06 September 2016

it's okay

I came home ok today.

Then I saw the congealed yogurt bowl in the sink, next to a rank few-days-old protein shake, and I got crabby. I tried unsuccessfully to fight it. It was a long day, I'm tired, plus I'm about to start my period so cranky is the default setting.

Hubs suggested that I have a glass of wine. Good move, but not exactly the best. The best move would have been to not let me come home to festering things in the kitchen. How hard is it to rinse a bowl and NOT let things get moldy in your bag??? I fear this is a particular battle I will never win. It's a horrible concession that I will never stop fighting. The unsanitary humanity!! Who lives like that??

(In the meantime, I am thankful that he will usually honor my requests to clean up the funk himself, and thank God for bleach.)

I assumed my cranky position on the far end of the (newly washed*) couch, scrubs and bra and panties shed in favor of cotton shorts and a tank top with a shelf bra. Then hubs mentioned dinner.
Ugh. I had planned to make sweet potato chili. While the temperature has mercifully declined to a mere 95 degrees outside, it's still too hot for chili. My pumpkin-spice fever got ahead of me a bit when I made the menu and planned to make chili.

Standing in the sweltery kitchen above a boiling pot of spicy soup? No, man. Bra or no bra, undies or no undies. I prepared my inner diva for the task, because... we have to eat.

Then, simply enough, hubs swooped in and saved the day. It started with a suggestion to eat sushi for dinner. We usually order take out, but every damn time they get our order wrong.

I attempted the usual suggestion to eat at the restaurant. I love going out and sitting at the bar and enjoying a nice meal, but he prefers the couch to a crowded restaurant. I get it, but a change of scenery is so nice sometimes. To my surprise, after minimal coaxing, he agreed to go out.

I jumped up, put my bra back on, and donned my newest dress** which made me feel put-together and cute in an instant.

A short drive later, we enjoyed a fresh, quick, air-conditioned meal and a few drinks at the local sushi place. Early dining ensures that it's just us and a few old folks, which I am perfectly ok with since I normally come home hungry anyway.

My diet app didn't love the fact that I poured myself another glass of wine and enjoyed a small piece of chocolate after dinner, but that's life. There's not much to do about pre-period hunger, and at least I stayed right at my saturated fat goal.

Plus, I'm in a MUCH better mood.

*That's a coffee-everywhere story. Let's just say that the couch cushions have washable-ish zippered covers and that's a good thing! 

**Except the opposite color scheme: White with black pattern.

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Suzy :) said...

I think this is the first time I've ever agreed with your husband on anything lol I hate people