26 February 2016

Getting there

I wasn't going to exercise today. I worked overtime. Plus at 2pm I downloaded a pedometer app. By 6pm I had walked 4000 steps.  (Which is actually a slow afternoon.) So I was pretty much ready for couch time.

But then Ash motivated me to get outside and walk a bit. She came over and we decided to time how long it took us to do 3k. We did it in 30 minutes.

Fresh air and light exercise is better than sitting on the couch! Plus sister chatting is better than therapy.

Plus we're totally ready for next week.

24 February 2016


...that I can do it.

I will not venture out as far to say that I am ready for the 5k, but I am definitely ready for next weekend's 3k.

I am slightly ashamed to admit that I had to push myself to reach this goal. But, my couch potato wine - drinking ass made it! Even after a long day of work!

22 February 2016

Because it's motivating

After completely slacking off last week, I ventured out again for another workout.

What I need to remember is that while completing a single K is a piece of cake I will be required to do several Ks at a time.

21 February 2016

Le sigh

Lovely little break in the Sunday monotony which included a quick bite and catch up with Andrea in the cafe.

Her recap of a trip to Canada made my wanderlust flare. Actually, less wanderlust and more the love of hotel rooms and an escape from dishes and laundry and dog hair.

Um still pissed they took Desperate Housewives and Dr. Who off Netflix.

Hey, Scrubs.

I need a vacation before I lose my mind.

20 February 2016


This week felt like 5 Mondays in a row.  Which is why I'm still on the couch and haven't paid bills or started on out taxes.

P.s. I started taking a multivitamin.  The chewy kind!

17 February 2016


When it's your mom's birthday and your work trip got cancelled, you skip your plans to work out, stop at the local overpriced gift shop to find the most perfect thing, and head out for happy hour at a fancy restaurant.

And you order a fancy cheese plate and meat plate (bc your brother and dad are there too), and have a blast.

And then you come home and remember you have to feed your husband, and you have to work tomorrow, and you don't even care because momma is worth it.

Happy birthday, momma.

15 February 2016

Literally just do it

I did NOT want to exercise today. Like at all.

It was one of those draggy days where I felt like I never fully woke up, and I left work with a headache. All I wanted to do was maybe take a bath and eat some ice cream.

But instead, I took the regimen of headache drugs, begrudgingly laced up my shoes, and forced myself out the door.

No music, since my head hurt, and no pace expectations. Even if I walked at a slow pace once around the block, it was still better than ice cream on the couch.

So I did just that. Once around the block, trying to clear my head and focus on breathing, paying attention to nature. The wind, the neighbor kids playing in the yard.

I'm not saying I had a major epiphany, but it didn't suck. I walked back up to the porch after once around the block, to discover that it was exactly 1Km. Strangely motivated by the number, I walked another one.

So not earth-shattering,  but I'm glad I didn't skip it.

13 February 2016


It doesn't make sense how I can have so much of my shit together, yet this one piece of the puzzle has gotten a little warped.

Life can be hard, and relationships can take work. They ebb and flow along with everything else. It's simple, though; ebb and flow along with it.

Sometimes sitting back and waiting for things to adjust themselves won't work. Sometimes they'll tilt even more out of whack, out of control, unless you acknowledge problems and make adjustments to correct them.

Why am I worried?
Because it's maddening to care so much about something and get no feedback at all.

What scares me about the last part is the de ja vu. I really thought we were past the apathetic bullshit and we had moved into the phase of communicative adults.

Hey, ebb and flow and make an effort and shit always works out.

10 February 2016

This is why

This is why you need a workout buddy sometimes. Because it would have been sooo easy to bail but we didnt.

And even if your "workout" is kinda lame, at least you got up off the couch

I'm proud of us and glad I went, and as a bonus I got to spend some time with my sister and nephews, however little time it was.

It still stands: I never regret a workout!

P.s. I did this entire post including copying and pasting that link above ON MY PHONE.  I'm so proud of that.

07 February 2016

I resisted cheese dip today

Also I downloaded a new workout app. Endomondo?

It was actually on my phone when I got it, but I was not interested so I deleted it. Fortunately, the year's Premium membership that also came with it wasn't forgotten. Still not sure what the Premium part is, but I like that it tracks everything. Makes it easy to see how far I am towards my goal of finishing a 5K in an hour. Pretty neat and motivating.

04 February 2016

Day off

My day off during the week has started to turn into a day of drinking at lunch, then going to Lush and Vera Bradley, and spending money with a nice buzz.

Pretty damn fun, actually.

So today consisted of sleeping in, followed by a day of fun with Mom and Ash.

Came home with new workout clothes, some wine, and a new stash of Lush products. Plus dinner was already done bc crock pots RULE.

A bubble bath had to happen and it was marvelous.

Not a bad day off.

02 February 2016

Breaking ice, yeah to make any movement

Been getting some good old school jams stuck in my head. The trusty old mp3 player from my past workout days is full of them. Oh, black Eyed peas, you're singing about booty calls and it's so catchy.

My sister talked me into trying a self defense / karate class tomorrow night. I have a feeling it's going to be less self defense and more karate. I'm pretty sure I'm not into karate, even though I've never tried it, it just seems like something I wouldn't be into. Kind of dorky. But, how would I know? We will find out tomorrow...

My phone keeps reminding me that it's time to put in the NuvaRing. But they are in the fridge and the thought of shoving that cold mother fucker up my cooter is not very appealing right now. I should probably let it warm up to room temperature first...

I feel like I have been working nonstop. Over time fo sho. There have been a few problems lately with the new instrument, and oddly enough the stress level still does not match that of my old job when shit hit the fan. So that's good. Ish. I kind of love my job. The peeps make it all right.

Got a big fat zit right smack dab between my eyes. Yay. So adultful.

01 February 2016

motivate me

Today, despite getting off work late, I got a pretty good workout. The weather was nice, I have nice new shoes and workout pants, and the music on my mp3 player was on point.

I have motivation!
What is it? As I always indicated, Pure vanity. Nothing motivates me quite like it.

You see, several factors came into play here.

1. Scrubs. While business casual attire and slacks kept me very aware when my pants started to dig into my gut, scrubs are more forgiving. I tried to put on a pair of my slacks the other day with less than stellar results.

2. Somehow my sisters talked me into a 5k, and while the more leisurely 1K with wine stops seemed WAY more appealing, somehow I still got talked into a 5k. With wine at the end. I seriously, seriously do not want to be humiliated at that 5K. So. I'm up off my ass. 

And there you go.

P.S. Despite me asking like 10 times, I do not think Chris remembered to record the X Files tonight. Dammit. I should learn how to do that.