31 October 2011

on birth control

Talking about birth control and other potentially uncomfortable things! YAY!

Today was violation day.

Took 2 fricken hours, and once travel time was included, it added up to 3 hours that I had to take off work. But it's ok. Because I got some anti-baby-making stuff. And, you know, got a pap smear and a surprisingly pleasant breast exam. Seriously, for a guy, he was totally non-man-handle-y.

Let's add "enjoying the breast exam at the gyno" to the list of reasons why Chris should come home now. (lol)

So birth control.

I decided I want to try the IUD, since I really dislike taking the pill- and its side effects. Set it and forget it is my kinda game. The long-term cost is cheaper, too. After reviewing all of the various birth control methods out there, I want to give it a shot.

The doctor started out by saying that there are two types of doctors: Ones that will give an IUD to a woman who hasn't had children, and those who will not- because of the unlikely scenario that it can affect fertility.

I asked him which one he was.

He said that if I desperately wanted children, he wouldn't do it. If I was iffy or didn't want children, he had no problem with it.
Sweeet. I'm all for sticking that thing up there and moving right along.

So then we discussed options. Hormones vs copper. He insisted that the hormones coating the IUD won't be nearly as side-effecty-y as the pill. So I agreed on that one. Plus, you stop having your period. Um, hell yes.

But... there's a whole rigmarole (I totally had to look that word up to spell it correctly) of things surrounding the actual "getting it and getting it inserted" procedure. So it will take several weeks, some insurance company crap, plus an extra month after it's inserted before it's considered effective birth control. Which kinda passes right by my window of sexual activity when Chris will be home. Herm.

While in my gown waiting for the doctor to come back in and get it over with, I spotted something on the counter that looked a lot like this:

Holy crap is that actual size? Is my uterus really that small? Is the IUD really that big? It takes up the whole thing?? I thought it was this tiny thing that just like sat at the entrance and... I dunno, magically prevented pregnancy. Mind boggled for a second.

Before I left he also gave me some pills to take as a backup method. Ugh. Not too thrilled about that, but if it keeps me from getting knocked up then I suppose they're ok.

I wish there were some switch on our bodies that we could flip when we're ready to procreate- and until then you can have sex and all you have to worry about is STDs.

I mean, hormone pills, foreign materials in the uterus, implants, rings, barriers, creams... sheesh. It's a little Brave New World when you think about it. I just need my contraceptive belt and I'm good to go!

I'm also torn between waiting to get the IUD until I'm actually having sex on a regular basis. It seems a little pointless to get it and not really need it for another few years.

However, the thing that keeps taking me back to the "get it" side is the peace of mind that I get from the effectiveness-- versus something temporary and less effective like condoms. It's very reassuring, even if it's used infrequently. It only takes one busted condom or a couple missed pills to make a baby.
I'd rather have my uterus be a practically impenetrable fortress of IUD than have a Surprise! The condom broke! or a Ha! You didn't take your pills at exactly the right time! pregnancy.

Anyway, we'll see how this all pans out.

29 October 2011

bumblebee happenings

Man. Going out on Friday nights after work is hard. I didn't even need to drink- as Missy so tipsily put it in the bathroom line, I was more 'punch-drunk' than anything. But I had a great time.

Attended the HMNS' spin on mixers and elixirs: Spirits & Skeletons.

It was a people-watching smorgasbord. Fantastic costumes. Beetlejuice, Ted Mosby, a Super Trooper cop complete with bottle of syrup, Duffman, an amazing zebra, PanAm stewardesses and a pilot, asian guy dressing up as the kid from UP (complete with balloons), two very good oompa loompas, the mayhem guy... the list goes on.

Good music, the place was freaking packed, and the crowd was very energetic and friendly. I was beyond amused at how big of a hit Akhtar's sunflower costume was.

AND, AND- I got "damned." We were walking through the crowd when Missy goes,
"Jacobi! You just got Damned!" And I was all,
"What?" And she goes,
"You walked by and this guy looked at you and went, "Damn!"
Niiice. No, really. I don't get hit on very often, except from the two guys at work. This particular guy must have had a thing for not-that-slutty bumblebees with glasses.

On the slutty note, not that many girls were slutted out- only a couple that I saw that were a little too skimpy- but they had the bodies for it, so... eh.

The dark side of the moon show at the planetarium was overrated. You could get a similar effect from that feature on windows media player. I fell asleep.

Then when I got home, I was hungry but more tired so I crashed into bed and dreamed of owning a restaurant where my assistants refused to peel potatoes. Then I woke up to a text message from Ashley and a cat sitting on my belly. And after talking to her (Ashley, not the cat) I realized I was starving, so I got up.

And also, the wonder cat is limping around here like she's milking it. Her paw is not swollen so I'm thinking she just jumped off something wrong. And she's also got a mysterious new bald spot right above her eye. Oy, cat.

27 October 2011


Bummed out about some stuff that happened at work today. And anxious and worried. And bummed.

Gotta get a good night's sleep. I haven't slept well all week and I'm feeling like it.

Just not a very good day, today.

23 October 2011


I am happy.
& I have so much to be thankful for.

22 October 2011

simple saturday

Farmer's market: buckets o' squash and green beans. Buyer's remorse for not getting the zucchini as well. Local(ish) honey.

Large pot of coffee brewing.
Not sure if my aspirations include cooking... pumpkin muffins with spiced buttercream frosting... chewy molasses cookies... something with the vegetables and mint and basil and rosemary olive oil and pecan balsamic vinegar... or if they include crawling back to join the kitty in bed for a while.

20 October 2011


Ok there were like 5 pregnant announcements on my google reader today. People like to procreate on the blog-world, I guess. In other news, I just got my period. About 5 days late, which would normally have me terrified, but that's the thing about not having sex- you absolutely don't get pregnant. I think it's trying to sync up with my coworkers' cycles. Joy.

Anyway, I officially work with yet another lunatic. Without getting into the whole long detailed story, it's a phlebotomist who I see in the mornings. She's always late, but lately she's been like 3 hours late. Which would get someone fired in any normal workplace, but nooooo not here. Anyway, her late-ness makes my job infinitely harder, which has me majorly stressed.

Today, she just randomly busted out that she's a victim of kidnapping. No elaboration, just that she was kidnapped. Then, while she should have been drawing patients, I had to listen to how everyone is out to get her. Everyone is purposely trying to make her look bad so that she will get fired- including the nurses and our own employees. And I'm thinking, "Get your ass back out there and do your job so I can do mine!"
All day long with her random drama and accusations and spouting out the strangest shit.

Myself and everyone else who has seen her lately have come to the conclusion that she's on crack.

I dread going into work lately. You just never know what kind of crazy is waiting on the other side of the door. I used to have such productive mornings. Now I just find myself thinking, "Can I just do my job, please???" instead of dodging drama and crazy people, while trying to do my job at the same time.

Anyway, at the moment I'm not at work dodging crazy. I have tea and these and a new issue of Good Housekeeping.

19 October 2011

just so

Had every intention of working out this afternoon.

But I accidentally skipped lunch and then I came home hungry to the smell of fabulousness cooking in the kitchen. So mom made me a plate and I obliged.

Now I'm going to sit on the couch with my round happy belly and watch the rest of Limitless.
(I tried to watch it yesterday but the power kept going out and eventually I just gave up.)

18 October 2011


Enjoying my post-workday cup of green tea.

About to take major advantage of this amazing weather and go for a walk/run.

Downloaded some more current music to my mp3 player. Have you heard of youtube to mp3 converter? Magical. Genius. Thank you Suzy for changing my WORLD with this information.

Had another strange dream last night where Chris became the ex. He had just come home from Afghanistan and I was all excited, but then he slowly started changing into Robert- he turned into this Chris/Robert hybrid, both physical and personality-wise. As he changed I became less and less attracted to him and couldn't figure out why.

At one point I thought, "How could I go from loving him so much to not wanting to be around him at all?" I waited so long to finally be with him, and it really sucked to not be digging him anymore. The more he turned into Robert, the more I couldn't stand him. At the end he wasn't even Chris anymore.  I kept trying to find traces of him in this "new" person, but it just wasn't there; he was gone, and I was sad and confused and frustrated.

It was strange, and I'm not really digging this whole 'douchey ex taking over my dreams' thing.

16 October 2011


Good morning, cat. Who needs an alarm clock when you've got a cat who knows that you normally get up at 4am?

Delicious smells wafting from the kitchen. Coffee + biscuits with honey.

Definite chill in the air this morning. ♥

I slept hard. Dreamed about Smile Train and other things. I get pretty sleep-deprived during the week, so all I want to do on the weekends is sleep. This work schedule is not very well-matched with my body clock. But, what can you do?

Suzyyy... me and Ashley have a present for you when you come home next weekend. We were going to save it for your birthday but we didn't want to wait.

Also, I need to come up with a task- one that when I finish, I will get a reward. You know, like when I got my credit card paid off I could sign up for Netflix. I already have the reward in mind, but I don't have the task. Here's the reward:

Amazing, right? But it's $118. For a shower curtain*-- even one as fabulous as this? Ouch. So I need to make it a reward for doing something... but what?

Hmmm...  maybe when I pay off the next student loan?

*Ash, you can rest easy. I won't be throwing away the periodic table of elements.

15 October 2011


I was in Hobby Lobby today when I walked by an old lady who stopped me and said, "Do you work here?" I said, "No, sorry," and we both moved on.
Later on I saw her again and she had stopped another person and said, "Do you work in the plant department?" and the lady was all, "No..."

I hope she found whatever she was looking for!

saturday morning coffee

Christmas shopping officially started for me yesterday. I was out shopping with mother and purchased my first Christmas gift. It was for Dayna, and noooo I'm not telling what it is. This is fun.

On our way back through the mall, we stopped at Chanel's event and got our makeup done. Ashley did a phenomenal job on mine, and gave me a holiday-inspired  red  lip. Something I'd never normally wear, but, wow, it looked great.

Pinterest has made me want to pair mustard yellow and navy blue in my clothing, so I might go out shopping with that in mind today. But, of course, it also inspires me to bake, cook, plan a party, decorate, and come up with witty sayings. But it's one of those, "Might get out of my pjs, might not" kind of days.

13 October 2011


How did this

turn into this?

I packed up all my gnarly dishes in this

and dragged them into mom's kitchen. Loaded them up in her dishwasher and voila, sparkly clean dishes* and practically no effort. Then I hosed out the cooler because some scum had gotten in it. I'm telling you, these dishes were funk-ay.

*Well, almost sparkly clean. There were a few holdouts, but much better than doing them by hand!

Then I happily cooked.

12 October 2011

funky monkey

Have amazing urges to cook, especially with pumpkin. (the food, not the cat harr harr)

But then I look at my sink, and the dishes, and know that with all cooking there comes dishes...

And then I have cereal for dinner.

Been in a serious funk lately. Not quite ready to get out of it.

10 October 2011

double edged

hungry. but belly is upset.

quite weary of this little game.

I have a ton of great stuff to post, but don't have the time/ambition. Yet.

09 October 2011


Perfect dark, rainy day to lay in bed and watch season 3 of Will & Grace.
And paint my nails sparkly.
And browse pinterest.

p.s. Ash, they were in the sink. But I know I had more than that, and I know I didn't use THAT many spoons this week.

08 October 2011

through the wilderness

Woke up, staggered to the coffee maker. Grabbed a cereal bowl and... where the hell are all my spoons??

Note to self: Don't assume nachos don't have gluten in them. Don't assume anything when it comes to the food you're putting into your body. Because that 1 time out of 10, you will regret it massively. At least the pain has stopped, we'll see what happens when I try to eat again.

Pinterest is way more addicting than any social networking site. I've come across some super neat stuff. One second I've got the urge to make mini cheesecake bites, the next I'm wanting to plan a wedding. The next I'm feeling like I can design and sew a slipcover. The next I want to go shopping for sherbert orange twirly skirts and sparkly designer shoes. That pinterest can be dangerous. 

07 October 2011


Oh, God. Head, stomach.

06 October 2011



I actually ran today.
I was talking to Frankish today for a while and we got on the subject of running and I was suddenly inspired to try it out. Not to say it was even close to a respectable amount, but it counts.

Then I made bagel pizzas with farmer's market tomatoes and fresh garden basil, dancing to that Taylor Swift song that I still haven't heard on the radio, singing to the cat who demands scraps simply because I'm cooking... not because she will eat any of it.

On my mind lately: I can't stand it when the people I love aren't happy. I can't be at peace until I know they're okay. It's my little weary worry constantly in the back of my mind. 
I just wanna be like, "WAIT! Don't feel bad! I will fix it!! ...somehow." 
But I know it's something that they have to work through themselves, and we all have to go through it but it's SO HARD to watch it happen.
So, familia, no matter what, I got your back, I'm thinking about you, and you have no idea how much I love you.

02 October 2011


Yesterday was an amazing day, weather-wise. So we had the doors open all day.

I was dozing on the couch in the afternoon, watching some history channel program, when I felt some commotion at my feet. When I looked down, I saw this:

The cat who loves to bring me live presents has upgraded from lizards and crickets to mice.

So I went to pick it up, but thought better of it and grabbed my kitschy dishwashing gloves in case it tried to bite me or pee on me. You know, hantavirus. Of course when I tried to grab it, it ran under the desk. I started moving crap out of the way to try and get to it, and it kept slipping away. At one point I literally had my hand on it, and when I opened it up, the damn thing was GONE. Disappeared.

I gave up the search for a while, and figured I'd go try to find a 'catch and release' trap. Either that, or Pumpkin would find it before I did.

When I came home, I found Pumpkin asleep on the couch and the mouse curled up in a ball in the middle of the floor. Not a good sign. I picked it up and it didn't really move, but it was alive and looked intact except for a little blood on its ear. So I took it outside and put it on the grass near the fence, hoping it'd run back to its home.

When I came back inside, I noticed a little bit of blood on the tile. Ugh, not good.

This morning I went outside to check and see if it was still there, and... it was. It had died sometime in the night. I felt so bad. I wish I would have made it a warm bed instead of putting it outside in the cold to die.

I mean, it's just a mouse, but it was a cute mouse. And it certainly didn't deserve to be slowly killed by my damn cat. At least she could have eaten it.