02 November 2015

More about convenience

I'm a huge fan of those little tabs that you plunk in the toilet tank and leave there until they dissolve.

Bleach with every flush? Um, yes, please.
I forget what brand I used, but there was one kind that gave you a fresh whiff of bleach alll the time. My kind of toilet. Especially because our older fixtures need all the help they can get. Nothing skeeves me out like a dirty dingy toilet.

Not only did it keep things smelling fresh in between weekly (ish) scrubs and wipedowns, it kept that dreaded toilet ring at bay and underneath the rim from getting mildewy.
Because I'm the kind of crazy that will take an old toothbrush and scrub that stuff off.

I'd rather not scrub underneath the rim of the toilet with an old toothbrush, though, so yeah. I like toilet tabs.

The only problem was, it was hard to tell they had run out until it was too late and funk had taken over.

I will start this next sentence by saying that yes, I do have an opinion about blue toilet water. I don't like it. I think it's tacky. I know, I'm weird. That's been long established.

However, chris talked me it trying them and I have to say, it is super awesome being able to tell exactly when the bleach tab is running out. Tacky blue water is a small price to pay for continuing bleach goodness.

This concludes my ode to toilet tank bleach tabs and how much I dig them. Blue or not.

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