02 February 2014

Serendipity dishes

A few years ago at a garage sale I spotted these two plates, and bought them because I thought they were beautiful. They've actually been my favorite pieces. After a quick internet search from the stamp on the back, I found out the pattern is Gibson Roseland and it has been discontinued. (And, omg they made matching teapots and canisters!)

Last week, Chris brought home a few things from his Grandpa's house. This morning I started poking through the boxes and pulled out these:

His grandma had the entire matching set and Chris thought I'd like them so he brought them home. I'm not sure that he knew I already had a few dishes just like it.

They're not the fanciest or most expensive dishes, but I love them and I'm thrilled to have the whole set.
I think his grandma and I would have shared taste in a lot of things.

I've never had a matching set of dishes, ever. I think it's time to throw out some of my cheap, chipped, thrift store dishes and fully enjoy these.

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