12 January 2014

Nexplanon Adventures

So I've chronicled some of my birth control adventures for a while on this blog.

In November I concluded the IUD Adventures portion of my life with its removal.

Then, I went with the next statistically most effective set it and forget it option: the Nexplanon.

The Nexplanon is ordered the same as the IUD: The doctor calls the insurance company, who calls you if there is any kind of copay. Mine was 100% covered. Thank God because it's $600. Then they ship it to the doctor and you come in on your period to have it inserted so that it's effective immediately.

While the Nexplanon was being ordered and some insurance confusion was resolved, I was on the pill for 2 months. These nasty, disgusting, spearmint-flavored chewable pills that I gagged down every morning. In addition to the constant nausea they caused, they tasted horrible. They were free and temporary, so I didn't ask to switch. I'm glad I don't have to take them again.

The insertion process was cake. I laid on the table while they sterilized the area and numbed it with Lidocaine, then the Nexplanon is inserted. It literally was less than 2 minutes and it was painless, except for the needle stick from the Lidocaine, which is hardly worth mentioning. Much more pleasant than the IUD insertion.

Then the nurse wrapped up my arm tightly, because there is a possibility that it could come out, and I was on my way. That night, I unwrapped the gauze and took a shower like normal. It was tender and a little bruised, but nothing major. They placed a flesh-colored type of bandaid on there and told me to let it fall off on its own.

3 days later, the bandaid is still there but it's not a nuisance. The insertion site is still tender and there is a decent bruise that follows the length of the implant. I'm glad it's cold outside so that my sleeves cover it, because it's a potentially awkward situation explaining it to random people like your boss and your dad why you have this strange bruise/bandage on your arm.

The jury is obviously still out regarding any other side effects.

Update: 6 months in 
Update: Removal

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