29 March 2007

just a little bit

I'm feeling emo. It's okay to have those times every so often. It's been a while.

I'm just lonely.
I miss the arms around me and the breath in my ear.
I miss my cat.
I'm wondering why one of my friends is blowing me off... I don't think I did anything to piss this person off.
Eh, like I said, maybe it's none of my beeswax.

You know, looking back, I wish I hadn't met Chris when I had. I wish I would have met him when I had a clearer point of view. When I wasn't still finding my way out of the fog of a serious relationship. And his issues were more resolved. I dunno, maybe nothing would be different but I still wonder.

But, back to the present. Things are simply the way they are and too often we don't see how things REALLY are until much later down the road.

What I wouldn't give right now for just a little bit.

22 March 2007

complaining game

Man this complaining game is really therapeutic.

I just made it up. You and another person go back and forth complaining about things that are bothering you. One person at a time. You just say something that's bothering you, and the other person listens but doesn't try to fix anything or give advice. Then it's their turn. Back and forth until there's nothing left to bitch about.

You should try it.

20 March 2007

oh my god.

I love you.
like for real.

17 March 2007


A friend once gave me some very good advice.
He said to me, "Jacobi, if there is any chance at all that you will be happy, go for it."