19 March 2017

one small change

A few months ago I made one small change that has affected my life in a big way: I started taking a benadryl at bedtime.

After years of denying it, I finally admitted to myself that I have allergies.

I develop a sinus infection every November, and last time when I went to the Walgreens clinic the nurse practitioner mentioned that it's probably due to seasonal allergies and I should start taking an antihistamine to prevent it. Oh yeah. That makes sense, huh?

A few weeks after that I developed some more sinus issues and I took a benadryl at bedtime to help with the symptoms. It helped tremendously, so I continued to take about a half a dose each night at bedtime.

What I didn't expect was how much it would improve my quality of life.
First I started sleeping better, thanks to benadryl's sleepy side effect.
Then I noticed a few weeks ago that I have had way more energy. I'm not as cranky and I generally feel better.

I think it's because I haven't woken up with one of those massive, debilitating headaches since I started taking it. I might have a slight headache every once in a while, but I'm still functional.
I don't have that constant sinus pressure that fogs everything up and causes me to schlup through the day.

I never noticed how much those issues affected me, until I didn't have them anymore. I feel a LOT different, and a LOT better.

Yay, man.

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