30 June 2012


Recently I have been thinking about what gorgeous sisters I have.

A little while ago, I was sitting at the dining room table, just hanging out, when Suzy came home from work. She wasn't doing anything special, just checking in the fridge for food and telling us all about her day. I was listening and watching her move around the kitchen, and it was one of those random ass moments where it struck me just how gorgeous she is. I mean, that girl is stunning. She's got style for days, curves in all the right places, and a billion other features that people would kill to have. (And a sweet smile that cute old men love to comment about)

I've witnessed heads whipping around to get another glimpse of both of my sisters. When I introduce them to friends, they always come back and comment on how pretty they are. I love that.
Just recently, Ashley was at a wedding and one of the guests was telling Collin how he was trying to get "the hot girl in blue's number." Talk about priceless when Collin replied, "That's my wife."

Myself? I know my body. It's me and I like it. I've got a man who loves it.
But to be honest, sometimes I feel like the skinny, frumpy sister!

And then they have those days, like we all do, where they just don't feel confident. I just want to shake them by the shoulders and see themselves through my eyes.

So, sisters, you are gorgeous, don't you forget it.

28 June 2012


I think the favorite party of my day is after-work tea and cookies.

But anyways. Today was the follow-up appointment with the oral surgeon.

I got in, sat down, and the guy put a mirror in my mouth for about 3 seconds, said, "Oh good, there's no infection or pus. You can leave."

UMMMM. Not so fast, mister nonchalant oral surgeon. I had a few questions.

So, the answers to my questions, in no particular order.

The side that's healing funky? It's not infected, but is still swollen and painful. He said it's healing well, but it will take a little longer to heal because it was severely impacted and harder to remove. I kinda figured that out after my coworkers pointed out bruising around my mouth on that side. But, I feel better knowing that what's happening is normal.

The top ones have completely healed over. That's why I couldn't find them. Sweet, two less things to worry about.

Next up: the giant hole that likes to trap pieces of green beans and other bits of food, and ejects pieces of bone/tooth. The hole exists simply because the gum had previously healed around the tooth that started it all as it came in over the past year- like normal gums are supposed to do. Now that the tooth has been pulled, it has to re-heal. There is still bone graft down in there, and that's all healed up; it's only the gums that need to catch up. He said this would take several months. I was less than pleased to hear this, but I was happy to at least have the issue addressed. And it makes a lot of sense, derrh.

I'm beat, and have to start training tomorrow, so I can't just schlupp through on autopilot all morning. Deuce.

27 June 2012

Quick update

- Teeth are pretty much the same. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday afternoon applying heat and trying to gently stretch my jaw open. Higher pain level today, but I can open my mouth slightly wider than yesterday. I'm getting braver and started tonguing around to see what things feel like now. That one side is still really funky. Glad I'm going for my follow-up appointment tomorrow. I'd really like to get a professional's opinion instead of my paranoid tonguing, followed by flashlight inspections, followed by google searches of doom.

-I start training Andrea's replacement Friday. She's an actual MLS- just graduated. I'm thrilled to be training someone knowledgeable and I have high hopes. She'll never be Andrea, but she just might be good for the lab.

-Caught Crazy Stupid Love on tv yesterday during my jaw stretching. It was kinda meh until that scene where everyone figures out what's going on with everyone else, then I was just in hysterics. I loved it.

26 June 2012

toofer update

This is just for Ashley, who will be disappointed when she goes to read my blog tomorrow and realizes there's no new post.

Slow recovery day. Luke went to the store and got me a baby toothbrush so I can clean my back teeth without fear of tearing everything apart with the regular toothbrush. I'm usually a very thorough brusher and this half-assed pansy stuff is driving me crazy. The tiny toothbrush featuring Eeyore worked like a charm. They finally feel some resemblance of clean back there.

Also, when I was flushing out that one hole (that I'm very disappointed is even there), I flushed out a little piece of tooth/bone, I'm assuming left over from the surgery. Awesome.

Enough post-wisdom-tooth-extraction oral hygiene discussion.

That's all I really have to talk about.

25 June 2012

Dayyyyyy five!

Today I graduated to a few solid foods. The chewing part is actually easy; it's the getting it in my mouth part that's difficult. Every day I notice I can open a little wider, though.

Bean and cheese quesadilla, you were so good that I made two more; one for now, and one for lunch tomorrow.

That one side is not exactly painful, but it's healing really weird. Like, it's all lumpy. I try not to touch it too much with my tongue because that's just gross, and besides there's stitches still in there.

My mom made some gazpacho and I really want to like it because she was so sweet to make some without cilantro so I would enjoy it... but I just really don't like gazpacho.

Getting through work was tough. I felt so bone-tired the whole day. I guess I just expected to bounce back quicker than I am. I forget I had surgery a few days ago and there are several holes still in my head trying to heal.

According to the instructions sent home with me, I'm supposed to start flushing food out of the holes with a syringe. Problem is... as far as I can tell there is only one hole, and I'm scared to just start shooting water in there. What if I blow out the clot or the new skin or something?
The other side is just lumpy, and I can't even see the top ones at all. I even busted out a dental mirror but there is no finding them. Maybe I should just squirt water in the general area? Or maybe I should just forget about the syringe and continue rinsing with salt water 5 billion times a day. That really seems to help.

Annyyyywayyyy, now that I've gotten food in my belly, I desperately need a nap.

24 June 2012

DIY- Microwave Rice Heating Pad

It's amazing how productive I can be after I stop taking drugs.

The surgeon recommended applying heat to my jaw to loosen it up bit. It's so sore that it's hard to open my mouth very far. After struggling with my ginormous heating pad, I remembered seeing something around the internet about putting rice in a sock and microwaving it.

So I dug around and found a sock that didn't have little bits of dirt stuck to it (eew) and filled it with rice. After tying it with a hair tie and microwaving it for 1 minute, I had a pretty darn warm sock! It was easy to position the sock, and the rice molded to my face. It stayed warm for about 20 minutes, so when I fell asleep I wasn't in danger of burning myself, like I've done before with the regular electric heating pad.

After a few days of snuggling a tied-up tube sock, I figured I'd make it pretty.

In less than 5 minutes, I made this:

To be sure that the fabric I chose wouldn't scorch in the microwave, I nuked it for a minute. No problems, so I continued forward.

I cut two pieces of fabric approximately as big as the sock, and sewed three sides together (with the patterns facing each other). Then I turned it right-side out, dumped the rice inside, and sewed up the last side. Seriously less than 5 minutes.

Once this wisdom tooth madness is all over and done with, I plan to use it when I get those monster sinus headaches. It's always difficult to position that huge heating pad on my forehead, and heat really seems to work.

I don't know why I never thought of this sooner.

What day is it? 4?

Well, yesterday consisted of taking drugs & eating a little, then not being able to stay awake as the drugs started working. Then I'd wake up and take more drugs and the cycle would repeat itself. I couldn't even make it through a movie. I've never felt so useless.

One side is healing beautifully- ironically side where the trouble all started. The swelling and pain are minimal. The other side... not so much. It's obviously infected- the day after the surgery I noticed the telltale swelling along the gums of the adjacent tooth, as I've seen it before when the other one got infected.

So there's more pain there, and it's still pretty swollen, and I'm wondering if the current antibiotics are going to take care of it, or if I should go to the dentist and have them look at it. Tomorrow I'll just call and ask their opinion.

I have no idea what the top ones look like- I can't see them and I'm going to just assume they're doing fine.

Also, I have to get up for work tomorrow. GROAN. That means no more good drugs that make me sleepy. I'm going to have to start taking over-the-counter stuff. Hmph, I like those good drugs! I think the pain is down to a manageable level now, though, so it should not be a problem. I'm glad something is forcing me off the good drugs.

I am slightly worried about getting enough food in my belly to get me through a day of running around. A few bites here and there is enough when I do little more than sleep, but I'm going to need something more substantial at work. I may just take a lot of food breaks and hope it's not a problem.

So, now I'm off to enjoy my last day of sleeping, and praying that the infection goes down without too much trouble. Also, if I can stay awake long enough, I'd like to paint my nails.

23 June 2012


This feels worse. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be feeling better every day. That's what the paperwork says.

Not cool, man.

22 June 2012

Recovery: day 2

I went to sleep last night and forgot to take meds, so I woke up puffy-faced and in pain. I made a smoothie for breakfast, and chased it with pain meds and antibiotics. Still taking the Tylenol 3; I'm scared to take the Vicodin, and I don't really think the pain is that bad. Still, the T3 makes me sleepy as soon as I take it. It's pretty much been a cycle of sleep, wake up and eat to take meds, then go back to sleep until I either get hungry or hurty.

I enlisted the help of Akhtar to drive me to work to pick up my paycheck; don't really feel safe driving. So I picked it up and we went to lunch; a baked potato and soup for me, most of which I took home. Then to the bank to deposit my check. The rest of the afternoon was spent in bed, surprise.

I can feel the stitches kinda rubbing against my tongue if I talk, but I haven't yet dared to start poking around with my tongue. Also it's kinda hard and painful to open my mouth, but they said I needed to work on that or else it'll get locked up. I did start rinsing with salt water, and I brushed my teeth as best I could. It was starting to gross me out. Good news- no evidence of further bleeding.

Also I can start to eat warm things today. I'm glad, because now I can eat soup and mashed potatoes.

Also watching this show on mtv where this girl has a crush on an obviously gay guy, then when she told him, he was all, "I'm gay," and she was all surprised. Psh.

21 June 2012

just relax...

So! I did it!

This morning at 6am I opened the door to a smiling and perky Ashley, in a cute top with a road cup. Off we went, with me giving annoying driving directions the whole way. :o)

Once at the dentists, we didn't have to wait long before they charged my credit card and called me back. They set me up in a chair and hooked me up to a bunch of things. I got a thing for my heart rate clipped to my finger, some of those sticky electrodes on my chest and ribs, a tube for oxygen stick in my nose, and then they started the IV, which was just dripping fluids at first. I was so nervous, and I could tell by listening to my heart rate beeping on the monitor. After a few minutes, the oral surgeon comes in and says, "Okay we're going to give you something to relax."

The next thing I know, I'm waking up and it's over. Holy crap, it really is just that simple!

I vaguely remember them doing some scraping on a tooth in a dream-like state, which lasted for a few seconds. I think I must have woken up for a minute during the procedure... or something. Because everyone was asking if I remembered anything. I just said no.

After I was awake for a minute, they called Ashley in. They were giving me instructions and I was glad she was there because I don't remember any of them. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. I know I had some gauze sticking out of my mouth like a walrus because I could see it in the elevator mirror when they wheeled me down stairs in the wheelchair.

I remember talking a little on the ride home, but I know it wasn't goofy; mostly tired. I remember being thirsty. When we got home, Mom and Ash helped me into bed, and I passed out for about an hour until I woke up in some serious pain. Mom had gone to pick up my prescriptions, so I took some of the Tylenol 3 I got back in January for the infection. I was too scared to take it then, but I gladly tossed it down the hatch this morning.

The rest of the morning is a blur. I'd sleep for a while, then wake up either in pain or from drooling blood all over myself. I was glad I was thinking and laid down a brown towel on my bed in case I did bleed. Can you imagine the carnage, all over my fresh white sheets??
I don't remember what they said, but Suzy and Luke were sweet and I think Suzy got me a bag of peas. It's strange how I was walking around and talking but I really don't remember doing it.

The wounds are still bleeding, so I've been keeping gauze back there and dozing while alternating each cheek on a bag of frozen peas. It sucks because the blood just fills your mouth and you can't really spit it out. They said I couldn't rinse or brush my teeth, or spit because the wounds have to kinda set. So I kinda just have to let it drool out over the sink and wipe it as best I can. Gross, huh? I'll be glad when it stops bleeding.

So far I've eaten a little yogurt and one of those protein drinks- I'm not hungry, but I didn't want to take drugs on an empty stomach.

I'm still a little drowsy, but much more alert than I was this morning. I hope I can sleep well tonight.
On the road to recovery!

19 June 2012

more ch-changes

My dear, sweet Andrea has accepted another job offer.

Coworker me is going, "Fuckkkk this suckkksss."

But friend me is really, really damn excited. This is a good move for her, and plus, now we can hang out more.

About 20 minutes after she talked with my boss, I got called into her office. She had me close the door and sit down, and asked me seriously if I was leaving with Andrea. Haha, I love how she had to check because it's totally plausible.

I assured her that I'm not going anywhere, and am going to make the most of this mess. I just hope we get someone good. No one will be as good as Andrea, but I'll settle for competent.

In other, exciting-as-all-getout news, Ashley and Collin hold the keys to their new home in their sweaty little palms. How exciting!!! I can't imagine how awesome that feels to be able to walk up to that cute spankin-new house and call it their own. I am so damn happy for them.

So, good things are happening with people I care about, and that makes me happy.

17 June 2012


A little continuing education... http://parasitewonders.blogspot.com/

16 June 2012

the scary part


THIS is what I'm afraid of. Fuck the pain.
THIS is the scary part.

Really, though, this guy is adorable.

14 June 2012


So I'm loving this schedule. I've woken up on my own every day this week. I leisurely drink my coffee and eat breakfast. Instead of a ratty bun, my hair resembles actual hair. Work is work, but I feel more on the ball. I feel more awake and happier. After work, I'm free to do things as usual, but the difference is, so is everyone else. I go to bed when it's dark out-- when I'm tired-- and I fall right to sleep. I'm not ready to go back to waking up at 4am.

Not looking forward to working this weekend either. You know I like my days off.

Next week the wisdom teeth come out. I'm actually a little excited about that. Once those are out and healed, all of my dental work will be complete. I've already stocked up on pudding and mashed potatoes. I'm going to make a big batch of brothy soup with tiny, soft pieces of vegetable and chicken. Also planning on buying a bunch of yogurt to mix with greek yogurt. <-- Soft and helps w/ antibiotic side effects.

Switching gears:
I read this blog post this morning.
It's about taking a day apart from your spouse on vacations to do what you really want to do, then meeting up for dinner afterwards. I think it's a great, novel idea, but not sure if it would work for me.

I guess it's because nowadays most of my vacations are for visiting him and separating would defeat the purpose. Also because when we do take vacations, the number one reason is to take a break from work, as opposed to being a tourist. The travel part is just a detail in the work-less-ness. I feel like on our day to do whatever we wanted, we'd both just lay in bed or on a beach all day.

BUT, I'd be totally down for splitting if we both wanted to do different things, instead of dragging each other along. It's a great idea-- it never occurred to me that it would be an "Ok" thing to do.

Listen to me talking about vacations when I just took one, and it will be a while before I take another one, haha.

11 June 2012


It's Monday.

But I feel like it's the weekend.

Why am I uttering these crazy utterings??

Because I don't have to be at work until 10 am this entire week. Sure, it's a busier shift, but work is still work.

I actually woke up on my own, before my alarm clock, to the sunlight streaming through the curtains and the cat stretching beside me. Can you imagine a better way to wake up on a Monday??

No dragging every protesting fiber in my body out of bed at 4am to hurriedly and efficiently get myself ready. I ate some cereal and instead of rushing out the door I'm lingering, drinking my coffee, blogging! In my pjs! Life is good, folks, and I'm going to appreciate every second of this week that I get to re-join the land of the people with normal schedules.

Let's have dinner this week. No, not at 6:00 with the geriatrics.

Let's have dinner at 8! And then linger afterwards with a drink!

10 June 2012

call me maybe

My brother mentioned this video, so I watched it.

It's actually quite entertaining. I laughed at loud at 2:20.

09 June 2012


The only thing worse than throwing up is the 45 minutes of dry heaving beforehand.
Not to mention the continued discomfort afterwards. Isn't it supposed to make you feel better??

Don't know if it's a new turn that accidental glutening is taking, or if I got sick from something else, or if dinner just didn't settle right, but... ugh.

I have my suspicions that it was gluten. I wasn't very careful at dinner. When I accidentally eat gluten, it's most often from eating at restaurants. Unless they have a gluten free menu, I usually order something that I just assume is safe. I hate making a big fuss about it. It's no surprise that I often don't feel well after eating out.

I really, really need to stop doing that. This disease is a big deal and I need to "make a fuss" about it, especially if I'm going to have this kind of reaction again.

So. You guys who read this. I don't exactly have the highest level of willpower so I need your help.

I need you guys to GET ON MY ASS if we are at a restaurant and I order something (even a salad) without notifying the waiter that it needs to be gluten free.

Cool? Cool.

My puffy hurty belly and I are going back to my heating pad.

saturday pancake love

This is by far the best batch of pancakes I've ever made.

I'm not sure what I did different. This is the first time I've tripled it- so I would have enough to take some to work next week. This is also the first time I've made them on the cast iron pan. But the recipe is still the same. I did try a new honey, so maybe that's it? Whatever it is, they're amazing.

So here I am, making pancakes in my underwear, my computer on the island, contemplating giving some attention to my neglected GF blog. Which, of course, requires me to do some cooking. Which, of course, is the problem. I'll make up my mind after sampling another pancake.

Also, completely unrelated:  I completely forgot it was payday yesterday until my boss handed me my paycheck. I'm not as broke as I think I am! Of course, later today when I pay bills, I'll be back to broke. But for a few hours, I'm doing okay! Also, completely unrelated again: I think when I do eventually move on from this company and switch jobs, I want to do micro.

That is all. 

07 June 2012


So when you donate blood they run your cholesterol, right?

Well mine's always been on the high side, and I was dreading checking it, but it's totally fine! That's a good sign. :o)

P.S. I have no idea what I'm doing right.

05 June 2012

for lifeee

Guess what I did after work today?
Noooo I didn't lay around on my ass. That's what I did yesterday.

Luke and I gave blood!

It's my first time giving blood since 2006 when the celiac/serious anemia started kicking in and I was repeatedly deferred. Since my last cbc indicated normal red blood cell indices, I figured it was time to give it another go. I've been thinking about it but chickening out, and then Luke mentioned to me that he was going.

So, we went. And it was uneventful. The lady did comment on how quickly I filled the bag; 3 minutes or so was all it took. She said it was the fastest one she'd ever seen.

Luke opted to give platelets, which they really need. I actually don't weigh enough to hop on the apheresis machine, something I know from my own blood bank studies. (Did you know I'm qualified to work at a blood bank, typing and crossmatching units of blood for patients? I haven't been in that atmosphere since I did my rotations. I think it actually made me less nervous.)  Anyway, Luke was a total badass, especially for his first time giving platelets. It takes like an hour and it's much more invasive-feeling than a simple whole blood donation. I'm so proud.

So, I'm going to try to do regular donations!

03 June 2012

lazy day

Me and kitty are going to laze around today.

Actually, kitty will be doing the majority of the lazing.
I'm going to do some laundry and clean up around here. Then I will join kitty.

01 June 2012

wakey wakey

I've been having a lot of trouble getting up for work lately, especially this week. Combination of jet lag and sickishness, possibly? Either way, I'm lucky my boss has such lax rules about getting to work on time, as I've been making it in about 30 minutes late every day this week.

Woke up this morning and looked at the clock: 5:30. Shit. I'm supposed to be at work at 5. I jumped out of bed and ran out of the house, making it to work by 6, getting through a hurried morning to make turnaround time.

I don't even remember the alarm going off. Either it never went off, or I turned it off and went back to sleep.

Solution? I bought an alarm clock for the bathroom. I figure if I have to get up to turn it off, I'll be up and already in the bathroom, and might as well start getting ready for the day. We'll see how that works. I have to work tomorrow so I'll get to test it out.

I seriously need to figure out how to get to work on time on a regular basis, haha.
I'm just SOOO not a morning person!