26 February 2017

freshening up

Updates in a few areas.

I felt ambitious on Friday and committed to a boot camp Saturday morning with my coworker at our work gym. It was my kind of workout; 30 seconds at a different station. Lots of variety, fast-paced. Many of the moves were squat-heavy. I hated it while I was doing it, but of course afterwards I felt great. Today, I'm feeling every single one of those squats.
When I have a cute perky ass I'll be thankful but right now it sucks.
But the soreness is also kinda motivating? I dunno. I'm weird.

The face-to-face interview was smashing, I think. The job was clarified a bit more, and at first it was intimidating but now that I've had time to mull it over, it's perfect. It would be a good challenge, I would grow personally and professionally, and once I found my groove I would kick ass. It would change my life and I want it. For now, we wait.

Tangible De-Clutter:
It seems like spring (even after a shitty, warm winter) re-affirms all the "clear it out, freshen up" vibes. Sometimes cleaning stuff up only leads to more messes. Clutter that was once semi-hidden is now in random piles until it finds a new home. Insert eye twitch.

Brain De-Clutter:
There's a to-do list rattling around in my head and sometimes I see it with great clarity but I've forgotten to write it down and now it's all jumbled. Most of it has to do with home maintenance and I forget about it until I notice it again. I don't have the time or energy to handle it all, so I'm hoping to outsource some of it.

Schedule pest control. Ants, roaches, and flies. Flies? Really. They're everywhere.
Clear out flower beds (ask yard guy to clear out flower beds)
New front door (pick it out, buy it, get handy man to install)
Deep clean (Stuff like floors, windows... hire a maid?)
Touch up baseboards. Roomba is a daily lifesaver but is rough on baseboards.
Put away Christmas decorations. Yes I know it's almost March. Don't judge. They're all in boxes in the office and I wasn't able to help Chris put them in the attic after surgery. Now they're just sitting there. Being all cluttery.

Re-organize closet? Waiting to see if my wardrobe needs change- aka if I get the job.

All right, enough spazzing out. Time to switch the laundry and take a hot bath.

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