31 July 2008

my style

I just stubbed my toe BAD on the doorframe. One of those ones where the joint pops are audible over the large gasp of air you inhale in order to immediately spew a string of healthy profanities. And then everyone asks you if you are ok but you're so mad that you just did something so stupid it makes you even madder that they asked. One of those.

I have been in a hermit mood lately. Moreso than usual.

The thing about me is, I don't particularly like to make plans, especially the ones that are extra hassle-y. Like driving downtown and scrounging for a parking spot. Or getting a large group together and dealing with ten people calling you about your plans.
Or, my least favorite, being somewhere really crowded. I hate crowds so much. It's not so much a phobia or anything. I just hate people and they aggravate me when there are a lot of them in close quarters.

Come to think of it, I've never really been a very involved plan-maker. I prefer to spontaneously say, "hey let's hang out!" rather than plan things weeks ahead of time. I like to do things more laid-back that don't require a lot of effort because to me it sucks the fun out of it.

I've always been one of those people that enjoys relaxing during my free time. Usually between work and school I'm just so tired by the end of the day that I don't want to do a whole lot. I went through my party hardy phase and it was a blast. Every now and again the club or the bar is so much fun, but lately I haven't had the cash.

That's another thing that's been hampering my social life lately: a lot of my friends don't have to worry so much about money. Most have graduated and work full-time jobs, or for some reason or another don't worry about money. I do.

So when everyone goes out to see the new movie or whatever, I refuse to pay the ridiculous amount of money for it. A lot of times my friends will offer to pay for me. Because it's not so much about the expensive event as it is about hanging out and they want me to be there.
I always sincerely appreciate the offer, but that bugs me too. I am not a mooch. I take full responsibility for myself, including my finances. And if I don't have the money to do something, I won't do it. Not wait for a handout from one of my friends.

It was kinda nice when all my friends were broke and there was an abundance of people wanting to get together and watch a movie, or just sit at a coffee shop and talk. Nowadays it seems like there's always something more fancy to do. Which is cool and all every once in a while, but it just sucks to turn people down all the time.

You know what, I won't be in college and broke forever. But I'll still probably prefer drinks on the back patio to a fancy night out on the town, haha.

27 July 2008


What a day!

I woke up early to get stuff ready for the brunch/ lunch and that all turned out well. Most of the day went well, with a fiasco here and there. Of course.

The man had to leave work early and made it there with my sister as we were lining up to walk down the aisle. I'm glad he didn't miss it kuz dammit I was cute.

Dayna made sure to let me walk down the aisle with the cutest groomsman, haha. Either way, no one tripped and fell and the ceremony went well. I got to wear my awesome green shoes and the wedding party looked so great. Dayna looked absolutely beautiful. I teared up when they said their vows, and they looked so happy up there. My mom cried, as well. Of course.

Afterwards we took some pictures, outside because there was a service starting. Boy, was it HOT. I got pretty lightheaded because I hadn't eaten a lot and those dresses don't breathe much. I can't wait to see all the pictures though.

Dinner went well. I got to sit next to the man and it was nice to see him for the first time in a couple days.

Then the traditional wedding stuff. I think the father daughter dance made everyone tear up. For the life of me I can't think of what song it was, but it was just such a sweet moment.

Then there was more dancing. There are some really great dancers in the group and it's always so fun to watch. A few of us took a break to decorate the getaway car with streamers and the like. Then came the bouquet toss. I didn't catch the bouquet, but I tried. Turns out the chick who caught it and the guy who caught the garter were dating. Go figure!

I got my one dance with the man before he left to go back to work. I think that's the first time we slow danced together. It was nice and slightly sweaty after running in from outside to catch the bouquet toss, haha. I ended up dancing with Scott and we talked a little about the wedding and how I'm glad he and Dayna are together, yadda yadda. He's really a great guy and I hope they have such a happy marriage.

I think they both had a blast and are probably exhausted now! All in all, it was a happy day and I'm tired but wired at the same time. That, and there are about a billion other details I'm not even mentioning. Good times.

I ended up taking over 200 pictures with my camera, and here's a picture of our bouquets: They looked fabulous against our green dresses.

25 July 2008

one day!

Horray wedding tomorrow! Getting excited!

I'm hosting a brunch/ lunch for the bridesmaids and few other girls at my house tomorrow before we head to the church. Me and my mom have been having fun all morning getting food and stuff for it. We have these mimosa glasses that are really colorful and cute.

Today's random tidbit: I wanted to make english muffins because while we were at the store my mom picked some up and I thought, "ooh." So I looked up a recipe and did you know... that english muffins are not baked, but instead cooked on a pan in a ring? I did not know that. Kinda neat.

Got a headache so I think I'll catch a nap before the rehearsal dinner.

23 July 2008

survey yo.

If you HAD to get a tattoo, where would it be?
on my side, near my ribs.

If you HAD to dye your hair a color what color would it be?
but... I don't want to dye my hair.

If you HAD to get a piercing (not ears) what would you get?
I guess I'd get another in my ears. But it would be excessive

Would you move anywhere else if you could?
I'd be in Southern California before you could finish asking.

let's say you had to eat a live tarantula for $1,000...
I've played this game... no.

What makes your bedroom unique?
it's a studio apartment in my parents' garage.

If your name had to be a month, what would it be?
August wouldn't be so bad.

If you had to have one exotic pet, what would it be?

What was the last thing you ate?
I just had some cheesy scrambled eggs and I'm now eating one of those little bitty oranges.

Do you still love your ex?
technically he was an ex once. he still rocks my socks, never been happier.

What is the most random object around you?
a bendy pink flamingo.

Ever kissed someone who smokes?
the man smokes. blah.

What are your outlooks on gay/bisexual relationships?
To each his own. I'm cool with them.

Would you ever pose for Playboy?
Depends on where I'm at in life. it would be a cool once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I'd really think about it before I made a decision.

What is your weapon of choice?

Have you gone muddin?
haha, never have. I get carsick pretty easily so I'm not sure I'd like it.

Do you have a close family?
we're close, but not TOO close so that it's creepy.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
2 holes on each earlobe, one cartilage, one belly button piercing I got on a whim and just haven't taken it out. One tattoo on my foot, the kanji symbol for "enjoy" and another of my brothers' and sisters' initials on my hip that my sister has a version of, and my brother is about to get something similar. My mom hates tattoos and LOVES the idea of us all getting them, haha

What is on the walls around you?
my bulletin board with random stuff on it. A calendar with kittens on it, and a magazine ad of a very sexy naked man who has only the important parts covered.

Now you do it!

22 July 2008


Today I ran to the store real quick during lunch because I ran out of gum. While I was checking out the lady asked me, "Would you like to buy some deoderant?"

At first I thought, "OMG do I smell??"

But then after a long pause she said, "It's on sale." And there was this big pile at the checkout. What an odd thing to have on sale at the checkout. Usually it's candy or something.

I might have bought some if it was tampons, but I'm particular about my deoderant. Come to think of it, I'm particular about my tampons too. But you know what I mean.

I don't normally wish I had a bathtub, but tonight I wish I had one. I'm all puffy and monthly and funky feeling. There's one upstairs but it's no doubt filthy. I need man snuggles but he kicked me out to study. Damn summer school.

I wonder what's on Food Network.

20 July 2008


This weekend was quite fun.

Friday: Ash's birthday at Sherlock's. There was this band playing called the Inflatable Love Boys, I think. They were a pretty good cover band, playing lots of 80's and early 90's stuff. They said happy birthday and the band let her come onstage and sing a bit of "Sweet Home Alabama" before the bouncers pulled her off, haha.

Saturday: Bachelorette party. We waited for an hour and a half at the Cheesecake Factory to get a table, but we had good company and the bar while we waited. We threw her a lingerie shower at dinner and she got some really cute things. Woo for free undies!

Dinner was great, and I got to eat some of that AMAZING Godiva chocolate cheesecake. Needless to say we all had food babies on the way to the bar. We all piled in to Casey's minivan and I volunteered to drive. It was actually fun driving that thing!

Howl at the Moon was at capacity, so rather than wait for room to open up, we went to the Mezzanine Lounge. I'd seen it before but never gone, and it was fun. Right on the corner of Shepherd and 59, I'd definitely go again. They had karaoke and some really great singers. Dayna kicked off karaoke singing Madonna's "Like a Virgin" in her pink veil and that was a hoot.

I think pretty much everyone at our table was drinking amaretto sours, too. God those things are good. My master plan was to be the designated driver so I wouldn't spend so much money on drinks, and it worked. Although I think I bought Ashley more drinks than Dayna, haha.

I'm going to try and upload a video of this guy singing who was really great. Like I said there were a lot of people who really worked the crowd and made the whole thing awesome. I stuck more up at www.youtube.com/jacobithegreat.

18 July 2008

July 18


I know you won't be reading this at work today because your ass is still sleeping recovering from "shots like whoa..." I believe the text message at 12:13am said.

Finally we can go to bars together! [legally]

17 July 2008


Last night at around 2am I was ready to hit the hay, when the man decides that he is CRAVING McDonald's. Okay... but I have gotten strange cravings at wierd times so it's all good.

So we try looking up on the internet which ones are 24 hours and after calling a lot of wrong numbers listed on websites, we just decided to go to the one down the street. Turns out it was 24 hours. Why did I go with instead of going to bed? I wanted a chocolate milkshake.

The chocolate milkshake was AWESOME. Things just taste better at 2am. Then I fell into a very comfortable milkshake-ful sleep. But it was not enough sleep. Today was good but long, and I was sleepy and sinus-y because I can't take meds before my drs. appt.

Enough complaining, haha

I kind of want a milkshake now.

16 July 2008


I am tired. I had a full day and it felt good. TONS of fun doing bridesmaid stuff. I'd never really hung out with Dayna's sister and it turns out she's a pretty cool chick.

In other news, this chica's broke again. I decided to take out a teeny bit extra in a student loan to help pay off some of the old credit card. A lot of that is school expenses anyway. But for now, horray for getting paid on Friday! Just in time, too. It's going to be a big weekend with Ash's 21st (woo!) and the bachelorette party. Part-ay time.

15 July 2008


Okay Ash, here's your blog entry! I have my coffee. I don't know what to write about, though, because my life has been BOR-ING lately.

Besides the fact that I've eaten half a cheesecake between last night and this morning. Ash you need to get over here and be a fatass with me.

That, and I discovered a huge painful bump on the back of my neck this morning. Like a zit or a bite. I immediately went to look for mom but she wasn't home. So when she did get home I lifted my hair up and was like, "Look! What IS that?!"

She goes, "What, I don't see anything?" Obviously missing the huge nature of this thing.

So I point. "THAT!"

"Oh that? It looks like a bite." Pokes at it a bit. "Yeah, probably a bite."

I go, "Is it lice?" haha and looking back what a dumbass thing to say. I've just always heard that they bite you back at the back of your head.

She told me it wasn't lice and something just bit me. Now I want to know what the hell has been hanging out on the back of my neck biting me.

There are too many damn BUGS in this house! At the BUG MAN'S house! Last night I opened my door to go get something out of my car, and I was hit with all kinds of small bugs flying around the porch light. The largest June bug I've ever SEEN came in, and I could see another even bigger spider on the door frame.

I shut the door.
I grabbed some poison.

I turned my light off, so as to not attract all the moths and crap. I sprayed the spider. I tossed the June bug back out. Is it ridiculous that last night as I was watching things fly around my tv that I was seriously contemplating getting a bug zapper and sticking it in my kitchen?

The only damn house in the neighborhood that my dad doesn't treat... is ours!

Oh- and I made an appointment for allergy testing because you know what? Life's too short to feel miserable all the time. And you can always make more money.

13 July 2008

snacky snacky

My train of thought this morning:

I wake up.

"I think I'll see if that cake I made last night got better as it cooled."

Took a bite.

"Yuck. Let me go into the house and get a potato. I'll have hashbrowns for breakfast."

Go into the house. Look in the fridge.

"Oooh mom's leftover salsa from last night."

Eat some chips n salsa. (Oh, if you've never eaten salsa poured over a block of cream cheese, you haven't lived.)

"Oooh there's strawberries and whipped cream in here."

Eat some strawberries with a can of whipped cream, squirting each one with a healthy dollup.

Breakfast of champions.

12 July 2008


So I just tried a vegan chocolate cake recipe, converted to gluten free, and it's not very good. I'm thinking it's the soy milk. I was supposed to use water but used soy milk instead. Now I have a whole cake to throw away. I hate that!

I found a super sweet nightstand that was painted really ugly at the Salvation Army today. Solid wood construction and really well built. It was 17 bucks. I'm going to make that my next project and make it look nice again. I also found an old navy skirt that fits great for $3.50. Don't you love awesome finds like that?

We took family photos today and they turned out super cute. I can't wait to get them printed and framed.

Looking forward to Dayna's upcoming wedding, but kinda wondering what's going on with all the non-communication between the bridesmaids. I hope that gets resolved soon.

Summer's end is fast approaching. In early August me n the man plan to go to CA for a few days, then a couple weeks after that school starts again. It seems that the start of it went slow, the middle went really fast, and all of a sudden I'm looking at the calendar wondering where summer went. It's always the case, though.

09 July 2008

bits of tid

So... if you google my address then click on that street view thingy, you can totally see my car sitting in the driveway. Bizarre! Did people just drive around with a camera on the top of the car or something? I guess they had to. How very bizarre.

I'm pretty tired. I slept ok last night but still felt exhausted all day. I gorged myself on fried rice and peach crisp tonight and have a food baby. I swear, I need to have self control, haha. Either that or start cooking crappier. The leftover peach stuff will be delicious for breakfast tomorrow morning.

There's this new thing Ash told me about the other day. You text any question to "chacha" or 242-242 and you will get a texted answer back. The cost is just regular text message costs. I was demonstrating this the other night and texted, from the suggestion of others, "how small is too small?" and I got a text from them asking me to clarify. Well I didn't want to waste my non-unlimited texts on that, but it would be cool in a pinch, like if I need to know how many centimeters there are in a mile or something random like that.

Oh yeah- and if you go to http://www.foxvein.com/ and click on the "hand vein" part up at the top right, I researched and wrote a lot of the content on that page and it feels really badass to see it online, on a professional website.

Just some random tidbits.

08 July 2008

just a Tuesday

No work today. I wanted to be productive today. We'll see. I really need to drag my ass to the gym and get some kind of activity in. Maybe that will jump-start me.

The dairy thing didn't work perfectly yesterday, thanks to some "gotta eat NOW" hunger and available cheese. On to Day 2.

Last night I joined Tony and Akhtar for tapioca tea and Scrabble. Too bad I whooped their asses. Chris joined us and we yapped for another hour or so, then they left and we went to Randalls so I could buy gum. On the way back to our cars, I saw a roach FLY out of the bushes in one of the medians and land right on Chris' truck. Doubleyou Tee Eff man. No bueno!

Then this morning when I pulled up I saw this little guy hanging out on the cars. He was so cute!

07 July 2008


Today is the first day of my "cutting out dairy" experiment. I decided to do this while laying awake at 4am feeling puffy and crappy. Enough is enough.

I'm tired of spending way too much money visiting the doctor and getting tests done that my crappy insurance doesn't cover. Enough with the medical bills already!

I'm doing this the old-fashioned way, cutting stuff out, writing everything I eat and seeing how I feel. I'm SO TIRED of feeling like CRAP!! It's been my whole damn life and it's about time it ended.

I told my mom and she was like, "What?? Does that include cheese??" I know, I was thinking about how much I'd miss cheese if I had to cut it out. And ice cream. But if it makes me feel better then screw it, it's just food. I've managed without wheat for over 6 months now and I feel like I'm a better person because of it.

I'll start with this and if it doesn't work I'll start cutting out other major food allergies until I figure it out. I'll go to the doctor and get allergy tested as a last resort. I heard it's not very fun anyway.

Wouldn't it be nice if it was something as simple as a dairy intolerance? We shall see...

06 July 2008


Today's breakfast:
Potato, egg, cheese & brisket breakfast tacos. Corn tortillas, of course. I wish I had some peppers or tomatoes to add to it and give it some extra taste and color, but we didn't have any. Still, it was good.

So my laptop is perched up on top of three books: two at each back corner and one at the front. We have: Webster's New World Dictionary, The Bedford Handbook and The Control of Communicable Diseases Manual. I stuck these under it because I felt that the computer was getting too hot and needed ventilation. I've seen the thingies that you plug into a usb and it blows the hot air away from it, so I figured this was the ghetto solution. Too bad they've been like this for months and every time I need to move the screen closer or farther it's a bigger ordeal than it needs to be.

I guess I'm just really paranoid that my entire computer will crash again and maybe if it doesn't get overheated as much it will last longer. I back up the important files like my resume and stuff I'm working on for school on a flash drive, but it's the pictures that I'd miss. I tried compressing files once to burn onto cd but that was a big joke. I've been told to get one of those external hard drives, but I'm cheap.

So what do ya'll out there in blog-land do to back up your files? I'm open to suggestions.

05 July 2008


I'm sitting here being a fat.

I finally found my ice cream maker (it's pink!) on sale at Walmart and I tried making ice cream today. It was not very delicious, but it wasn't terribly disgusting either.

It's kinda blah outside today and I think it's a great day to lay around in bed watching bad movies. I'm tired today, even though we weren't out too late setting off fireworks.

I had to sleep all by myself in a big bed because the man has this thing with sleeping on the couch. Who prefers the couch to a bed?? No wonder he has backaches all the time. So I took off early this morning to head home and snuggle in my own comfy bed. But then I was having an awesome dream about making ice cream and my mom woke me up because the guy was coming to fix my fridge. I wanted to stay there and sleep but my mom said that would be wierd. *shrug*

So that's that.

04 July 2008

Photo Challenge: Patriotic

The challenge: Patriotic.

Here's what I did:

wake up call

There is this game that Pumpkin likes to play. At 4 or 5 am.

It starts when I feel her pounce on my stomach, crawl up towards my face and emit a series of very loud, insistent "meows" in my face. This will go on until I move. The second I make any movement, she leaps off the bed and tears around the room. I don't know how such a small cat can sound so large running frantically around the room. Then after a minute or so, just as I've fallen back asleep, I feel the THUD of a cat on my stomach and the cycle continues.

When I finally drag myself out of bed, she goes and hides under the table or the futon. She sits with her head poking out just enough to fool me into thinking that I can grab her. If I make a move towards her, she is one steap ahead of me. She wants to play.

Sometimes I can open the door and she'll go right out. Other times I have to get more creative. I tried pulling out a can of wet food and pretending like she was going to get some to lure her out, but that only worked a couple of times before she realized I was just tricking her. She won't come out until she hears that bitch OPEN.

This whole game completely sabatoges my hopes of crawling out of bed in my half-asleep zombie-like state so I can just fall right back asleep once she's out. But noooo. These mind games make me wide-awake.

I need a cat door man.

02 July 2008


I can't sleep because of my food baby so I figured I'd blurt out what I've been thinking about lately.

Been thinking about what I've become because of the things that have happened to me, and what I took away from them. About how my feelings about love and relationships have changed. I'm still figuring out how all this stuff works.

There are two very opposite extremes that somehow are intertwined. I never want to experience them again.
One: I don't want my heart broken again.
And two: I don't want to find myself drowning in a relationship again.

I want to be my own person. I don't want to get so emotionally involved with someone that I feel like a part of me is gone when they leave my life at the end of a relationship. I don't like "missing" someone. To me that is too much dependence.

I hate being sucked in and blinded by romantic bliss. If that happens I feel drained and lethargic and I don't feel like my life belongs to me. There is such a thing as "too close." I've successfully avoided that since I've realized I hate it.

So I feel that especially with this relationship, considering the history, I've been very cautious about what I've let myself feel. And I wonder if it's unconscious sabotage.

I hate shaving my legs for nothing.