30 October 2012


Today I dragged myself out of bed, told myself, "It's going to be a good day!"

... and was dropping F-bombs and getting pissy by 6am.

And then, and THENNN, the ICU had the NERVE to accuse me of not doing my job right, and not getting their results on time. Too bad I've had results out on time every single day for as long as I've been working there. In fact, I get results finished wayyy before the deadline. I have proof because every verified result is timestamped, and that can't be changed. So they can go suck on a dick for all I care.

When the guy in charge at the hospital came up to me and voiced those concerns, I just looked him dead in the eye and said, "No." Then politely informed him that the issue is NOT with me. Instead of taking a look at their own people, they run right to the lab and blame us. I take offense to shit like that because I work really hard and I'm really good at my job, and getting results out on time is my first priority in the mornings.

So now I have to call the nursing supervisor every morning when I'm finished running the morning's labs. Checking in like I'm a fucking 5-year old. Like I need one more thing to worry about.

Heh, no regrets here.

29 October 2012

28 October 2012


My belly is not happy with me.

I think a large part of it has to do with the antibiotics. I always get tummy mehs from those. Plus, I'm out of yogurt.

It could be due to the fact that I ate my weight in fritos and cheese dip yesterday. It could have been the cake pops, deviled eggs, or candied bacon. It could have been all of that, in combination with the several cups of hot cocoa + marshmallows that went down the hatch. It was all soooooo good.

Needless to say, today I'm craving clean, whole, simple foods that are also filling. I'm also craving meat. Not chicken. I'm soooo sick of chicken. I want fish and beef.

It's too late to go shopping today. Fighting Sunday shoppers is not on the list today. So, working with what I've got for now.

On the menu this week:

Cheesy Zucchini rice- on the stove right now. Adding beans and making wraps for lunch leftovers
Pumpkin pie (sans crust- baked in ramekins, half the sugar) for second breakfasts- in the oven right now.
Egg & potato breakfast burritos
Chili- for chili frito pie. No sense in letting those leftover fritos go to waste. Great crock pot meal.
Also craving Pei Wei's spicy chicken. Might have to make that happen this week.


What a fun afternoon.

27 October 2012

progress, pumpkins

I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and went, "Wow."

But for the first time in a while, it wasn't out of horror. 

My face has really cleared up in the past week. Last night I... how did my sister put it? Went at my face like a meth-head? Some really nasty stuff came out of my pores, but I just couldn't stand it anymore. So, naturally, I was afraid I would wake up and it would be all red and infected. But it really isn't bad.
Now, instead of active angry zits, it looks like my main concern will be healing the scars and lightening the spots that the zits have left behind. Anyone recommend a product for that??

Acne progress aside, today is a gloriously cool, sunny day. Perfect for pumpkin carving. I think that this year, instead of carving the pumpkins and dealing with guts, I'll try to paint mine. But then, I don't get as many roasted pumpkin seeds. Decisions...

I've also heard that if you set a whole pumpkin out in the corner of the yard and just let it rot, you'll end up with a pumpkin patch in the spring. How neat would that be?

25 October 2012

Read: The Time Keeper

I've read a few of Mitch Albom's books. Always thought-provoking, entertaining, and easy reads. The Time Keeper was no different. I actually read it in about an hour, all in one sitting. A little chewing gum for the mind.

24 October 2012


Hey, self.
This is a reminder that everything will work out the way it should.

If things don't go the way you want, it's okay.
In the past, it's always been okay even if things go the wrong way.
Because eventually, the wrong way turned out to be the right way.

This is a rough spot, but you have the strength and resources to change things. Things will change, no matter what, because you are prepared.

So calm down, let go a little, have a little faith, and see where the universe falls into place for you.

23 October 2012

feeling real

It wasn't until today that things started to feel real.

Everyone else has seemed more excited than me. For me it's been surreal. And stressful. And something that might fall through at the last second. Or, you know, he might change his mind.

But today, I took some forms to the county clerk's office. Forms that he willingly filled out, and had signed and notarized and mailed to me. Then, in a short amount of time, a very nice lady hooked me up with a marriage license. With my name on it and his name on it. Our names together on a marriage license. Whoa.

I didn't even get a chance to really look at it or take a picture of it. I had it in my possession for about 20 minutes. Because immediately afterwards I went over to the Justice of the Peace and made the appointment, handing over the marriage license. Easy peasy. I left practically jumping with joy. That was the hard part. This is really scheduled to happen. If nothing else happens that day, we will be getting married.

That is CRAZY dude!
In three and a half weeks I'm going to be a wife!

22 October 2012

It's Monday Y'all

Almond Joy... pre-workout food? I think so.

P.S. Ashley how many did you eat without me noticing? Because I KNOW I didn't eat them all.

Currently at 4:30 run... 5 days ago. At the pace of This song. Ahh, memories.
Eesh. Can I do 5:00?

21 October 2012

20 October 2012


It's funny how the cat ignores me until I make tuna mac & cheese. (with peas!)

bunco & skin

It turns out, bunco is quite fun.

My mom threw a party for her bunco group at our house last night, and my sister and I were subs because a few people couldn't make it. It was a halloween themed party, and most of the ladies had on costumes. My favorite was an Amy Winehouse. Even though neither of us knew anyone, they were all very friendly. It's a nice bunch. (You never know how catty it's going to be when you get 13 women together in the same room, ya know?) But there didn't seem to be any of that. Both Ashley and I got "bunco" at some point, which was exciting, if short-lived. Anyway, it was fun.

Yesterday I went to the doctor. I figured I'd see my primary care physician before the dermatologist because the copay is 20 bucks less. I couldn't wait anymore. My face is horrible and painful.

He gave me some antibiotics to take twice a day for 3 weeks (3 weeks with no wine! Ahh!) to clear up this particular breakout. He also gave me some antibiotic gel to apply to my face every day and kinda keep things regulated. I remembered this too late to mention to the doctor, but I called the pharmacist and asked if the zinc I've been taking would interact with the antibiotics. Turns out, it will.

She told me not to suddenly stop taking it because my energy levels would drop. That's good, because I like the way it makes my skin behave and I don't want to stop taking it. After 3 weeks of taking it daily, my skin is less oily and breakouts heal faster. It doesn't seem to do much for preventing the breakouts, though. Further research (the insert that came with the prescription-- always read those!) indicates that I can take the antibiotics at breakfast and dinner daily, and the zinc with lunch every other day.

I also have been cleaning my makeup brushes and pillowcases weekly, and being careful not to contaminate any makeup.

So, for the next few weeks I'm going to be a pill-popping, cream-smearing, sober diva. And hopefully much less zitty.

17 October 2012

Dear Face,

What. The fuck.
Seriously now.

I've never had acne; occasional zits in my T-zone. At this moment, there's acne all over my cheeks, chin, and forehead. Some of it is cystic and painful. Some popped up literally months ago and just won't freaking heal. Some are scars. Some are on my back and neck.

I'm off next Thursday, and one of the many appointments I'm making that day is going to be a dermatologist. Looked up the info at work today. Hopefully, zits will not be a part of my life anymore. This is ridiculous. I look like a rather unfortunate 15-year old boy.

16 October 2012



- Christopher did a very, very good job of picking out my engagement ring. I seriously could not have designed a better ring myself. Mostly because I had no idea what I wanted, but he got everything I wanted... if that makes sense. I don't even care about the band issue because I love it so much I'd be happy to wear just this forever. I frequently look at it and think, "Damn. That's a pretty ring." Kinda like I look at him (while skyping) and think, "Damn that's a handsome man."  I can't wait to do that more often.

-I had a dream about meal planning. It was so organized and glorious.

-Suddenly I just got very weary, tired, and headachey. Like I would love nothing more than to lie down. BUT. Ashley is coming over with sweets and SHOES.

-I'm SOOOO zittty! I got frustrated and picked at some bumps and now, of course, it's worse. Shame on me.

-Struggling to remain positive. I'm just so run-down and OVER IT.

-I want something fried. Like cheese sticks or egg rolls or chicken fried steak. Oh God, do you KNOW how long it's been since I've eaten a chicken fried steak? Way before this celiac thing started, that's for sure. (Sorry, preggers peoples reading this- I'm sure I just stimulated a craving). However, I have no such fried things.

-Something got all leaky and rotty inside my trash can. Yeeuck.

-I read an interesting article today about algea infections for my certification maintenance. It had never occurred to me that algea could be pathogenic. I figured it's just something you wash off your skin- not entirely true.

-Then I came across an article about celiac disease and I'm very interested to check that out. I've done surprisingly little research about it.

-You can microwave popcorn kernels in a plain paper bag. But it comes out pretty dry. You gotta season that shiz.

-Big Bang Theory kicks ass. Currently in my Netflix selections. I'm quite enjoying it.

-I want another tattoo.

15 October 2012

not according to plan:

When you plan on being super awesome, and instead you end up being underwhelming. Then afterwards you're like, "How did that happen??"

I think I'm going to start using the word PLAN sarcastically, exclusively.

Hey, you know what else?? WINE!

14 October 2012


doesn't want me to pay bills. Apparently it's petting time.

Best halloween movie ever

As if it needed confirmation, 23 reasons why.

11 October 2012


Ok. So I've been told by Ashley that my "blog posts are unsatisfying." Such a shame since she even installed it as an app on her phone.

Here's the thing. I have some big shit to talk about. But I just can't talk about it yet. And some stuff I'm working on is a surprise. And some stuff is not exactly common knowledge so I can't talk about it. I have all this neat shit going on and I can't blog about any of it!

So in the meantime I just sit tight and keep my mouth shut and wait. Which, you know for me is damn near impossible.

So to update on the things I normally touch on:

Wedding: plans have kinda stalled. Waiting on the one-month mark to get the marriage license. Then, things can really go into motion. Plans can be made, reservations can be set, etc. His ring has been ordered. I haven't picked mine out yet. I settled on a plain silver or white gold band for now, so it can be worn under my gloves in the lab and is easily cleaned. A custom band will be designed later.

Work: same old stuff, different day. Go to work, get paid. Not overly excited about any of it.

Exercise: Motivated by two things: One- the sausage casing that I'll be wearing under my wedding dress so peeps don't see my undies. Unflattering and not exactly comfortable. Hoping if I'm more toned it will be a little less of both of those things. Two- someone will be seeing me naked again. I've gotten used to just letting it all hang out. While the cat doesn't mind, that will not be acceptable in 6 weeks. Today I ran for 4:30. Hollaaaa.

Other thoughts: I wish it would get cold again. Those few days of nice weather was really... well, nice.
I'd love to have Sofia Vergara's body. I just read an article about her in Allure and now she's my new girl crush. Also I'm bummed that Modern Family comes on after my bedtime so I haven't been able to watch it for the last few seasons.

I just got an email that my October Birchbox has been delayed due to some shipping issue.
About the Birchbox: I like it. It's like a little present inside the mailbox every month. Have I gotten hooked on anything that I've gotten? Not really. I usually give half of it away to my mom or sisters. But that's okay because it's like little presents for everybody.

There's usually a lip color, a perfume sample, a skincare product, a little nail polish, and other doodads. I've gotten false eyelashes twice. Those went to Suzy, who is far more likely to wear them. I don't wear perfume, so the samples kinda end up randomly around the house. I did get a pair of headphones once, which was awesome.

I do like these hair ties. I've gotten two so far, and Ashley stole one. Most of the skincare products I don't use, since I've been so breaky-outy lately. Several times I've received items that contain gluten, which I've chosen not to use since I just feel weird avoiding it all day, only to use it on my body. So I gave those away as well.

Overall, though, I enjoy it.

P.S. I really want a pair of colored pants. Maybe with polka dots. But I don't think I can pull them off.

09 October 2012

yet another

reason why my mom is awesome

07 October 2012

Randoms for Sunday

If only Sundays weren't marred by the thought of having to wake up before dawn the next day. That's ok, there's a plan for that. And I feel like maybe it's time to leave things up to a higher power. See what the man upstairs has planned and remain content with my situation in the meantime. Things always work out.

I recently discovered that Chris looks hot with a beard. Especially with glasses.
Exhibit A:
This picture he posted on Facebook. Six weeks till squeezin' time.

It's a glorious 60 degrees today. Glorious! I have the door open and Pumpkin is coming and going as she pleases. I have a feeling we will have a lizard visitor at some point today.

Somehow all of my small storage containers have gone missing. I have no idea how I managed to lose, use, and/or throw away all of them. I can't be the only person who ever has that problem, because they keep selling them.

It was a very productive week as far as getting things done and having discussions that needed to be had. I feel much more peaceful inside.

04 October 2012


you know what honey?

everything is going to be allll right.

02 October 2012

quick: exercise and relationships

Yesterday I decided to change up my walking exercise and inserted a run. I made it about 3 minutes.

Today I was sore, and I thought, "If I run again maybe it will work out the soreness." So I did the same thing, and made it another 3-ish minutes.

That idea was full of nothing but LIES. I'm still sore. Possibly more so.

My old lady hip that got messed up several months ago during a cartwheel [something I'm clearly too old for] is bothering me more, too.

However, in the midst of aches and pains, I feel like I'm doing something good for myself. I like to remind myself that I've never regretted a workout; I've only regretted skipping them. Lately I like to imagine my heart beating stronger, the blood cells speeding through vessels, and focus on how every breath literally brings life to all these cells that have been just kinda hanging out all day. It's like they're like, "Yay! Something to do!" Just like how Andrea likes to say that when we pull up to the McDonald's drive thru all our fat cells go, "Yay!!" But... opposite, haha.

Topic change:

Startling realization: Every time that I ask Chris to do something, the automatic response is "Yes" or "Ok" or something in the affirmative. Which always makes me think, "Hey that was easy!"

Then you know what? It doesn't get done until many more repeated questions and affirmative responses later. But I hardly even notice that because he always says ok and I always think about how easy that was! Sneaky psychological mind tricks!