06 January 2014


Some days, I don't even get on the computer at home. It's very different from how life used to be. I'd be on the computer every night. I had opportunities to check up on social media, and dispense my thoughts into this here blog.

Take, for instance, tonight. I came home from work, and we did our grocery shopping. Then, we came home and made dinner. Then we enjoyed each other's company.

In many ways my life is the same, but in many ways, it has completely changed. Of course, there are still many adjustments being made on both sides. Nothing feels settled, I think because of the holidays there really hasn't been a chance for a routine to develop. It still all feels new.

Sleep has definitely changed. I'm not used to sleeping with someone, and I wake up every time he does. Sometimes I wake up even if he's just switched positions, and then I stay awake. The bed is different. The temperature is different. The noises are different. I haven't had a good, deep sleep in a while. Which is atypical, because the cold weather usually leads to good sleeps.

Anyway, I like developing a groove with him. It's so long overdue.

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