20 August 2014


There are plenty of ways to test a relationship.

Our personal favorites include living apart for 4 years, deployments and getting married in the middle of it all, living together for the first time, buying a house as soon as he comes home, and fixing up said house. Where have the last few years gone?? I feel like I've aged and grown and learned at warp speed.

For the most part, we've handled these challenges well. Not to say that we haven't had more than a few I want-to-strangle-you disagreements. Especially since he's been home.

Juggling multiple major life changes at once will do that. Not only did we have to deal with these changes on an individual level, we had to figure these changes out together. I especially had a hard time with that, because I had gotten so used to doing things my way, when I wanted to, whatever I wanted to do.
How dare he come home and cramp my style. Right? Wrong. I'm adjusting. We're adjusting. Figuring out each other's expectations really helped. From there it was a lot smoother. Relationship win!

We've barely had time to enjoy each other's company, and he's already been home for 9 months. What?? He's already been home for that long? Again-- when did time hit warp speed?
I don't even feel "married." It's not much different. I just feel like I'm hanging out with my toot.

Go figure, huh?

18 August 2014


I love our little home.

When I look back at the entire process and how stressful it was, it doesn't even seem like anything. It feels like it just happened. Since then we've put so much into it. Most of our spare time has been spent on improvements, repairs, and personalizations.

When we first moved in, it felt like we were moving in to someone else's house. Even though there is still so much to do, the amount we have done is astonishing. It's slowly starting to feel like ours.

What I mean is, there are so many memories now attached to the little details in this home. Every time I brush my teeth, I think about how long we stood in Home Depot and debated over the type of faucet. When I look up at the air conditioning vents, I think about the afternoon when we switched them all out. When I walk across the deck barefoot, or watch the rain bead up, I think about how I'm thankful we got on our hands and knees and painted that stain. Every time I use the front door, I remember how Ashley and I applied the frosted contact paper to the window panes. The first time that I saw Calvin dance was in my kitchen, before we had even moved in, to some pop song on the radio. Bending his knees and bouncing his little diapered butt up and down. Mom's little Bose sure has sparked a lot of spontaneous dance parties over the years.

In addition to the improvements, I'm slowly decorating the space-- more like re-arranging our items so that they look nice, instead of like I unpacked things and set them places. Trying to get the best form & function. Who knew that scooting the washer and dryer over a foot and a half would make such a difference?

We've learned that nothing goes right the first time in this little old house. Every project involves an extension and a trip to Home Depot. We're learning not to get frustrated with each other when every project does inevitably go wrong.

Kitty is adjusting. She's located her "spots" and has ventured out the cat door like she's used to it. We've even closed up the littler box, except for when it rains. I haven't found any poo or pee in the house yet...

17 August 2014

skinny pants

Yesterday I bought my first pair of skinny pants. I KNOW.

Ever since the trend started, I've been very wary of skinny pants. At first, I thought they looked plain weird. Then I realized they only looked weird on people with certain body types.

Still, I resisted. Because I think I have one of those body types that looks weird in skinny pants. That didn't stop me from snagging a pair off the rack every now and again, to try them on and see if my mind could be changed. Nope, I always looked unbalanced.

Until, for some reason, yesterday we were pants shopping and Chris convinced me to try on a pair of the Old Navy Pixie Skinny-Ankle Pants. Suddenly they looked pretty good!

So now I have a pair of skinny pants. I don't know if I'll ever wear them, but I'm excited about the opportunity/possibility.

In the meantime, I also bought two new pairs of pants that fit good- right now. They always seem to magically not fit after the first time I wear/wash them.

16 August 2014


When your husband wakes up in the morning and asks you for blueberry waffles, there is no other answer but Yes. (Of course, I'm completely unopposed to blueberry waffles)

While laying in bed in that half-awake sleep before the request for blueberry waffles was born, I was thinking about s'more cupcakes. We have a ton of huge marshmallows left over from camping, and I'm thinking a s'more cupcake would be freaking delicious. Those might happen today, or soon.

15 August 2014

seating arrangements

You know what's really awkward?

When the shuttle I take home from work gets too full and there are no more seats. It happens every so often. Thankfully my stop is kind of towards the middle, and there have always been seats available when I get on. When they run out, the bus driver usually gives people the option to stand or wait for the next bus (usually 20 minutes later).

It's super awkward when I'm all comfy cozy in my seat, preparing to get my nap on, and someone is standing right next to me. Like, today I was eye level with some dude's butt. It was a nice butt, but that's so awkward!

Also it's kind of awkward when I'm sitting towards the front because I always feel like I should give my seat up for someone else... but I don't because I'm tired and my feet hurt, too. I mean, if the usual pregnant, injured, or elderly got on the bus, of course I'd give up my seat. But visibly normal/ equal people? Nah. I'm good.

Thank goodness for sunglasses that give me that tiny shred of "you can't see me, I can't see you" mentality. Eye contact would certainly make things worse. God, I feel like an asshole. But I also can't give up my seat on the bus every time that happens.

14 August 2014

half baked

I peruse pinterest a lot in my free time. It's so easy, and there's always something to see.

I've come across several more ideas that seem great, but in reality are probably not the best ideas once you actually apply a little brainpower to them.

First off, this one that I've seen frequently:

Baking sugar and food coloring to get edible glitter. Then it's coupled with this picture:

Jesus. It's not going to look metallic, people! It's going to look like colored sugar. How misleading. And the comments are hilarious- "OMG! Edible Glitter!"

Next up, this idea:

Now I know from experience that using dry erase markers is great in theory, but they never completely wipe off. Take this image-- there's green smeared all over the top from trying to clean off previous dry erase marker notes.
I see you, smear.

How about this idea:
The skinny shelf that pulls out between the fridge and wall.

I actually thought about doing this. But I can just imagine how hysterical it would be when you pull it all the way out, and it topples over. A tall, skinny shelf that moves independently on wheels-- not exactly the most stable situation. Also, what about the space needed between the fridge and wall to avoid overheating?

I suppose it's not the ideas themselves that bother me, it's the fact that people pin them and think they're the most genius ideas ever.

One last one:

This idea is actually cute, but WHERE DO YOU PUT ALL YOUR WINE???
I suppose that particular wine rack IS a little small... :o)

(By the way, I made these, and they are every bit as amazing as they look.)

13 August 2014


Last night, Chris did the dinner dishes without being asked.

I'll give you a moment to appreciate that.

Not to mention he fixed the rocking toilet in the guest bath, moved my washer & dryer over about a foot (very important for the feng shui that it be moved), and various other wonderfully husband-type things. Sexy.

11 August 2014

New topic for books to read

Nuclear weapons, and all of the early testing that was done with it. All the radiation experiments.
We got to talking about that recently and I think it would be cool to read up on it. People used to be able to do some crazy, unethical stuff back in the day.

Think about all the stuff that's still classified, that hasn't been released to the general public. I'm sure I could find a few documentaries too.

10 August 2014


I miss having big boobs.
I've noticed the difference in size over the last couple of years, and have contemplated the reasons why they've changed, but the bottom line is they're not big anymore. And I miss them.

Bundle that with the fact that no one hits on me anymore, which is probably related to the drop in cup size, these breakouts I've been unable to resolve, and the fact that 30 is rapidly approaching, and we've got a perfect recipe for feeling less than attractive.

On the plus side, with boobs that are more in proportion to my body frame, I can probably fit into anything now. If only I had the cash to update my sad, ill-fitting, faded college wardrobe- and buy new bras that don't have a lot of airspace...

I'm in serious need of an image makeover over here. I'm fucking frump girl all the time. It's fucking depressing.

Maybe I need to just take a few hundred dollars and splurge, possibly at the H&M I've been wanting to visit. But, you know, we need a new hot water heater and fence and all that. Merh.

I wonder if this is common amongst women who are exiting their 20's. That effortlessly youthful look has definitely faded. My body has definitely changed.

I don't want to be one of those women that clings to youth instead of embracing the subtle changes that come with being alive. Yet, somehow, I'm struggling with it. I hope to have it figured out sooner than later.

09 August 2014

Gold no more

Our bathroom is no longer a shiny gold nightmare!
Chris worked all week to prep, paint, and re-caulk the shower. It looks freaking AWESOME. I'm no longer blinded when I walk in the bathroom.

After everything we've done since the beginning, it looks like a whole new space. It's definitely less garish and much more soothing.
There's no big soaker tub with jets yet, but THIS I can live with for a while.

Here are a couple before & afters:





And a few more pics, just because I'm so thrilled with how much better it looks! I think I'm just going to sit in the middle of the room and admire it for a while. :o)

05 August 2014

books and stuff

I finally read The Silver Linings Playbook. [Meaning, the kindle price went under 5 bucks]
I thought it was good, but I kind of hated the ending. I'm not sure if I want to watch the movie now, but I like Jennifer Lawrence so I'll probably watch it at some point. I'm having trouble picturing Bradley Cooper as the main character- I imagined him looking different.

Other than that, been having trouble finding good books to read again. I've got a big ole list of pending books to read, but I'm waiting for the price to go down... maybe I'll just have to spring for one. And by spring, maybe pay more than $5 for a book.

I've also been keeping my eyes open for a book about shipwrecks. For some reason that just seems like it would be interesting.

03 August 2014

Tips to get rid of a sinus headache

I get these headaches. Had them since I was a child. They hurt just behind my eyes, or my forehead, and they suck the life out of me.

I don't know what it is- when I get this particular kind of headache, I become nauseous and useless. Technically these particular symptoms describe a sinus headache. I always thought that was odd because typically I do not experience any noticeable sinus congestion along with the headache. The term is misleading!

I had a coworker once who also got them, and she was convinced it was because of barometric pressure. She said that when it would finally rain, the headache would go away.
Oddly enough, since I started paying attention to it, it started to make sense, but there's not much we can do to control that.

Since I'm not the only one who gets them, I figured I'd share a few things that help.

Depending on what is available, and the severity of the headache, I use any combination of these. Yes, they work.

1. Hydrate. Drink some water. This doesn't usually take the headache away, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Eating something small can help as well- sometimes hunger can make the headaches worse.

2. Aleve. Plain old Aleve. I used to take ibprofen, but it would upset my stomach. A stomach ache on top of a hellish headache? Not ideal. Aleve relieves the pain a little quicker, too.

3. Sudafed. Or, the generic brand the drugstore sells works just as well. But make sure it's the kind that comes without a pain reliever, and it's the good stuff- pseudoephedrine- you have to swipe your ID and sign for at the pharmacy. The other stuff- phenylephrine- just doesn't cut it. Read your labels.

Note about the drugs: I usually take these only when I do not have the option to try the others- for instance when I'm at work.

Generally I'll start by taking just 1 Aleve, and see if that works. If not, I take the second one.
If the headache is still there after a while, I'll take a Sudafed. I try not to take too much of the Sudafed because sometimes they make me jittery and shaky.

Also, check for drug interactions before taking this or any other combo! It can be very easy to OD on over the counter medications if you do not pay attention to what you're taking. Moving on:

4. Acupressure. I swear this works. Place pressure on the web between the thumb and pointer finger. Like you're pinching the area.

It's easy to do to yourself. I've also tried it on coworkers a few times after they've been unable to relieve a headache. They laughed, but came back to me later telling me their headache was gone. Boo ya.

5. Vick's vapor rub. Rubbed under the nose, on the forehead, and under the eyes. The combination works best when a warm heating pad is placed on the face.

6. Heating pad. More specifically and preferably, a rice heating pad. The warm rice sits on the eyes/forehead/cheek region. It stays where it's put, and it conforms to the shape of the face. Ahh.

7. A neti pot. Sometimes this will help wash out the sinuses and prompt them to clear, even if you don't have obvious sinus congestion.

8. Similarly, a hot shower. Let the hot water hit your face. Can help relieve some of the pressure.

If these don't take my headache away, it's usually at least to a manageable level. At that point it's just time to suck it up and wait for it to rain. 

02 August 2014

stuff done

Operation "Paint the Ugly Gold Shower" has begun.

It has been scrubbed sparkling, old leaky caulk has been removed (Oh, caulk. How I hate re-doing thee), and I've scraped off 30-year old hard water/soap scum off of every crevice. After the deep clean I feel better about it already.
After it dries it's ready to be sanded, taped off, painted, and re-caulked. Hubs will do all that, since he has his days free until school starts. I can't wait to have a bathroom free of gold. The ORB spray paint worked well on the knobs, so I hope it works well on the shower...

Speaking of, we (Chris) also managed to complete a few other tasks that have been on the list:
  • Re-hinging the backyard gate. WOO! I have been boycotting that horrible pain in the ass. He just made my life so much easier.
  • Putting an aerator on the bar faucet. No more firehose.
  • Fixing the sprinklers- the sprinkler company quoted us $150 for the part, but Chris found it at Home Depot for $9 and installed it with no problem. BOO YA.
I've got some ideas for the guest bath (I kinda wanna try stripes) and the laundry room. The latter is another pain in my ass. Every time I walk in the room I end up bumping into something, and there's not much space to actually get laundry done. Thank goodness Pinterest is full of people with awesome laundry rooms. I've got some pretty efficient ideas. Now, just to make them happen... can someone give me an extra few hundred dollars, and a few extra days?

01 August 2014


I'm going to shower in the guest bathroom for the first time tonight.
Woooo my life is crazy.