12 January 2014

hey there guyss

Since I do not have much extra time in the evenings anymore, I am way behind on reading my lovely blogs & such. I miss that little decompression part of my day; I need to make time for it.

I do, however, cook dinner for myself and hubs every night, so I've been posting much more frequently on my little kitchen adventures blog. Hop on over there if you've been dying to read about what gluten free food we've been eating.

This morning I woke up earlier than Chris and busted out some of those banana muffins I'd been craving since I noticed the nanners on the table were looking a little overripe. Damn that's a good recipe.
I also got the chicken in the crock pot for dinner and its little chicken butt is pressed up against the glass lid and I find that to be both oddly cute and funny.

Since we got the freezer (err, since Santa delivered the freezer), we've started buying double meat that's on sale. For instance, last week whole chickens were on sale for $.77/lb so we bought 1 to cook now and 1 to freeze.

Any and every little penny is being pinched around here, because we are very serious about buying a house in the early-ish part of this year. Our lease is up in March, and while we can continue to live here month-to-month, we're both eager to stop throwing money away in rent every month.

One exception to the penny-pinching rule around here is the keurig coffee. That stays. We can't live like animals...

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