apron!

I lost the link to this one:

- Homemade english muffins. So. Good.

- PhotoBombs. Another one of those time-wasting sites (thanks Missy!). Check it out.

- Super soft and cozy bedsheets. The jersey sheets that I love are going on sale again now that it's back-to-school.

- Hartz Crunch 'n Clean cat treats. These babies help keep funk breath at bay. Now if only she would chew them instead of swallow them whole...

- $5 matinee movie tickets at AMC. Every show before noon is only $5. I just saw The Ugly Truth this morning. It was predictable, but funny.
There are a lot of movies I want to see this summer, including The Proposal, Julie & Julia, and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (my favorite book as a kid). I'm usually a cheapskate when it comes to paying $10 for a movie. But a movie for half-price? Yes, I think I can do that.

- The aloe vera plants missy's mom gave me. They are moisturizing my randomly sunburned skin.

24 July 2009

my other new dress

As you all know, I have been on a dress kick lately. They're just so cute and easy, breezy.

This one was only $5 at a thrift store. From the front, there's nothing remarkable. I'm digging the bright, bold pattern and it shows off my figure nicely.

But from the back... ooh la la.

I didn't realize it was this way until I tried it on, and I love it!

The only thing is, the slit in the back is wayy to far up. I cropped it out- you can pretty much see my butt. That will have to be quickly sewn up, then I can pop on my new heels and strut my stuff. Or, I can dress it down with casual shoes, and I can even make it modest by throwing on a cardigan.

For only 5 bucks! Sometimes thrift stores are misses, but sometimes they are total hits.

Your mission for this weekend: hit up a thrift store and let me know if you find anything good!

23 July 2009

booga booga!

400th post. It was a hectic day. I'm so freaking wound up.

-I bought this dress. I'm excited and I think I've found a new obsession with Etsy. I love it and I hope it fits!

-I ran errands all over town in my brother's Blazer since Jake was in the shop getting the mirror fixed. Holy crap, it was a NIGHTMARE driving that thing. The steering is all wonky, the alignment was off, it's like driving a freaking BOAT and it bounced over every little bump. It also bounced around at stoplights. Not like hydraulic bouncing, but like the engine idled hard. I thought I was going to puke.
Then, halfway down the freeway it started to rain. I found the windshield wipers with little problem, but I could not figure out the headlights! To top it off, I got lost and had to backtrack. THEN, the rain caused stop-and-go traffic and it took me even longer to get home. I was praying to the Gods to just let me get home and out of that horrible vehicle. Really, I prayed.
The seat is also super wierd. No matter how far you put it up, you have to drive like a homie in the hood to get any back support. I wound up sitting straight up without the back support and by the end of the day my neck was hurting and my head was killing me. Not to mention the queasy stomach from all the bouncing around.
When I got my car tonight, I was so happy that I wanted to hug the steering wheel. AND the $300+ repair was under warranty!! Thank you, Irma in service. I don't know why I waited a year to get it fixed. My brother's car is the devil. Now that my mirror works, I am happy as a clam in Jake.

-I am really impressed with that Saturn dealership's customer service. It's always been outstanding, above-and-beyond. They have really gone the extra mile every time I've had any issue, and I'd recommend that location to anyone.

-FINALLY feeling better about those health issues I mentioned earlier. That will just change your whole day right there.

-I went over to Jen's to help Richard paint and I got to burp Logan. He puked on me. I'm in the club. :o)

-I have not worked out in over a week. Time to hit the treadmill again. It was a nice break.

-Hopefully the beach weather will cooperate on Saturday. I still have water toys to play with!

I feel like I'm forgetting something.
Okay, time to go wind down a little.

21 July 2009

medically speaking

I just thought I'd chronicle the strange barrage of emergency room, hospital, and doctor's visits lately.

Emergency room:
Ash, Sue, Sue again, Dayna

Sue, Jen

Doctor's Visits:
Me (twice), Missy, Sue, Dayna

It seems like everyone is falling apart! Let's pull it back together, people.

Really though, I'm glad that everyone is coming out okay from all this.

Well, I'm still figuring out what's wrong with me. I just -love- having symptoms that the doctor has no idea what's causing them. Now I'm on a bunch of "just in case" treatments to see if something finally works, or if it just happens to go away.

19 July 2009


Today I cleaned out my junk drawer. Actually, I have a junk drawer and a junk cabinet in my kitchen. It takes up valuable kitchen storage, but I really have no other place to put it. I'll have to think of storage solutions.



I know the before and after doesn't look that different, but I got rid of a lot of stuff, and added some stuff that was shoved in other random places around my room.

I keep the weirdest crap. Here's a sampling of what I found in the junk drawer

-a bag full of dead batteries- I knew that because they were labeled "dead." So I took the time to label them, but didn't throw them out. Hm. I guess I was going to find somewhere to dispose of them properly.

-some keys, one of which was the key to my uncle's old house. I also found the key to Pedro.

-a piece of parchment paper

-a paper lunch bag with a few bits torn off.

-about 15 pencils

-rubber bands, screws, cup hangers, and way too many twisty ties

-a few random chocolate chips

-two stripped screwdrivers

-the care instructions for my venus fly trap that died a long time ago

-a broken pair of eyeglasses

-the packages my seeds came in. I looked at the number of days to harvest, and they were all around 60-70 days. No wonder I'm not seeing anything yet. Derr. I freak out over the dumbest things.

In the cabinet I had:

-some leftover caulk from the shower incident

-a baggie full of dirt. I don't know why I had a baggie full of dirt in my kitchen.

-3 remotes that don't work with my TV

-a box full of switchplate covers, I suppose left over from when my room was built

-some more pieces of paper lunch bags. Why did I keep those??

-a Justin Timberlake CD

-a burnt out lightbulb

-3 flashlights

-a few tupperware lids. Just the lids.

-half-empty cans of spray paint, grout sealant, and spray glue

-the oven cleaner I've been looking for

-the extra shelf for my mini fridge

-extension cords

I know I put everything in there, but what the heck was I thinking with some of this stuff?

I challenge you to clean out your junk drawers. I would love to know what's in them!


This morning my english muffin fell on the floor. It was frozen, so I rinsed it off and ate it anyway.

I found this guy in my garden. Good. Lady bugs won't eat my plants like the caterpillar.

My garden is doing the same. I gave it a really good watering yesterday, and then it rained a little. I wonder if I should give it plant food? When do plants need plant food? What kind of plant food do you give them? How much?

I know nothing about plants- except photosynthesis, cell structure, and a little bit of Mendel's genetics. Then it occured to me. Aren't plants supposed to flower before they grow fruits? Isn't that how Mendel did his cross-breeding to produce certain pea pod phenotypes? Isn't the point of flowers to attract bees who pollinate the plant and allow it to reproduce? I haven't seen any of my plants flower. How do you make plants flower?

I figured you could just plop a seed in the ground, give it water and light, and you'd get results. How come plants are so confusing?

I need to go get a Gardening for Dummies book.

I gotta run to Walmart this morning before the good christians get out of church.

17 July 2009


I got to hold a brand spankin' new baby tonight. Logan was born today! He is super cute and snuggly. He slept there in my arms and opened his eyes a little bit, then squinted them back shut again. He's not even funny-looking like most newborns. He's actually cute! Of course, I may be biased. I can't wait to babysit and spoil him along with his other "aunties." Congrats Jen & Richard!

Man, my stomach is cramping. I shouldn't have eaten so much ice cream today.

16 July 2009

oy, what a day

You remember that cute little caterpillar? That little fucker has devoured most of the pretty big leaves on my pepper plant. I promptly found him and threw him out of the garden. He was considerably bigger than he was a few days ago.

I skateboarded! My cute lab partner a couple semesters ago was big into skateboarding, and he let me try his out a couple times. I think he mostly wanted an excuse to flirt and catch me when I fell. Anyway, my brother brought a skateboard so I decided to try it out. I did halfway okay, and only wiped out once. A little road rash is good for the soul...

Today, Suzy ended up in sudden surgery getting her very infected gall bladder removed. That left me in the office all day and it was a mad mess. Phones going off, complicated jobs, re-scheduling, problem-solving, all while worrying about Sue, on only a few hours of sleep... it was a nerve-wracking, exhausting day.

Being good brothers and sisters, I cleaned her sheets and made up her bed all cozy, and Frank and Ash went and got her flowers and one of those helium balloons. Nothing like coming home to a fresh clean bed and a room full of cheerful flowers. She came home utterly exhausted and still loopy. Hopefully she'll be feeling much better soon.

I totally want to steal my brother's skateboard and get better at it. It was so fun. I'd buy one, but they're like 100 bucks.

Okay, bed time.

Harry Potter and Walmart

These english muffins are SO GOOD.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

So Harry Potter was awesome. There were some good chuckles, a few jumps, sad moments, suspense, mystery, and dark foreshadowing. I liked the movie a lot. I think it captured most of the book very well, especially the Harry-Ginny, Hermoine-Ron awkward adolescent romance. That was my favorite part. But the ending fizzled. I think they could have done a lot more with Dumbledore's death, and I wish they would have included the funeral with Fawkes and all that.

Ok enough being a dork.

You know those light bulbs? The traffic was too bad for us to go to Ikea before getting in line for the movie, so I couldn't get them. Then after the movie Chris called and wanted to go to Walmart. I love going to Walmart in the middle of the night. While we were there, we happened to go down the light bulb aisle and I mentioned my predicament. Of course, he picked some off the shelf and said, "These will work." Doubtful, I put them in the cart. Of course, I got home and tried them, and they worked perfectly. Sheesh, why is he always right? At least I have light again in my shower.

Quick rant: Why the heck do people take their kids to Walmart at midnight? Don't they have a bed time? Whenever I see kids in Walmart in the middle of the night, they're always cranky and crying. Either that or they're all slap-happy and running around like crazy. I've been there multiple times where the store associates had to announce over the loudspeaker to please control your children. Hel-lo parents, put those kids to bed! If you have to go shopping at Walmart in the middle of the night, at least act like you're somewhat of a good parent and discipline your children. Don't just let them scream their head off or run around bugging everyone or climbing on the restocking boxes. I swear.

I found water toys at the dollar store, and now I want to swim or go to the beach.

14 July 2009

light bulbs

I have to go to Ikea to buy light bulbs. The light in my bathroom is situated so that the shower is very dark and you can't see what you're doing. I was at Ikea one day and got a cheap light fixture and ghetto-rigged it to the wall. It kinda looks like a sick and twisted porno camera, but it lights up the shower fabulously and now my legs get shaved correctly.

Please ignore the half-painted shower ceiling and the crappy hurricane damaged stuff that's falling apart. It's all on the list to be fixed. But admire my awesome ghetto-rig! All without duct tape and only one extension cord!

One of these days we'll get the time to re-do the walls & ceiling, put baseboard in, and wire the lighting correctly. It's like they just stopped what they were doing in the bathroom, called it a day, and never went back to finish. You can even see the words "shower ceiling" scrawled on the shower ceiling because they never painted over it. But, my dad works hard to support us and is tired when he comes home, so it's not that big of a deal.

See how it can be creepy?

Just run it along the edge of the ceiling...

...and plug it into the socket when you need it.

I can't wait for the "after" pictures. One day!

The bulb (and my ghetto-rig) has lasted for about a year. A few days ago the bulb burned out. It was in the middle of my shower and I was washing my face. When I opened my eyes back up, it was dark.

I looked for replacement bulbs, but it's a weird bulb. That's how they can get away with selling cheap shit- you have to go back to get replacement bulbs because I can't find this kind anywhere else.

Ikea is next to the theater where I'm seeing Harry Potter (!!!!) tomorrow, but I have to say I don't like showering in the dark. I might just waste the gas and go tonight.

In the meantime I'm on a serious menstrual-fueled ice cream binge. I just can't get enough. I should really work out.

12 July 2009

Photo Challenge

Check it out, I got recognized for my picture. There were only 21 entries, but it still feels like a badass to be recognized.

Unique Exposures Photo Challenge: Sleep

caterpillars, emergency rooms and kitchens

I was watering my garden and inspecting for any sign of veggie-ness, when I came across this little guy. I think I'll let him stay.

I got a cool closeup of a drop of water on his head.

I saw tons of new buds sprouting off of the existing plants, but no veggies yet. I guess they're not done with their growing stage. At least they're not dead!

I think it's weird that in my family there are no solitary emergency room visits. Every time one person goes, another person goes within a few weeks. A couple of years ago my dad had appendicitis, and then a couple of weeks Luke was in the emergency room with suspected appendicitis, but it turned out to be food poisoning or something.
Last month Ash was in the emergency room for her elbow, and last night Suzy was there with wicked food poisoning.
Moral of that story: Chinese food places are nasty. The doctor said the most common thing they see is food poisoning from the rice. A lot of restaurants cook a huge pot in the morning and let it sit there at the perfect bacteria-growing temperature all day, and then they re-use it the next morning if it's not all gone. The best places they said were Pei Wei and PF Changs. Perfect for me; they both have gluten free menus!

I tried making english muffins this morning. I'm very close to a good recipe.
I love to cook & bake. I could hang out in the kitchen all day screwing around, but I HATE doing the dishes. I'll scrub floors, toilets, dust, etc with no problem, but I hate doing the dishes. I wish I had a dishwasher.

I was going to go work out, but I think instead I'll crank down the AC and watch crappy lifetime movies.

11 July 2009

retail therapy

Boys, you won't care about this post.

Look at my new shoes. They look a little goofy with my multicolor patriotic toenails, but they're still cute. Now I just need somewhere to wear them.

I got paid in cash for that dog-sitting, and I was going to put it towards bills or my camera fund, but instead I decided on retail therapy. I went in every store shopping for accessories and dresses, but instead I would up with nothing but underwear- from 3 different stores. How did that happen??

I found a bra that actually fit from Dillard's for $20 on sale- amazing!

I got a tube top for $5 to wear as a "modesty panel" instead of layering hot camisoles.

I couldn't pass Victoria's Secret without going in, and their normal 5/$25 deal was 7/$25, and I couldn't resist.

The only sucky thing was, you remember those awesome tank tops I raved about last year? They were from Walmart and were only $5? I went to go stock up again because they've shrunk and are stained. They don't have them anymore!!! Noooooooo. I guess I have to move on. I consoled myself with 2 new pj tops that were $3 each.

My sisters and I have a new project: making over my mom. We go shopping with her, and convince her to NOT buy the same old boring things that don't fit right. We've given her some guidelines to finding clothes that would make her look better. Things like buying tops that are longer and not so boxy, picking colors and patterns, and also trying new necklines and cuts. She's wearing cute flip flops instead of tennis shoes every day, and we've broken her habit of putting her hair back in a headband every day... almost. We've even convinced her to try things on before buying them. What a concept...

Anyway, I helped her pick out some fabulous jewelry today. Some hoops and chandeliers. She is starting to pay attention to how she looks after so many years of taking care of us kids first and putting herself last. It's so fun helping her break out of her ruts.

Oh, and I tried that new Covergirl's lip stain stuff, and it's awesome. I don't wear lipstick because it looks shitty when it wears halfway off, and I hate reapplying it. Lip stain is the best ever.

Missy had on a great oversized cocktail ring the other day. I remember looking for them years ago and then just forgot about it until I saw hers. Now I am on the hunt for one again.

Anyway, I want to drink some wine and clean out my closet. We're all doing it and giving stuff to Goodwill on Monday.

07 July 2009

lady parts and chris

This post will be about lady parts. Well, the first half.

I'm choking down yogurt this morning because it's good for me, and my lady parts. Ugh it's so nasty.

I started feeling some discomfort down there, and I had flashbacks to a year and a half ago, when I had some issues after I messed with my birth control pills. Whatever it was lingered for 3 months, even after treatment.
I have a feeling that the recent change in medications with the prilosec is triggering this. Nevertheless, I was not going to try and self-diagnose, or wait and see if it got better. HELL no. I am nipping this in the bud. Off to the doctor.

My new vag doctor is a cute little asian lady with one of those accents that you can barely understand. She came in wearing red cowboy boots, asked me a bunch of questions, and explained everything she was going to do. I love her.

Unfortunately, she couldn't see anything wrong after violating me, so now I have to wait for test results to get treatment. In the meantime, I get to be uncomfortable.

The other thing I liked about her is she insisted on a full STD screen. I like to do that yearly, and sometimes I felt like my doctor was judging me for wanting to be checked, or she'd say that it wasn't necessary. But I wanted to be checked, just in case.
My new doctor didn't make a big deal out of it, agreed with me, and ordered the tests. She even categorized it so my insurance would pay for it. Sweeeet.

In other non-lady-parts news, Chris came with the gang to the baseball game last night. I hadn't seen him in a little while and he wanted to hang out, so I invited him along. It surprised me because he was uncharacteristically affectionate. Even when we were dating, it was rare for him to want to touch in public. But last night, he put his arm around me when we were walking, and hugged me a few times. He even grabbed my hand when we went to go get some food. I'm not going to try and decipher it, but it was noticeable.

The best part about it was, I had a really great time last night, but I'm totally not attached. Unlike the past, if he doesn't call today or even all week, I will not be phased. Actually, it's been that way for a while now. I still like hanging out with him, but I'm not hurt when he disappears. Sometimes I actually prefer it because there's so much less drama. I have way better people to fill my time with. Horray!

06 July 2009

peaches, astros, dope, purses, and a cat.

I cut up a peach for breakfast. Would you believe that the thing was so big I couldn't finish it? There's one lonely piece staring up at me that I just can't eat. It was delicious and tasted like summer. No, not sunscreen and barbeque. That's what summer *smells* like.

Astros tonight, I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been to a baseball game in a long time. And, there are fireworks after the show! I'm basing this on past games, but their fireworks shows are even better than the lame show we saw this year for the 4th. Although, any fireworks are good.

I just overheard my mom gossiping on the phone: "Is she on drugs? Is she on dope?"
"Yep, she's probably on some kind of speed or something."
That's my mom's answer to everything, haha.

Here's my newest dabble. It was originally a placemat. I though it would be a neat idea but I'm not totally digging the pattern/ ribbon for the strap. Needs work.

Time to go to the gym. I guess I will leave this post with the sight I see when I come home about 50% of the time. The other 50% she's sprawled out sleeping.

04 July 2009


No! The family curse has caught up with me! The curse of the lomas.

A loma is a female whisker. My mom used to sit on the couch with tweezers watching tv absentmindedly feeling around on her chin for lomas. My grandma used to do the same thing. I always hoped that I would never find myself in that position.

Last night I was chillen at Missy's when I felt like a piece of hair was stuck to my jaw. After feeling around for a little while, I discovered that the hair was attached to my face. It was different from those fair, downy hairs that are normally on the face. It was long! Like, an inch long!

I ran to the bathroom and plucked that bad boy out. I've never noticed it before, but it had to take a while to grow that long. I wonder how long it's been there and I never noticed?

How gross! I am NOT happy to have inherited this loma thing. Hopefully it was just a fluke?

I bet that I will be sitting on my couch when I'm old watching tv plucking around for lomas. Missy said that when we're 80 years old she'll let me sit on her couch and pick my lomas. Now that's a good friend.

Except I'm sure I'll get them lasered off way before that happens.

03 July 2009

teeter totter

I got up today and got a great anger-fueled workout. Except, after I got off the treadmill and was done stretching, I noticed my mp3 player was gone. Shitt. So I retraced my steps, didn't see anything, and retraced them again, hoping there was a lost-and-found and someone would turn it in. The second time I retraced my steps, I checked a little closer to the treadmill that I was on, and there it was on the floor. *whew* I need to stick my name and number on there or something.

I came home, feeling super pumped and productive, and washed my car. I shampooed the floor mats and tried to clean the coffee stain off the passenger-side floor. I even put rain-x on the windows. It's sitting out there all shiny, so we should be getting rain soon.

Then, my adrenaline wore off and I tried to eat my emotions in the form of two klondike bars. I don't know why my mom even buys those damn things. Now I feel gross. Maybe I'll just sleep or watch a bad movie. Maybe I'll work a little bit.

In other non-pissed-off, non-good-riddance news, I want to buy another camera. The one I have works fine, but I want a smaller, more portable point-and-shoot model that will fit better in my purse. I probably won't be buying it until my medical bills get paid off, but I want to do my research first. Does anyone have any recommendations?

*update* I thought this was funny. I went to go write my phone number on my mp3 player with a sharpie, and it's already written on there. I guess I did it before and forgot about it!

01 July 2009

work it babay

Today my mom came up to me and whispered, "At least I know your brother is practicing safe sex- I found a condom in his pocket when I did his laundry." Thanks, mom. I totally wanted to think about my brother's sex life-- but to her credit, at the same time I am also glad he's not getting herpes or knocking someone up.

Moving on.
At the moment some healthy strawberry sherbert is freezing in the ice cream maker. Last summer, I tried to make some, but it turned out horribly sweet and I threw it all away. I'm hoping this batch turns out better.

Tummy update: Doing very well, except when I go on a face-stuffing spree. At least now I know I can control it by eating only when I'm actually hungry, choosing healthier foods, stopping when I'm not hungry, and eating slower. It really is hard to break old habits, and I'm having to constantly remind myself to slow down and not eat out of boredom. I can feel the results, though. I'm feel proud of myself when I only take one pill in the morning, and if I start to feel funky I'm reaching for tums instead of pepto bismol.

I've also gotten my lazy butt out of bed and worked out about 5 days a week, even if I only have time for a short workout. I haven't been going balls out, just doing some light weights and cardio. I'm able to get through longer periods of cardio without feeling dizzy, and I can feel my core getting stronger.

So yeah, that's all I want to write about for now.