28 June 2014

changes and children

A few weeks ago Chris and I went to a baseball game with some friends. Well, actually mostly family, but that line is blurred anyway.

Anyway. The game was fun. At the end of it, though, we all came to the same realization. We didn't watch a single second of the game. Most of it was spent watching the kids play.

When Robby and Harlon come over, we all just kinda hang out and make sure Harlon doesn't kill himself or destroy something. (He's a great kid, but he's a 4-year old boy. This is necessary)

Last weekend, one of Chris's Marine buddies and his family came to visit. Their kids were 8 and 2, I think. It was a pleasant weekend, but again most of it was spent watching the kids.

Nearly every time that Chris and I spend time with people that are not each other, it's spent with children. We have realized that this will probably be the norm from now on. Pretty much everyone we know has children. It's kind of like a shift in our world. This particular change in dynamic used to be here and there, but now it's everywhere.

Even though we choose not to have children, our lives will be filled with them. And that's pretty much the way we're okay with things. I like these kids. But at the same time I'm so happy to say goodbye. Take last weekend- they were great kids; they didn't misbehave and they were adorable, but they are exhausting!
The more I'm exposed to people's children, the more I'm absolutely sure I do not want one of my own. I've also noticed that I can tolerate Calvin a lot more than kids that are not related to me. I mean, he peed on me last weekend and I was like, whatevs. I think I would have minded a bit more if it was any kid other than Calvin.

On the same kind of note, we've started hanging out with our old neighbors more. Yay new friends! Chris and the husband get along well. I've been trying to find a way to bond with the wife. We get along but haven't exactly clicked yet. I think we may find that through crafting.

They always get grandma to watch their kid when they hang out with us. I think we might be the only couple they know without kids, so it's like a treat for them, to have adult conversation without having to watch the kid, haha.

Hey, we can provide that service to our friends! Come, to the childless sanctuary of fragile items and quiet rooms and cleanish floors and ample booze! Then, when they start to miss their kids, they get to go home. Slightly tipsy.

We've also noticed that the dynamic hasn't changed the same degree with everyone. Some folks drifted apart father than others once kids were introduced. Our friendship circle has changed due to many reasons, but that's a big one.

This whole, "making new friends as an adult" thing is weird enough on its own, but adding kids to the mix kind of makes it that much harder. Especially since a lot of our friendships have drifted apart due to kids, we'd like to make friends with people like us; people who have the same interests and stuff. Our interests just don't happen to include kids.

In the same way that parents make friends with other parents, it would be ideal for us to find a few childless couples to hang out with. How weird does that sound? Where do you go to meet happy childless couples?

these thoughts in my head

We need a ceiling fan in the office.

Since we've moved in, I haven't gone a single day without seeing a roach. Whether they're alive and flying at Chris's head, or dead as a doornail in the middle of the living room, bedroom, kitchen... etc. Every single day. It's at the point where I'm not shocked and terrified at the sight of them anymore. It's just like, Damn. There's another one. Although last night I had a nightmare that they were flying at me and I was swatting them away with a magazine. The silver lining? I don't have to muster up the courage to dispose of them anymore. I finally have my built-in bug disposer handy- Yay hubs!

Paying bills got exponentially more anxietyful this past month. See, I have a spreadsheet that details when every bill is due each month. At the beginning of the year I print it out, and fill in each bill when it's paid. So I never miss a bill.

This system has worked for me since... 2007. Seriously, I've never paid a bill late. Ever.
But this past month, things were a mess. When we moved we switched some vendors, and some of our due dates with vendors that we kept have changed. In addition, we paid extra bills at random times to close accounts at the old place. ALSO, I used to have paperless billing for everything but we started getting both paper and online statements. So it was kind of all over the place. I was so nervous I'd forget to pay a bill. I almost paid our water bill twice.

Once all of the dust settled, our new due dates are: the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 24th. Where it used to be spread out through the month, now they're all clustered to be due at the beginning of the month. Which has required some creative bill paying. Now that it's stable, though, I can turn the anxiety dial down a notch and be confident I won't miss a bill.

The cat. The damn cat is getting on our nerves. She won't go outside, and has started waking us up at 4am meowing at the top of her lungs. She's bored, no doubt. I knew there would be a transition period, just like the last time we moved, but I'm getting tired of it. Go play, cat. And start pooping outside.

I feel like there should always be cookies in the cookie jar lately. I might go on a cookie baking binge. I haven't baked in so long.

21 June 2014

light bulb

I have figured out that to get my husband to clean, we just have to invite some of his friends over.

14 June 2014

here's what I'm doing.

First I'll greet you with updated pictures.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that a few weeks ago pretty much everything looked like this, and didn't change until recently? This is really the only area that's cleaned up, but it makes a difference.

We actually got a lot done last night. The piles of trash & tools & who knows what else finally got moved. No more taking detours around it. While you still can't see the kitchen table, you can now see floor. It's pretty.

[Now my newest attention hijack has swung towards bookshelves. I want to make ours look nice, instead of a jumble of knick knacks.]

My coffee is pastry-less this morning. Partly due to the fact that my 1980 oven likes to lock itself (while on), is too small for a standard cookie sheet, and heats unevenly. I'm going to be making good friends (and small batches) with the toaster oven for a while.

Here's to another busy weekend. We have visitors next weekend and you know, we need a place for them to sleep. It's surprisingly motivating.

08 June 2014

tea, coffee, cookies, pastries

I feel like there is never a bad time for tea & cookies. Or coffee & cookies. Or tea & a muffin. Or any combination of tea, coffee, and various pastries.

This morning's coffee & cookie-- atop an alarm permit application. Excuse my crumbs...

A hot beverage and a baked good is truly one of my favorite things. Nisha said that in Australia they have tea time every day and I felt so left out because certain parts of the world get tea & scones every afternoon, and we don't do that here! Not cool! I mean, I get it with our history as a country and all, and in my situation it's difficult to have tea in a lab (details), but man. That sure would be nice. So would siestas.

In other news, this responsible adult thing sure is fun. During my quick shopping trip with mom yesterday, we conversed about how little free time there is when you're trying to unpack/move/fix up a house. I used to see her at least once a week. I think yesterday was the first time in a month.

It's like every free second lately is consumed with obligations and shit that just needs to be done. Not that we aren't enjoying it. This is our home, and we knew it needed some love, and it's looking a little bit different and a little bit better each day.

Today's project involves removing some of the jungle in the backyard. I feel like even though we've had pest control, it's a major home to the hordes of mosquitoes and flying roaches (OMG) we've experienced lately. How are we going to have parties on Chris's Big Deck if there are bugs everywhere??

07 June 2014

Retail Buzz

My mom and I went on a quick shopping trip today. Hobby Lobby was our first stop, and had AMAZING clearance finds. We are both on a serious budget, so our picks were only things that were absolutely calling our name.

Ignoring the clutter on the table, here's what I scored:

1. Pink glass patterned tray, $5
2. Framed star with chevron background that makes me want a beach house, $2
3. Fabric that will soon be kitchen curtains (and possibly pillow covers), $6
4. Birds + hooks, cast iron, $6 each. Probably will find a home in the laundry room.
5. We stopped at a garage sale on the way home and I grabbed this sparkly jar for $1.

We both left the store with a serious retail buzz. I love finding great deals on cute stuff.

Back to fixing the shower door, unpacking, and all that jazz.