22 April 2016

blind friend date

I did it. I went to something from Meetup.

I went to a brand new place, to meet brand new people. It was intimidating and scary and I obsessed about what to wear and I wore my new power lipstick and I called my mom in the parking lot for support and my heart was racing right up until the moment that I walked up to the first person and opened my mouth to say hello.

After that, it was gravy, baby. I'm SO PROUD of myself. I'm surprised at how outgoing I was, and how NICE the girls were, and how similar we all were, yet so different and interesting and new. It was easy and fun.

This particular event was a girl's night out type of group.It was so refreshing to enjoy an evening where nobody asked where I've been for the past few months. Nobody guilted me for not attending X event, nobody knew my drama or asked about it. We were all just new people wanting to meet new people.

The event was at a nearby winery which I've been dying to try but have been too intimidated to. It's a really nice place. I'd go again. I got there way before the rest of the girls, so I surprised myself and asked a nearby group of girls if I could crash their group until mine arrive. I got an incredibly welcoming response. (They were teachers, of course. They're always lovely)

So, I popped the bubble. I think every other event will be less intimidating now that I've gotten that first one out of the way.

Go. Me.

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Drew said...

Go you indeed!

I met all of my current local friends from meetup, so obviously I am biased and love it. And I also found it super scary. That actually never stopped for me. Even when I was so involved in a group that I had a leadership position I always had a panic moment right before each event. But, yup, I too always ended up having a great time. You've got tons of determination, so I know you'll keep at it. I know I was surprised by how normal and awesome 95% the girls are. You assume it'd be weirdos but there's a lot of reasons why people are out looking to meet new faces.

Best of luck. <3