30 April 2008


i am in an odd mood.

i just watched i am legend and it kinda gave me an eerie feeling, like i get after most creepyish movies.

today went well, going on four hours of sleep, some relaxing snuggles, cinnamon mike n ikes and cereal, followed by an enormous cup of coffee at work. btw, that dunkin donuts coffee is the shiznit.

i have no idea how i did on my test, i just want to never have to worry about organic chemistry again. i've had that miley cyrus song stuck in my head for a couple days, and while i was taking the test i could "hear" it in the background. haha.

i want so badly to relax but i have a lab due tomorrow and biochem on tuesday. i really really want an A in that class so i'm going to study real hard for the final.

maybe i'll take a bath if the tub upstairs isn't horrifying and disgusting.

29 April 2008


Sitting here taking a break and choking down the last of some yogurt. My life has consisted of organic chemistry lately, and not much else. The only people I've seen are my immediate family and Chris. I can't wait until 11am tomorrow, when this horrible course can become a memory.

I'm looking forward to when I can cook a lot more, lay in the sun, catch up on some recreational reading, and generally relax without feeling like I should be studying.

This semester, I hope to not pull another all-nighter. That was just messed up.

28 April 2008

Kenna- Hell Bent

Always liked this video.
Freetime is a good one of theirs too.

27 April 2008


I hate it when I'm at the end of a glass of something and I see a bug in it. Makes me wonder just how long it's been there. Ugh.

Today was an odd day. I don't normally work on Saturdays but I did today and it kind of threw my whole groove off. That, and I woke up to rain at about 4am and couldn't go back to sleep because of all my thoughts. I had a pretty emotional night Friday, but it turned out ok. Actually, as well as it could have. I'm pretty happy with the way things are going.

Another thing: my boss found out he has a malignant tumor on his liver (I think it's his liver). He hurt his back and when they were scanning for that they noticed it. So they've caught it while it's still operable. Just think: what if he never hurt his back and it just kept spreading? God works in mysterious ways, people.

25 April 2008

school- Oy!

Oy. What a week!

I ended my organic chemistry lab career, horray! I even managed to clean the round bottom flask that contained burned isopentyl acetate and was NOT budging. Oven cleaner finally worked, only after trying about a ten other solvents. If I was unable to get it clean it would mean about 50 bucks. I don't think so. I also broke a 50-mL Erlenmeyer flask when I was setting the glassware out on the lab bench for checkout. Of course. A quick trip to the research store in the next building and $3 later it was all good, though.

The remainder of the week was spent going to class, work, and spending every free moment writing the last scientific report for biochemistry lab. Let me tell you, that thing was a doozy.

Next week are finals. Organic 8am Wednesday, which consists of two seperate tests: ACS and the UH final. The UH exams are bad enough without adding on another one. I also have to watch 12 hours of lecture and read who knows HOW many psychology chapters for my final on Thursday. Between all the organic chemistry and biochemistry exams, papers and labs I haven't been able to watch any. Double Oy.

I registered for classes next semester and realized I only have 12 more hours at UH. This summer I have to apply to Med Tech schools and then after the fall semester I have a whole entire spring and summer until Med Tech school starts. I have ideas of what I'm going to do with that time, but none are concrete. We'll see, you never know what will happen. It still irks me that I'd be all ready to go to Med Tech school this coming fall if it weren't for that effing one semester that my advisor screwed me over, pushing graduation back an entire year. Triple Oy.

After my grueling week of sleep deprivation and stress breakouts, and with the thought of another grueling week ahead of me, I treated myself to a pedicure today. It took a whole hour, the lady I go to does such a good job. I've gone to her for years, but don't go that often and when I do I tip well, so she always gives me an extra long calf massage.

Chris kept asking what was going on with the lady that hit my car and left a dent (I mentioned it a while back) and I told him I've been putting off checking my email because it's just been one big argument back and forth. I get so infuriated when I have to deal with it. I've been putting it off because I've had other school stuff to focus on and it would just distract me. So, he said he'd take care of the whole thing so I wouldn't have to. Honestly, he is amazing.

I've got lots to look forward to (mainly sleep) after these next two weeks, so I gues let's get to it.

20 April 2008

good times

The crawfish boil was lots of fun. I spent the majority of the day running around. It seems like every time I sat down, someone I knew showed up and I had to go say hello, show them where the food was, etc. Everyone was kinda scattered around so in order to see everyone, lots of running around was necessary. Even though I was exhausted and slightly sunburned at the end of the day, it was a really great time. I'm really glad that a lot of people I haven't seen lately came.

And last night I got possibly the best compiment I've ever gotten. A compliment so sincere and so deep that I wasn't sure what to say. I mean, wow. Someone thinks that highly of me? I just have to say that nothing else ever has been like that. I'm positively giddy, and things just seem to keep getting better.

Except. Someone drank all the Dr. Peppers. :o)

17 April 2008

the cheese to my macaroni

I was talking about this with my sister: about how we never want to write things about how awesome boyfriends are because when we break up and go back and read all the schmoopy crap we are disgusted and can't believe we ever cared so much about "that dickhead."

This is not general schmoopy gushingness because, remember, I do not gush. I am an awkward gusher.

But. This boy has repeatedly shocked me and proven me wrong when I doubted him, or even had low expectations. We may have had some rough times, but things have changed. I have seen a complete 180 turn into a full circle. He not only backs me 100% without my insistence, he goes above and beyond.

He is incredibly patient with me, which is WAY more than I can say for myself. He is truly a "good guy." His heart is in the right place. He respects himself and actually has values. He shows respect to those who deserve it, and has the balls to not show the same to those who do not. He's intelligent, works hard for what he wants, and appreciates the things he's been given in life. He's not afraid to get down and dirty to make something happen.

Unlike other guys I've dated, he does not need to be the constant center of attention. He does not worry about if his hair is styled quite right and hardly notices when there's a hole in his t-shirt.

I'm so sick of the wimpy guys who'd rather look at themselves in the mirror and debate philosophy than teach me how to shoot a gun or threaten to kick someone's ass when they step out of line. (And actually do it if need be.)
I think one of the hottest things a guy can do is get hot n sweaty working on an engine or digging holes or... some other manly type of activity. Dirt under the fingernails, baseball hat mussing up the hair, hell- give me a farmer's tan and a little hair on the chest! And when he's got brains to boot? Come to mama.

I think this California girl likes her men a little bit redneck. But. Just a little bit.

16 April 2008

brain dump


I love jalapenos so much, but holy crap my stomach is killing me now! I wish I had a heating pad over at the boyfriend's place.

I saw the bum again, the one that I wrote about a while back. She was standing there at the corner holding her sign, and I was watching her thinking about giving her some banana bread that was in my bag but the light turned too soon. Anyway when I was sitting there watching her, she started talking and gesturing to "someone" next to her. My guess is she was hallucinating? It was just odd to witness that after I JUST turned in a paper on schizophrenia two days ago.

It made me think about how many people suffer from mentall illness that wind up in that kind of situation because it's gotten so bad they can't function normally in society. I wonder how many of those homeless crazies would be able to function if they were just given medication or therapy? I know a lot of homeless are that way because of drug abuse, but some just happen to be unfortunate without a support system. Just makes you think.


I'm not the most politically active person, and even though I've sat through government courses (and made A's), I don't know exactly how the government works or what's going on in DC. I can't explain the election process. I'm not even sure what's going on over in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever we are right now. I don't have an opinion on the oil crisis or any of that, the only reason being ignorance.

I just recently learned why on earth there's such a big deal about the Olympics this year (for those of you who want to know, China has been killing Tibetian protesters [protesting over what? I dunno. religion or politics?] and people are pissed off at China because of it, so they are protesting the Olympics, which are being held in China.) At least I think that's what's going on.

I don't pay attention it, because to be honest, I just don't care. I know I should because it will eventually affect me and it's my government and all that, but from day to day, I really have other things that I'm more interested in. I used to watch the news every day but it seems to me like everything that is "news" is negative. It would make me anxious and I just don't want to worry about it. Then, I get apathetic and as a result have no idea what's going on.

They need to have a "politically confused" website that boils all current events down and explains them so that people like me can understand that's going in the world. I want to be able to participate in conversations further than "oh yeah I heard about that." I want to form opinions and discuss theories and be able to hold my own in those types of conversations. Maybe once classes end this summer I will make it a point to become more knowledgeable.

13 April 2008

i'm sorry?

You know, sometimes when I'm angry and fighting with someone, I say things I regret. Actually, most of the time. But sometimes I look back on an argument when I've calmed down and I don't. This is one of those times.

That being said, I think it's so ironic that people can have such kickass chemistry and still not be able to communicate efficiently without blowing the issue in question out of proportion. I know in the past I've had no problems maintaining open communication lines without any major blowouts. So what the hell gives?

I think it's different "getting mad" styles. See, I get mad and I'm over it in like a minute. However, other people get mad and don't talk to me for DAYS. And to someone like me, that really hurts, especially when it's someone I really care about and don't want them to be mad at me. And especially when it's over something small. I just don't see the rationalization.

Anyways Saturday turned out to be TONS of fun. The drive to Baton Rouge was long but we all had a great time at the shower. Now for hell week. And I'm not even kidding.

09 April 2008

don't stop believing

Me and Ashley singing:

"...A singer in a smoky room, A smell of wine and cheap perfume, For a smile they can share the night, It goes on and on and on and onnnnn"

At the top of our lungs with the music blaring:


At this point Luke bursts in,


All: "HIding, somewhere in the NIIGGHHHTTT!!"

I love my family, lol

07 April 2008

not gunna write you a love song

^Thanks to the Comcast commerical, that song has been in my head all day. I was in ochem lab singing it while adding chemicals to beakers. It was a short day because one of the experiments was cancelled due to the strong odor that one of the reactions produced. So we only did one and got out at like, 230. Woo! That, and there is only one more actual lab to do before the end of the semester. Then -- no more organic chemistry labs! Oh, the thought of it... what will I DO with all that time?! SLEEP!

I had a genius moment and bought a microphone so I could record myself saying reactions, vocabulary, whatever, so I can listen to it on the way to school and get some extra learning time when I really need it. Baller, I know.

I have to get up early and probably miss some of organic lecture because I have a dr's appt that I really can't reschedule. Oy.

Lots of schoolwork to do man.

05 April 2008


Remember when cereal boxes actually had cheap toys in them instead of proclaiming on the back of the box "send in 6 UPCs and $5 for shipping and you get this obscure dvd!" *sigh* the good old days.

I'm tired of having a headache. All week I've battled them and I just want them to go away.

Bought bridesmaid dresses today. Yay I'm getting excited! I have decided that I love snuggling little Catherine, haha.

I ended up doing better on the exam I took in 15 minutes with no glasses than I did on the first exam I took for that class. Go figure.

I did worse on my biochemistry exam because of answers that I changed. Garr. I always have the "don't second guess" rule but I broke it. I always regret it too!

Waiting for Ash to finish the Cosmo she bought so I can read it...

Oh and speaking of, I found this on my bathroom mirror...

04 April 2008

the past

Remember the blog from a while back about the time I went to the gyno and the student shadowing the doctor was a girl I knew in high school?

Well, she just added me as a friend on facebook and I think that's just funny.

Oh-- and I also found a guy I dated in high school for like two years but didn't keep in touch with on facebook yesterday. I have wondered about him and what he's been up to because I know he had a lot to straighten out in his life when we parted ways. Anyway, I always thought he was gay and, yup, he sure is! I'm SO glad he finally decided to come out. It makes me happy because he was a really great guy and I really have missed him because we were really close. I'm just glad to see that he looks happy. Well, as much as can be derived from a facebook profile anyway.

This 80's music kick I've been on makes me happy, lol.

01 April 2008


Oh my GOD!
"drew," you were right!
I came home tonight after a LONG day of broken eyeglasses and 3-hour lab writeups and crappy tests and what do I see as soon as I open the door??

Two more spiders on my rug. Is this deja vu or what??

I freaked and went in the other door, grabbed the pyrithrin and sprayed. Then I sprayed along the floor and under the cabinet and guess what? Another one came out and I sprayed it and it died. It looked painful, too.

So I told my dad and he said that if I sprayed then they should die.

Now I don't hate spiders, but I'm starting to get a little freaked out. Five enormous spiders in two days? I don't think so. Who KNOWS how many are breeding under that cabinet. And that dead spider carcass I mentioned last night? I think it WAS one of the exoskeletons. *shudder* At least they all seem to be centralized in that one location, FAR from my bed.

It's like all the insects come in plagues, what with the roaches and spiders and all. eesh.