10 June 2017

Stitch Fix

I signed up for Stitch Fix because I need help dressing like an adult.

The first few fixes were disappointing, because I initially entered some sizes in my style profile that I thought were right but turns out were inaccurate. There was one whole box that made me look like a bag lady and I returned everything. It was sad but the return process was super easy, even for me who hates anything that is remotely a pain in the ass.

I adjusted the sizes in my profile and since then I love everything. I've really wanted to post about it but who's got time for that? I have a little time this weekend to upload pics and such. Here's what came in the latest one.

It came with:
1 bag (The first few fixes came with shoes but then I requested bags)
2 blouses
1 blazer
1 pair of pants

I asked for a tote that had room for my laptop. I got one in the last fix and I love it. It travels super well and I wanted more. But they've only got one tote in their inventory right now and that's the one they already sent to me! Fortunately my laptop fits in this punchy orange bag they sent instead. Keep!

I didn't specify anything for tops, but my profile says I'm looking for classic, lightweight, dressy pieces for work- bonus if they don't take up much room in a suitcase. These were great. I especially love the blazer because it's one of the few that FITS!

Pants are the hardest thing for me. Most are either too big or they fit in the waist but are baggy in the booty.

I got a pair of pants in the last fix that I was initially super skeptical about. They are pull-on with a faux fly and seemed more like leggings than slacks, but they look surprisingly nice when worn. I loved them so much that I asked for a similar style. These navy blue patterned pants are the same deal and I love them. I noticed the pocket has a discrete zipper closure. So cute!

(See? They make me look like I have a booty)

So that's the latest fix. I'm keeping all the pieces and I can't wait to wear them.

If I get a minute I'll try to post some of the other pieces I've kept. There's some really solid stuff that I get compliments on a lot.

05 June 2017


Last night's vivid dream involved tornadoes. I was in a hotel room with my mom and sisters and a tornado hit, so we hid under the bed and shielded ourselves with a mattress while the twister raged around us. Then, the hotel gave us free breakfast coupons.

In the fridge: cantaloupe, watermelon, cherries, apples, peaches, blueberries, and grapes. I'm basically a fruit hound. But no lemons; the stores have been out. Curses!

I lost my favorite sunglasses. Merp. But in the search for them, I got to make an extended pit stop at Ashley's and play with the boys.

Notable moments: Calvin was making silly faces and when I asked why he was doing that, he replied, "Because Andrew likes it." Sure enough, he made a silly face at Andrew and Andrew started cracking up, hands shoved in his mouth. Soaking up these moments.

Got a ton of weird shit swirling around in my head. Some's been brewing for a while. Actually, most of it. However the time for action may be upon us shortly. Should be brutally fun. Maybe then I'll stop dreaming about monsters and tornadoes.

04 June 2017

coffee talk

Currently eating fruit for breakfast and pushing coffee & water. I think I ate like 6 cupcakes yesterday. I enjoyed every single one of them but now I've got a food hangover. Nothing like a good, classic party that ends with a few choice folks and sing-alongs on the back porch.

Comcast pissed me off again. No surprise there. They took the opportunity to charge us $50 more a month for the same service after our contract ended. When we called to renew our contract, the only thing we were offered was a bundle that included home phone service, plus a bunch of other stuff we don't want, and our bill would be even higher. Missing the point here, Comcast. You dicks.

So I think I'm ready to ditch the cable service. I don't watch tv that much, so Chris did some research and got a Sling subscription. Our tv didn't allow us to download the appropriate app, so then he ordered a Roku. I haven't played around with it much, but it doesn't seem like it's that much different than cable.

I intended to set up my office either in the actual office or turn my craft room into an office. What actually happened was I kinda set up camp at the kitchen table. I don't like the atmosphere in the other rooms; too closed off, not enough natural light. It works for now, but it's definitely not sustainable.

I do love being able to look outside while I'm sitting at the computer. However I get a great view of the giant, unkept crappy flowerbed. I'm seriously considering removing it and letting the grass take over. So much easier to maintain and at this point, it would look better and hold up best to dog trampling. Then maybe I can create a smaller, easier-to-maintain flowerbed. It's too hot to do any sort of yardwork now, so honestly to avoid heat stroke it'll probably wait until next spring. But the idea is there.

03 June 2017

dreams and cupcakes

Been having some very vivid dreams the past few nights. So vivid that I wake up, and I remember them after.

One was creepy, supernatural, and monstrous. There was something in the house that I could sense but not locate. I woke myself up screaming in my dream. I couldn't shake that weird feeling for hours.

Last night I dreamed I was at a Christian music festival. Apparently not with anyone. It was awkward because everyone was singing along and I wasn't familiar with any of the songs. Then I started chatting with this random group of people, and one of the men introduced himself. I recognized the last name, and it turns out I know his brother (in real life; we were acquaintances in college but we haven't spoken in years). I woke up and wasn't able to get back to sleep, so I looked him up and re-friended him on Facebook. I figured if this random guy's name popped up in my dream, it might be a good idea to see what he's up to. The universe is doing some networking for me, haha.

Other than that, I'm making cupcakes for Frank's engagement party this afternoon and debating on whether or not I should wear a dress. The weather is hot, humid, and rainy so on one hand a dress seems nice, but when there's a lot of moving around to do it can get a little annoying. Re: sweaty thighs. Real life problems here.