26 January 2014

Tissue HACK

So last week when I was sick fighting the Head Cold of Doom, I ran out of tissues-- about an hour after Chris had left to go play golf.

There was no way I was getting up and driving to the store to get more, so I improvised.

What looks like a normal box of tissues...

Is actually a tissue HACK.

I grabbed a roll of the soft guest room toilet paper (yea, we have softer toilet paper for the guests) and it fit perfectly into the box.

What's more, is that I absolutely HATE buying paper products. Toilet paper, paper towels, tissues... for some reason it bugs me. I guess because I'm paying so much money for something completely disposable.  Necessary, but disposable. I usually buy a huge amount at once so that I don't have to think about it for a while. (Which reminds me, has anyone seen this?? I hate buying toilet paper but...no.)

Because I loved this hack idea so much, and because I kinda like the pattern on the box, I put a piece of velcro on the tabs. This way, I can continue to replace the tissue on the cheap with a roll of toilet paper. Since I normally only buy the cheapest tissue for the occasional nose blow or makeup smudge, the quality won't matter.

20 January 2014


This cold is really kicking my ass and I'm really not okay with that.

18 January 2014

good hubs

Last night, I wasn't feeling well. As soon as I walked in the door after work my awesome husband drew me a hot bath, brought me some tea, and even sat down cross-legged on the bathroom floor to talk to me about my day.

12 January 2014

Nexplanon Adventures

So I've chronicled some of my birth control adventures for a while on this blog.

In November I concluded the IUD Adventures portion of my life with its removal.

Then, I went with the next statistically most effective set it and forget it option: the Nexplanon.

The Nexplanon is ordered the same as the IUD: The doctor calls the insurance company, who calls you if there is any kind of copay. Mine was 100% covered. Thank God because it's $600. Then they ship it to the doctor and you come in on your period to have it inserted so that it's effective immediately.

While the Nexplanon was being ordered and some insurance confusion was resolved, I was on the pill for 2 months. These nasty, disgusting, spearmint-flavored chewable pills that I gagged down every morning. In addition to the constant nausea they caused, they tasted horrible. They were free and temporary, so I didn't ask to switch. I'm glad I don't have to take them again.

The insertion process was cake. I laid on the table while they sterilized the area and numbed it with Lidocaine, then the Nexplanon is inserted. It literally was less than 2 minutes and it was painless, except for the needle stick from the Lidocaine, which is hardly worth mentioning. Much more pleasant than the IUD insertion.

Then the nurse wrapped up my arm tightly, because there is a possibility that it could come out, and I was on my way. That night, I unwrapped the gauze and took a shower like normal. It was tender and a little bruised, but nothing major. They placed a flesh-colored type of bandaid on there and told me to let it fall off on its own.

3 days later, the bandaid is still there but it's not a nuisance. The insertion site is still tender and there is a decent bruise that follows the length of the implant. I'm glad it's cold outside so that my sleeves cover it, because it's a potentially awkward situation explaining it to random people like your boss and your dad why you have this strange bruise/bandage on your arm.

The jury is obviously still out regarding any other side effects.

Update: 6 months in 
Update: Removal

hey there guyss

Since I do not have much extra time in the evenings anymore, I am way behind on reading my lovely blogs & such. I miss that little decompression part of my day; I need to make time for it.

I do, however, cook dinner for myself and hubs every night, so I've been posting much more frequently on my little kitchen adventures blog. Hop on over there if you've been dying to read about what gluten free food we've been eating.

This morning I woke up earlier than Chris and busted out some of those banana muffins I'd been craving since I noticed the nanners on the table were looking a little overripe. Damn that's a good recipe.
I also got the chicken in the crock pot for dinner and its little chicken butt is pressed up against the glass lid and I find that to be both oddly cute and funny.

Since we got the freezer (err, since Santa delivered the freezer), we've started buying double meat that's on sale. For instance, last week whole chickens were on sale for $.77/lb so we bought 1 to cook now and 1 to freeze.

Any and every little penny is being pinched around here, because we are very serious about buying a house in the early-ish part of this year. Our lease is up in March, and while we can continue to live here month-to-month, we're both eager to stop throwing money away in rent every month.

One exception to the penny-pinching rule around here is the keurig coffee. That stays. We can't live like animals...

08 January 2014


I am nicer when I'm pretty.

Not just when I feel pretty; I know when I'm pretty and when I'm not.
On a daily basis, the better I look, the nicer I end up being overall. To coworkers, strangers, etc.

Possibly because I'm in a better mood? It's not exactly a mood-lifter walking around knowing you look like broom hilda.
Whatever the cause of this phenomenon, it's extra motivation to put some effort into my appearance.

Saw this and thought it was lovely.

06 January 2014


Some days, I don't even get on the computer at home. It's very different from how life used to be. I'd be on the computer every night. I had opportunities to check up on social media, and dispense my thoughts into this here blog.

Take, for instance, tonight. I came home from work, and we did our grocery shopping. Then, we came home and made dinner. Then we enjoyed each other's company.

In many ways my life is the same, but in many ways, it has completely changed. Of course, there are still many adjustments being made on both sides. Nothing feels settled, I think because of the holidays there really hasn't been a chance for a routine to develop. It still all feels new.

Sleep has definitely changed. I'm not used to sleeping with someone, and I wake up every time he does. Sometimes I wake up even if he's just switched positions, and then I stay awake. The bed is different. The temperature is different. The noises are different. I haven't had a good, deep sleep in a while. Which is atypical, because the cold weather usually leads to good sleeps.

Anyway, I like developing a groove with him. It's so long overdue.