24 June 2013


Today I woke up and ate breakfast.

Only this time, I had a hubby sitting at the table eating cereal with me, with his hair all messy from sleep.

We got a bunch of stuff for the house today. Now he's in the other room building my sewing table.

Happy doesn't even begin to describe it.

21 June 2013

the night before

I'm washing bedsheets. I originally just planned to change them, but it turns out my spare set of sheets has a nice cat-puke-shaped stain. I washed them when the offense occurred, but apparently the stain didn't come out. So this time I bleached them, but also had to wash the dirty sheets so there's something to put on the bed.

Excited to put the brand new comforter on the bed. It's a king-sized one that can stay with us if we decide to upgrade our bed. I tried to get one that's not too manly but not too girly. Plus, I like nice white bedsheets. And high thread counts. Thanks ma, for passing that on.
I'm making a special secret homecoming dessert for Chris. I'm not going to slave away making a special homecoming dinner, especially when we can find better things to do all evening, so I decided to go the crock pot route and a make-ahead dessert. The dessert is something that I saw on pinterest, and of course it did NOT turn out the way it was supposed to. So I ate all the rejects and continued on with a more traditional version. They're delicious.

Now, I need a shower and I should pick out my outfit.

Tomorrow morning I'll put up the banner and the decorations. I'm pretty excited!!

19 June 2013

what comes around

The thing about a full chocolate bowl... is that it's full. Of assorted delicious chocolate. Mmm. Goes well with red wine.

The thing about walking around the medical center with an employee ID badge is that people ask you for directions. A lot. And, one of the responsibilities that comes with wearing that badge [in my opinion] is asking lost-looking people if they need help. There are glucose meters in many areas of the hospital, and I've become familiar with the basic layout. (The key is knowing which elevator is near which units.)
Most of the time I can help people out. Sometimes I'm just as lost as they are and we find the place together. I consider that part of my job as well as smiling at every.single.person. that I pass in the hallway. I kid you not, I walk around that place making eye contact with a permanent smile on my face. I feel like it's part of my job to help bring a little bit of sunshine into a patient's day, even if it's as small as a smile. After all, I have a reason to smile; I'm not the one with cancer. The employees that get caught in my smile ray are just collateral damage. No one is safe!

Anyway, today I was walking out to my car, eating a granola bar, when I heard someone yelling. So, I looked around and there's a guy hanging out of his car window across the street. I stopped and said, "What?" and he repeated himself: "Can you give us directions to E4?" I still didn't understand because there's no E4, so he repeated himself again. Liquor store. Niiiice.
Fortunately, I did in fact know where the nearest liquor store was. I shouted directions, and he offered me a ride. I laughed and declined. They were clearly in a celebratory mood. I hope someone's test results came back with good news, or a scan came back clear.

Moments like that make me happy and lift me up. I suppose my small efforts to make someone else happy came back around to me today.

16 June 2013


I always feel lonely when I come home after a day of hanging out with people. Oddly enough, during the week I don't feel lonely coming home. It's mostly on the weekends.

I woke up this morning excited about next weekend. Busy making homecoming preparations.
In the same breath, I was flipping through channels last night and I randomly caught this show Lava Chasers about these people who study the volcanoes in Hawaii. Man, either he needs to come here or I need to go there.

Anyway, this place is getting cleaner. Too bad the cat keeps thwarting my efforts, through shedding and puking. Merh cat!

I'm still jonesing for another tat. Something pretty.

Finally made these. But I'd already eaten 2 regular pancakes with syrup before I made them, so I don't yet know how they turned out. Also, I made bacon in the oven for the first time. WAY easier than on the stovetop. If you line the pan with tin foil and leave little tin foil "walls" sticking up around the edge of the pan, the splatters won't get all over the place.

14 June 2013

The last few days, in pictures

 CAP Blood Gas Proficiency Testing

 Auntie Hens clucking over Calvin

 GHETTO ass extension cords

Collin's new riding lawn mower

Plus, what happens when Aunt Nen sings to Calvin:

Ha! It's not a video.
Wish we would have gotten one, though.
The boy cracked some adorable smiles & made the cutest noises.

10 June 2013


The bushes in front of my house have gotten a little overgrown. They give you a little brush as you walk past them on the way into the house, and the one with all the pretty blue flowers has started to take over the yard.

So this evening, I grabbed the orange-handled trimmers and I trimmed them. I only screamed once as a bug flew past my ear. I hope the neighbors didn't see it...

After the clipping frenzy, I ended up with 4 bundles of stems, tied together with orange yarn. I hated to cut off all the pretty flowers, but something had to be done.

Now the bushes look... pretty bad. I'm not a very skilled at this, apparently.
But, at least now you don't get groped on the way to the front door.

09 June 2013


Starting the semi-annual BIG CLEAN that begins right before Chris comes home. I'm starting on the seldom-used guest room & bathroom, and moving all my sewing stuff out of his office.

Between the thunderstorm and vacuuming, poor Pumpkin has retreated to underneath the desk, and it's doubtful she'll emerge for several hours. It's ok, because I found puke right smack dab in the middle of the floor underneath the bed. How the heck am I supposed to get under there to clean it? I'll have to move the damn bed. Freaggin cat.

Mom and I had a lovely shopping day yesterday.
-I got 3 different kinds of light bulbs- it seems like they all burned out at the same time, and of course none of them are standard light bulbs. I also got a nightlight for the front porch, was well as a tap light so I can find the keyholes at night. What I should really do is get one of those automatic motion sensing lights.
-I found my favorite wine on sale for $3 a bottle, so of course I bought four.
-Calvin is apparently growing out of his socks (little sausage is growing up!) so we got him several pairs.
-The best part of the whole day was when we found 4th of July stuff on sale 30% off at Hobby Lobby, and got a bunch of cute homecoming things. We literally had to stop ourselves from going overboard.

Ok, back to cleaning.

08 June 2013


Two weeks is one of those time frames that is both a lot of time and not much time.

I have two weeks to scrub the floors, change the bedsheets, trim the bushes out front, tidy stuff away, and make a first impression.

I have two weeks to put together the banner.

I have two weeks to make sure I have ingredients for chocolate chip waffles.

Two weeks till I get to squeeze my husband. We've spent the first 6 months of our marriage apart and even though I lived it, it baffles me.

06 June 2013


Helping Ash pick out workout pants, and carrying my nephew through Walmart because he was crying in the carseat was the highlight of my week.

The beginning of the month is SO busy and I'm so glad Chris will be claiming his rightful place as man of this house in less than three weeks.

03 June 2013


I've been straight up craving chocolate frosting, perhaps on cupcakes, for about 3 weeks. I just haven't felt like making them, though. To make matters worse, I watched This is 40 yesterday (meh movie) and the guy eats cupcakes like whoa. There is a cupcake place near my work that makes a gluten free chocolate chocolate cupcake, but so far I've resisted. Mostly because I'm not exactly sure where it is or what it's called. (I googled it. It's Crave.) Someone else usually gets them for me when there's an event and I've never actually bought them myself. But they're AMAZING and wonderful and I seriously stuff my face with abandon when I get one. I need to just give in and get one, because I'm eating everything else trying to satisfy that craving. I also think it's funny that I'm craving Crave. Nice one, cupcake store.

Anyway, cupcakes aside, I've gotta be at work pretty early tomorrow so I should probably finish this wine and get off the computer.