27 October 2016


My coworker gave me her fitbit this past weekend. Actually, it turns out, she gave me two fitbits. She upgraded to the newest one and didn't want the old ones. Sweet! So I hooked them up today and I'm only really curious to see how much I walk at work. I'll get to try it out on second shift tomorrow, which might not be -as- busy as first shift, but at least I'll get an idea (along with my $3 shift diff- holla). Anyone want my extra fitbit?

Currently digging the under-sink water filtration system that got installed last night. The snap-on brita always got on my nerves because it reduced already-limited spout-to-drain space in the shallow-ass kitchen sink. And I don't give a crap about having an additional source of filtered water because it comes out of the fridge and I'm convinced that drinking filtered water contributed to my recent cavity surge. However Chris insisted and it is kind of nice to have a faster-flowing source for refilling the keurig reservoir and dog bowl.

Speaking of, no more dentist appointments until next year. Apparently I've used up all my insurance for the year. Also since Valium does jack and shit, I've got a new prescription for Xanax to try out next time.

Noticing a definite difference in how hard it has been to drop these few pounds and tone up. I watched my diet for a couple months and mixed in a bit of exercise, which has always done the trick. Not this time. I suppose metabolism really does change when you start to get older. I've found that I can't even do regular pushups anymore. I'm a bit miffed and surprised. And deliberately trying to limit carbs and cheese, which I've never had to do.

As always recently, got a bunch of uncertainties swimming around in my head. Some have started to calm down, only to be replaced by new ones.

I suppose that's the constant inconsistency in life. Nothing is ever calm and settled all at once. I've been attempting to live in the moment, savor the status quo and accept what each day brings. It's hard to balance that idea and the idea that I deserve to have a completely satisfied life with all my expectations met. Laughable when you think about it, eh? I think the happiest people are the ones who do accept the idea that life's a tumbling mess and you gotta go with it. So that's my focus now.

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