03 February 2014


So today we came home from grocery shopping and the neighbors were out in the driveway and I was really excited because I could finally go introduce myself without knocking on their door & being creepy.

They're really nice, normal looking people (that are probably just as weird as we are behind closed doors.) I guess they're about our age. They have a cat and a dog and I'm still pretty sure they have a kid but I didn't see it.

I really want to make friends with them but I also don't want to be creepy or awkward or too enthusiastic, so I'll probably default to the anti-social side of things. Merp. Where is Collin to go make friends with my neighbors for me.

I hope they're drinkers; that would make things sooo much easier.

P.S. I'm the weird person who wrote a whole post about over-analyzing how to make friends with her new neighbors.

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Nigvest said...

"I'm still pretty sure they have a kid but I didn't see it". haha I don't know why but that cracks me up every time. haha