24 March 2017

bits and pieces

My mind still has not grasped the massive difference between last week and this week. I'm kinda going through the motions, soaking up the experience and absorbing every learning moment I can. So far, I'm loving all the things. I'm feeling this for the long haul. It's all so good. Pinch me.

Work wardrobe is still abysmal. I must go shopping. Forcing myself to go and try on pants after pants and drop some cash on clothing.

I have developed a massive zit on the bridge of my nose, right where my glasses sit. Oy.

Speaking of glasses, this tiny little family of two has spent ridiculous amounts of money on vision correction lately (about a grand). We've both gotten contacts (daily disposables FTW) and I got a new pair of glasses that I don't love so I'm about to order these or these, and toot got two new pairs, which he desperately needed.

Speaking of toot, while I normally look forward to having the house to myself, this time to my surprise I find I'm missing the companionship that comes in toot form. I haven't felt this way in a long time. It's nice.
We've been getting along really great lately; almost as if something has turned a corner. Things feel different. Of course they do.

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Suzy :) said...

go for annette