02 October 2016


Oh, it's time to start caring about myself. Taking care of myself. I've been so focused on repairing my emotional health lately that I have repeatedly neglected my physical health. When will I fully grasp the truth that the two are connected?

I even ignored a uti. I went so far as to run my labs, request antibiotics from a doctor at work, filled the rx... and let them sit on the counter. What?

I'm having every tooth in my mouth filled because I neglected my oral health for years. I'm only seeing the gyno so I can get my birth control refilled. I'm a grown-ass adult with insurance that covers preventative care. I need to use it.

I've got a fridge full of veggies, sitting there, starting to wilt. The yoga mat has been unrolled, yet untouched except for the cat, for weeks. I haven't taken a fish oil capsule in about a month. I gleefully skipped the 5k last weekend. I'll ignore a healthy packed lunch if there are nachos in the cafeteria at work. I'll think about exercise but instead I'll have a drink. The list goes on.

I'm getting too old to ignore my body's needs for healthy habits, and my lack of motivation is ridiculous. So here we go.

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