11 December 2016

fresh rosemary wreaths diy

Need a quick, easy holiday craft/ decor/ gift?

Rosemary wreaths are darling, easy, fragrant, and simple.

rosemary wreath diy craft

rosemary wreath diy craft

I happen to have a rosemary bush that desperately needs trimming, so I hacked off a bunch and strung them all into wreaths. A bunch of rosemary purchased at the grocery store would also do the trick.

Most stems needed a simple tie-up with baker's string, but a few of the larger (older) stems needed coaxing with floral wire. Soaking in water does help make them more pliable.

I plan to take these to work as coworker gifts, and a few will make their way to neighbor's houses.

One or two will stay here to spruce up the kitchen decor until I need them for a soup.

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