11 April 2007

smart ass

i am not easily offended. but enough is enough.

you think you know everything.
just because you are smarter than the average bear does not mean you have the right to judge everyone else. you just form your unsolicited opinions and start plastering labels. does it make your life easier?

i have my reasons for doing what i do, and i don't see how it's any of your business what I do.

i could defend myself.
i could give you the reasons why.
you're so uninformed.
so shut your face.

you haven't learned everything yet.
and yet you sit here and make your inferences and you judge people and you think you've got it all figured out. all you do is blame others for your unhappiness.

the bottom line--you're still not happy. no matter who's to blame.

you know that you're unhappy and you can even explain it
but for some reason you can't change it and you're still miserable.

funny how the things you're saying that i'm doing wrong are the ones that i've got a handle on and that are making me the most happy.

the smartest person I know, doesn't know shit.

06 April 2007

the clock's ticking

sitting here at my desk in my spongebob panties drinking coffee out of my beloved UH mug.
it's a little cold in here. the temperature in the dorms is never quite right.
it looks so beautiful outside. i'm contemplating calling in sick to work. don't know what to do otherwise though. still contemplating anyway.
excited about wearing the plain white t's tshirt for the first time today.
13 minutes till class. i have to go, it's my worst class. though going never seems to help. i still suck at the exams.
i pick up the phone and for the first time ever, call in without some "sick" excuse. i just say i'm overwhelmed and need a day off. my boss says that's fine, she'll see me next week.
roommate's gone, suitemates are either gone or sleeping. it's quiet.
i breathe in.
ahhhh, quiet.
8 minutes till class.
take another sip of coffee, still not dressed.
finally taking real classes next semester: organic chem, human physiology, immunology. can't skip those either. but i won't want to. they are my future, what i've been waiting for.
you wait and see. i'm going to do it. i don't care how long it takes.
3 minutes till class.
pull some pants over spongebob and drain the rest of my coffee.
i'm ready.