20 April 2016

Make it

I bought myself a new lip color today. Not so much a lipstick, because they always seem so heavy. I have a hard time picking a good color. I either end up looking like a slut, or like I did nothing at all.

I love my little Tarte balm, but it's pretty sheer and its thin formula can feel kind of runny on a hot sweaty day.

I ended up getting one of those Clinique chubby sticks, which is more sheer but still significant.

The whole point of this story is to say that I felt the need to buy a new lip color to make myself feel more powerful. More put together. Like when I'm feeling schlumpy I can bust it out and put it on and feel fabulous. A good lip color can do that.

I feel like every woman needs something like that in her beauty arsenal. Mine has always been mascara, but it's time to punch it up.
I mean, how can I pour myself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull myself together if I don't even have a good lipstick??

Now I do.

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