29 September 2015

breathe in that fresh lab air

My day started out slow, but picked up after mid-morning. Read my first slide in 2.5 years: dimorphic population with spherocytes. Man, I need to brush up on my skills. New bedtime reading.

Man, it feels good to get my hands on the bench again. Learning new LIS and software is the hardest part but the programs are pretty user-friendly. There are only so many ways you can display a test result on a computer screen.
The machines are very similar to the ones I used to use, so finding my way back into that groove won't be that hard.

What surprised me was the volume. Very low compared to what we used to crank out. It was almost leisurely. There must not be hospital rounds? Or maybe I get there after rounds? Whatever the reason, I'll take it for now.

My hours will not be what I originally thought. Initially, the miscommunication annoyed me because that was a big perk. But I don't think I can get the experience I want on the shift I thought I was working, so in the end the hours are still reasonable and it's all good.

Going to finish this cup of tea and do some yoga. Namaste.

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