15 September 2016


Most of the time I drag myself out of bed in the morning looking forward to potentially taking a nap after work. Then I slightly-cranky schlup my way through the morning until the coffee cup is drained and I've had second breakfast. I'm simply not a morning person. Or, since it doesn't matter what time of day I wake up, I suppose I could rephrase that to say I'm not a waking up person.

But, how far will that take me in life? Will I be just as successful if I was more awake the first half of my day? Not to say that I can't autopilot the shit out of mornings and seriously kick some ass half-awake if I need to. I can turn off the cranky and step up the charm in a second, no matter how bleary I am. I suppose that's one of my strengths. Except I can't exactly put that on my resume along with my organizational and training skills.

Is it time to be an actual adult and start actually waking up before arriving to work?
Huh? Maybe?

I updated my resume. Not because I'm unhappy with my job. Quite the contrary; I love my job. Even in my polished half-awake state.
But I'm at the point where I'm comfortable and a bit complacent and I'm not challenged.
And when I look forward I see that the only steps to take are ones that I'm not exactly thrilled about. Do I really want to be a lab manager one day? Sounds so boring.

I updated my resume because there might be an opportunity arriving soon. The kind of opportunity where my name came up when these folks were looking for a person to fill the position. An opportunity that wasn't even on my radar. An opportunity that I'd be an idiot not to check it out, even if I don't particularly feel qualified and it's a bit of a stretch and I don't even know if I'd like it.

But what if? What if it's the next step and it turns out that it's the challenge that I need? And what if it opens even more doors? What if I hate it? Oh well, you live and learn and try not to burn bridges.

You miss 100% of the chances that you don't take.

I mean, I have to get out of bed anyway. Might as well put that lipstick on and rock it.

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