23 January 2016

Pillow Power Again

New pillows happened again today. Because I got tired of the old ones. Yawn.

I was tired of them last month and was going to make some tartan ones for Christmas, but nobody had time for that. So now I'm really tired of the old ones.

Today while my brakes were being fixed, I went to JoAnn's and picked out some fabrics that caught my eye. No color scheme, no theme, just what I liked. These 3 made it home.

Can I just talk for a minute about the hot peach with gold pineapples?? I love it. The pictures don't do it justice; it's kind of like summer in a fabric.


Also the blue is fantastic and slightly  nautical. The lady cutting the fabric was like, "This is cute."
And I was like, "I know right?"
And she was like, "No this is really cute."
And I think she may have gotten some after her shift was over because it was even on sale.

The black/white just felt classic. It's a heavier fabric, too.

So using this tutorial, which I don't even need to refer to anymore, new pillow covers happened. I spent about $40 on fabric, which Chris scoffed at, but then I reminded him that if I had gotten all new pillows it would be well over $100. So shush.

Except I only made three this time because I got pillow-happy last time and there are too many pillows. I don't really use them, and most of the time hubs uses only 2 and the rest get thrown into a corner and take up half the couch. So three this time. If I need more I can always make more.

Ah, new look.

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